10 Best Emoji Apps for iPhone

Best Emoji Apps for iPhone

What emojis can do during conversations, a bold statement full of words cannot.

Whether it’s a blinking face with a lurking tongue or a funny face with a thermometer, these little emojis express meaning that’s hard to express in words.

Not to mention the double-sided emojis that are ready to kill two birds with one stone! The high demand for these unique images is such that almost all keyboard apps have a trillion emojis.

And Apple’s QuickType Keyboard is no exception. But the default iPhone keyboard lacks customization, which may not be suitable for those who like to have variety and a lot of customization. If you are among them, these are the best emoji apps for iPhone you must try.

The App Store offers an extensive collection of emoji apps for iPhone and iPad. And unsurprisingly, most of them have hundreds of built-in emojis. But many of them cannot compete with the ones that are full of emoji keyboard apps.

Therefore, these apps are designed to improve emoji play on iOS. Do they have anything else to offer? Oh yeah, these emoji apps for iPhone also have a bunch of vivid themes, crazy stickers, and of course, cool fonts.

Keep calm; this is the just tip of the iceberg because you can discover many unique symbols and signs under the hood.

To learn more about the best emoji apps for iPhone, take a look at this article.

1. Kika keyboard

The Kika Keyboard is among the best emoji apps for iPhone. The interesting thing about this app is that it works seamlessly with various popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. So, you can use multiple emojis to improve your emoji game.

But is this keyboard app dedicated to emojis? No With over 8000 eye-catching themes, it offers a plethora of customization options.

And if personalization is your thing, there are a myriad of topics you would love to get your hands on.

Besides personalization, the Kika keyboard is also very good at improving typing experience with features like autocorrect.

Not to mention a grammar correction tool that can be of great help in ensuring that you can express your feelings accurately.

In terms of price, the emoji app is free. However, if you want to explore all of the features, you’ll need to shell out $19.99 every month, which may seem like a lot to most wallets.

To download this emoji app for iPhone, click here.

2. AR Emoji Custom Keyboard

The “AR Emoji Custom Keyboard,” also known as Cheetah Keyboard, can be much appreciated.

For starters, the app has plenty of AR emojis ready to spice up your messages. Whether you want to express anger, love, worry, or sadness, you will have various emojis available to you.

Aside from an extensive collection of emojis, it also goes well on the silver when it comes to colorful themes. So you can customize the icon, function keys, and more.

If you want to take personalization to the next level, you can also create your themes for a more personalized experience.

Whether it’s changing the wallpaper, designing the wallpaper, customizing the fonts, or changing the keyboard colors, you have the freedom to customize your iPhone or iPad keyboard.

Please note that the Cheetah keyboard is only available for a three-day free trial. You will then need to pay $11.99 to continue.

To download this emoji app for iPhone, click here.

3. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

For someone who has a massive fondness for emojis, “Facemoji” is one of the best emoji apps for iPhone. What impressed me the most about this emoji app is the ability to create a full custom keyboard.

With over 2000 emojis and a host of fonts and themes, it has all the ingredients that make your keyboard look unique.

Along with a solid set of emojis, the app also features some fun avatar stickers. In the times when you want to improve the mood of any conversation, these avatar stickers will be in play without any problem.

Do you often need to communicate in different languages on your iPhone? Well, there is a handy translator that allows you to communicate in multiple languages.

Add to that the auto-correcting and swiping features, and you have an emoji app that can fill the bill with excellent numbers.

Simply put, Facemoji is one of the best emoji keyboards for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

To download this emoji app for iPhone, click here.

4. Emoji>

Emoji Keyboard> has enough firepower to claim one of the best emoji apps for iPhone. What helps a lot is its simplicity. The app works perfectly with most iPhone apps, thanks to seamless integration.

This means that you can use its impressive list of emojis and themes in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

But wait a while before drawing a sure conclusion about this emoji keyboard. What could be great for those who like light play, the app also offers some exciting puzzle games that one can play tirelessly with your friends.

To download this emoji app for iPhone, click here.

5. Emoji Keyboard Emojis Me Maker

This might be the right answer for people who want to have an excellent emoji keyboard without using money. In addition to showcasing a solid emojis collection, the app also includes a handy emoji maker, font maker, and text and emoji collection.

So, whatever the context of the conversation, there are many tools that you can have that will revive your communication mood.

While I like to post a wide range of emojis while exchanging messages to keep the conversation from getting boring, I prefer to create a collection of the top picks to access them at any time.

And that’s why I found the “Favorites” feature of this app worth considering. These creative tools aside, the interface looks simple. So you can control the emoji app well without going through a long learning curve.

To download this emoji app for iPhone, click here.

6. AA Emoji Keyboard

Have you ever thought of what the secret to a fun conversation is? Well, it’s about not getting in the way of the element of predictability.

Speaking of unpredictability when using emojis, what has proven to be a game-changer is the luxury of a growing collection. And that’s why the AA emoji keyboard is among the best emoji apps for iPhone.

It claims to have over 3000 emojis, including animated emojis, will never let your messages go out of time. There are also some awesome emoticons with spooky zombie gestures and emojis, so you can always be in the middle of a conversation.

Although the app is free, it takes $3.99 to unlock all the features, which seems reasonable.

To download this emoji app for iPhone, click here.

7. Emoji keyboard For Texting

Another fully developed emoji keyboard that won’t put a hole in your pocket to spice up your messages! Although available for free, the app has enough features to provide a safe place for the best emoji keyboard for iOS in your kitten.

A collection of over 800 emojis should be more than enough to exchange messages.

Add to that over 50,000 unique characters, over 2,000 symbols, and over 200 text images, and your arsenal will never be turned on. Overall, this is a great emoji keyboard for sending messages.

To download this emoji app for iPhone, click here.

8. Big Emoji Keyboard

It’s worth keeping the whole atmosphere of conversation alive, especially during holidays and special occasions. And this is where the “Big Emoji Keyboard” would play a role. What puts this app in its league is its flexibility, allowing you to design colorful posts.

For example, you can create your emojis using the wide range of tools offered in the app. As it works with different popular messaging apps, including iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp, and even SMS, your messages will be fully updated.

To download this emoji app for iPhone, click here.

9. FancyKey

FancyKey itself is not the usual emoji keyboard. With arguably the most extensive collection of keyboard themes, the app promises to be heaven for those who never seem to have enough customizations.

Apart from grand themes, it also has a more than decent emoji library, so you can not only decorate the keyboard but also enjoy the messages in all their glory. Also, it is not lagging in GIF, thanks to the library, which continues to multiply.

When it comes to improving the typing experience, FancyKey stands out because it supports one-handed typing and has an efficient autocorrect feature. In short, this is what you need to make your keyboard stylish.

To download this emoji app for iPhone, click here.

10. Gboard

Gboard is undoubtedly among the best emoji apps for iPhone. So, either you are unaware of this popular keyboard app’s versatility, or you may never have given the myriad of emojis a chance to be found in its vast library.

Either way, you shouldn’t stop trying to figure out what’s in store for you. With emojis, GIFs, and drag-and-drop features that make typing more comfortable, the app is integrated with Google Search.

Therefore, you can start your search without leaving the conversation. In addition to all this, the app also allows you to create stickers and share them with your friends and relatives.

To download this emoji app for iPhone, click here.


These are the best emoji apps for iPhone. Apple wants everything to be simple and easy, but it would be great if the company gave a little more freedom to customize the operating system’s interface.

Granted, things like the ability to install fonts in iOS 13 show that the tech giant is slowly but steadily coming up with excellent customization.

However, compared to Android, iOS is pale in comparison as there doesn’t seem to be any competition in the personalization arena. Hope things improve in the future.

Going back to the best emoji apps for iPhone, tell us your favorite app in the comments below.

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