8 Best Hunting Games for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Best Hunting Games for iOS

Many people might consider hunting a thing of the old. With modern advancements coming into our world, hunting is indeed a passing idea.

However, it is still a very likable and prominent sport in our time.

Many go on hunting expeditions during their leisure time; others take it up as a means of livelihood.

However, in the gaming world, hunting is an ever-growing niche. Interestingly, these types of games play a salient role in our psychology.

It holds players ‘ attention with amazing graphics, a user interface, and a creative, open world.

It immerses players in a tense, compelling atmosphere that unites them with the game.

The game’s goal could range from aiming for a specific catch to just coming out alive. It thereby awakens the survival and strategic instincts of the players.

In many real-life situations, this indeed greatly improves one’s thinking faculty.

Hunting games have a wide variety of options to pick from. Taste for the game can vary based on the features of the game.

Some attract their players with animals for hunting, while others attract players with various weapons. Some are cool due to their settings, missions, controls, perspective, etc.

With superb creators, this gaming field isn’t just getting better and highly competitive. With each release, new features create a more vivid experience.

There have been several releases for several gaming consoles and mobile devices.

However, in this post, we’ll be taking you through the Best Hunting Games for iOS.

Features to Look Out for

The Graphics

Ensure the game appeals to the eye with respect to the images and scenery. A good graphic, most times, matches the real world.

This creates a magnificent gaming experience.

The Category

While some games are land-based, others are set on water or even the air.

Hunting games may present you with deer, wolves, sharks, birds, and many others for hunting.

This differs based on the designer’s idea. Some others go the extra mile to present Zombies for the hunt.

The Game Controls

Though this is hardly a problem, it’s very vital to your gaming experience. Poor setups and an awkward point-of-view could frustrate players.

Imagine having to hunt with a gun that cannot tend to set the target right.

Good enough, many hunting games have taken this into consideration.

With an enhanced user POV, it makes it very much like the uniqueness of a visual reality game.

It takes on the idea of you being in the game and playing it yourself.

Best Hunting Games for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Do you own an iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS device? Then scroll down below to explore the Best Hunting Games for iOS.

1. Deer Hunter 2018

Deer Hunter is a classic simulation video game developed and published by Glu Mobile.

This action game is free-to-play, and from reviews, it stands as one of the best hunting games for iOS.

Though termed a ‘2018’ version, the game debuted in 2015 as a follow-up to previous versions.

Since the genesis of the game, it has notably acquired over fifty million downloads.

To crown this, the game had five-star reviews from about half a million of these players. Intriguingly, this game has earned praise and sales for its high quality.

Additionally, the game provides a quick hunt feature and an adventurous mode.

The quick hunt can serve as a little test, while the adventurous mode introduces players to the real deal. 

2. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

It’s really brilliant to sometimes swerve off what everyone is used to. Usually, we talk about hunting deer, rabbits, birds, and, at most, say, elephants.

However, Dino Hunter takes you back to the primeval moment to hunt the most deadly beasts – dinosaurs.

This brilliantly adventurous game is another hit from Glu Mobile. It debuted in July 2014 and has since scaled to one of the best hunting games for iOS.

Like Deer Hunter, Dino Hunter also traps players with its intoxicatingly realistic features.

The game takes on an unusual hunting experience with the following features:

3. Big Hunter

The 2D arcade game is from the Japanese company Kakarod Interactive. Its first release was in 1998 before it debuted on March 25, 2014.

Since then, Big Hunter has gotten over fifty million downloads and numerous five-star reviews.

Though it doesn’t have the elaborate graphics of others, it has found its way up the Hall of Fame.

Big Hunter is one of the best hunting games for iOS because of its storyline. 

The game’s story features a starving, relatively African tribe that has to fend for food by hunting mammoths.

The setting of the game is simple, with candid interactions and controls.

The lack of flashy weapons also serves to make it feel primal. Nevertheless, this fun game provides you with 100 simple levels, which are split into days. 

Moreover, the mammoths are very large and are aggressive in launching their attack. Their large tusks also add to the intrigue of the game.

These tusks protect them from player advances as they aim to kill them with the javelins.

Players find themselves enveloped in the challenge of having to aim just right.

4. Shark Hunting

Shark hunting water adventure where players go hunting for sharks.

Published by Out Thinking Limited, Shark Hunting has risen to be one of the top water hunt games.

The game simplifies its arrangement by splitting player challenges into two modes: hunting mode and survival mode.

In Hunting Mode, you hunt as many sharks as possible. The Survival mode aims at you to survive the numerous sharks coming your way.

Even better, the game emphasizes the need for accurate shots as players lose a life with each shot missed.

5. Zombie Hunter

One notable feature of any zombie-related creation is its desolated settings. Zombie Hunter is no different.

Developed by Sichuan Quleduo Network Technology, the Zombie Hunter game sets a very interesting storyline for players.

In the game, you become the chief of a special armed force. You go into a secluded part of the city to rescue survivors if any are left.

Your mission also entails stopping the Zombie virus from spreading beyond the walls.

Thus, this immerses players in a survival battle against the infected humans. As a lone hero, you have a variety of weapons for the fight.

Also, the game features a vivid sound mechanism and ultra-large 3D scenes.

6. Bigfoot Monster Hunt

This is another one of the best hunting games for iOS. For those familiar with the Bigfoot Family, this game replicates its theme.

However, the game doesn’t exactly take ideas from the movie, as it is a horror-based survival game.

The storyline comprises a situation in which you and your friend are trapped in the North Forest.

However, deadly creatures are parading this forest, with one particular monster being the overall danger.

As players advance through levels, they face the challenge of bringing this monster down. This game brings adventure to its players to the fullest.

With its dark undertones, you cannot overlook the horrors of this hunting expedition. With a variety of weapons, the game makes a good play.

7. Bird Hunting Simulator

Here’s one of the games that take hunting off-ground level to midair targeting.

The game features the hunting of birds in mid-air from a designated point. The game has an eye-catching graphic that gives it a realistic touch.

Furthermore, the game offers lots of features and locations to unlock and explore as you advance through levels.

It offers thirty unique levels and different types of birds with three exclusive weapons for hunting. With this, it is one of the best hunting games for iOS.


8. Wild Hunt: Hunting Games

Wild Hunt is another top hunting simulation game by Ten Square Games. The game features hunting deer and other wild animals.

There are also changes in weather that play a major role in gameplay. Also, it features locations around the world, like Africa, Asia, Europe, and so on.

The game offers an online mode that encourages them to hone their hunting skills as they advance in playing.

Furthermore, the game offers the feature of creating or joining hunting clubs.

All you need to do is pick your weapons and location, and you’ll find yourself in a real-life hunter setting.


Hunting games could continue, and with each day, new techs are coming up with developments.

With some of the best hunting games for iOS, be sure to experience the thrill of hunting. 

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