35 Best iPad Apps for Realtors

Best iPad Apps for Realtors

Welcome to yet another one of my articles, in which I will discuss the best iPad apps for realtors.

Given the current market saturation of available options, it might not be easy to choose which real estate apps are worth installing on your mobile device.

But as a realtor, if you want apps that can increase your workflow and productivity to give you maximum output, then you’ve come to the right place where I will be listing some of the best iPad apps for realtors. So relax and take some coffee as I show you around.

Best iPad Apps for Realtors

1. Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro, which Placester only recently purchased, is yet another of the best iPad apps for realtors to help bring your open house into the Modern era.

It is much like Curb Hero and Spacio, which can send automated follow-up emails to open-house attendees. Additionally, it has one-touch social sharing capabilities. Free to $20 per month in pricing options.

2. Trello

Another piece of software that would have set you back an arm and a leg just a few years ago is called Trello. However, it is currently one of the most popular applications for managing projects found on the internet.

Trello allows you to generate “cards” for your projects, which you can then share with your collaborators or team and modify, reorganize, and update as you progress toward your objectives.

It works wonderfully for writing blogs, managing social media, completing graphic design jobs, and even tracking deals for small teams.

Full disclosure: Here at The Close, we utilize Trello daily; in fact, it’s one of the tools that we could not do without to perform our jobs.

Pricing ranges from zero dollars to $17.50 per month. These best iPad apps for realtors give you all you need with their amazing features.

3. CamScanner

The age of smartphones has brought about a lot of incredible developments. In addition to carrying the total of human knowledge in our pockets, we also have a camera that can take stills and videos and a sensor that can detect motion.

You can scan papers while you’re on the move using CamScanner. Free to $4.99 each month after the initial month.

4. Clozio

Clozio provides real estate agents with a lightweight, straightforward checklist. This allows agents to stay organized throughout the transaction, from listing to closure, and ensures that their clients are on the same page.

The best part is that the starting app is completely free, as you can explore the features that one of the best iPad apps for realtors offers. Free to $32 per month in pricing options.


5. RPR Mobile

RPR Mobile, also known as Real Property Resource Mobile, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

It has assisted Realtors in analyzing property data and gaining access to it for various purposes, including showings, comparative market analyses (CMAs), research, and more.

RPR Mobile continues to be one of the best iPad apps for realtors to keep your customers informed even while they’re on the move.

Do you want to pull up a list of three-bedroom homes in a new ZIP code while you’re out to lunch with a potential buyer?

You can gain access to this data in a flash with RPR and even construct your own bespoke polygon search areas to zero in on the tiniest microneighborhoods. It is free to use and available in the marketplace.

6. Dotloop

The transaction management platform known as Dotloop has, over the course of the previous few years, made steady progress toward becoming one of the best iPad apps for realtors in the market.

In addition, Dotloop has developed a free version for individual agents as a strategic move in light of the intense rivalry in the enterprise sector. You can get the app for $29 each month.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox is a remarkably user-friendly program that provides mobile access to file storage. Almost all real estate brokers have it downloaded to their mobile devices because it’s widespread. Moreover, you get to enjoy this service for free.

8. Bubble Level App (aka Spirit Level)

This one is for real estate agents who can’t help but present listings, which almost always require maintenance and care.

For example, is it the floor that’s not level, or is the door frame off-kilter? You can bring out your phone and receive a quick readout on it instead of making an educated guess or rummaging through the contractor’s toolbox—the best iPad apps for realtors for alignments and quick measurements.

If you use Android, the Bubble Level app will function properly. If you’re using iOS, you already have a bubble level installed on your device. The only issue is that you cannot easily locate it. It is free of charge.

9. Smith

Another one on my list of the best iPad apps for realtors is Smith. Smith is another application designed for real estate brokers who can’t help but present properties that have “decent bones” but may use some improvement.

Smith can provide you with rough and immediate cost estimates for any work in your city and assist your customers in finding a reliable contractor to carry out the work. So again, you get the opportunity to enjoy a free offer.

10. BrokerAssist

BrokerAssist is a one-stop shop that may provide referrals as well as other quick real estate assignments for which you will require the assistance of a real estate specialist.

For example, do you require running keys to a listing? Do you want to put up an ad for a contractor? List a referral? BrokerAssist is an excellent platform for finding real estate jobs within your brokerage or other brokerages in your association and applying for those jobs. It is free of charge to enjoy this app.

11. Forewarn

Before a showing, real estate agents may rapidly examine a fresh lead with the assistance of Forewarn, an app that performs background checks and is simple to use. It is especially helpful for showings scheduled at the last minute when a complete screening is impossible.

Forewarn will bring up criminal record information, verify their current vehicle and property ownership status, detect financial dangers such as bankruptcy, and even provide a comprehensive residential history with just a phone number. Pricing is $20 each month (enterprise pricing is also available).

12. AgentSafeWalk

This app is fast becoming one of the best iPad apps for realtors that offers agents the ability to connect with a “Safety Partner” through live video and then introduce that “Safety Partner” to a potential client.

It also has a mass broadcast option, which allows Brokers to communicate with Agents practically and straightforwardly in the event of a crisis or potentially hazardous circumstance.

Prices start at $2.00 per agent per month and must be provided by a corporation or association (no individual sign-ups).

13. Propertybase

Let’s face it: to succeed in the real estate industry in 2022, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool must include features such as drip campaigns, text messaging, a mobile app, call tracking, pipelines, and so on.

Unfortunately, these features are no longer considered optional. The good news is that Propertybase is up to the challenge, as it fulfills virtually all of the requirements that modern real estate agents, teams, and brokerages have for an app.

Propertybase is a true all-in-one platform that won’t disappoint you since it combines a rock-solid CRM based on Salesforce with an MLS connection and unique IDX lead-generating websites that operate together effortlessly.

If you include a platform already accessible for transaction management, you may never need to purchase any additional software again. Pricing: Personalized pricing options.

14. IXACT Contact

If you were to ask the typical agent in 2022 what they wanted out of a customer relationship management tool, you would definitely hear two answers: cost-effectiveness and integration with social media.

IXACT Contact, on the other hand, was paying attention to what the agents desired and acting accordingly.

IXACT’s CRM is reasonably priced at $33 a month, making it accessible to almost any agent. In addition to the traditional elements of contact management that agents expect from their CRMs today, IXACT’s CRM also offers advanced features for social media marketing. Again, pricing is $33 each month.

15. CINC

CINC will monitor the leads that are coming in and will act as your own personal concierge. It will get the leads on the phone, qualify them, and then connect them directly to your phone without needing any email or text, sending messages back and forth.

This will save you a ton of time and increase the number of leads converted into customers. In addition, you can choose from the pricing options available.

16. Freshchat

Let’s be honest: by 2022, your leads will have become a bit spoilt. They anticipate (and, in most cases, obtain) nearly instant responses to their online questions and concerns.

Because of this, chatbots such as Freshchat are necessary for your website. You can provide a fast response to your leads and answer their questions by using a programmed bot.

Even better, you can respond to their conversation on your smartphone in the same way you would respond to a text message. Free to $69 per month is the price range.

17. Buffer

Even though competition in the real estate software market is cutthroat, it is nothing compared to the level of competition in the platforms people use to manage their social media, which is considered one of the best iPad apps for realtors.

Multiply the amount of money invested and the number of people using your standard real estate software by three. That implies deeper discounts for end consumers. Free to $5 each month after the initial month.

18. LabCoat Agents

The LabCoat Agents (LCA) Marketing Center app is the first marketing platform that developers built just for real estate agents.

This app allows agents to make stunning social media posts quickly and on the fly. Additionally, it enables customers to produce or change many different marketing templates in one location, including business card templates, flyer templates, door hanger templates, and more.

While waiting in line at Starbucks, do you feel inspired to write an Instagram story? Using the LCA Marketing center app, you can accomplish this goal. Individual agents will pay $59 per month, while teams will also pay $249 per agent per month.


19. Canva

While working in marketing, our Managing Director was reluctant to spend more than a thousand dollars on Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

However, the fact that we were in need of them did not make the price any easier to digest. These days, websites such as Canva provide free functionality analogous to Photoshop. Pricing is Free but comes with a monthly fee of $12.99.

20. Primer

Download the free Primer app on your mobile device if you want to stand out like a rock star at the next showing or open house you attend.

It’s an augmented reality (AR) program that gives you a sneak peek at how a space will look once you’ve updated the paint, wallpaper, or tile in it.

Ideal for highlighting the possibilities of properties that are still in the development phase or there is a new change. It is free to use for realtors.

21. Animoto

Animoto is a free, all-in-one video producer that makes it simpler to create videos and modify them as you create them.

For example, you can record a video, customize it with titles, transitions, graphics, and music, and then publish the finished product on a social media platform. Free to $55 per month is the price range.

23. Magicplan

Ideally, every ad would include full floor plans, professionally taken photographs, and a list of renovations that people presented clearly and concisely.

However, because none of us lives in an ideal world, we all have to make do when potential purchasers inquire about fundamental aspects, such as floor plans, or question how much it may cost to install a new floor.

Using one of the best iPad apps for realtors, you can provide your buyers with speedy responses that will likely satisfy their curiosity until a professional shows up.

For example, scanning a room takes less than a minute, and realtors may upload the resulting floor plan to obtain cost estimates, 3D tours, and other useful information. Monthly prices range from $9.99 to $89.99.

24. Zillow Premier Agent

If you already have listings on Zillow or if you ever want to have listings on Zillow, you need to download the free Zillow Premier Agent app.

It allows for the management of tasks, the sorting of leads, and even the assignment of leads, in addition to additional capabilities for teams.

Additionally, Zillow Premier Agent has a free CRM that is surprisingly feature-rich, and it enables you to integrate leads from BoomTown or Realtor.com by way of Gmail.

You can set up tasks, reminders, texts, and emails like any good CRM, but it also gives you a granular look at what your leads are searching for on Zillow in detail if you sign up for their My Agent program, which makes you the only buyer’s agent your leads see on Zillow.

This program allows you to become the only buyer’s agent your leads see on Zillow. In addition, you get to enjoy this app for free.

25. Curb Hero

In the past few years, Curb Hero has established itself as the app of choice for real estate brokers who frequently host open houses.

It is free to use, fully adjustable, and even provides a QR code sign-in option. In addition, Curb Hero provides unique branding for the industry’s largest brokerages, as well as text and email follow. It is free for people to use.

26. Spacio

Spacio is a good option if you want more bells and whistles for teams included in the sign-in app for your open house.

It provides agents with default form questions, reporting that covers the entire team, agent management, access to leads, auto-populated listings, and more. Pricing starts at $25 per month (minimum commitment required).

27. kvCORE

a notion involving someone clicking a CRM button. When keeping track of leads, a customer relationship management tool is one of the greatest applications real estate brokers can have.

I am unable to provide a complete list of CRMs. However, I strongly recommend that you make it a point to ensure that whatever CRM system you go with, you also have a mobile app to go along with it.

Using a customer relationship management system in the absence of a feature-rich mobile application for it is inconceivable to me.

Even though I spend a lot on my computer, I spend even more time with my phone. Therefore it would be quite inconvenient for me to be unable to use a CRM on that device.

The majority of my client-related notes are kept in my CRM system. I can’t go through the day without these notes, and I can’t merely access them when I’m in front of a computer.

In addition to that, the mobile CRM app on my phone allows me to make phone calls directly from the app.

On my mobile device, I have the kvCORE mobile app installed. There are all of my contacts stored there. I can sort it by status, enabling me to view closed sphere active leads clients currently under contract.

Nobody will slip between the gaps if I have anything to say. I have every listing, just like what’s available on the local MLS site.

The kvCORE app allows me to do that if I wish to send a listing to another person. In addition, by clicking on a new listing, I can instantly share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

30. 1Password

1Password is one of the apps I consider among the best iPad apps for realtors. It will safely store your login information, credit card numbers, secret notes, and other sensitive data in the cloud for you.

In addition, it allows you to view your data on whatever device you want while maintaining its confidentiality.

If you have your computer at home and use this app on that computer, then all of your passwords will sync to your mobile device if you also use the app on your computer.

Because using the same password for multiple websites is a huge security risk, this app will also suggest robust, randomized passwords. This will allow you to avoid the need to use the same password for multiple websites.

31. Lightroom

One of my all-time favorite mobile applications is Lightroom. I have no idea how “essential” it is for every real estate agent.

However, I believe it can be one of the best iPad apps for realtors if you are beginning to create content regularly and want to shoot better images, especially photos for your listings.

Many people have the misconception that I always shoot with my DSLR, but in reality, most of my photographs are captured on my iPad while using Lightroom.

As a result, the act of capturing pictures and the procedure of editing them are both radically altered while using Lightroom.

Because Lightroom can capture images in RAW format, you will notice a significant improvement in the quality of the photographs that you take on your phone when you use Lightroom.

This is because when you snap pictures with the stock camera app on your iPads, the images are in JPEG format, which is a compressed version of the original image.

In comparison to RAW images, JPEG images have fewer editing possibilities, making it more difficult to customize them to meet specific needs.

32. Feedly

Feedly is one of the best iPad apps for realtors that allows you to read the news you choose to read. So when I have some spare time, I will open up Feedly, where I save all of the many news feeds I have subscribed to.

I have numerous categories, such as marketing, minimalism, photography, real estate, search engine optimization, social media, and Tesla.

Then, inside each category, I subscribe to various blogs and online news outlets that cover that particular topic.

33. Docusign

I suggest you sign up for a DocuSign subscription and install the app on your mobile device. With DocuSign, I can collect signatures on any document I need from anywhere in the world.

Also, if a customer states, “I did not receive that document,” You can load up Docusign and send a reminder to the recipient, which will cause the document to be resent to their mailbox.

You also have the option to nullify papers from within the program. The point I brought up previously, namely the utilization of TurboScan in conjunction with DocuSign, is of the utmost significance. Our work as real estate agents is unquestionably simplified due to this development.


34. Zoom

One of the best iPad apps for realtors is Zoom. Zoom comes in at number ten on my list of the greatest applications for real estate brokers, but that does not mean it is in any way the least useful.

Zoom is something that I frequently use. I collaborate with real estate specialists from all across the country because of the nature of my business. The Zoom app is handy because it allows you to book meetings directly from your phone.

In the event that I needed to demonstrate or explain something to another person, I could show them on the screen of my phone. It has helped me avoid a couple of sticky situations with customers.

Using Zoom, I’ve been able to show clients things like payment computations, RPR data, and a whole host of other information directly from my iPhone.

A standard phone call or text message cannot compare to the level of intimacy people can achieve via video call.

When you and your client can interact face to face, it helps build a stronger relationship between the two of you, which is beneficial in the long run when you are trying to receive referrals and reviews.

35. IQBoxy

Managing your finances with IQBoxy is a straightforward process. It utilizes a speedy OCR system to digitize your documents in real time.

This results in a significant reduction in the amount of time spent on bookkeeping. In addition, the developers assert that this will provide customers with a satisfying monetary experience, and the ratings, at least up to this point, appear to agree with them.

First, check to see if the camera on your iDevice is functioning correctly. Next, examine your spending for the current week, the previous week, today, and yesterday.

You may also view these costs shown as a graph. Again, through the use of the cloud, users can synchronize this information across all of their iDevices.

Software that makes keeping books simple and efficient Take photographs of important documents or receipts; requires that the camera on your iOS device be operational.

View your expenditures chronologically and graphically, and synchronize your data with other iDevices via the cloud.


These are my choices for the best iPad apps for realtors to assist you in generating leads and locating potential buyers. I’m curious to know which mobile applications you find useful and would recommend to other real estate professionals.

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