13 Best iPhone Apps for Making Music

Best iPhone Apps for Making Music

You might be in the mood to lay down some tracks or just want to spice up your social media with some fresh sounds.

There are plenty of the best iPhone apps for making music to get you going. However, with so many options, you might be overwhelmed when searching for music-creation apps.

Especially the ones that meet your specific needs and preferences. Moreso, to help you sift through the noise, this guide will break down some of the best iPhone apps for making music available today.

And help you find the ones that are right for you.

1. Auria Pro

Auria is a powerful new app that lets you make music with your phone. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android, and it’s the first on this list of the best iPhone apps for making music.

The interface is designed to be as easy as possible to use. Nevertheless, even if you’ve never used a DAW before, you’ll be able to figure it out quickly.

With Auria, you can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously and mix them in 32-bit quality. Create custom drum beats using the built-in drum machine or from samples of your recordings (called AudioSamples), and more! 

Moreso, Auria Pro looks very similar to a traditional piece of digital hardware. And features many of the same features found in other recording software like Pro Tools.

Therefore, what sets this apart, though, are some unique features exclusive to this particular mobile recording software.

Such as its ability to export audio files at up to 24 bits. For those who want a traditional DAW experience but on mobile, Auria is an excellent choice.

2. Music Maker Jam

Music maker jam is a good option if you want to make hip-hop, trap, RnB, and pop music. It’s an app where you can create and share your beats with the world. The interface is easy to use, so it does not take long to get started. 

Nevertheless, this app also has a wide range of sound effects and quality sounds that will help bring your music alive.

This may not be the best choice if you are looking for a more in-depth music production experience because there are some features you would have to pay for or unlock via social media. All in all, it comes second on our list of the best iPhone apps for making music.

3. Flat

This free app has a large library of chords and scales, which you can use to create your music. The app comes with several pre-written songs and tutorials.

This is one of the best iPhone apps for making music that teaches everything from strumming the guitar to playing the piano. 

Moreover, there’s also an in-app store where users can purchase additional instruments or download more songs.

This is the perfect app if you like to write your lyrics or music! Flat allows you to collaborate with others in real-time, and it doesn’t take up much space on your phone. 

Therefore, its simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to learn as well as experts.

With many different types of music genres available, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to find something they like.

It also has a learning center with lessons on doing things. These include singing karaoke or learning to DJ if you’re interested in those jobs!

 4. IMPC 2

Producing music on the go is always a desirable task. I recommend these apps to people who want to try making beats on their phones or if they’re more serious about it and have an MPC.

Then these apps are perfect for those who want to experiment with the sounds and features of MPCs on the go.

However, this interface plugs right into your device’s headphone jack for those who need a little more than just their phone’s built-in mic.

And gives you access to features like volume control, input gain adjustment, and echo/delay effects. 

The iMPC 2 is one of the best iPhone apps for making music available on the App Store. It can help you create professional-sounding tracks that can be exported as WAV files in minutes. If there is any downside to this app, it’s when exporting WAV files.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a slight delay in hearing sound coming through headphones versus speakers.

But other than that, we highly recommend this app as one of our top picks because of how easy it makes producing music on your phone possible while still having all the functionality and tools.

5. Ampkit

Ampkit is great for guitarists who want an easy way to jam and record at home without investing in DAW.

Ampkit lets you use your iPhone as an all-in-one guitar, drum machine, piano, or keyboard. This is one of the best iPhone apps for making music.

It comes with over 250 acoustic pre-sets that can be played on any of the four accessories. Therefore, you can create your instruments and loops by choosing from over 200 artist-designed sounds. You can also use your samples.


IKAOSILLATOR is a powerful yet easy-to-use app that lets you create music by making beats or melodies.

This app is one of the best iPhone apps for making music, especially if you want to make something more complex, like a song. 

Moreso, it’s also great if you want to experiment with different sounds and effects before deciding on one.  You can easily switch between the different types of instruments just by tapping once. IKAOSILLATOR has everything you need right in the app (no need to download anything else). 

Moreover, IKAOSILLATOR also has a built-in synthesizer. So it’s great if you know what sound you want but doesn’t know how to recreate it.

7. Figure

This mobile interpretation of Propellerhead Reason is a suite of music-making apps. It lets you experiment with cutting-edge technologies and musical instruments.

Whether you’re looking to create original compositions or remix some old favorites, FIGURE can help. 

Also, FIGURE features an innovative control scheme designed specifically for mobile devices and perfect for on-the-go creativity. This is the perfect instrument for you if you like to keep your eyes on the screen while you work. 

Therefore, combine that with its state-of-the-art sound engine. And it’s no wonder FIGURE has been called the most complete mobile music production studio in existence.

8. Garageband

It offers an innate and flexible user interface that is simple to navigate. Its library of sounds and instruments can be expanded by using other apps in the App Store. 

However, it has comprehensive tutorials to guide you through the process, or you can always use trial and error to develop your style.

One downside is that it costs $5.99, which could be a deal breaker for some people who are tight on cash. 

Moreso, the biggest appeal of GarageBand, one of the best iPhone apps for making music, is its minimalistic design and versatility.

All you need is a Mac or iPad to create tracks from scratch. As well as make adjustments to any pre-existing ones. 

Lastly, if you’re looking for something more sophisticated, this may not be the app for you. There’s also no way to export files directly out of GarageBand.

This means that if you want to share your finished product with anyone else, they’ll have to download it first.

9. Zenbeats

With the Zenbeats (Roland) (free) app, you have one of the best iPhone apps for making music on your phone! The app is free, and it comes with a lot of features.

Nevertheless, this app allows you to experiment with different sounds and change the tempo and time signature.

Record yourself playing instruments like drums or guitar and more. You also have a full drum kit to use, along with other features.

Moreso, it allows you to create professional-sounding music from your phone! Formerly known as Stagelight, they have since been acquired by Roland, one of the best synthesizer brands.

It’s easy enough for beginners to pick up but will still be able to keep even veteran musicians satisfied.

Lastly, it may be expensive. But if you’re serious about making music on your phone, this app should be high on your list of apps worth checking out.

10. Ispark

Ispark is a suite of music creation apps that includes a drum synth, synthesizer, and sequencer. ISpark’s interface is clean and easy to use.

The layout features an array of drum pads with variations on each sound. Moreso, there are also preset patterns from which you can create your grooves.

The DrumSynth app offers a range of synthesized and sampled sounds. They are customizable with the help of a built-in editor and an effects processor.

Therefore, iSpark’s user interface is designed to emulate Arturia’s iSPARKle software. It comes in three versions–DrumSynth, Synths+, and Sequencers+. Each version has its own set of capabilities tailored to different needs. 

However, with all the options available, it’s hard not to find something for every taste in music production. This is not secluded from our list of the best iPhone apps for making music.

11. Retro Piano

Retro Piano is a fun and challenging app that lets you compose music with the sound of an old-fashioned piano.

It has a range of different instruments to choose from, so you can create a variety of songs. The built-in user interface is easy to use, and it’s free!

Moreover, this app, of the best iPhone apps for making music, doesn’t allow you to record your music, but it still makes composing simple.

The creators of 808 sub-bass, Synth One, and Audio Tune, have released a retro, synth-based synthesizer called Looptidoo.

Therefore, you can explore the different sounds by scrolling through a list at the bottom of the screen. Or by using up and down arrows at the top of the screen to adjust the frequency, resonance, envelope, filter, or volume.

Looptidoo’s filters are also customizable, so users can experiment with different settings until they find one they like best.

12. Model D

Moog Model D is an iOS synth emulator. It can be difficult to find good-sounding iOS synthesizers that are capable of producing quality sound.

That’s why MOOG MODEL D is a valuable asset to the world of music-making apps. Also, this app offers excellent sound quality, a great interface, and some powerful features.

Making it one of the best iOS synths available today compared to other best iPhone apps for making music.

There is a visceral texture when working with an analog synthesis that cannot be replicated in software on your phone or tablet. 

However, if you’re looking for something more compact than a modular system, this might be what you’re looking for. MOOG MODEL D gives you two channels to work with and two filters (a Low Pass filter and a High Pass filter).

To sum up, you can apply multiple effects in the form of LPF/HPF, Delay, Chorus/Flanger, Distortion, Phaser, Ring Modulation, and Wah Wah.

13. Blocs Wave

This is an all-purpose wave editor that can be used to create any sound imaginable. The app offers various features, such as using different wave shapes and filters, changing the tempo, adding effects, and more. 

Also, it includes a selection of presets so you can start creating them immediately. And with Audiobus 3 integration, you can easily send your creations from BLOCs Wave straight into other apps on your device!  

Therefore, the looping capabilities alone make it one of the best iPhone apps for making music. But what sets this app apart is its versatility.

You don’t have to rely on pre-recorded loops when making music; you can create them yourself in seconds whether you’re looking for quality samples.

Or just want something that lets you make your loops quickly and easily; this powerful app has it all!


Starting in GarageBand and continuing through the rest of your musical journey. The iPhone app collection available to aspiring musicians has never been better.

From audio recording and mixing to guitar tuners and metronomes. Therefore, here’s the definitive guide to the best iPhone apps for making music on an iPhone (or iPad).

If you’re passionate about music and want to start making tunes, you need the right tools. And when it comes to music-creation apps on the iPhone, no platform beats the App Store.

Also, there are over 120,000 apps designed specifically to help musicians make better tracks wherever they go, whether you have an iPhone 7 or an iPhone SE.

Lastly, an app out there will help you produce some seriously cool music on the go. Above are the best iPhone apps for making music.

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