14 Best iPhone Apps for Motorcyclists

Best iPhone Apps for Motorcyclists

The iPhone is one of the most popular devices for motorcyclists. But there are also plenty of apps to help you on your way.

Whether you’re looking to track your bike’s maintenance or keep track of your journey on the road. 

However, these best iPhone apps for motorcyclists will help you out. They’re available both on iTunes and Google Play.

So no matter what device you use, you can enjoy their practical uses and benefits immediately! Plus, there are even more motorcycle-related apps if these don’t appeal to you, so look around!

1. Pirelli Diablo Super Biker

This is one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists and Bikers with special needs, making the app hard to use. The best biker apps are the ones that put your safety first and cater to the biking community.

This app enters this state of perpetual balance easier with this fantastic new city navigation tool. Moreso, you can map out entire bike routes and share them with your friends via email or social media.

If you’re searching for a happy medium between commuter bike tools and fitness monitoring tools.

Then this app is just what you need. This well-rounded app includes maps, driving directions, and even walking navigation!

2. GasBuddy

This app tracks nearby gas stations and alerts you when the price changes, which is great for those of us who are always on the go.

It has maps for every gas station in the city, so you never have to worry about getting lost. 

Nevertheless, the only downside to this one is that there are no live traffic updates. It is a good one with many features, including turn-by-turn directions. And the ability to download maps to use offline. 

However, real-time updates are a great way to discover what’s happening in your area.

That is, on gas prices from different gas stations, accidents, and construction. It offers free analytics tools like a fuel logbook and trip cost estimator. 

Also, there’s a social component where you can share information with friends and family members.

As well as create groups of users based on interests or geographic location. GasBuddy comes free if interested and is one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists.  

3. Harley-Davidson and H-D Connect

Developed in tandem with Harley-Davidson’s advanced Bluetooth connectivity system and one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists.

The h-D Connect app was specifically designed to assist riders by giving them a centralized and convenient place on their smartphone.

Access all of their motorcycle information, including available parking spots, service locations, community events, and more.  

However, Harley-Davidson’s H-D Connect app provides customers with enhanced functionality over some of the industry’s most popular phone applications. Rider Awareness alerts you to nearby police activity via radar readings.

Moreso, Via Local Events gives you nearby meeting places or other events related to your favorite rider organization.

Services help you find dealerships or authorized service locations nearest to your location.

4. Dark Sky

It’s one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists and a weather app with up-to-the-minute weather forecasts. And the best part is it automatically predicts the probability of precipitation at your location.

For example, you’ll know whether to expect rain or not if you head out to the Santa Monica Mountains. 

Plus, it’s free! You can also download Dark Sky for Android if you want to. It can set up voice notifications in the Motorcycle Bluetooth headset about weather changes that may be coming that day.

5. Tom Tom Go Mobile

It features 3D maps that make navigation easier by giving the rider a perspective of the road and surrounding terrain.

There is also a wide range of points of interest, such as gas stations, restaurants, parks, and more. The interface is easy to use, and the app has been optimized for performance on the motorcycle.

Moreso, the app lets riders record all their personal information in case of an accident or emergency. The app also lets you call emergency services directly from your phone. 

Also, it sends custom messages with pre-written content in case you can’t speak due to injury or other reasons.

And stay connected with friends and family using your RoadID profile. It’s one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists.

6. Rever

This app allows them to plan custom trip itineraries with interactive maps and track their speed and distance for every ride.

Then, export data to Google Earth or OpenStreetMap, upload photos from the road and share them with friends. Riders can also choose a music playlist in advance before they leave home. 

Moreso, when the rider returns after stopping at a gas station, they will be reminded of the playlist. So they can get right back into the groove.

It has a fully functional GPS navigation feature and is also one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists. 

And that includes voice-guided directions, estimated arrival time, lane guidance for multi-lane highways, and toll information.

The only downside is that not all routes are included by default, but the Rever app is free. Downloadable map packs are available but may cost extra money.

7. BikerSOS

This amazing app has the ability to detect a crash, contact an emergency contact, and even track your ride. The in-app SOS feature alerts your location so rescuers can find you with live updates on Facebook, Twitter, email, or text message.

However, this is one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists. It is an ideal app for those who generally ride alone and want someone aware of their current status. 

8. Mileage Everlance Mile Tracker 

It is a handy app that tracks and logs your vehicle’s mileage and service history for you. With Motolog, all the data will be in one place. So you can easily see when it’s time to have your bike serviced. 

You also log your motorcycle rides and track how much gas you use. I’ve also been playing with MomentCam (free), which takes photos of me at different points on my ride. And then, I can upload them to Instagram or Facebook. 

However, Mileage Everlance Mile Tracker is an all-in-one vehicle management solution keeping track of motorcycles and cars.

The dashboard offers quick access to key stats about the motorcycle, such as fuel economy, repairs, and maintenance costs. And everything you need to know about your motorcycle in one place. 

And the moment cam feature is cool. Because it snaps photos every few seconds during a drive and then creates a video from those snapshots, it’s basically like getting virtual GoPro footage of your drive!

It is a handy app that tracks and logs your vehicle’s mileage and service history for you. With Mileage Everlance Mile Tracker, all the data will be in one place.

So you can easily see when it’s time to have your bike serviced. It comes free on the App Store.

9. Calimoto

Calimoto is one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists and will help to show you interesting routes to ride. It shows you which roads are the best and where police may be patrolling.

Even a social aspect allows other riders to leave messages of where they’ve seen some good roads.

However, it tells you how many miles away from a gas station or restaurant on your planned route.

And provide an estimated time. It helps you avoid the quickest and shortest route to a more interesting route. 

Plus, it helps with avoiding patrol cops. I like that it has a social component where other riders can leave messages about which routes have been good.

10. Best Biking Roads

It’s one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists and Includes all the normal on-road mapping. As well as off-road mapping, weather, and trail details. 

However, Trail Scout is an awesome GPS and map-based tool for planning rides. It has full offline capability and provides offline maps of National Parks and Forests across America. 

Moreso, this app is great for riders looking to find new trails to explore or keep track of existing ones.

The app shows the mileage, the time it takes to hike, and the total elevation gain.

And other interesting data points about each trial make it easy to know whether or not it’s worth your time.

11. Motorcycle Theory Test

It allows you to spend time answering real theory test questions in preparation for taking your full test.

It will also give you a score on how well you answered the question, which is a great way to monitor your progress.

Therefore, if you are new to riding or have been riding for a while, this app can help you. That is, to refresh on important safety and other legal information before hitting the road.

The included video tutorials cover everything from choosing a motorcycle and gear to maintaining it properly.

12. EatSleepRIDE 

At EatSleepRIDE, we want to make it easier to find safe and fun roads to ride on.

We also want to help you explore new destinations. And find out what great motorcycle-friendly restaurants are in the area.

EatSleepRIDE keeps a database of all motorcycle-friendly restaurants, shops, hotels, and gas stations.

And parking lots around the country so you don’t have to search them all yourself. You can use this app to see if anything special is happening in the area.

13. What3Words

This is one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists for those riding off-grid.

It enables you to use your phone to find any location worldwide by sending a three-word address. These three words are grouped into sets.

So you can always be sure that each set of words will point you in the right direction. You’ll never get lost again! This is a good alternative to Google Maps or apple maps.

Because it won’t cost data on the go and won’t drain your battery as quickly as other mapping services.  

14. Waze

Waze is one of the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists. Your navigation system tells you to turn, but there’s no safe lane in sight. You hold your breath and make the hard left, or do you? 

However, Waze shares live road conditions and update you on any accidents or police traps.

And finds shortcuts that could help shave precious minutes off your commute. Use the app’s voice instructions to navigate safely without taking your eyes off the road. 

Moreso, you can track your mates as they ride, find petrol stations and other attractions. And if it all goes horribly wrong, send out an SOS with just a few taps.


The benefit of using the best iPhone apps for motorcyclists or GPS technology is to navigate your way.

This can be helpful if you’re out on the open road and finding your way through some new territory.

Or perhaps you want to take a new route home instead of following the same old streets daily.

Therefore, get an app if you ride on the open road and don’t want to be glued to your GPS.

That is, you might want to consider downloading one of these best iPhone apps for motorcyclists.

That will help you on the right path, and offer added safety, all with the touch of your phone screen.

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