9 Best Chrome Extensions for Privacy

Best Chrome Extensions for Privacy

Using some of the best chrome extensions for privacy is a sure way for users to enjoy their privacy, especially from external affairs.

Protecting one’s privacy when using the internet is a hot topic, particularly because large organizations worldwide are attempting to gather and store as much information as possible about their customers.

You are responsible for keeping the confidentiality of your data and privacy when using the internet.

The best chrome extensions for privacy make it possible for you to do exactly that while you’re browsing.

What Are Some of the Best Privacy Extensions for Chrome?

When searching for the best chrome extensions for privacy to add to the list, we emphasized how well such extensions protect the privacy of their users’ data.

The list consists of various browser extensions, such as ad blockers, tracker blockers, and virtual private networks, all of which work together to prevent your private information from falling into the wrong hands.

Because virtual private networks conceal your IP address, nobody—not even your internet service provider—can monitor what websites you visit or how long you spend on each one (ISP).

Ad and tracker blockers ensure you don’t click on annoying adverts and unwittingly allow a tracker access to your online behavior.

You will have protection from viruses and malware sent through websites using antivirus and malware protection extensions.

List of Best Chrome Extensions for Privacy

1. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

DuckDuckGo is a substitute for Google Search that emphasizes users’ privacy. It performs the reverse of what Google does, exploiting your data to show you more relevant advertisements.

Switching your internet search engine to DuckDuckGo is one of the best chrome extensions for privacy to consider if you have an interest in improving your level of privacy immediately.

However, I suggest you take things a step further. In that case, you can install an extension for Google Chrome called DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials.

The Privacy Essentials plugin allows you to disable scripts and trackers, ensures that you are always syncing to the HTTPS version of a website, and presents you with a convenient privacy rating for each site you visit.

You may quickly get an idea of the level of privacy you anticipate finding on a website by looking at its privacy grading, which goes from A to F.

2. Disconnect Facebook

It is good knowledge that Facebook has privacy problems. Facebook, just like Google, will try to make money off your data by selling it to marketers.

However, the social media behemoth doesn’t simply collect your information when you’re on the Facebook website.

Any website that offers a social login option also sells your data in some form or another.

Similarly, websites with social media plugins that enable users to Like or Tweet content are also a source of the problem.

Disconnect When you’re not using the social media site, Facebook prevents it from following your movements throughout the internet and beefs up the security of your private information.

3. uBlock Origin

The internet is covered with advertisements. They keep the internet running smoothly in many ways, making it possible for many of the most important websites and services you use daily to be provided at no cost.

Along with advertisements comes tracking. You are being followed throughout the internet by tracking scripts, which log your activities and use that data to personalize the advertisements you see.

A user can prevent a significant number of these unwanted third-party tracking scripts by using one of the best chrome extensions for privacy in the industry, uBlock Origin.

You have control over whether or not the extension uses its handy pre-built tracking lists from third parties by toggling them on and off.

As you surf the web, you can also allow other websites and services (because many websites lean on advertising income to stay afloat and do not bring up harmful ads!).

This is possible because many websites do not display offensive ads. One of the benefits of using uBlock Origin is that it blocks malicious advertisements and software.

uBlock Origin can block known malicious sites and domains famous for showing malicious advertising and other potentially harmful content.

4. Blur

First and foremost, Blur is an extension for managing passwords. Generating strong, one-of-a-kind passwords for each online account will improve your safety and privacy.

The extension will remember your password and encrypt it using an extremely robust encryption algorithm known as AES-256.

The second benefit of using BlurBlur is that it adds a security barrier between you and the services you subscribe to.

It works as follows: if you need to sign up for a service that requires an email address, BlurBlur will supply you with a one-time-only masked email address, and you will use this address as your login.

Any emails or notifications sent via the service continue to be sent to the inbox with your primary email account.

However, even if a data breach and a hacker obtains your one-off address, your correct address will remain secure.

The only information the hacker obtains is your Blur address. These features are amazing in keeping your password safe, and people consider it among the best chrome extensions for privacy.

Additionally, there are two types of Blur. In addition, the Premium version comes with credit card masking, similar to email masking.

Still, it provides security for your credit and debit cards rather than your email. In addition, you may use a Blur feature to hide your phone numbers, which will provide an additional degree of anonymity to your Chrome experience.

5. ClearURLs

ClearURLs is a straightforward add-on that instantly eradicates any traces of tracking code from a website’s URL.

Installing it is all required; after that, it will operate unobtrusively in the background to prevent URL-based trackers from recording your behavior online.

In addition, it includes a contextual menu item that you can use to copy URLs that do not contain trackers.

ClearURLs, one of the best chrome extensions for privacy,  provides access to a restricted number of configuration settings.

When you open the ClearURLs extension’s menu and select the Settings icon, you can decide whether to enable referral marking trackers.

Whether or not to disable hyperlink auditing (a tracking method that enables websites to determine which pages people clicked on), whether or not to filter ETags, and so on.

6. HTTPS Everywhere

The HTTPS Everywhere extension installed on your browser will ensure that every website you go to uses the more secure HTTPS protocol rather than the more basic HTTP.

Your web surfing session will be safe and confidential if the website you visit uses HTTPS, which encrypts the connection between your computer and the website. The conventional HTTP connection provides a different level of safety.

In 2018, Google made the announcement that Chrome would start utilizing the more secure HTTPS protocol, which would provide users with increased levels of privacy and protection.

A significant number of websites are now set up to use HTTPS. Despite this, millions of websites are still not HTTPS compliant and will continue to use it by default.

Suppose you attempt to access a website using the HTTP protocol rather than the HTTPS protocol.

In that case, Google Chrome will show you a warning and ask if you want to continue. And this is precisely the situation in which the HTTPS Everywhere plugin is useful—for the millions of websites that are still only using HTTP.

7. Unshorten. link

The Unshorten.link, if you will, the Chrome add-on, offers a service that is uncomplicated but helpful. It will lengthen any link that was previously shortened.

When a link is shortened, it is much simpler to conceal a dangerous URL. As a result, it is far easier to deceive someone into clicking on something they ought not to.

When you click on a shortened link after Unshorten.link has been installed, you will be taken to a secure website hosted by the service.

You will then be able to judge whether or not the link leads to a secure website by viewing the real URL of the destination page.

8. Privacy Badger

One of the best chrome extensions for privacy on our list Google Chrome as Privacy Badger, which blocks scripts and trackers, came into existence from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) (EFF).

Although its primary function is not to prevent adverts from appearing, Privacy Badger may prevent some ads from displaying.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) places a significant amount of emphasis on the protection of individual privacy, and the Privacy Badger software receives periodic upgrades to ensure that it can prevent the maximum number of trackers.

After it has been installed, you can view the amount of tracking that is taking place on each website you visit by clicking the icon that represents the Privacy Badger.

Trackers are assigned a color that corresponds to their status, such as whether they are invasive third-party trackers.

9. Click&Clean

The privacy tool Click & Clean is an excellent choice for keeping your web browser clean of sensitive and personal information.

You can immediately clean your browser by erasing all of the currently stored data in your browser with just one click.

The Click & Clean drop-down menu provides access to various options. You can manually select the data you wish to clean, or you may have it clean everything.

One additional helpful function of Click & Clean is that it gives you access to the data other Chrome extensions utilize and keep on your computer.

An extension may be concealing sensitive data from you without telling you of its actions.

After using Incognito Mode in Google Chrome, you can delete all stored information using the Click & Clean feature.

The idea that using Incognito Mode prevents data from being stored in your browser is a widespread myth. The unfortunate reality is that this is different from the situation.


Using some of the best chrome extensions for privacy (or many of them) that contribute to improved online security is a move that you should take into consideration if you are concerned about the browsing activity you engage in and want to make sure that your information does not find its way into wrong hands.

We have included virtual private networks (VPNs), ad and tracker blockers, and a few other helpful extensions on the privacy and security extensions list.

If you want to remain using Chrome, installing numerous extensions for Chrome will cover you on every front, leaving no chance for trackers to acquire any of your data.

If you want to keep using Chrome, install a combination of many extensions for Chrome. Despite this, using a private and trustworthy browser remains the superior choice regarding safety and confidentiality.

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