13 Best DJ Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best DJ Apps for iPhone and iPad

Are you looking for an app to help you become a DJ? This article on the best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad is for you.

With the rise of streaming services and mobile Music creating an ever more popular DIY music production trend, there has never been a better time to become a mobile DJ

Being able to mix Music quickly and conveniently on the go is a huge advantage for budding DJs, and luckily, the App Store provides lots of great options.

Now dozens of useful apps provide features such as looping, syncing, EQ effects, and more. 

This article explores the best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad. We look at their various features and compare them to help you decide which fits your needs best. 

1. Cross DJ 

Cross DJ is the best option for DJs looking for DJing apps packed with many features and functions, and it is one of the best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad. You receive many effects and other necessities, even in the free version, that can aid in your beginnings as a mobile DJ. 

Cross DJ gives you numerous mixing options with 2 decks, tempo modification, and a beat grid. Additionally, the program has a looping feature. This can be used while creating a new set or mixing a recording. 

You can cue songs that are stored on your device using the app. Alternatively, you can play songs directly from streaming services like SoundCloud. Cross DJ has a very straightforward user interface that is very simple to use. 

It provides accurate cue points and up to five levels of pitch adjustment. This program will satisfy DJs who enjoy scratching while putting together a set or mixing. It produces a scratch sound that is remarkably similar to that of a genuine turntable. 

If you purchase the app’s paid edition, you can discover the world of cutting-edge mobile DJing. Audio FX like Echo, Hi & Low-pass, Phaser, Brake, Roll, and others are available. The software includes a sampler with more than 72 samples. 

Among the app’s best features are the Keylock and Key Detection modes. Any track in your playlist can have it’s Key determined using the Key Detection tool. 

2. Edjing Mix 

With more than 20 effects and features, Edjing Mix turns your iPhone into an excellent DJ setup.

It makes remixing simple and effective. Your chore of mixing and matching gets much simpler because you can easily access your playlists from SoundCloud, Deezer (which requires a premium account), and iTunes. 

With just a few clicks, you may access more than 50 million songs to amp up your celebration. You can customize your song’s preparation using the queuing systems. 

3. Djay 

Next on the best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad is Djay. Djay is a “full-featured DJ and music creation system” developed by Algoriddim, a renowned DJ software developer. 

One of the popular DJ apps for smartphones is this one. It offers comprehensive in-app mixing and production features, including the ability to separate tracks, vocals, and instrumentals instantly. 

Algoriddim’s ground-breaking mixing technology, Neural MixTM, allows you to combine the melodies, basslines, vocal lines, and drum beats of two distinct compositions.

Additionally, it features an AI Automix feature built right into the app that can DJ for you. The technology will flawlessly combine your songs when you choose your playlist. 

Thanks to this seamless connectivity with your music libraries, you can combine your favorite tracks into newer, better versions of your favorite songs. 

4. Tractor DJ 2 

You can use this program to hone your DJing talents for nothing at all. It has been improved over the previous app, making it even better. The Traktor DJ 2 features perfect sync, beat-grid, BPM detection, and speed. 

It is a fantastic program for novices because it has only the functions that are necessary and simple to use. You can use the program with preset tunes or cue your playlist. 

Additionally, beginners will like using the app because of its straightforward style. The company may add new features because the software is often updated. 

This will eventually enable the software to be used by experienced DJs. Additionally, it offers customers accurate beat detection, which can be a huge relief. Sound sculpting is not only simple but also straightforward with Traktor DJ 2. 

You can chop and blend the vocals and frequencies of a track using the EQs and filters provided on each channel. Using these effects, you may manipulate the sound and make them sound original. 

5. Pacemaker DJ 

This app is one of the best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad. For Spotify users, Pacemaker DJ is a straightforward-looking program with many potent capabilities. 

You can easily select songs from your private playlist without creating new playlists and add them to your party playlist for mixing. Instead of having realistic turntables, it features flat UI elements and pastel hues.

You have complete creative control over the song-mixing process, including the ability to scratch, use a turntable, sync the beats of different songs, and crossfade using an on-screen slider. With the help of controls in the turntables’ center, you may add various effects via the app. 

6. Garageband 

DJs and the music industry at large have traditionally used Apple’s primary music creation app. You can quickly make a unique remix or song with the built-in instruments and the abundance of modification options. 

The upgraded Beat Sequencer is one of the in-app instruments, along with piano, guitar, drums, bass, and a whole string orchestra called “Smart Strings.” This is a sizable collection of electronic drum sounds intended to help musicians in many genres craft great grooves. 

You can modify your samples using only synthetic sounds or from the vast library of instruments that you can loop and layer using this technique. This is one of the best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad.

In addition, Apple produced all of the sounds, loops, and instrument tones in the enormous GarageBand music collection, so you can be sure they are of the greatest caliber. Amazingly, Apple users can download this wonderful program for free. 

7. Deej 

Next on our list of best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad is Deej. Deej has a straightforward design that is ideal for newcomers. If you’re new to DJing, its simple design and fundamental features can be a great learning tool. For novices, the program includes integrated tutorials. 

You can consult them to learn about the fundamentals of DJing and how to operate the functions. The software has a lot of options, but they are all ergonomically placed such that everything looks manageable.

You can use tempo adjustment, 3-band EQ, cue points, beat grids, and jog wheels to produce or mix sounds. 

Although it greatly aids beginners, one function of the program is especially useful for veteran DJs. The Music can be recorded, then uploaded to SoundCloud, MixCloud, or Dropbox. 

The software has some interesting effects. You can use common effects to improve your Music’s sound, including echo, phaser, filter, and flanger. 

Concerning the app’s compatibility with various devices, you should be fine. On all Apple devices, the app is available for download and use. 

8. Music Maker Jam 

With thousands of studio-quality loops, rhythms, and samples at your disposal to begin combining tracks, Music Maker Jam is another software that simplifies the process of making Music. 

Even better, you can immediately broadcast your works to a worldwide audience. By shaking your device, you can also remix tracks and record vocals. 

You may alter musical parts, change the tempo and harmonies, and add amazing real-time effects for even more customization. Best of all, it’s incredibly simple to use and guarantees hours of entertainment. 

9. DJ Mixer Studio 

DJ Mixer Studio is a solid pack overall. Thanks to the striking UI and effective editing capabilities, it is a good investment for your DJ time and also one of the best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad. 

The iTunes music library and iCloud Music are fully integrated with the app. As a result, you can quickly edit all of your Music and playlists by having fast access to them. 

You have more control thanks to features like crossfade effects and various sound effects. To create spectacular tracks to get everyone on the dance floor, you can blend several recordings, alter the pace, and tweak the pitch. 

10. DJ Player Professional 

DJ Player sets itself apart by supporting a variety of gadgets and USB interfaces. This program goes above and beyond your expectations by offering you a ton of extra tools and allowing you to make many different effects on your device. 

While the extensive feature list may make for a challenging working environment, those who become familiar with the controls can compose motivational Music. The program works rapidly to bring Music into your mixing booth so you may mix it to your heart’s content once you sync any sound source. 

The app’s options are all well-defined and easy to use. It has numerous output options, MIDI connectivity, Timecode vinyl control, and other strong features. 

11. DJ Mix Pads 2 

Next on our list of best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad is DJ Mix Pads 2. Have you ever wished you could easily create and remix Music? “DJ Mix Pads 2” is the ideal counterbalance for injecting the required fun and flair into your DJ time. Using this DJ app, you may create and remix Music with the utmost simplicity. 

There are many various kinds of beats and sounds to add variety. Your song is better and more valuable thanks to the professional sound effects. You can also add a unique sound to make your song stand out. 

12. Launchpad 

There are eight free sound packs in Launchpad’s free version, and you can buy hundreds more. Amplify Music, the company that created the app, is constantly working on adding new sound packs; they proudly update them once a week. 

The app is visually appealing and vibrant. The darker background of the app is conducive to a club environment, and it is extremely obvious which rhythms and effects are currently being used. 

Additionally, the full music catalog from the UK record label Ninja Tune is available on the app. This is the app’s most attractive feature and provides your Music with a great foundation right away. 

Real-time tempo shifts and sophisticated sound FX, including Enhanced Stutter, Autofilter, and Gater, are some of this app’s advanced features. 

For beginners, the Launchpad music pad is excellent. All the loops and noises on the pad are tempo-locked, so they always play in sync with the rhythm. This software has a fully functional free version; the few in-app purchases are $9.99 or less. 

13. Drum Pad Machine 

Last on our list of best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad is Drum Pad Machine. This program is very enjoyable and simple to use. With each contact, the rainbow squares produce a pleasing sound, and each button produces a distinctive sound. 

The drum machine has skyrocketed in popularity among DJs all around the world. The calculator-like pad-shaped computers have colorful buttons instead of digits that, when hit, play particular sounds or beats. 

The Drum Pad Machine has developed an app using the same simple popularity. This app’s brilliant feature that allows users to generate captivating, complementary rhythms for novices visually intuitively is that buttons with the same color scheme produce comparable sounds. 

The pad may be configured to generate sounds from various musical styles. The app’s free edition is entertaining but has fewer features than the Pro version.

You can add more in-app purchases for an additional $46.99 per year for the full-featured app with all the bells and whistles.  

Whether you’re studying, practicing, or looking into a new career path with mobile DJing, picking an app that fits your interests and skill level is crucial.

Users consider the above best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad to be among the best, and they deserve a try. 

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