17 Best iPhone Apps for Content Creation

Best iPhone Apps for Content Creation

Finding the best content creation apps might take time and effort. Worry no more because we’ve compiled this list of the best iPhone apps for content creation to help you.  

The App Store offers a wide range of tools for video producers and influencers who wish to shoot and edit material while on the road.

Numerous apps can assist you at each step of the content creation process, from recording the video to editing and publishing it. 

Making stunning material can help you accomplish your goals, whether you’re a professional designer designing brand pictures or a social media manager searching for fresh ways to engage clients.

But it can also take time, particularly if you’re working on a big content project. 

That is why you need these apps to help you. Check out our list if you’re seeking the best iPhone apps for content creation to create various designs, podcasts, photo collages, and graphics from scratch or using pre-made templates

For developing content on your own or with other team members, choose the best applications here with integrated databases of images and videos. 

1. Canva  

One of the best iPhone apps for content creation we will look into is Canva. Canva is a well-known visual design program that provides numerous social media and other template options. 

You can produce digital material for Facebook and Instagram or use Twitter postings, newsletters, or even email headers to express yourself creatively. 

The nice thing about Canva is that it is a user-friendly platform that quickly jumpstarts your content creation game. You can even produce movies on it. 

Additionally, you can use your visuals or one of Canva’s many built-in themes.

Adding your Canva designs to your posts has never been simpler because SocialBee integrates Canva directly. 

Start a 14-day free trial today and benefit from the Canva & SocialBee connection to save at least 8 hours weekly.

You may design and import your visuals using Canva, which opens in SocialBee’s content editor. 

To benefit the most from this Canva integration, begin your 14-day free SocialBee trial immediately. 

2. ClickUp 

Designers and marketing managers have found it simpler to organize workflows and be more productive, thanks to ClickUp

Unsurprisingly, more than 6 million customers have integrated ClickUp into their content production programs, given the new AI capabilities to streamline procedures and templates to produce content more quickly. 

The new AI-powered assistant in ClickUp is made to make your content creation process more efficient and time-effective while enhancing your writing abilities. 

Whether for social media, SEO, sales, or engineering, working from a specific team prompt in ClickUp Docs makes it simple to develop original ideas and condense long texts. 

Using a single centralized platform, Universal Search makes searching any file across connected apps like Google Drive, Slack, and Figma simpler than ever. 

3. Adobe Express 

Adobe Express is next on our list of best iPhone apps for content creation.

You can make intricate designs with graphics, brochures, banners, and memes, and even change the color of images online using Adobe Express (formerly known as Adobe Spark). 

In addition to letting you create illustrations from scratch, the editor has many templates.

The availability of a special integrated media file database, where you can find thousands of free photos, icons, and other file types to use in content creation, is a nice plus. 

You can change each element picked during the design or illustration process in size, color, transparency, and even placement in the foreground or background by moving it within a layer structure. 

The ability to swiftly and easily make intricate collages or obtain PNG models for design is one of the most well-liked features of this content creation program. 

Remember to use the program on your smartphone or in a browser. The functionality will be similar; therefore, your preferences are the deciding factor. 

4. iMovie 

If you have an iPhone, iMovie should already be installed, or you can download it for free from the App Store. iMovie is available for free to all iOS users.

With iMovie, you can quickly edit videos on your smartphone in the same way that you would on a computer. 

Although iMovie may not have many sophisticated editing features, it does include all of the fundamental ones, such as cropping and adding various clips, adding text, altering the video’s pace, tweaking various audios, and more! 

It comes free for all iOS users and provides all basic editing tools for quick projects. It is available on the MacBook and iPhone, is great for beginners, and is very user-friendly. 

5. VideoScribe  

Next on the best iPhone apps for content creation is VideoScribe. VideoScribe is a drag-and-drop animation application renowned for its recognizable hand-drawn animation style. 

Anyone can make animated videos (and GIFs) in minutes, regardless of animation experience.

This implies that you can create your social media postings more quickly, and your audience will see your content more quickly. 

To make your film visually appealing, use templates or start from scratch by adding the recognizable hand-drawn animation style, the traditional fade, move-in, appear, and draw (without a hand) transitions to your elements and graphics. 

Additionally, you may use VideoScribe to produce your videos on your preferred browser on a laptop or tablet or in the downloadable desktop program (which functions offline). Get started with a no-obligation, 7-day free trial today! 

6. Jasper 

Jasper is an AI copywriter who accelerates the creation of content. Content producers can use Jasper to create photos, blog entries, social media postings, and ad copy to achieve their marketing objectives. 

Make an AI-generated image with it, then use the text editor to make a caption or infographic text to go with the design.

Utilize the built-in editing tool to polish the content before sharing your sparkly new creations. 

Even when you’re producing various types of content for your various social media networks, the tool’s brand voice memory feature enables it to produce material that matches your brand’s tone of voice. 

Select a template from the extensive collection to speed up content development. Thanks to the Chrome browser extension, you can finish work quickly without launching a new tool or app

7. Easil 

Easil is one of the best iPhone apps for content creation. With Easil, you can quickly and easily create various designs for logos, banners, and business cards from scratch or by using pre-made unique templates. 

Additionally, you may adjust text, add GIFs, and experiment with other infographics and symbols here.

Easil, one of the top content creation tools, draws users in with its layering tool by preventing other team members from changing certain elements. 

Additionally, it keeps up with the best free graphic design software by enabling users to add a shadow to text and erase backgrounds with a single click. 

8. Youtube Studio 

The YouTube Studio app helps you have stats at your disposal whenever you’d want if you submit material to YouTube and have an active YouTube following, whether or not it’s your primary platform. 

Creators can control every aspect of their channel, including content, revenue, and more, with the help of YouTube Studio.

You may improve your marketing approach by studying various data sets about your videos and channel using the app. 

If your channel has been given the go-ahead to monetize, you can also track and evaluate your revenue for each video using the YouTube Studio app. 

9. Hubspot 

Number nine on our list of best iPhone apps for content creation is Hubspot. Did you know that HubSpot also offers free branding and content creation tools?

HubSpot is a well-known CRM solution that aids in managing your marketing campaigns, sales team, and customer service. 

They recently launched a free brand kit generator to assist companies in producing beautiful branding materials for their website, social media accounts, and other platforms. 

With the help of a free icon and logo builder, a favicon generator, a color palette generator, and other tools, you can develop all the branding materials required to market your online presence. 

Using social media, emails, and other marketing methods, create your brand identity using all these components. 

10. Buffer 

Similar to HubSpot, Buffer has a solid reputation. The brand’s tool range has grown to incorporate analytics, interaction tracking, and an AI assistant.

The brand is well-known in marketing as a helpful tool for scheduling social media content. 

Schedule social media updates and announcements for marketing collaborations with Buffer.

Share content from blog articles, podcasts, and tutorials to achieve your content marketing objectives. 

Use their tracking functionality to determine which social media content receives the most engagement.

By switching between week and month, you can easily keep track of your posts within the calendar. 

11. Procreate 

Procreate is a bitmap art and digital brush painting app for iOS and iPadOS. Numerous brushes with adjustable size, pressure, and impact are available. 

You can experiment with sketching, ink drawing, painting, and even airbrushing.

You can also attempt charcoal, spray paint, calligraphy, and ink. Procreate is one of the best iPhone apps for content creation. 

The time-lapse feature, which allows you to store your sketches in the background and view the creative process frame-by-frame, is one of the intriguing features. 

A special note should be made of the Animation Assist tool. It can quickly produce content, thumbnails for animations, and looped GIF files. 

12. Inshot 

To streamline and accelerate the editing process, Inshot is a video editing app for the iPhone that offers all of the fundamental editing capabilities and tools. 

This software offers video and photo editing facilities, making it a one-stop shop for content producers using iPhones. This is one of the more distinctive features of the program. 

The editing features in this software don’t offer many user instructions, which is something to keep in mind.

As a result, if you’re a newbie, you could start with a simpler video editing program like iMovie, which we already discussed. 

13. Xara 

An app called Xara is used to make marketing materials that look professional.

Small businesses can use this app to develop branded content and access the many pre-made templates appropriate for business requirements. 

Xara is one of the best iPhone apps for content creation. You can use these templates for marketing, business, or social networking. 

You may add filters and enhance your visual material by building a color palette from the image you used.

What about Xara do you like best? The software is pairable with various file types, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

14. HootSuite 

Because it enables you to manage all your material from all your social media channels in one location, Hootsuite may be a very useful app for content creators. 

By scheduling content to be posted in advance, the Hootsuite app can assist you in posting more regularly.

This program has many simple task management options that can make uploading go faster. 

Hootsuite is a fantastic tool for content creators because it facilitates time savings in social media marketing.

Hootsuite lets you view and analyze data from your various accounts without entering each social media platform separately. 

Additionally, Hootsuite offers its creators the ‘Streams’ tool, which can help you stay informed about significant conversations in your community. 

15. Videoshop 

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for content creation is Videoshop. VideoShop has various tools for speedy editing.

You can do trimming, merge clips, add an audio sequence, and change the playback speed of different segments in your videos. 

Also, you can use scene transitions, color filters, and themed headlines from templates as effects.

You can employ a variety of sound effects, including clicking and various horns, to produce content for a particular Instagram audience. 

16. GIPHY 

GIPHY is a huge collection of GIFs and stickers. The application is frequently called the finest free GIF maker without a watermark, and for a good reason.

You can use it to locate or create a GIF file on any subject, group, or phrase. 

You might provide material for social networks like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. Users must accept age restrictions (17+).

This is because, despite the application’s simplicity and originality, the library contains GIF files with explicit sexual content or nudity. 

It is important to note that this is an open content creator app, meaning you can use the GIFs given there without worrying about facing legal repercussions for copyright infringement. 

17. PicMonkey 

Last on our list of best iPhone apps for content creation is PicMonkey.

Popular online image editor PicMonkey is used for quick picture editing and content development. You can find the best free photo editing application tools here. 

You may add various filters to your images, change the white balance, contrast, and exposure, fix red-eye issues, and cover blemishes. 

Additionally, you can make templates for collages, business cards, and other things. However, the online editor is overrun with ads that make work difficult. 

The best iPhone apps for content creation enable you to create stunning visuals quickly and accurately.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a content creator, these applications can help you make beautiful images that will get noticed on social media, websites, or anywhere else where visuals play an important role in storytelling. 

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