10 Best iPhone Apps for History

Best iPhone Apps for History
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What are some of the best iPhone apps for history buffs? Modern technology advancements that offer new study possibilities are used to their fullest potential in some of the most intriguing research conducted today. 

A further benefit is that everyone can directly access incredible historical resources because researchers create and use the tools and materials ideal for building apps. 

 The following list includes a few of my favorite iPhone apps for History, but there are many more out there. I hope you find one or two that will help you with your studies! 

This app offers over 1,000 courses on various subjects, from art history to zoology. You can also search by topic, course type, instructor, and location. 

Additionally, the app has an excellent interface and allows you to save your searches, so you don’t need to re-enter them whenever you want to look up something. 

This app is perfect for those who love to travel. Furthermore, they provide information about places worldwide, including cities, museums, monuments, parks, and historic sites.

Some of the best iPhone apps for History are listed below: 

1. Wikipedia

We have all used Wikipedia, whether out of curiosity or for projects, and it is one of the most informational websites in the world.

This is the website for you if you want all the information from beginning to end, even though it is monotonous and mainly text-focused. 

I adore Wikipedia because it links to hundreds of other pages throughout the article with all the pertinent information. 

You can therefore find all the information in one spot! Additionally, the articles on the app and website have been carefully selected and written by specialists, and they cover any subject you might want to read about. 

The application is well-made, including new voice search capabilities, a built-in dictionary, and an expanding article library. 

In addition, I appreciate that the app provides a dark mode, the ability to change the font size, save articles, and compatibility for more than 300 languages. 

Above all, there are no ads at all! This app can read about subjects other than Histories, such as science and literature. 

2. World History Trivia Quiz

World History Trivia Quiz is also one of the best iPhone apps for History. It is a fun way to learn about different cultures around the globe. 

Three difficulty levels are available, meaning you can choose how much time you want to study. Furthermore, the app includes various topics, from ancient civilizations to modern-day politics. 

If you get stuck on a question, tap on the “Help Me” button and ask the community for answers. If you like trivia quizzes, this is the app for you! 

3. The Great Courses Plus

The Great Courses Plus is another excellent resource for learning about History. They offer over 100 lectures on various topics, from Ancient Rome to the Renaissance. 

The videos are very informative and easy to follow. Additionally, the audio quality is high, and experts present the content. 

Moreover, the app features a large selection of courses, including ones on the Civil War, American History, and World War II. 

4. HISTORY TV Channel

The mobile application for the HISTORY TV Channel is available and contains all of its programs. With this software, you may learn History by watching videos rather than reading dry articles. 

This app includes programs about world history, the US, science, other topics, and the world’s first civilizations. 

My faves are The UnXplained and Ancient Aliens, both streaming on this app. Furthermore, the app is glitchy and unreliable; as of right now, its content is only accessible in the United States. 

5. Encyclopedia by Farlex

Encyclopedia by Farlex is also one of the best iPhone apps in History. Your one-stop shop for information on History and topics like science and technology can be Encyclopedia by Farlex. You can view more than 330,000 articles on this app for free. 

Furthermore, the best aspect is that this app’s content is drawn from some of the most reputable publishers, like McGraw-Hill, Harper-Collins, Columbia University Press, Cambridge University Press, and others. 

The app provides intriguing knowledge about History and other subjects like art, science, business, music, culture, etc. 

Additionally, this app is for you if you enjoy learning about History in-depth. The experience is almost free of ads, and a premium subscription can altogether remove them. 

6. BBC History Magazine

You can access an electronic version of the monthly magazine released by BBC through the BBC History Magazine app. 

Additionally, this journal covered every aspect of History and was produced by professionals and specialists in the field. 

This software covers all aspects of world history and American and British History. The magazine’s combination of information and visuals gives the reader a more in-depth experience. 

Additionally, it concentrates on lesser-known subjects, including prehistoric civilizations, world wars, and the historical context of current events. 

Additionally, you can access tools like text resizing and bookmarking specific magazine pages you want to return to in the future. 

7. History Hit

History Hit is the ideal destination for those who can’t get enough History. The app features a vast library of historical programs, documentaries, ad-free podcasts, exclusive movies, and interviews. 

Additionally, it is meticulously created by professionals in the field to guarantee that you receive the most critical information. 

Furthermore, the history podcast by Dan Snow is also accessible through this app for free. The ability to download all the content and watch it later is the best feature of this software. 

In addition, the creators also regularly release updates with brand-new episodes every week! 

8. History Events Today

This app is comparable to Today in History in that it displays significant historical events, such as births and deaths, along with their dates. 

But what sets this app apart is that you can access data on over 100,000 incidences and learn about historical dates. 

Additionally, the app quickly offers many links to websites like Wikipedia so that you can expand your knowledge even more! 

This software claims to provide you with regular updates about noteworthy happenings, and you may also post something fascinating via any social media app. Even novice users will find the app’s interface relatively straightforward to read! 

9. Today in History

Today in History is another great iPhone app for learning about History. This app provides a daily summary of important historical events from around the globe. 

You can choose between three categories: World, US, or the UK. Additionally, the program includes a calendar view which allows you to see when each event occurred.

Moreover, the app has a section dedicated to famous people, places, and things. 

10. History Timeline 

This app is perfect for you if you’re looking for an easy way to browse through time, and it’s designed to help you understand the timeline of human civilization. 

The application presents a chronological display of events, starting at the very beginning and ending at the present day. 

Additionally, the software features a map view where you can explore the locations of significant cities throughout History. It’s an excellent tool for students and teachers alike. 

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