21 Best iPhone Apps for Engineers

Best iPhone Apps for Engineers

What are some best iPhone Apps for Engineers? Engineers are always looking for new ways to improve their productivity and efficiency. 

The iPhone has become a powerful tool, allowing them to stay connected wherever they go. They also love using apps to get things done faster and easier. 

There are plenty of great iPhone apps for engineers out there. Some are free, while others cost $5 or more.

If you want to save time and money, check out these top picks. 

1. Electronic Toolbox Pro

Electronic Toolbox Pro is one of the complete reference and computation programs for EEs. This software is ideal for novices and experts due to its comprehensive data and information collection. 

Additionally, it includes 77 unique utilities, ranging from an ASCII table to a calculator for Zener diodes. 

The program includes a conversion tool, parametric component search, and support for Dropbox and iCloud. Even without an internet connection, references can be accessed. 

2. Programming Algorithms

Programming Algorithms is one of the best iPhone apps for Engineers. The application is essential for all programmers as it contains a wealth of information about C programs. 

Several programs include C++ programs, LinkedList, Data Structures, Trees, Graphs, Algorithms, Time Complexity of Algorithms, and Algorithms Expounded with Figures. 

In addition, the app includes algorithms for greedy programming, dynamic programming, sorting and searching, pattern searching, backtracking, divide and conquer, and bit algorithms. 

Furthermore, it has sufficient information to pass any programming-related interviews. Additionally, this all-in-one tool is ideal for programming languages, including C, C++, and Java. 

3. iWork Numbers

iWork Numbers is a spreadsheet that allows users to create various formats of tables, charts, graphs, and other documents. It supports both Apple’s Pages and Keynote applications. 

This app offers automatic cell formatting, text wrapping, and page numbering. In addition, it provides advanced functions such as conditional formatting, formulas, and pivot tables. 

It also includes a dictionary, spell check, and grammar checker. The app is compatible with Microsoft Excel files. 

4. Engineering Unit Converter

Engineering Unit Converter is a simple yet valuable app for Engineers. It converts units between different types of engineering measurements. 

For example, if you need to convert feet into inches, enter “feet,” and the result will appear automatically. You can also use the app to convert imperial measurements into metric measurements. 

5. Mathletics

Mathletics is also one of the best iPhone apps for Engineers. This math game helps students learn basic concepts by challenging them to solve problems. 

Mathletics includes over 1,000 games and puzzles. Each problem requires a specific strategy to solve. The app also has a timer so players can track their progress. 


The best place to find the most recent information on events in the engineering world is Engineering.com. 

One of the top engineering apps is their smartphone app. following the latest technological advances. Furthermore, users can create boards, participate in engineering debates, read all the most recent engineering and technology stories, and more. 

7. SoloLearn: Learn to Code

One of the most powerful applications for learning to program is SoloLearn since it provides a wide range of programming techniques and topics. 

For instance, Learn Java makes it simpler for anyone to learn Java, the programming language that is now used the most across the globe, wherever they are and whenever they want. 

Additionally, the app’s 64 lessons that cover every aspect of Java in depth will help you learn the language quickly and effectively. This app’s step-by-step explanation is well organized and detailed. 

8. Prep FE – Electrical & Computer

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for Engineers is the Prep FE – Electrical & Computer application.  

This program was explicitly created for EE students preparing to take their Fundamental of Engineering (FE) test. It can also help professionals and specialists who want to advance their knowledge. 

Additionally, the exam app has 110 multiple-choice questions and is computer-based. The FE Exam EE Practice Test replicates the actual structure, grading scheme, and degree of difficulty of a real FE test. 

There are nine areas covered, ranging from computer systems to electrical circuits. 

9. NEC 2014 Edition

The National Electrical Code, or NEC. Even though it’s the priciest app available for iOS, all electrical engineers should consider the price well worth it. 

Additionally, the program includes all 50 state codes, which are highly helpful for building electrical systems that adhere to safety regulations. 

The NFPA also provides users with critical news regarding electrical safety and information on code development. 

10. Electric ToolKit – Calculators

A simple iOS software called Electrical ToolKit is available for electrical engineering students. 

Numerous electrical and electronic calculators are included, including the fundamental Ohm’s Law, the Power Factor Calculator, the Voltage Drop Calculator, the Polar and Rectangular Values, the Power Triangle, the RLC (Series/Parallel), the Resistor Color Codes, and more. 

Additionally, it provides circuit breaker sizing information and residential electrical wiring diagrams. Enter the input data and click to calculate; the desired outcome will then be displayed. 


11. iCircuit

One of the best iPhone apps for engineers to quickly sketch out electrical circuits and parts is iCircuit. Not only can you design courses, but you can also instantly test functionalities, check voltages, and debug other issues. 

Users can also examine the company’s app for more resources and information before buying it. A support page and a video tutorial are available on the website’s home page. 

12. LuxCalc Fluid Calculator

The LuxCalc Fluid Calculator is a fantastic little software for any mechanical engineer who needs help with fluid characteristics or thermodynamics. 

The app’s ability to accurately calculate the thermophysical characteristics of various fluids is its vital USP. 

It includes metric and American measurement units and graph trend charts for variations in density, viscosity, thermal diffusivity, and other factors. 

Furthermore, it’s encouraging to know that the app’s development team has put a lot of effort into ensuring that all of its computations are performed with extremely high precision. 

13. Frame Design

This is a feature-rich program for architects, mechanical engineers, students, and civil engineers who need to create 2D frames. 

Additionally, when using the app, inputs are taken in, and supports, forces, and hyperstatic structures are edited graphically and textually. 

F, T, and q loads Fixed. Hinge connections at beam end, Moment, shear, stress deflection, reaction force, and many other features are some of the app’s main features. 

Moreover, the software is accessible in 10 different languages. Because it enables engineers to import any steel profile or a generic section from free engineering libraries, this is the perfect engineering app. 

Additionally, there are countless prospects for engineers, including the ability to share their work and employ automatic dimension lines. 

14. Google Drive

Google Drive is also one of the best iPhone apps for Engineers. One of the best cloud storage solutions available is Google Drive, and what’s even better is that it’s free. 

Consider creating multiple Google accounts to access the additional free storage if you want to avoid paying for more space. 

Almost any file type can be stored there, and the cross-platform design makes it simple to move data from your PC to your mobile device and vice versa. 

Furthermore, you may also use Google Sheets to generate and distribute documents. 

15. Engineering Cookbook

With its dated user interface, this software might not be beautiful, but it functions incredibly well. You can learn about HVAC subjects and see many equations for fans, ducts, motors, system design, and heating. 

Furthermore, the Engineering Cookbook includes a variety of HVAC-related charts and summaries, making it a helpful app for problem-solving on the go. One of the top iPad engineering applications is this one. 

16. Steel Profiles

As the name implies, Steel Profiles is a short and straightforward reference book with further collated information on steel profiles. 

You will find helpful information on preset, parametric (circular, rectangular, H, I, U), and freeform sections within the program. 

Both metric and imperial units and steel profiles from other world areas are available for selection. 

Furthermore, these are from various countries, including Europe, the US, Canada, Russia, the UK, Australia, and Japan. 

17. AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 is also one of the best iPhone apps for Engineers. If you work as an engineer, you probably use AutoCAD daily. 

However, with the help of the fantastic iPhone app AutoCAD 360, you can quickly and easily sketch up designs on your phone. 

Furthermore, the software can view and edit other DWG files on your mobile device. Engineers of all stripes, from architectural to electrical engineers, can benefit significantly from this program. 

Many users attest to its usefulness and concur that it’s among the best apps for any self-respecting engineer. 

18. Electrodoc

The app is the most popular among electrical and electronic engineers, with more than 105,000 downloads. 

Almost all types of electrical equipment and references are included in the app, which has a straightforward, user-friendly layout. 

Examples include resistor color code decoders, LED resistor calculators, SMD resistor power calculators, and a seemingly endless list of others. 

Additionally, the plug-in can increase the app’s capabilities by using the app. Let’s assume the developers of this program are pretty intelligent. 

19. Smart Tools Pro

A collection of 16 useful tools you regularly use for work are all available in one place with Smart Tools Pro. 

A digital ruler, protractor, height, magnifier, distance measurer, sound level meter, vibration meter, flashlight, QR-code reader, and compass are all included in the program. 

Although most of these features use your phone’s built-in capabilities, they are all conveniently gathered in one spot. 

The software also has offline functionality so that you can use it without a connection to the internet. 

20. TurboviewerX

Another CAD program for iOS is TurboviewerX. Any CAD, DWG, or DXF file can be panned, zoomed in on, and a 3D orbit is supported. 

The application has a function called “always facing text” that makes it possible to examine any annotations from any angle, which is a beautiful touch. Additionally, you can annotate modifications to the plans and send them to your contact list. 

Similar to the other CAD alternatives on the list, this tool makes it simple to experiment with designs, whether working on-site or during your absurdly lengthy commute. 


21. Civil Engineering Dictionary

Rounding off our list of best iPhone apps for Engineers is the Civil Engineering Dictionary. This is a fantastic tool for civil engineers that has every detail. 

The app’s dictionary includes more than 10,000 words and their explanations and visuals. Everything is expressed in clear, concise language that doesn’t omit details. 

Furthermore, the explanations are clear and helpful. The software also includes options for adding words to favorites and easy word and definition searching. 

It also includes explanatory graphics with hundreds of words, browsing through articles and lectures on civil engineering, offline access to the dictionary’s material, and search history. 

The app’s best feature is that it utilizes the least amount of RAM and storage space on the phone. 

In conclusion, we hope that this article helped you find the best iPhone apps for Engineers. Please comment below if you have any questions about the apps mentioned above.

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