19 Best Health Apps for Android

Best Health Apps for Android
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Health apps are constantly enhancing our quality of life and well-being, so more and more people are downloading the best health apps for Android

Everyone has thought about being healthier at some point. Improved health can result in lower medical expenses, improved mood, and increased activity levels.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves being physically and mentally fit. 

However, there are times when we need guidance on where to start and how to maintain our health, which is why we seek outside assistance from some of the best health apps for Android.

Apps allow us to practice healthy behaviors like guided meditations and exercise routines, track our daily progress, and demonstrate how close we are to achieving those objectives. 

Additionally, depending on your health needs, you can buy some health applications for a reasonable amount and get others for free.

The best health apps for Android include calorie counters, activity trackers, workout apps, and combo packages. 

These tools assist you in managing your diet and tracking your daily activities.

You may lead a healthy lifestyle with the help of these applications by exercising, eating well, and practicing meditation. 

1. MyFitnessPal 

The first app on our list of best health apps for Android is MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal is an app and website that tracks diet and fitness. 

The fact that MyFitnessPal interacts with Google Fit is one of its most intriguing features. Start tracking your activities by creating a free account. 

On your Android screen, a graphic summary of everything you do is shown, including the number of calories burnt, the distance traveled, the average speed, and the amount of time spent exercising. 

You can log everything you do online and receive tailored advice from fitness professionals using this fitness app.

You can ask a certified fitness professional in the MyFitnessPal community for advice if you need some instruction or your exercise regimen needs some tweaking. 

Also, you should download this app now if you’re looking for an Android application to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

About six million foods are listed in the MyFitnessPal database, and various recipes help you reach your objectives. 

As previously indicated, certain apps require payment to access their service, and this app requires a subscription. The price of Premium is $9.99 monthly or $49.99 annually.

Additionally, you may track food and calories, activity, weight, and a few other parameters with a free account. 

2. Fooducate  

An appropriate nutritional app is Fooducate. There are 250,000 different dishes to compare.

Food is rated by the service for simple comparison. This way, it will be simple to tell what is good from what is terrible. 

The app also tracks your food intake, activity, and other factors. In addition, there is a community of individuals to interact with and a system of food suggestions.

The app includes some free content. For access to all the features, you must upgrade to Pro. 

Fooducate’s price listings could be more accurate. It costs $4.99 a month or $74.99 all at once. There are additional purchasing alternatives available. 

3. Headspace 

Next on our list of best health apps for Android is Headspace. Your emotional well-being is as crucial to your health as your physical well-being.

Checking your mental condition using Headspace is very important in today’s society. 

People typically overlook their mental health since they do not view it as serious. Most people aren’t even aware that they have mental illnesses. 

However, you no longer need to be concerned because the Headspace app makes it simple to monitor your mental health and includes an emergency SOS feature to help you calm down and a meditation practice guide. 

4. Google Fit 

Nearly no app does it better than Google Fit to provide a clearer picture of your general health, calculate calories burned, use GPS to record your walks and runs, and monitor your heart rate over time. 

Google Fit is one of the most detailed options in the Android ecosystem and is not simply the default fitness monitoring option on Wear OS devices. 

The program uses a cutting-edge “move minutes” tracking system to keep track of how many full minutes you spend moving throughout the day.

Additionally, it deducts “heart points,” which are credited for harder workouts like brisk walking, running, etc. 

Fit also records the number of steps you take, the distance you go, and the calories you burn. It also tracks heart rate, weight, and how much sleep you’ve acquired. 

5. Meditative Mind 

Meditative Mind is another wonderful app on our list of best health apps for Android. You can find various chants and music for meditation in Meditative Mind.

You may discover audio for yoga practice, sound therapy, and chakra healing here. 

There are over 1000 tunes in total if you are a premium member. Over 70 files are available for free download and streaming in that collection.

The service’s main selling feature is adding new free, and premium music to the collection weekly. 

I enjoy how a well-designed search makes it simple and quick to find a certain song.

Additionally, you can filter music and episodes depending on categories.

Any song can be set to play indefinitely, and you can also set a timer for meditation or peaceful sleep. 

While using another app or doing other things, you can relax to soothing rhythms with background playback and lock screen playback.

This feature is also excellent for conserving battery power. 


Another top Android personal trainer software that might assist you in reaching your goals physically is JEFIT.

JEFIT includes more than 1300 workouts and high-quality demos that show you how to carry out these exercises. 

This excellent fitness tracker app may also schedule your exercises and monitor your advancement.

You can communicate with people who share your fitness objectives by syncing the app with their website. 

It is free to use, and you can buy the pro version to gain access to more features that can assist you in obtaining an excellent figure. 

7. Home Workout 

For novices, Home Workout is a great health app. It is one of the best health apps for Android.

There are a variety of exercises you may perform unaided at home in it. 

In other words, all it takes to get started is a download button and a few extra minutes in your day.

Warm-up stretches, weight training, strength training, and other exercise regimens are among them.

You also receive charts, extra tracking, and video and animation guidance. 

It’s excellent, particularly if you want to spend less on fitness gear. The creator, Leap Fitness, also offers apps for ab exercises, water drink reminders, and, if necessary, a period tracker. 

8. Strava 

The hybrid app Strava encourages users to share their activities and advancement with other Strava users by fusing its fitness roots with a distinctive social networking component. 

Regarding fitness, the app uses GPS to track swims and bike rides, walks, and runs.

Users can locate local fitness events, user-generated challenges, and more using the Explore page. 

Users can also create weekly and yearly goals to stay motivated over time.

Also, users are encouraged to interact socially by adding information to their activity feeds (similar to Facebook) and engaging in friendly competition. 

9. Lifesum  

Next on our list of best health apps for Android is Lifesum. This application allows you to monitor your cholesterol levels, target weight, and the calories you expend while working toward it.

The vast features include various subjects, such as fitness and weight loss

If you want to learn about food and exercise routines, track your weight, or get advice on improving your general health, this healthcare app for Android is the most thorough and detailed resource accessible. 

Consider getting this Android healthcare app if you’re prepared to take charge of your health and if you want to maximize the benefits of your health insurance coverage. 

10. mySugr 

A great app for those with diabetes is mySugr. You can use it to track your blood sugar levels, calculate your HbA1c, and transmit your results immediately to your doctor. 

Additionally, it interfaces with various current devices, including Accu-Chek, Aviva Connect, and others.

The software is fairly easy to use. Once everything is set up, you must open it and enter the relevant numbers. 

The premium membership edition includes a clever search feature, reminders, and PDF exporting.

It is entirely optional, though, and the fundamental functionality of the original app is sufficient. 

This is just one illustration of using an app to manage a chronic condition. There are additional choices available for other chronic conditions as well. 

11. FitOn 

Next on our list of best health apps for Android is FitOn. By setting fitness objectives, you may take control of the situation.

With FitOn, you may carry out a variety of exercises at home, including Pilates, yoga, and cardio. 

If you want to workout while working from home or would prefer to stay in than go to the gym, this app is perfect for you.

Even 10-minute workouts are available if you’re pressed for time. 

FitOn has all the tools you require for your fitness and stress-reduction needs; use it to increase your heart rate during your training plan and concentrate on specific body parts. 

FitOn includes materials to assist you in managing your daily stress through guided meditations and workouts.

It is the ideal supplement to support your overall well-being because maintaining your mental health is just as important as maintaining your physical health. 

12. MindTastik 

Several useful tools are included with MindTastik for enhancing mood, lowering stress, reestablishing regular sleep cycles, etc. Both inexperienced and seasoned users can utilize this application. 

You can use it to choose an appropriate meditation, ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. Choose the option that best suits your needs depending on the time of day and your disposition. 

By utilizing the search options or perusing the categories, you can personally find a meditation that works for you.

Additionally, you are free to access the music collection library. It is accessible even without a phone. The app is free to download. 

13. MyTherapy 

Another one of the best health apps for Android is MyTherapy. The pill-reminder app MyTherapy also has a few other useful features.

The primary purpose is a pill reminder, but you can also track your confirmed prescription intake or skips to prevent unintentional overdosing. 

Additionally, you can share your statistics with loved ones, keep track of your dosage over an extended period, and more.

You may track additional things using the app, including diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and other chronic ailments.

Even though it’s far from perfect, it ranks among the best in its field. 

14. BetterSleep 

Leading medical professionals, neuropsychologists, and sleep specialists all endorse the sleep-tracking software BetterSleep.

You learn about the science underlying your sleeping patterns and acquire insight into how you sleep. 

However, the app features built-in sounds, music, and beats to help you improve your sleeping rather than being left behind.

The app’s collection contains over 300 sounds and songs with varying frequencies to help you fall asleep. 

You can even combine the different patterns to create a custom soundscape.

But in addition to having a wide range of noises and music, BetterSleep also offers nighttime stories and a plethora of breathing exercises and sleep routines to help you perfect your evening routine. 

BetterSleep is the ideal bedside companion app to have by your bedside, so you’ll never feel alone in attempting to improve your sleeping patterns again. 

15. Instant Heart Rate 

Instant Heart Rate may monitor your heartbeat and measure your pulse rate while providing information on the amount of exercise you performed and the calories you burned. 

It also has several helpful functions, such as a clock, calorie tracker, etc. It has a calendar function akin to the choice in calendar apps.

By entering your age and gender into the app’s fitness interface, you can create a target goal. 

Additionally, you may monitor your weekly workout schedule, average pace, number of sessions, and calorie expenditure per session.

You may control your nutrition and fitness with the remarkable selection of over 150 recipes for delectable and nourishing meals. 

16. TickTick 

TickTick is one of the best apps for Android. A straightforward, top-notch to-do list app called TickTick. There are numerous uses for this. 

That goes for remembering to make and keep doctor’s appointments, to take your regular meds, and to restock on protein drinks.

You can use it for work, home duties, and other things like grocery lists. 

The user interface is simpler than others and a touch boring. You may share your categories and tasks if you want others to see tasks. 

Although it isn’t a health app, it is useful for health-related reasons.

All functionality and two reminders per task are available in the free edition. Anything over that will cost you $27.99 a year. 

17. Yoga Daily Fitness 

A good, straightforward yoga app is Yoga Daily Fitness. Numerous poses and exercises are included, which help improve flexibility, core strength, and a variety of other health advantages. 

A few helpful daily routines are included in this particular program to get you started. But those who take yoga seriously will soon move on to other, better apps.

This one is the only one we initially suggested because it is affordable (free as of this writing) and great for novices. 

Pocket Yoga, Yoga Studio, and Down Dog are excellent wellness apps for yoga fans.

Because yoga is a low-impact workout that most individuals with health concerns can still practice, we enjoy suggesting it to others. 

18. FatSecret 

Even though My Fitness Pal is the best all-in-one meal tracking app, you could prefer a straightforward and cost-free (no premium membership is required) calorie counter, such as the one provided by FatSecret

Like My Fitness Pal, you may still scan product barcodes and log your meals using image recognition.

You may also access a notebook, a calendar, and a photo album to keep track of all your accomplishments. 

You won’t have to worry about losing your records because FatSecret supports connectivity with Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Fitbit, regardless of the primary health app you use. 

19. Sleep as Android 

Sleep as Android is the last on our list of best health apps for Android.

Maintaining your sleep schedule will help you exercise more effectively, feel better mentally, and lower the risk of contracting ailments. 

Sleep As Android is one of the most well-known sleep-tracking applications. It has a sizable user base in addition to winning Google’s renowned Editor’s Choice award. 

The app offers an alarm feature that may wake users with a moderate wrist vibration and various unique sounds.

It can also provide nightly statistics on sleep quality and track sleep trends over time. 

Once sufficient data has been gathered, Sleep As Android can also offer a sleep score to users, letting them know how rested they are over time. 

The best health apps for Android can help you stay organized, monitor your fitness and nutrition, and get a better night’s sleep.

With the right app, you can ensure you take good care of yourself and live healthier. 

From tracking calories to monitoring sleep cycles, these apps have everything you need for a healthier lifestyle!

Whether you want to gain muscle mass or stay fit, these apps can help you make it happen.

So why wait? Download these apps today and start your journey to a healthier tomorrow! 

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