12 Best Compass Apps for Android

Best Compass Apps for Android

Having a compass makes it easier to find your way. Downloading a compass app to your phone will do in place of buying a traditional compass that you must remember to pack or carry.

We’ve listed the best compass apps for Android below that you can find on Google Play Store.  

Compass apps determine direction by using the accelerometer on your mobile device.

Magnetic cases can mess with them, and they occasionally need calibration. However, they all generally carry out their duties in a similar manner. 

They are helpful for boaters, hikers, and many other outdoor enthusiasts where GPS reception could be better or if you want to test your compass-only navigation skills. 

You can use a compass app that you can download to your Android device to keep track of your location, speed, distance, and altitude.

At the very least, a compass app should use your phone’s sensors to guide you through unfamiliar terrain and assist you in finding your location. 

The Google Play Store is full of fake and occasionally useless compass apps.

That can make it challenging when looking for one for the scheduled hiking trip or if you enjoy using a compass for pleasure.  

After looking at the suggestions of the best compass apps for Android listed below, you can be certain that you’ll always have a nice compass that works well and will be easy to use. 

1. Compass 

The first on our list of best compass apps for Android is Compass. The Compass app offers the simplest navigation with its minimal design. You can take it to the most extreme mountain tops and get accurate readings.

It features a variety of settings, like daylight mode, and allows you to measure the angle of inclination or azimuth. Along with that, Compass has a built-in flashlight and ruler. 

This will work if you need a free Android compass app for outdoor activities like camping or off-roading, where you might need to let people know where you are. 

2. Digital Compass 

The simple app Digital Compass features a map and Compass. Direct addresses, longitude, and latitude are supported.

The app also features sensor status, magnetic strength, slope level, and true and magnetic north headings. 

The device must include magnetic sensors and the developer specifically requests that you avoid using magnetic coverings. Otherwise, it won’t function properly. 

3. Compass Galaxy 

Next on our list of best compass apps for Android is Compass Galaxy. Szymon Dyja developed the Compass Galaxy, one of the few apps that truly functions.

Additionally, most phone compass apps only function if the device has a magnetometer. 

The Compass Galaxy is a straightforward, user-friendly compass program that lets you start immediately without agreeing to a gazillion permission requests.

This is an excellent app to have on hand if you’re lost and need an instant fix! 

4. Compass 360 Pro 

One of the best compass apps for Android to use when there are problems with internet connectivity is Compass 360 Pro. Most of the time, it looks correct, and it operates entirely offline. 

Compass 360 Pro displays readings with your phone’s magnetic sensor. It has self-variation, magnetic, and true north, as well as a view choice for your altitude, longitude, and latitude.

The tool’s decimal bearing can access specific directions, while the cardinal bearing can access more general directions. 

A dampening compass card that swings naturally to assist rapid orientation is another feature of the Android app.

This, together with the fact that it may be used anywhere in the world, makes it the perfect option for intrepid travelers. It also offers a wide variety of skins and languages for customization. 

 5. Smart Compass 

Next on our list of best compass apps for Android is Smart Compass. Smart Compass is a powerful, accurate, and user-friendly GPS compass app for Android.

With this app, you’ll be able to get directions, calculate your elevation above sea level, and view your current location in the form of longitude and latitude coordinates. 

The Smart Compass also has an excellent feature that allows you to add notes to any locations you’re tracking so you can remember them later. 

Additionally, you can save and load your favorite locations with this app. The app also includes a flashlight, which you can use if you find yourself in a dark environment. 

6. Fulmine Software Compass 

A respectable, straightforward compass app from Fulmine Software is available on Google Play. The typical functions are present, and it operates without a GPS or data connection.

Along with a magnetic and true heading, you also receive a persistent notification with your heading on the Compass app.  

Of course, GPS functions better with GPS, but every Compass ought to. No permissions are required for free or premium versions, including cool features like latitude and longitude coordinates. 

7. Compass by Nixame 

This app is next on our list of best compass apps for Android. The NixGame Compass app is simple and handy, allowing you to select between a geographic pole and a magnetic pole for maximum accuracy. 

The NixGame Compass app also uses your GPS or other location-based services for the best reading possible.

Additionally, this software will provide your latitude and longitude, allowing you to pinpoint your location and even provide precise directions to friends.

You can check your location address because the NixGame compass app utilizes location services! 

8. Compass Steel 

Compass Steel is a straightforward, ad-free compass app with magnetic and true headings.

The Compass is praised for being accurate and having a high contrast for easier reading—a tilt-compensation feature in the self-calibrating software aids in taking accurate measurements. 

Additionally, you can set and remember target directions. It has a sun and moon orientation indicator and offers a variety of colorful themes. 

9. KWT Digital Compass 

KWT, a developer on Google Play, created an app for a digital compass. Like most other systems, it operates. After calibration, it indicates the direction.

This one, however, also has a few additional helpful data points, such as slope angle, magnetic field intensity, sensor status, and so on. 

This Digital Compass app needs certain sophisticated features like genuine addresses that some other compass applications have.

We appreciate an app that is just a solid, basic compass, but navigation apps handle that stuff better overall. It’s affordable, functional, and has a nice user interface. 

10. Compass Steel 3D 

Number ten on our list of best compass apps for Android is Compass Steel 3D.

The Compass Steel 3D is an ad-free compass app with several additional features, like auto-calibration, so you won’t have to wave your phone around to calibrate it constantly and the sun direction and moon direction indicators. 

This guarantees that you can always receive a good reading. So that you can be confident you’re going in the right direction, Compass Steel 3D also gives you a choice to select between magnetic north and geographical north.

Our favorites are the apps that have a good appearance in addition to all the pleasant bells and whistles. 

11. Compass & Altimeter 

The compass and altimeter app offers a compass without ads, a simple user interface, and no pointless permissions. It displays your actual altitude as well as several latitude and longitude formats. 

However, to view your current location’s address, you must have an internet connection on your device. Compass & Altimeter app is one of the best compass apps for Android.  

The useful software also displays the hours of sunrise and sunset. It also supports EGM96 (Earth Gravitational Model) for geoid reference and UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) for assigning coordinates on the Earth’s surface. 

12. Compass by PixelProse SARL 

One of the few free compass apps without advertisements is Compass by PixelProse SARL. For the highest level of accuracy, the app employs GPS.

Other features include support for installing SD cards, altitude readings, a compass designed specifically for Qilba, dawn and sunset times, and good accuracy upon calibration. 

Its calibration is a little poorer than average, and like others, it is susceptible to magnetic cases. To achieve the greatest results with this, GPS is a necessity. Otherwise, it’s a good free choice. 

The best compass apps for Android on this list are the ones that offer accuracy, convenience, and reliability.

Whether you’re looking for a basic compass or something more complex with additional features, these apps have what you need to get you from point A to B.

With the help of these apps, navigating and orienteering are easier than ever. 

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