17 Best Facebook Alternatives for You to Try Now

Best Facebook Alternatives
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Are you looking for some of the best Facebook alternatives? Finding an alternative to Facebook is common. 

An increasing number of users are trying to escape the Californian social media behemoth due to hidden terms and conditions, data protection concerns, and platform laws and restrictions. 

But regardless of the social media platform—Twitter, Instagram, Google+—concerns and doubts about user privacy and data security predominate. 

In addition, the frequent criticism of Facebook is that its Newsfeed algorithms determine precisely what you see and don’t see. 

Personalization of advertising is another issue, which is only achievable by collecting and analyzing individual user data. 

As you can see, many complaints against the market leader on social networks exist. Therefore, the fact that some best Facebook alternatives are available is good news and is listed below.

1. MeWe

MeWe is the ideal substitute for Facebook because it provides users with similar services. The platform is situated in California and has the original hashtag #not4sale. 

According to the creators, the privacy revolution is nothing new and ought to have been understood much earlier. 

The platform also features a comparable user interface without ads or feed manipulation. Furthermore, users can personalize their feeds and view the stuff they want to see. 

One can make posts on the app, share them with other users, and engage in social interaction. 

Ratchet encryption is used by the MeWe messenger to safeguard user privacy. Android, iOS, and web software are free to use. 

2. Vero

Vero is also one of the best Facebook alternatives to use. The core of social networks like Facebook is the subscriber usage data. Vero is possible in this situation because it has a subscription-based business model and doesn’t display advertising or gather data for them. 

This rapidly expanding social media substitute exclusively uses apps. Furthermore, they track your usage statistics but only give them to you so they can follow how frequently you use the service. 

However, by default, this choice is disabled. It describes itself as a social network for those who desire more control over what they share and who love something enough to share it. 

This social media app has also extended its “free for life” offer to the first million members due to the high rate of new signups. 

3. Mastodon

Based on the microblogging service Twitter, Mastodon. Mastodon produces Toots of 500 characters or less instead of tweets in its standard form. 

A Toot can be used to distribute links, movies, and images. Mastodon, on the other hand, opts for a decentralized strategy. 

The software’s creators do not run all servers. Users can instead supply their nodes.

Additionally, these servers’ administrators, or instances, can establish their policies and choose whether to connect to the rest of the Mastodon network or use the server only. 

Mastodon, like Minds, is an open-source platform. Anyone can access the software’s source code and see how their data is used. 

In addition, Mastodon utilizes the World Wide Web Consortium’s ActivityPub standard (W3C). 

No algorithm is used to choose material for consumers. The order of the messages is chronological. 

There is also an iOS app and a web version for the browser. Users can explore a variety of unauthorized clients to use the network because of the open API. 

4. Minds

Minds is another alternative to Facebook that offers a lot of features. This social networking site is based on the concept of a distributed social network. 

It allows people to create profiles and interact with each other. However, unlike most social networks, Minds does not store any information about its users. 

Instead, it stores the content created by its users. Users can upload photos, videos, documents, and audio files. They can also post comments and tag others.  Furthermore, Minds is entirely anonymous. There are no names associated with accounts. 

5. Diaspora

Diaspora* is also one of the best Facebook alternatives. It is a social network developed by four students at Harvard University. 

It is similar to Facebook in many ways. Like Facebook, it allows users to create profiles and add friends. However, unlike Facebook, it does not collect user information. Instead, it relies on the users themselves to provide information. 

Users can also send private messages to each other. Additionally, they can set up groups and organize events. 

6. Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic option for Facebook if you’re looking for a social network with a heavy emphasis on news and participation. 

You can’t go wrong with a user base of well over 300 million active users tweeting about the most recent events happening across the world. 

Breaking news is typically delivered to the platform before Facebook and other media websites or social networks. 

Additionally, you can communicate directly with editors, journalists, and other users and make new acquaintances. Twitter has a vast user base, excellent app and browser support, and is incredibly simple. 

7. Ello

When Ello, one of the first genuine Facebook social networks competitors, debuted in 2014, it was the talk of the town. 

However, since its debut, Ello has slightly changed from being a Facebook clone to a social network that values users’ creativity. 

Ello now encourages its userbase to publish their most recent paintings, videos, drawings, and photographs while connecting with other creators in their area for actual events and shows rather than asking them to post about their day and other interests. 

The social network Ello has a focus that will fascinate users who are drawn to such imaginative subjects. 

8. Parler

Next on our list of best Facebook alternatives is Parler. Similar to Facebook, Parler is a social media site where users have the freedom to post anything. 

Additionally, users are unrestricted in their ability to express their opinions about anything in this universe. The platform was introduced in 2018 and has already attracted more than 10 million users.

As a result of the app’s content policy being criticized by journalists and others, it has raised serious concerns. Before switching to any Facebook substitute, carefully review the portal’s policy. 

9. LinkedIn

You’ve probably heard LinkedIn mentioned as a reputable website for recruiters and job searchers. However, with a renewed emphasis on its activity feed, the addition of multimedia postings, and even tales, it has also developed into a reliable social network in recent years. 

LinkedIn isn’t an excellent substitute for Facebook for folks who want to talk about family rumors. It is a terrific social media platform for those who wish to post and read about businesses, finances, real estate, and other professional themes. 

For individuals who used the Facebook Marketplace to look for or post job openings, it’s a great replacement. 

Because the entire social network is built on the job application and employee, LinkedIn is significantly superior to Facebook in this regard. 

10. Instagram

Instagram is an excellent option if you don’t want to join Facebook altogether or don’t want to keep your previous Facebook account. Despite being a member of the Facebook app family, it is still more fun to use. 

The social network places a strong emphasis on media, such as images and videos, making it simple for you to view the postings made by friends, businesses, or other users. 

Additionally, most Facebook users presumably already use Instagram, so you might not miss out on much. 

Like Facebook, Instagram doesn’t host political, religious, or international news debates. You’ll likely love it as a social network more than you would with Facebook because it is limited to a minimum. 

11. Digg

You have many options if you primarily utilize social media to acquire your daily news fix. Excellent choices include Digg, Flipboard, Feedly, Google News, Apple News, etc. Due to its intriguing curating approach, Digg distinguishes out among them. 

Furthermore, the most important stories and videos from various media sources are provided. You can use this website, which operates on the thumbs-up system, without making an account. 

However, to prevent your browser from consuming additional memory, you should also read our guide to the best alternatives to Chrome Tab Suspender. 

12. Telegram

Telegram is also one of the best Facebook alternatives. More than 500 million active users of the rapidly expanding app Telegram. 

After many Facebook users switched to the platform, the app gained instant popularity. Furthermore, you can create custom stickers in addition to the standard functions like chats, SMS, voice calls, media files, and fun stickers. 

The program also allows you to create or join channels with many people, supports group calls, and allows continuous scrolling within chats. 

Strong encryption methods are used by Telegram to protect your conversations, in contrast to Facebook’s dubious privacy policy. 

Anyone who wants to use it can access the messaging client, which is open source and free, but the server portion of the communication system is proprietary and closed. Additionally, the software is secure, and your data can self-destruct after a certain time. 

13. Reddit

Reddit, which offers forums for practically every topic and group under the sun, will appeal to anyone looking for an alternative to Facebook’s Groups function in many ways. 

Furthermore, there is a Reddit thread for everything, from Xbox video games to the newest cooking techniques and UFO sightings. The majority are pretty active, even more so than on Facebook. 

Reddit is easy to use, and discussion posting is simple. Navigating answers to a post, which are occasionally condensed and formatted in odd ways, can be confusing. 

Reddit also places a lot of emphasis on debates, which is excellent but may dissatisfy those accustomed to Facebook Group’s user-centric approach. 

14. W.T. Social

W.T. Social is another excellent choice for Facebook alternatives. It has been around since 2010 and has grown into a complete social networking site that caters to all types of users. 

It is similar to Twitter but focuses on sharing content rather than short messages. Users can share photos, links, articles, videos, and other multimedia content. In addition, W.T. Social provides various features such as polls, quizzes, and events. 

15. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging service that allows users to post text, images, audio, and video. You can follow blogs, groups, pages, and individuals. Tumblr is very popular because it is easy to navigate and visually appealing. 

16. CAKE

Although CAKE is not as famous as Facebook, it is still a good alternative that promises better talks on various subjects. 

CAKE seeks to elevate your social media conversations about everything from photography and travel to tech equipment, streaming, and music by providing a distinct network. 

Additionally, as you would on Facebook, you will follow things you are interested in or find fascinating rather than people. 

You can also mute users to prevent them from posting in discussions, ignore posts or conversations from users you don’t want to view, or hide postings in chats. 

Furthermore, the business intends to offer strong tools that enable you to engage in more productive conversations without worrying about annoyances, trolls, or mansplainers. 

17. Clubhouse

A popular social network called Clubhouse combines podcasts and Messenger. The app draws customers with the promise of exclusivity and cutting-edge features and is built around audio. 

While Facebook primarily uses text and images, Clubhouse enables user interaction. You can host talk events, manage discussions, or create chat rooms to concentrate on particular discussion topics. You may also raise your virtual hands to speak into your microphone if allowed. 

In conclusion, despite having more than two billion users, Facebook may not be the greatest platform or suitable for everyone. 

These 17 best Facebook alternatives are a great place to start if you’ve been looking for other ways to satisfy your social cravings.

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