9 Best iPhone Apps for HIIT Training

Best iPhone Apps for HIIT Training

What are the best iPhone apps for HIIT training? If you’re looking to get in shape fast, HIIT is one of the most effective workout strategies around. 

However, it involves alternating between all-out bursts of activity and low-intensity breaks. And creating an incredibly effective fat-burning workout that takes only minutes to complete!

Moreso, HIIT is an acronym that stands for high-intensity interval training. These types of workouts are meant to maximize your time in the gym, with a focus on one single muscle group.

This usually means that there will be a series of intense sets (10-30 seconds) with a relatively short rest period in between. 

While this can be done by yourself at home or in the gym, it’s much easier when you have the right equipment, including weights and resistance bands.

Therefore, here are the guides to choosing the best HIIT workout app: – When it comes to HIIT, simplicity is key.

Using this list of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training, you can use your iPhone to create HIIT workouts.

The less complicated the exercises, the better chance you’ll stick with them. Or at least have some idea of what you’re doing. 

1. Sworkit Fitness App

The Sworkit fitness app is one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training. Whether you are at home, traveling, or waiting for a flight. The Sworkit Fitness app is an excellent way to exercise anywhere. 

While it does cost $4.99 and does not have as many workouts as some other free apps available on the market, the exercises in this app are awesome for high-intensity interval training because they can be done with limited equipment. 

Also, the app offers 15-minute workouts that are perfect for before or after a long day at work. This great fitness app is worth the price of admission!

Collection of workouts such as sports conditioning, working from home workouts, flexibility challenge, 50+ fit, and cycle series stand out among others. 

Moreso, one of my favorite features is how easy it is to switch between workouts without any loading times.

Each workout comes with its own description and instructions, so I never felt lost while using the app. Another cool feature is the ability to set up reminders for yourself, so you don’t forget your workout. 

All in all, this app was well worth downloading onto my phone. Because I always have access to a full-body workout. That is, anytime I need one, which makes getting into shape much easier than ever before!

2. HIIT Workout Generator App

HIIT workout generator app is one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training. For those looking for a new fitness routine, high-intensity interval training is the way to go.

It’s designed with the beginner exerciser in mind, and it combines the benefits of cardiovascular exercise with strength conditioning exercises. 

However, this type of exercise is considered easy. Because it burns more calories during the workout than a traditional aerobic workout, like walking on a treadmill but be warned, this type of workout can be hard to complete and requires commitment from the individual. 

Therefore, you must follow simple instructions if you’re serious about your health and want an easy step-by-step way to combine cardio and strength conditioning.

3. Tabata HIIT Interval Timer App

Tabata is one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training and a method for high-intensity interval training. It usually consists of eight rounds, each being a four-minute cycle. And with one minute at the top level of intensity followed by thirty seconds of rest. 

However, the Tabata interval timer is an app designed in a specific way. For that type of workout, that takes away the need to time yourself and do any math! 

The app also has a fully functional clock and a separate Tabata counter. That is if you just want to do one round or want to do more than eight rounds.

And this app may be helpful for anyone looking for no-fuss high-intensity workouts. It can also be used on other types of intervals, such as women’s fitness or running.

4. Freeletics App 

Freeletics is one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training and has the best cardio-based HIIT workouts. It offers tons of content, including audio coaching and other cool features. 

Moreso, Freeletics is not only perfect for those who want to lose weight and improve their cardiovascular health. But also as a complete, full-body workout program.

This app really is a great choice if you want a challenging workout that can help with your fitness goals.

Nevertheless, you can take advantage of several free HIIT circuits and bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, squats, and pushups.

The amount of equipment needed is minimal (you’ll need a chair), making it an excellent option for home workouts! 

Plus, it’s very interactive, so you’ll be able to track your progress along the way. It’s also worth mentioning that Freeletics isn’t just about doing circuit training. It includes different elements like weights and plyometrics too!

5. HIIT & Cardio Workout by Fitify

Fitify is one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training and is designed specifically for high-intensity interval training.

It provides 9 different workouts, ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes in length, each with its own purpose and intensity level.

The app features voice coaching and precise descriptions of exercises so the user knows what moves are coming up next. 

Moreso, the exercises have been expertly put together by qualified trainers. Who knows exactly what muscles will be targeted by which exercise? And if the trainer’s directions are too technical, simply hit the image button on your phone and get detailed exercise. 

And this means no more having to check your watch every 30 seconds while exercising. Which is just to figure out how many reps you’re supposed to be doing!

6. Seven: 7 Minute HIIT Workout App

There are plenty of great iPhone and iPad apps out there. But the Seven: 7 Minute HIIT Workout app is one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training. I love that the workout sessions are geared toward high-intensity interval training- intense.

Although they take only seven minutes to complete, they include a six-week coaching program (in addition to pushing notifications) if you want additional guidance.

On top of that, each session has a video component so you can see what’s coming up next. Plus, it syncs with Apple TV and AirPlay devices.

For example, this week’s session involves Tabata Warrior intervals. This means exercises repeated four times with 20 seconds of all-out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Moreover, the app has over 200 exercises to choose from, giving you more than enough variety to keep things interesting. And these workouts are designed for any fitness level. 

Then, you’ll feel like you have an opportunity to try something new. That is if your last HIIT workout didn’t work out as well as planned. 

Moreso, a subscription costs $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year (with a one-year commitment). If that sounds like too much money, don’t worry. You can also purchase single sessions at $1 apiece and still enjoy many of the same benefits.

7. HIIT Down Dog App

HIIT is one of the most efficient and effective ways to lose weight, feel healthy, and energized.

This app is perfect if you’re short on time because it’s literally just seven minutes of exercise. If you don’t have time or are just feeling unmotivated, 7 Minute Workout is an easy and fun way to push yourself. It doesn’t cost a dime and can work for any fitness level.

However, the important thing is that it forces you not to give up! You only have access to the app when connected via WiFi, so unless you carry your phone with you constantly (and we recommend against this), this is not a good option.

The one downside? Keeping up with a fitness plan takes willpower—and a little creativity. Mixing up your workouts is one way to keep things exciting (and less mundane). 

Thankfully, plenty of HIIT-focused exercises can be done anywhere with just your body weight or minimal equipment. That’s where this handy app comes in: In as little as 10 minutes per day. 

Moreso, it will show you hundreds of workouts, covering everything from bodyweight strength exercises to burpees.

And pushups to more challenging routines will keep even the most active person on their toes. It is one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training.

8. Keelo App

An app called Best for Strength and Conditioning offers six-minute circuit workouts that are perfect for those on the go.

When the workout is complete, it will show you how many calories you burned. And the number of reps completed and your heart rate. 

And you may not be constantly glued to your phone. This app also has short 5-minute workouts that don’t require any equipment. It has over 180 strength-based movements that use body weight, resistance bands, or dumbbells. 

However, the exercises are arranged into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels based on difficulty level, so there’s something for everyone.

It can be used to design individualized and whole-body programs that follow the rules of specific fitness plans. Like most other HIIT apps out there, there is no fancy equipment needed to work out these routines.

9. Workout Trainer App

There are many workout apps out there. But the Workout Trainer app stands out as one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training and is a comprehensive option.

With a simple and elegant interface, you’ll be able to scroll through videos of exercises with how it’s been done. 

Moreover, you can filter workouts by difficulty level or length of time. The simple search option is helpful when narrowing down your workout selections too.

Therefore, the only downside is that not all the workouts will work well for taller people if you need some basic moves that require less equipment than regular gym routines, this is a good app for you!


HIIT might be your solution if you want to get in shape and tone up your muscles. HIIT combines regular cardio, strength training, and stretching into one 45-minute workout.

And that can be completed multiple times per week without getting bored or burning out. And since HIIT workouts are fast-paced and goal-oriented. It’s easy to stay motivated and focused throughout the entire session.

HIIT training is an exercise strategy that alternates between short periods of intense exercise and short rest periods.

Therefore, HIIT can help you burn calories and fat more than traditional exercises if you’re looking to get in shape fast.

Such as walking or jogging, even if you’re working out at the same intensity level! Here are some of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training to help you get and stay in shape forever!

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