16 Best iPhone Apps for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

Best iPhone Apps for Lawyers and Legal Professionals
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Are you looking for some best iPhone Apps for Lawyers? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the best iPhone Apps for Lawyers.

These apps are very useful for lawyers who want to stay updated with their clients or colleagues. Lawyers are always busy with work and don’t get time to check out new applications.

This makes them less productive and also increases the risk of missing important information.

With these apps, you can easily access all the latest updates from your phone without having to go through multiple websites. 

All these apps are designed keeping in mind the requirements of lawyers. So let’s have a look at some of the best iPhone apps for lawyers.

1. LegalPad Pro

LegalPad is one of the most popular legal software available on the iOS platform. It was developed by the same company that created Microsoft Word.

The app provides an easy way to create documents, notes, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can use it as a note-taking tool, document manager, presentation maker, and more. 

The app allows you to add images, videos, audio files, PDFs, etc., to your documents. You can even attach external links to your documents. 

LegalPad comes with many features like text formatting tools, tables, charts, bullet lists, footnotes, comments, sticky notes, voice recording, spell checking, auto-save, undo/redo, page numbering, printing, exporting, sharing, and much more. 

2. Clio

Clio is one of the best iPhone apps for lawyers. As a mobile attorney, you require a cloud-based legal practice management system that enables you to manage your business from anywhere. 

Using the mobile app for Clio, you may securely access client data from anywhere at any time. You can keep track of your time, examine client data, create new matters and connections, and more with Clio. 

Additionally, Clio interacts with many of the other legal apps on this list, allowing you to manage your whole practice from a single location. 

3. Evernote

Evernote is another great application for lawyers. With its help, you can store all your ideas, thoughts, research materials, articles, books, photos, and more. 

It helps you organize everything into notebooks, tags, collections, and reminders. You can sync your notes across devices using iCloud. Moreover, you can search your notes based on keywords, tags, dates, and more. 

4. Lexicata

One of the top applications for lawyers is Lexicata. With the aid of this CRM, you can quickly do administrative activities like customer intake, lead collection, and client follow-up. 

Employ Lexicata to sign documents and use the reporting capabilities to see the effectiveness of your digital marketing plan.

Furthermore, this app is a Clio partner and offers the same top-notch customer support. 

5. Feedly

Feedly is next on our list of best iPhone apps for Lawyers. Social media allows us to produce, share, and consume material at an accelerated rate. 

But lawyers still need access to real-time content for things like research, marketing, competitor analysis, and more. 

The answer? To build a valuable knowledge base, you need a tool that enables you to filter out unimportant information. 

You can automate your social media sharing and content monitoring with Feedly, making sure that you never miss a case or a hot subject. 

Additionally, you can create streams for your material, tag articles that you want to collect, and distribute them effortlessly on social media and with other accounts. 

6. Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online is yet another great app for lawyers. This accounting software lets you easily manage your finances, including invoices, expenses, payments, reports, and more. With Quickbooks Online, you can also view your financial statements in real-time. 

This app integrates seamlessly with your desktop version of Quickbooks, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work when switching between platforms. 

7. Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service that makes it easy to save files online. It has become one of the most popular services for storing large amounts of data. 

This app works well for lawyers because it provides secure storage for important files such as contracts, agreements, and other documents. 

You can access these files from any device connected to the Internet. Additionally, you can share folders with others, collaborate on projects, and even edit documents offline. 

8. Onedrive

Onedrive is next on our list of best iPhone apps for lawyers. You will require a cloud data storage service that enables you to access your data from any location if you are working remotely and using a mobile device. The solution is OneDrive. 

Furthermore, this program is among the finest for lawyers working in a Microsoft environment since it seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Office package. 

Additionally, it safeguards your data, as is the case with most high-quality apps (see this piece about security and OneDrive). 

9. iAnnotate

You’ll probably need to examine and annotate documents whether you’re working from your phone or not.

A nice choice is iAnnotate, which makes document management even simpler by allowing you to sync documents from various internet sources, including Dropbox and Google Drive. 

Like all good legal apps, this one is incredibly adaptable and secure, allowing you to access documents from any location. 

10. Dashlane

With all of these legal apps containing sensitive information, security is vital. Download Dashlane and be ready to strengthen the security of your online accounts if your password is still “password” because it is simple to remember. 

Meanwhile, your passwords are all kept in one location by Dashlane in a safe and secure manner. Use touchid technology to use this app and take advantage of its “strong password” suggestions (but not the password “strong password”!). 

11. Skype

Indeed, lawyers may work remotely thanks to services like Skype’s video calling and messaging capabilities. Want to meet with a client right away who lives in a different time zone or even a different zip code? 

Plan a quick Skype video call with them. Need to dial a foreign number? Compared to a landline or mobile rates, use Skype to make the call. 

12. Slack

Slack is also one of the best iPhone apps for Lawyers. Legal firms are increasingly using it as a very well-liked communication program. 

Slack is compatible with similar connectors like Zapier and enables the automation of taxing legal tasks like legal research, much as Clio meets with a wide range of legal apps and web services. 

You may streamline your expensive legal research process—even while working remotely—by creating an RSS feed that watches precedents for new citations and creating an opportunity to discuss it with case stakeholders and coworkers in a dedicated Slack group. 

13. Penultimate

It’s worthwhile to check out an app that enables you to keep your handwritten notes electronically if you enjoy the physical experience of writing. 

Additionally, one of the top note-taking applications for lawyers is Penultimate. Need to keep organized while also taking notes by hand? Evernote analyses your notes and syncs with Penultimate so you can search for handwritten text inside the program. 

14. GoodReader

The creation, reading, and organization of documentation are fundamental to the practice of law. One of the best apps for organizing legal documents is called GoodReader.

It syncs effortlessly from other platforms (e.g., Dropbox and Google docs). Make, modify, and read PDFs. 

15. Dictate+Connect

The dictaphone, which served as lawyers’ first-choice mobile application, has undergone countless updates since the advent of the internet. 

Additionally, you may use Dictate+Connect, to convert your iPad into a dictation device that syncs with Box inside of your Clio account. Simply record them and align them with the evidence you have. 

16. Noteshelf

Another great choice for handwritten electronic notes is Noteshelf. Never misplace an essential sticky note again!

Although this software is excellent, it is the only one on our list of legal apps that is only accessible on the iPad. So, regrettably, it won’t work for lawyers who choose Android devices or don’t own an iPad. 

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