15 Best DJ Apps for Android

Best DJ Apps for Android

It can be expensive to be a DJ. Before creating fantastic tunes, it would be best to learn how to use the tools and software. Unbelievable as it may seem, there are some best DJ apps for android.

There aren’t any that can currently run the entire show, but you can use these to supplement a setup, test out certain things, and at least do some fun things on the side. 

Thanks to the availability of powerful and affordable Android tablets and smartphones, you no longer require many devices to generate content.

To begin learning the fundamentals of creating music, you don’t need an expensive synthesizer or any other real musical instrument. 

You may start your creative adventure with many fantastic DJ apps and outstanding music players on Google’s Play Store.

Even better, a lot of these apps meet the demands of both novice and experienced users. But how can someone, especially a newbie, choose the finest software when so many appear similar? 

We don’t expect to see a lot of new DJ applications released every year because this isn’t the most popular app development genre.

Let’s look at the best DJ apps for android. 

1. DJ Studio 5 

One of the best DJ apps for android is DJ Studio 5. It also features one of the best free options available. The primary app is entirely unrestricted and watermarked-free, according to the makers.

This features 10 sample pads, eight sound effects, the ability to record live mixes, equalizers, and more.

It costs nothing to utilize any of the features. You can, however, buy certain extras to complete the experience. Additionally, SoundCloud and various hardware controllers are supported. 

2. BandLab Music Making Studio 

You may create and share music with a community of more than 50 million members using BandLab. More importantly, using the app is cost-free.

Select from a wide range of well-liked genres, such as rock, rap, and house, then utilize BandLab’s music-mixing tools to create your original composition. 

A unique feature of BandLab is the ability to capture virtually any sound and use it in your song. You can also use the tuner and metronome that are included in the program.

The app’s simplicity of use, variety of functions, usage of royalty-free music, and absence of advertisements are all praised in user reviews on the Play Store. 

3. DiscDJ 3D Music Player 

Next on our list of best DJ apps for android is DiscDJ 3D. A very cool program called DiscDJ 3D features a 3D perspective of a DJ controller.

If you don’t own a DJ controller, this program creates a complete experience. However, it may result in a few things that could be improved. 

You must have your music downloaded to your device to use this app. However, if your library is diverse, you can utilize it to mix just as well as you would on a standard DJ controller.

Because it closely replicates the experience and motions made when mixing, this app is particularly helpful when practicing for a live show without your DJ controller. Not the simplest app on the list, but if you’re ready to put in the effort, it’s a cool app. 

4. Cross DJ 

One of the earliest DJ apps for mobile, according to Cross DJ, Its feature set is respectable. Track syncing, beat-grid manipulation, and precise BPM recognition are all included.

The app includes five pitch bending levels (4, 8, 16, 32, and 100%). Additionally, it contains several features you may add by making in-app purchases.

This features sample packs, support for external mixers, and an auto-mixer. Ads are also removed, and more features are available when you make an in-app payment. Although it isn’t cheap, it is otherwise reliable. 

5. Groovepad 

Groovepad is one of the best DJ apps for android. With Groovepad, you can build compositions from the ground up by fusing various beats, effects, and vocals.

Many different musical genres are available, such as hip-hop, house, and electronica. It even instructs you on how to combine rhythms and when to put them into the song. Although advertisements support Groovepad, all of the adverts may be avoided.

An optional monthly or yearly subscription pack gives you access to weekly sound packs and disables commercials if you prefer an ad-free experience. Additionally, there is a free 7-day trial available so that you can sample the premium service. 

6. Music Maker Jam 

Music Maker JAM is a unique DJ program because it allows you to make straightforward music. You may produce noises with the app’s several buttons. 

There are numerous sounds and sound packs available right now. This indicates a pleasant experience right out of the gate, especially for beginners.

The program provides an 8-channel mixer, tempo, recording of your mixes, and the ability to create completely customized remixes are additional capabilities. 

This app allows you to share your Mix on social media after you’ve recorded it. There is a pro edition available for dedicated music producers. You must pay a minimum of $47.99 per year for the pro version or $3.99 monthly. 

All harmonies are accessible in the pro edition, with new, original effects and three new loop playback speeds: reverse, half-speed, and double-speed—an excellent tool for writing, recording, and mixing music. 

7. djay for android 

Next on our list of best DJ apps for android is djay. It underwent a significant upgrade and consolidated all of its offerings into one app.

The software features many respectable options, including support for SoundCloud and TIDAL, a beat-making sequencer, a looper, pre-cueing, and several Pioneer and Reloop DJ controllers. 

In contrast to iOS, where there is a membership fee, the Android version has a one-time fee. However, the substantial new update also contained some issues many users complained about—exercise caution. 

8. Virtual DJ Mixer 

You have various options with Virtual DJ Mixer to play around with. Like Groovepad, this program provides a variety of musical genres, including House, Dubstep, Chill, Trap, and more.

You can make straightforward tunes with Virtual DJ Mixer by fusing beats, bass, and vocal effects. 

Although Groovepad teaches you how to make tracks, this software offers a more beginner-friendly vibe, making it simple to learn, even if you’re new to making music. 

9. Djay Free 

Djay Free is also one of the best DJ apps for android. A very user-friendly DJ app is Djay Free. It has a great, clean layout and is ideal for novices, but it also provides many options for more experienced users. 

In the free edition, all functionalities are available. It has many other features, such as a sync option, beat-grid analyzer, tempo, faders, and jog wheels with scratch functionality. 

One feature that distinguishes this program from others is its highly configurable and distinctive interface.

The only drawback to using the free version is that occasionally a pop-up may appear telling you that you must upgrade to the pro version if you want to avoid having interruptions while mixing. 

10. edjing Mix 

One of the most potent DJ apps is edjing Mix. There are several aspects to it. Highlights include looping, compatibility for Deezer, 16 playable samples, continuous syncing between two tracks, and support for your local library.

Additional features include turntables, SoundCloud access, a crossfader, and the ability to publish your mixes to the cloud through the app. Even the layout can be somewhat modified. The collection includes three apps in total.

You can either get one of them for free or for $5.49. The other is free but offers optional extras that you may buy through in-app purchases. 

11. DJ Mixer 

Next on our list of best DJ apps for android is DJ Mixer. You have control over a digital turntable with DJ Mixer. Up to two pieces of music from your phone can be added, and the sound can be customized.

You can experiment with several switches and change them individually to produce various effects in your tracks.

Advertisers sponsor DJ Mixer, but regrettably, no ad-free option is available. The experience is mainly ad-free and not too disruptive after you see a few commercials and reach the turntable. 

12. Drum Pad Machine 

The same business that creates Groovepad, Easybrain, also creates Drum Pad Machine. The introduction and UI of both apps are similar.

The learning curve is steeper in Drum Pad Machine, although it teaches you the fundamentals of utilizing the pad.

You can create tracks using numerous fingers, while the Drum Pad Machine provides fewer indications for timing each beat.

As a result, this program could be best suited to users with prior experience making music. Drum Pad Machine offers a paid ad-free plan and a free 7-day trial of the premium features, similar to Groovepad. 

13. Beat Maker Pro 

Beat Maker Pro is also one of the best DJ apps for android. It provides a satisfying and eye-pleasing experience, demonstrates how to use the app’s many functions, provides feedback on your inputs, and rewards you whenever you succeed. 

Lessons that you complete and perform well on unlock additional tracks for you to try out. So, gamification is used here to encourage learning how to utilize the software.

Like Edjing MIX, Beat Maker Pro has a premium Pro edition that may be tried for three days to determine whether it’s worth the money. 

14. Easy Beat 

Hip-Hop, Phonk, EDM, and Synthwave are just a few of the music genres that Easy Beat delivers. To build your ideal track, it offers you simple tools like leads and bass.

To gain a solid sense of the workflow, the app also walks you through creating your first item. Easy beat enables anyone to compose music because the finished recordings sound harmonic, regardless of the sounds you combine. 

15. Remixlive 

The last on our list of best DJ apps for android is Remixlive. Remixlive is a different drum pad looping tool that provides many alternatives for making music tracks regardless of your preferences.

You can quickly and easily add bass, synth, vocals, and many effects to your compositions with just one button click.

Remixlive appeals to the more experienced users who are familiar with music composition because, regrettably, the program needs a teaching mode like some other games.  

The best DJ apps for android on this list provide a bit of something different. Some people assist you as you learn. Some people throw you into the water and assume you can swim alone.

But regardless of whether you prefer DiscDJ 3D’s completely digital DJ mixing board or Groovepad’s more basic music pad, there’s probably something for you. 

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