17 Best Chrome Extensions for Screenshots

Best Chrome Extensions for Screenshots

Are you looking for the best chrome extensions for screenshots? Chrome is, without question, one of the best browsers available today.

It is quick, has a good design, and, most importantly, it comes with fantastic functions right out of the box.

You have access to a wide variety of features via Chrome’s sizable collection of add-ons, which can be downloadable via the Chrome Web Store.

 You can find numerous adds-on on the Chrome web store that will let you capture screenshots of whatever you’re viewing on your computer.

This add-on is placed onto the browser, and once it is activated, it enables you to save screenshots to your computer’s hard drive.

We have collected some of the best chrome extensions for screenshots plugins for Chrome so that you can easily browse through the options and choose the best one for your needs.

Therefore, let’s dive in.

Best Chrome Extensions for Screenshots

1. Fireshot

You may take a screenshot in Chrome using the Fireshot extension, one of the best chrome extensions for screenshots available in the Chrome store. You can capture all of your screens without asking for special permissions.

The screenshots you take can be modified using the program’s built-in image editor. However, there is yet more to come.

In addition to emoticons, you can also annotate the text. Several image formats, such as PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF, are available for exporting screenshots.

2. Nimbus

Nimbus Screenshot allows you to capture either the entire page or a selected region. In addition, screen and webcam video recording are both supported.

It allows you to annotate and modify screenshots, among other things. Avoid recording your screen entirely, as you can edit screencasts down to size. Video formats supported include MP4 and GIF in addition to WebM.

3. LightShot

LightShot is one the best chrome extensions for screenshots to use if you’re seeking a quick and easy way to take screenshots.

You may easily copy and distribute any selected page section with only a few mouse clicks. The captured images can be stored locally on a disk or sent to a cloud service for later viewing.

In addition, you can put the screenshot on the clipboard and look for other screenshots that are similar.

4. Scribe

Scribe is a free add-on for Google Chrome that takes screenshots and creates detailed, step-by-step instructions for any procedure you want to record.

If you want to share a procedure with others, you must click the “Record” button in the Chrome extension, and Scribe will automatically create a video of it.

After you generate the paper, you can change the text or add new screenshots as needed. In addition, you may embed a Scribe into another application or send the URL if you know how to code HTML.

Scribe is a time-saving, free, and complete tool for creating and sharing instructional or instructional-style screenshots.

These best chrome extensions for screenshots allow you to have full experience sharing your data with an individual or your team.

5. Usersnap

Usersnap, in contrast to some of the tools on this list, is designed specifically for users and consumers to provide constructive visual feedback to SaaS businesses and online retailers.

To see issues and propose solutions, not only are screenshots necessary but screen recordings and pertinent metadata as well.

The screenshot can be annotated with the URL, browser information, and console logs, making it useful for product teams and software engineers.

An excellent tool for gauging client satisfaction, ensuring product quality, and incorporating user suggestions into future iterations.

6. Full Page Screen Capture 

The ability to instantly convert an entire web page into an image is provided by Full Page Screen Capture.

In addition, capturing screenshots of intricate web pages with scrollable internal components and embedded iframes is now possible thanks to technological advancement.

Full Page Screen Capture is among the best chrome extensions for screenshots available in various formats, including PDF, PNG, JPEG, and more.

7. One-Click Full Page Screenshot

By default, hitting the keys, Alt+Shift+S will give you a picture of the whole page with just one click. Thus, you will have to spend less on work.

You can save screenshots in PNG format. The best part is that this Chrome extension has no unnecessary features or bloat and is open source.

8. Snippyly

Snippyly comes in on our list of the best chrome extensions for screenshots. This application is excellent for facilitating collaboration in the here and now.

Why? Not only may screencaps be shared, but you can generate an easy-access link using these features. So you take a screenshot, and the rest of your team members add their thoughts.

You can now discuss the project easily and engagingly! Captures images of the page that is currently in view.

Contains straightforward editing tools, including graphics and annotations. Facilitates online collaboration by providing a link to either view or modify user contributions.

9. qSnap

Users who want more from their screenshots will find qSnap the ideal Chrome plugin. You may now easily grab many pages from your screen with just a few mouse clicks.

This plugin allows you to capture screenshots of the entire screen or the visible area. All of the screenshots you’ve taken are in one convenient file.

Share your edited photographs with your coworkers by including in-line comment boxes and callouts.

10. Blipshot

Regarding Chrome extensions for screen capture, Blipshot is among the quickest and easiest because of its drag-and-drop functionality.

The taken screenshot will save as a PNG file, which you may easily move to any location on your computer. In addition, as a time saver, it allows you to take screenshots with only a single click.

The saved screenshot is conveniently labeled with the current page, date, and time. In addition, you can now record Flash information from your screen with the most recent version of Chrome.

11. GoFullPage

One of the best chrome extensions for screenshots available for creating full-page screencaps is GoFullPage.

You can click on the icon, or you may use the keyboard shortcut (Alt + Shift + P). The picture will show up in a new tab, from which you can choose to save or download it.

In addition, the software allows users to download their media in various formats, including PNG, JPEG, and PDF.

12. Cipular

With Clipular, the act of screen-capturing takes on new meaning. It’s useful for both taking screenshots and keeping things in order.

After setting it up once, all your screenshots will be automatically uploaded to Google Drive. This screenshot shows that the Chrome extension is at its finest when used with the most up-to-date version; using a beta version will prevent you from taking full advantage of it.

Chrome makes it easy to share and organize screenshots. Need I go on? You’ve come to the best place if you want to be able to quickly copy and paste content from social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more into your clipboard.

13. ClickUp

To help you stay productive and organized, ClickUp includes a wide variety of additional features that you may tweak to your liking, as well as the best chrome extensions for screenshots.

ClickUp’s Chrome extension makes it simple to add a new task, add a website to an existing task, track time and attach a report, take pictures and annotate them, add emails to tasks, and make as many notes as you like, all without leaving your browser.

ClickUp is a Chrome extension that integrates five of the most useful tools for project management, allowing users to save time, streamline their processes, and better manage their projects.

14. NinjaCapture

Because of how convenient it is, NinjaCapture has become the de facto standard for screen-sharing software.

NinjaCapture Software allows you to capture and upload video and screenshots from your device’s screen anytime. For example, take screenshots of complete web pages or selected regions within them.

You can pick from several Screencast options, including the Current Visible Page, the Entire Screen, or a Customized Area.

Get it all with a single click or in three seconds. In addition, any device can take advantage of the screen capture extension for Google Chrome.

Ninjacapture allows for simple, one-click audio recording and improves your connection with listeners.

Ninjacapture recognizes webcam recording to make content more engaging and human for the intended audience. You can toggle between recording with your webcam and your screen during a video recording session.

15. Awesome Screenshot

The awesome screenshot has several powerful options. You can do more than take screenshots; you can also annotate and blur them.

It takes no time at all to send the screenshots to anyone else. It’s a great screen recorder with a user-friendly UI that you can also use to take screenshots and send them to software like Trello, Jira, and more.

16. Screen Capture

The quick and easy screen captures made possible by Screen Capture can be easily shared with coworkers. In addition, you can take video recordings instead of only screenshots and record your voice at the recording time.

Also, read this piece if you’re interested in learning how to do the inverse: transform written words into moving images. Finally, colleagues can view your screencast from any device by visiting the URL you share.

17. Movavi Screenshot

Users consider Movavi ScreenShot one of the best chrome extensions for screenshots capture add-on for Google Chrome.

This program may capture your screen in a variety of sizes, including snapshots of the full Chrome page, particular areas of the screen, or the entire screen, including all tabs that are now active. Unfortunately, the image does not include the frames that the browser generates.

Because it is so simple to use, even first-time users will be able to figure out how to capture screenshots. You will like how straightforward everything is, in addition to the great caliber of the pictures.

The default for screenshots uses JPEG format. You should save the screen capture to your desktop so you can later convert it to any format you like and then share it with your coworkers or friends.

A complete page capture is possible with a screenshot. You also can record the complete webpage without having to scroll. Even if the website is a million miles long, Movavi ScreenShot will automatically scroll over it for you.

Capture the portion of the screen that is visible Share with others what people can see in the browser window. Next, grab the screen area that is now visible, which includes the control panel and any open windows, tabs, and messengers.

The capture of the screen in a chosen region; create a frame around the area you wish to take a picture of. This way, you can eliminate the need to crop the image in the future to remove unnecessary elements.


You can look at some of the best chrome extensions for screenshots. Please share the screenshot tool you use and recommend.

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