21 Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students

Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students

With the iPhone being such an integral part of modern life, it only makes sense that there is a need for the best iPhone apps for medical students. This is to help them to be more productive in their field of study.

For many medical students, smartphones have become indispensable study tools. It allows you to quickly and easily access the information you need in the field or on the go. 

In addition to being convenient, smartphone apps can help you save money, as many of them are free or cost just $0.99 or $1.99.

They also offer features and capabilities that physical textbooks can’t match. Not to mention interactivity and user-friendliness that print textbooks have yet to match. 

For example, did you know that some iPhone apps allow you to build your own flashcards? These 21 best iPhone apps for medical students will help you find information quickly and easily, whether you’re reviewing old notes or studying during downtime on your commute.

1. Geeky Medics  

This is among the best iPhone apps for medical students to help students increase clinical knowledge and understanding. It’s $14.99 and includes over 500 cases worldwide with discussions, illustrations, and animations. 

For medical students looking to study for their boards or those interested in learning more about medicine, the MCAT has created this app that can be downloaded for free.

The detailed information will give a comprehensive view of what one needs to know. Luckily, it has been rated number one as the best source of information on drugs and treatments.

It comes with advice from experts in all areas of medicine-from cardiology to cancer-from hospital wards and emergency rooms. 

2. Clinical Odyssey Simulation  

The Clinical OdysseyTM Simulation app is a great choice for students because of its high-quality scenarios and immersive design. The cases are engaging and interesting to the point that it’s almost like being in an actual hospital.

All the most up-to-date information is provided on your phone, so you’re always aware of what you should do next.

Plus, you’ll know how to deal with any unusual findings that may come up.  Also, it features timed sessions, which add another element of realism to these simulations.

Not only do you need to think about treating your patient best, but you also have to figure out when you can take care of your other patients without impacting their health.

3. MDCalc Medical Calculator 

Medical Calculators are important to the modern-day practitioner and have an important function. They are a type of caliper which is used to measure the distance between two points on an object.

Whether it be food or human body parts, these types of measuring tools can help make decisions about your health, from diet to medications.

One of the best iPhone apps for medical students that will help you achieve the most out of your school days is MDCalc – Medical Calculator. This calculator can be found for free on the Apple App Store.

4. Capsule Clinical Case-based Quiz 

Capsule Clinical is a quiz app that medical students design to test clinical knowledge. This innovative take on the traditional board exam allows students to identify what they know and don’t know while still being able to study with their peers. 

Also, it doubles as a leaderboard-type app, so students can find out who has the most points! You can create your own quiz or select a random one that you can even save for offline use.

The app has many different modules that focus on everything from pharmacology to pathology to OB/GYN. 

They update their database of questions weekly, so users never get bored or feel like they’re reading outdated material. The best part? All these features are available for free, meaning it’s accessible to anyone and everyone!

5. Anxiety and Depression Coach 

Anxiety is a mental health issue that has become increasingly more common, affecting more than 18% of people in the US.

There are many ways to manage this condition, and one of the best iPhone apps for medical students to manage stress is called AnxietyCoach. 

It’s a free program developed by one of the country’s leading psychotherapists specializing in anxiety disorders.

When you have a panic attack, you can use it to set a timer for 30 minutes, which will tell you when your attack has been over for that amount of time, and you don’t need to do anything else.

6. Uptodate 

Uptodate has the largest medical app library and is incredibly easy to use. Plus, Uptodate offers multiple types of subscriptions, including unlimited access to all content.

It provides high-yield and jump-packed medical knowledge with a highly detailed index that includes 600+ topics. 

One advantage to this app is that you can set reminders for when you need to take medications or when important tests are coming up.

It also comes with an offline mode which means you can still get your information even if there’s no internet connection available. 

Also, Uptodate has free medical apps that cover everything from basic anatomy to pharmacology. It has more specialized apps like Pocket Medicine Pro (which covers 300+ topics).

7. Todoist app

Most of us have far too many tasks to keep track of. Todoist is among the best iPhone apps for medical students designed to handle that problem. It lets you prioritize, schedule, share and collaborate on tasks with anyone you need to. 

Plus, it provides offline functionality so that you can use the app no matter where you are or what Internet access is available.

Whether you’re a student who needs help with time management or a professional physician looking for an assistant, this app might be the perfect solution.

8. Muscle And Bone Anatomy 3D  

Who knew that an app could teach anatomy so well? Muscles and Bones 3D is, as the name suggests, a 3D interactive anatomy application that covers the muscles and bones of the human body.

All of the muscles are grouped into six regions: Upper Torso, Lower Torso, Neck & Back, Forearms & Hands, Lower Legs And Feet, Upper Legs And Buttocks.  provides a vivid and comprehensive look at the human body. 

Also there’s also a 7th region called Common Anomalies which is just there to highlight some of the anomalies in these areas.

You can rotate around each muscle and bone from every angle possible, zoom in or out with two fingers to see them better and explore all sorts of features like ligaments and tendons.

It’s just amazing how much information they’ve packed into this app! It’s really worth the $2.99 price tag to get access to all this information that would otherwise take months to research on your own.

It’s also free if you have an iPhone 5S or newer (though we recommend getting the newer version since it has better graphics).

9. Human Anatomy Atlas

This interactive app can make studying human anatomy easier, especially if you lack a high-quality anatomy textbook.

Although most of the information is self-taught, this is among the best iPhone apps for medical students, with videos and quizzes available to reinforce what you have learned.

When first downloaded, a tutorial is given so that users can be introduced to the app’s basic functions before getting started. The tutorial teaches about structures such as arteries, veins, and different joints in our body.

It also comprises more than 10,000 3D structures and can zoom, pan, and rotate images. Videos show how these structures function, while animations demonstrate how they work together to create movements. Users can even save their own drawings and annotations in the Anatomy area of the app.

10. Brainscape   

Brainscape is a program that allows you to memorize lists of content such as diseases and medication names.

It lets you decide what type of testing (multiple choice, true or false, etc.) you want, how difficult the content should be and how long it will take to study. You can even hear the facts being said out loud to you.

This is surely one of the best iPhone apps for medical students and is a great way to stay on top of your medical knowledge while on the go! It helps to study vocab words.

It uses word associations and visual images to help with memorization. For example, if you are trying to remember the meaning of liver, alcohol may come up because one symptom of liver disease is a high level of alcohol in the bloodstream. All these tools together can really help students succeed in their studies!

11. Epocrates  

Epocrates has always been one of the go-to medical apps on the phone, but it does have some limitations. Currently, Epocrates’s mobile app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 8.0 or later.

The free app requires an active internet connection to work and contains drug monographs with generic equivalents, interactions, side effects, lab results, dosing information, and more. 

Also, it includes patient information like demographics and height/weight calculations. Provides information from drug interaction checks to in-depth, peer-reviewed disease content and pharmacy calculators. This app has just about everything a student could need.

12. Medscape  

Medscape is also among the best iPhone apps for medical students because it offers more than just medical knowledge.

The app also has an E-Prescribing feature, which helps with controlled substances and offers a virtual note function. This allows you to take a photo of your patient’s chart and include it in the note. 

Additionally, you can sign a discharge summary electronically while at the bedside by connecting to their WiFi. Lastly, a drug look-up tool includes summaries of many drugs.

Features include medical news, drug information and tools, clinical presentations, differential diagnosis, evidence-based medicine links, and therapeutic and diagnostic test options.

Also, journal content from 300 journals, including titles such as JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, and Lancet.

13. PEPID  

PEPID is a medical student’s mobile-first aid companion. The app provides access to all the essential first aid knowledge necessary to deal with any minor health emergency on the go and features more than 100 instructional videos that provide step-by-step instructions on handling various emergencies and diseases. 

In addition, PEPID provides information about healthy habits, covering everything from sleeping well and eating a balanced diet to managing stress levels and staying hydrated.

If you are an aspiring physician or healthcare professional, PEPID is a must-have tool in your personal arsenal of technology.

It also Quickly and easily navigate clinical and drug content, create custom boards with favorite topics, manages medications, and more.

For example, PEPID allows users to create custom boards consisting of their favorite topics; manage medications; add symptoms to help keep track of a patient’s status; view images illustrating common medical procedures; create notes for themselves or their colleagues about specific diagnoses; access expert advice on commonly asked questions via online video Q&A sessions hosted by Harvard Medical School faculty members.

14. Daily Rounds Journal    

Daily Rounds provides a platform to allow users to create and share customized daily rounds templates, journal entries, and patient handouts.

Daily Rounds is among the best iPhone apps for medical students to help them study material and prepare for exam questions.

It includes numerous options so medical students can fit their schedules into the app’s learning structure. One of the most valuable features of Daily Rounds is its ability to connect with Google Drive or Dropbox to save all of your data from within the app. 

Lastly, what makes Daily Rounds different from other apps available on the market today is its ability to have customizable settings. This is because it suits each student’s individual needs.


15. Eponyms app

Eponyms is a medical app that contains information on the first appearance of new, historically important eponyms.

The app lets you view word definitions, synonyms, antonyms, derivations, and etymologies. Also, you can tap on each entry to find related links to additional information about them.

These links take you to medical articles or other websites with additional information about the eponym in question.

Eponyms will be updated regularly to ensure their accuracy and relevance. You can also see when the term was coined by scrolling through the timeline on your home screen. 

Alzheimer’s Disease: Alzheimer’s Disease is a neurological disorder affecting memory, behavior, and language skills.

It is not curable, but medications may help slow down the progression of symptoms. Going into this app as one of the best iPhone apps for medical students can learn more about causes and treatments and details about diagnosis and prognosis for those with it.

16. Micromedex Drug Information  

The Micromedex Drug Information app is among the best iPhone apps for medical students that are useful when managing a patient with multiple medications and drug allergies.

It gives information on over 2,200 drugs and offers an application called Dosage Calc to figure out the dosages of drugs without knowing the math yourself.

However, it only provides limited information about generic medications (5-15% of all prescription drugs), which may not be enough for some practicing physicians who need more comprehensive medication coverage.

This app also can’t be used on devices other than the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Nonetheless, it is available free through iTunes in the medical section under tools.


17. MedCalX  

MedCalX is a mobile medical calculator app that covers the entire field of medicine. The App includes over 400 calculations for medical and surgical professionals, nursing students, and clinical staff. Calculations are available in English and Spanish to meet the needs of our global community. 

Also. the high-quality conversions empower users with instant access to health statistics from the International System of Units (SI) measurements to US Customary (USC) measurements.

This includes metrics used by laboratory professionals, like units of insulin or glucose monitoring equipment. MedCalX comes equipped with conversion scales such as meter vs. feet or grams vs.

18. Simplemind  

for medical students to help them break down all the medical knowledge they learn and avoid information overload.

This is among the best iPhone apps for medical students, with a text-based flashcard that covers a wide range of topics from anatomy to physiology and clinical practice.

They have over 500 different flashcards on this app, and it’s free! It’s also easy to use with simple navigation.

One of the best features of this app is that it has a ranking system that allows you to quickly find what is most important for your exam.

Other versions of this flashcard app are also available, such as SimpleMind Anatomy Cards and SimpleMind Anatomy Flashcards.

19. TeachMe Anatomy  

Many of us have spent countless hours searching the web or leafing through old anatomy textbooks in search of what a particular muscle, bone, or artery looks like.

The TeachMe Anatomy app ($1.99) makes this process much simpler and faster. This is done by providing an interactive digital library that you can use to find information on the human body anytime and anywhere. 

The app is divided into nine separate categories: bones and joints, muscles, head and neck, torso, abdomen, nervous system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system (female), and urinary system (male).

This is perfect if you are studying one subject at a time. There are even YouTube videos where experts in various fields discuss diseases related to specific parts of the body.

This type of advanced medical education will no doubt be invaluable during those long hours of studying late into the night before exams. 

Also, it’s great when they come across something they don’t know outside their field. Such as when they see someone having a heart attack while shopping or on vacation abroad!

20. Visual DX  

It is a diagnostic clinical decision support system that makes it easy to tackle challenging diagnoses in the emergency department.

It takes all of the guesswork out of deciding what you should do next by giving you practical, evidence-based guidance.

It also provides an integrated knowledge base incorporating relevant information from textbooks, guidelines, and authoritative sources into one platform.

Also, it provides support for differential diagnosis, testing, and therapeutic decisions, plus up-to-date reference materials on infectious diseases to surgical techniques.

And this is among the best iPhone apps for medical students. It has been developed with input from practicing physicians who are experts in their fields.

VisualDX even includes an interactive ECG simulation where you can practice interpreting ECGs without putting patients at risk. It’s not only available as a mobile app, but there’s also a Web version too.

21. AirwayEx app

This app allows you to Intubate virtual patients in realistic OR settings. You have limited time to intubate the patient before they become fully unresponsive.

You can then see the effects of your actions by using your fingers as a camera and switching between the oxygen saturation, heart rate, and level of consciousness monitors. An on-screen timer keeps track of how long it takes you to complete the task. 

Other features include quick patient assessment, airway exams with video clips from actual cases, video tutorials with real doctors and medical experts, and quizzes.

This cover all aspects of airway management and reviews from previous users that provide feedback on their experience.

This augmented reality makes practicing your skills while learning new ones fun. More than just an educational tool, Airway Ex is great for anyone interested in this particular field of medicine. It has 4 out of 5 stars with more than 830 ratings. The average rating is 4 stars.


The iPhone has become the staple smartphone in the medical field as doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals use their smartphones to access reference materials and manage their schedules on the go.

With so many amazing apps available, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth downloading, but these best iPhone apps for medical students are must-haves if you’re studying medicine or nursing and on the go!

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