11 Best iPhone Apps for Learning Japanese

Best iPhone Apps for Learning Japanese
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Apps are, without a doubt, the quickest way to learn a language, and the best iPhone apps for learning Japanese are not left out.  

You may get by in Japan with only a basic understanding of ordinary pleasantries.

However, if you intend to stay here for an extended period, believe me when I say that having a more robust command of the language will result in an increased understanding of the culture.

Learning Japanese will significantly improve your quality of life in Japan, and all its writing systems, such as hiragana, katakana, and Kanji, can seem challenging. You can feel intimidated before you even begin.

Fortunately, we live in a digital age where a wealth of information is available at your fingertips thanks to your smartphone. 

Therefore, we have programs for everyone, whether you’re a beginner looking for gamified Japanese apps or an intermediate learner looking for more serious ones.

So below are the best iPhone apps for learning Japanese. 

1. Human Japanese 

Anyone who has studied Japanese can attest to the language’s singularity in the way it is entwined with every facet of the culture.

By using the gaps between classes to provide cultural insights about Japan that lend more weight and context to general education, the Human Japanese app includes this significant component of Japan into its curriculum. 

Human Japanese constantly wins praise for its personable teaching style, thoroughness, and pace-focus. For individuals who wish to keep learning, it is available in a beginner version and advanced software. 

2. Rocket Japanese  

Undoubtedly, one of the most well-known language-learning systems is Rocket Languages. It is practical, adaptable, and well-structured. As a result, it’s among the most excellent apps for learning Japanese. 

Rocket Japanese‘s emphasis on all four language skills—speaking, listening, reading, and writing—is undoubtedly one of its most vital features. 

Therefore, the Rocket Japanese app will give you comprehensive courses that will advance your proficiency. These teachings are straightforward and linear. 

Additionally, they incorporate interactive exercises, audio tracks, and practical study aids. Flashcards, a Saved Vocab function, a Benchmark tool to determine your current level of Japanese proficiency, and more are also available. 

You can bolster your knowledge with activities from the Rocket Reinforcement program. Additionally, Rocket Japanese will keep you motivated even though it lacks many gamified features.

There will be a few pointless things to divert you when you’re collecting points and taking quizzes. It’s an excellent course to teach you how to speak Japanese correctly. 


Three levels of Rocket Japanese instruction are available. The Interactive Audio, Language & Culture, Writing, and Survival Kit elements are all included in each level. 

Starting with interactive audio classes is a good idea. If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn to say hello, ask for things in Japanese, navigate Kyoto, and make simple requests for food and tea. 

You can learn new terms through context by listening to native speakers discuss familiar subjects. Language and culture lessons will also explain how the Japanese language functions and give you insightful cultural information. 

If you wish to learn Japanese writing systems, you must focus on the writing area. Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji characters will be taught to you. 

3. HelloTalk 

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for learning Japanese is HelloTalk. A one-on-one setting may be best for you, but hiring a private instructor may be slightly out of your price range. This is precisely what I was thinking.

Therefore, it made me delighted to find that other Japanese learners of English had the same thoughts. At that point, I learned about HelloTalk. 

This app combines language exchange with social networking benefits. Find native speakers of the language you want to learn who are also interested in learning it. If you know a bit of Japanese and wish to improve, this software is excellent for you. 

Sending messages to your pals, who can change them and send them back to you to show you what you missed, is the genius of HelloTalk. 

You can hone your writing and conversational skills by using HelloTalk, which also supports audio interactions. I made pals online through this app, who I eventually met in person to study with! 

4. Mondly 

One of the most cutting-edge Japanese learning apps is Mondly Japanese. The platform also provides three additional apps: Mondly VR, Mondly AR, and Mondly Kids, in addition to the basic version. 

The software blends dialogue-driven audio recordings with interactive tasks, tests, and challenges. Additionally, a speech recognition engine is available to assist with pronunciation. 

Since daily lessons are usually brief and to the point, you can advance by studying for five minutes each day. Other gamified features allow you to have fun, build streaks, and earn points. 

Learning Japanese with Mondly is similar to playing a game, exceptionally if you choose the Mondly VR. However, the program is effective and well-made, so you will undoubtedly be able to increase your understanding of Japanese. 


Conversation practice is a regular feature of Japanese lessons to help you be ready for everyday situations. As a novice, you will learn how to make introductions, navigate the city, place food orders, and other basic skills. 

Additionally, if you’re an intermediate learner, you’ll focus on boosting your vocabulary and gaining the ability to participate in more intricate conversations. 

However, Mondly’s Chatbot is undoubtedly one of the program’s most significant benefits. You can improve your communication abilities with the aid of this intelligent technology. 

Some people will find chatting with a Mondly bot more comfortable, even if it’s different from speaking with a real teacher.

When no one is paying attention to you, making mistakes can sometimes be more accessible (though you’ll still receive immediate feedback). 

Additionally, you’ll acquire vocabulary through phrases rather than learning words individually. It appears that Mondly understands how to teach Japanese in a way that is efficient and will be manageable with the material at a time. 

5. Duolingo 

Duolingo is one of the best iPhone apps for learning Japanese out there, and because of its freemium pricing structure, learning Japanese is made simple.

This software provides a staggering amount of lessons, including instruction on the various Japanese writing systems and tests that help you develop a strong vocabulary and sentence structure using flash cards. 

While Duolingo is appealing because of how simple it is and how little time it takes to learn a language, many believe it is more of an introductory program.

It’s an excellent initial app with a kind face, but if you want to become serious about learning Japanese, you’ll need to find a different app. 

6. Pimsleur Japanese 

Pimsleur Japanese is designed to strengthen your competence in the fundamentals and give you more assurance in your conversations with native speakers if you’re a survivalist who is weary of simply getting by and want to increase your vocabulary and comprehension.

Despite being well-known for many years, the Pimsleur Method has recently been made accessible via an app. 

Pimsleur Japanese is an audio language program. Therefore, speaking and listening skills are its main priorities rather than reading or writing.

But what distinguishes Pimsleur Japanese from other audio learning apps is its question/recall/response approach, which many users swear to as a critical factor in enhancing their conversational skills. 

As a user of audio lesson applications, I can attest that there is a discernible difference. Compared to hard memorization employed merely from studying rules charts without any natural context, this teaching method enables you to acquire grammatical rules more naturally in a conversational setting. 

The type of Japanese you will learn to speak is a significant downside of Pimsleur Japanese. Nearly all of it will be formal (lovely) Japanese.

This is OK if, like me, you work in Japan and desire to improve communication in the workplace. Informal talks with pals could be awkward if you overdo the niceties.  

7. JapanesePod 101 

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for learning Japanese is JapanesePod 101. The JapanesePod101 software presents its content in a podcast-style manner. But it also includes workouts and video snippets, so it’s more than just listening. 

Additionally, slideshows, word lists, and flashcards are used. Due to the app’s emphasis on reading, writing, grammar, and culture, you’ll receive a well-rounded education that will equip you for everyday scenarios. 

There is a limited amount of grammar, though. You’ll mostly listen to dialogues and pick up helpful terminology one step at a time. 

The setting is informal, and the speakers (teachers) will explain everything to you. You can also benefit from the Line-by-line Audio and Vocabulary functions. 


JapanesePod101 is attractive if you want to study Japanese in a relaxed setting. You can use the Pathway function to help you navigate your lessons and give your learning experience more structure. 

Additionally, if you choose the Premium Plus subscription, you can receive specialized instruction from a teacher (via private messenger.) That’s a significant benefit for those who wish to receive comments, revisions, and responses to their inquiries. 

You can learn enough Japanese with the help of this software to have a simple, natural conversation. All of the Japanese idioms and expressions will be taught to you. 

Lastly, the platform offers an active Youtube channel to watch tutorials, participate in live sessions, and more. 

8. Busuu 

First of all, Busuu is serious about language learning. On the other side, it offers a laid-back learning atmosphere.

Short courses, listening and comprehension tests, and writing assignments are mixed into this app. It is one of the best iPhone apps for learning Japanese.  

It uses a sophisticated vocabulary and grammar review tool to determine which terms you already know and which might be difficult for you. You will then receive good quizzes to ensure that you have retained everything. 

Additionally beneficial is the Conversations function. Furthermore, depending on your subscription plan, you can enroll in live group courses with a certified language teacher. 

And for an additional cost, you can schedule a private online lesson. Although Busuu has a free version, the paid version has more content and features. But one thing is sure: this app will undoubtedly assist you in achieving your objectives. 


Whatever you decide, you’ll make your study schedule and learn the Japanese language and vocabulary. You can also obtain opinions from the community of native speakers on Busuu Premium. 

Additionally, you are eligible to receive a Busuu Certificate for each level you complete. The option to learn offline is another perk. That can be very helpful when you’re on the road. 

9. Yomiwa 

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for learning Japanese is Yomiwa. Yomiwa is a beneficial Japanese program that specializes in kanji translation. It includes many features that can be useful when exploring Japan or studying the language. 

A set of symbols known as “kanji” was created from Chinese letters to represent words or concepts. Kanji is the most challenging aspect of learning Japanese.

Although Kanji characters are rather complicated, technology has made it much simpler to study them. 

Therefore you will want the Yomiwa app, which functions somewhat similarly to a dictionary. You can enter words into its search function using any alphabet (Kanjis, Hiraganas, Katakanas, Romajis.) You may compose complete sentences as well. 

The software also has optical solid character recognition (OCR) capabilities. Yomiwa can thus detect more than 4000 Japanese characters in your images or when using the camera on your device.

It is also functional offline. The Handwriting Recognition engine also recognizes Japanese characters on your touch screen. 


You can see that Yomiwa can make your life easier. You can read newspapers, books, restaurant menus, and signs with its OCR capabilities. 

However, you’ll also learn about Japanese characters and Kanji and see some sample sentences. Yomiwa was thus more than just a translation tool. It can improve your reading and comprehension abilities when used with other software. 

Additionally, you may create vocabulary lists and hear how words are pronounced, which some translation-based apps do not offer. Additionally, sharing images on the Yomiwa Wall allows you to ask the user community for assistance. 

10. Lingodeer 

A grammar-based program developed by seasoned language teachers is available on Lingodeer. Through context, you’ll pick up the language in a natural way. However, you’ll receive detailed and lucid explanations. 

You will be given a laid-back introduction to Japanese vocabulary in lessons that native speakers voice. You can choose either a language or a grammar focus using Target Training.

The program also includes a built-in flashcard feature, Knowledge Cards that can be downloaded, quizzes, and exercises. Additionally, it can prompt you to study when necessary. 


Learning Japanese grammar will be a lot simpler with the Lingodeer app. The app is intuitive to use and well-designed. 

Additionally, you can change the background color, the kind of script used, the narrator’s voice, and other aspects. You can study offline with Lingodeer. 

The program also includes a silent study mode, which may be helpful. You should also be aware that Lingodeer will teach you more than just grammar. You will actively practice your speaking and reading skills in the interim. 

Additionally, the Lingodeer Story part will teach you intriguing cultural information. One of the most challenging components of learning a new language is mastering grammar. But it’s also essential because you can grasp any language and understand grammar. 

11. Mango Language  

Last on our list of best iPhone apps for learning Japanese is Mango Language. The Mango Languages app is founded on logical language production first and foremost.

The software uses an “intuitive chunking” technique to teach vocabulary by highlighting lexical chunks. 

Using colors and semantic color mapping, you may connect Japanese with your mother tongue. Additionally, it facilitates language learning through conversational and cultural contexts. 

The program combines interactive workouts, high-quality audio recordings, and memory-training tasks. Additionally, it will record your speech and compare it to sounds from native speakers. 

Additionally, the program will adjust to your learning preferences; as you go along, you’ll receive courses depending on your development and particular learning styles.

Mango Languages did a great job of utilizing technology to improve each user’s learning experience. 


A combination of reading and listening exercises is used in the Mango Languages app. Along with grammar and culture notes, you will also receive tasks to improve your memory and critical thinking. The key concepts (chapters) are all reasonably simple to comprehend. 

Each chapter of the course begins with the introduction of the lesson material by native speakers in a casual setting. 

As you go, you will develop your ability to decipher idioms, figures of speech, and untranslatable notions. And if you genuinely want to learn the Japanese language, it is crucial (and any other, for that matter.) 

Additionally, you can select the subjects that interest you, which is advantageous for students already familiar with the fundamentals. The Mango Languages app will make your learning experience engaging and immersive. 

We hope that this post not only inspired you to make the best decision but also assisted you in making it. It’s a lovely language that will aid your comprehension of a fascinating culture.

And even though it might sound challenging, these Japanese learning applications will enable you to lay a strong foundation quickly and easily. 

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