11 Best Collage Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Collage Apps for iPhone and iPad

Using picture collages, you may share them on social media, send a copy to friends and family, or print them off to create cherished keepsakes.

These apps can give you memories you can treasure forever. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of the best collage-making apps.

However, we have listed our picks for the best photo collage apps for iPhone below.

1. PicMerger

The best collage app on the iPhone and ranked #1 on this list is PicMerger.

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PicMerger has a suite of different photo editing tools that makes editing on your phone simple and quick.

Key features of PicMerger:

  • Over 200+ photo collage templates for you to use
  • Easily stitch multiple screenshots or photos together side by side or vertically and horizontally
  • Watermark or add text to your pictures
  • Add filters and custom stickers to your photos
  • Add custom borders to your photos and collages
  • Save and store all of your projects inside PicMerger

2. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is our #1 list of the best collage apps for iPhone and iPad. It’s not a specialist college app, but Adobe Spark Post has plenty of capabilities that may help you build the perfect social media collage.

It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using. These features include professionally designed templates, amusing visuals, and a convenient resize tool.

All these make you publish all of your social media accounts without a lot of effort on your end.

Also, cool effects and animations will make your creations stand out. With AI and machine learning, Adobe Spark Post will also automatically resize photographs for any social site.

Some premium templates require a subscription, although the collage maker app is free to use. 

3. Photo Grid

The Photo Grid app wins the distinction for the most inventive ones as far as collage layouts go. We offer a selection of over 300 unique templates to choose from.

However, when using PhotoGrid, you can edit images, and videos fast before adding them to custom grid creators.

Also, you can add blurred backgrounds or watermarks and synchronize video clips so that they are all aligned at the same point in the video.

All these features make the Photo Grid app among the best collage apps for iPhone and iPad.

Furthermore, this application allows you to combine up to 15 photos or videos at a time to create entertaining, individual layouts.

There are over 300 collage templates available.

4. Diptic

Diptic is one of the best collage apps for iPhone and iPad.

Since each of Diptic’s features helps you tell a better story with your images, you’ll be blown away by the number of alternatives it offers.

There are approximately 200 layouts available in the collage apps for iPhone.

However, using Diptic, you can completely personalize the look and feel of the collage. You can choose from a wide variety of layouts that you can enhance in various ways.

Furthermore, before printing or sharing, you can even save your favorite layouts for subsequent usage, as well as add text subtitles, filters, and colored borders.

Diptic costs $2.99 right now, and all these features combined have made Diptic one of the best collage apps for iPhone and iPad.

5. Canva

Canva is a popular photo collage app. Millions of people use Canva’s desktop program to make incredible images, Instagram Stories, posters, and more.

Create a photo and video collage from scratch or use one of Canva’s hundreds of templates that contain grid patterns, shapes, and lines.

Use your photographs or choose from Canva’s library of thousands of stock photos. But some cost a dollar per use or require a premium subscription to access them.

All these features make Canva one of the best collage apps for iPhone and iPad.

6. Pic Collage

Pic Collage made it to our list of the best collage apps for iPhone and iPad. Hundreds of photo grids, unique stickers, and festive background designs are all available in PicCollage.

However, according to The Los Angeles Times, if you have many images, this is the easiest way to organize them.

This photo collage maker has a perfect collage layout and great editing tools.

Also, you may make collages using PicCollage’s templates and adjustments.

If you desire something easy and quick or complete control over your project, PicCollage can help you achieve it.

7. piZap Photo Editor

This app allows you to edit images, create collages, and utilize various design tools to create social posts, banners, photo albums, and more with piZap.

If you desire to unlock all of the features and access various stock photos, you would have to pay for a premium version.

However, over 400 typefaces and text bubbles are available for adding text to your iPhone images.

To use all of the features available in this iPhone photo editing software, you may need to make some in-app purchases.

8. Layout from Instagram

This iPhone picture collage app will be a hit with Instagram enthusiasts simply because it expands the possibilities for using photos on Instagram.

Using the app’s stunning layouts and photo grids, iPhone owners can merge nine images.

This app can make you get more attention on your insta story with your beautiful photo collage.

However, you may also take rapid photos in various circumstances using the Photo Booth mode, while the Faces tab allows you to organize and locate pictures of people.

Apart from making it easy to create Instagram posts, this photo app lets you store your creations on your camera roll so that you may share th and social media networks later.

9. PicsArt

One of the most popular iPhone collage builders, PicsArt has over 1 billion downloads.

There are simple tools for producing creative collages and altering photographs and movies included in the free version.

Traditional picture grids, collage tools, and frames for your photos are all available.

Before publishing a photo collage Story on Instagram, users can use the Story builder feature to create the collage.

It’s easy to customize your collage using stickers, filter effects, doodles, and more!

10. Mixgram Editor

Join the millions of visual content creators who already use this collage iPhone app by downloading this free co and iPhone.

The pic collage app offers over a thousand fully configurable frames and collage designs to show your creativity.

Also, Mixgram offers various picture filters and effects and distinctive typefaces for captioning and adding text to photos.

Mixgram makes it easy to upload photographs directly to any social networking platform.

And you can instantly share collages you create with this app with your friends.

11. Collageable

If you can mix up to 25 photographs in one frame, then your photo collage program must be excellent.

Over 300 distinct layouts are available in Collageable, which is easy to use and entertaining.

When creating a collage using the program, you may mix up or re-arrange photographs as you see fit and use features such as frame stickers and filters to give your collage a unique feel.

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