15 Best iPhone Apps for News

Best iPhone Apps for News

Today’s mobile devices give us instant access to the news and information we crave. And making it possible to get our daily dose of current events at any time, anywhere.

Here are some of the best iPhone apps for news that will help you stay informed on the go.

Moreover, hundreds of thousands of apps are available in Apple’s App Store. And not all of them are worth your time or your hard-earned dollars. 

Therefore, this list of the best iPhone apps for news will show you some of the best apps available. These iPhone news apps will give you access to all information worldwide.

And they won’t drain your bank account at the same time!

1. Instapaper News App

Instapaper is a great app that lets you save articles to read later on any device, including your phone. And it’s one of the best iPhone apps for news; it’s simple and elegant.

But also offers loads of features for those who want to take their reading experience up a notch.

However, Instapaper was created as an internet bookmarking service.

And has since evolved into one of the most popular content readers on all devices. It can be used with various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari to read on computers or iPads. 

Also, you can share articles via Facebook or Twitter and bookmark pages in case you need to revisit them later.

And set alerts so you know when new content is added, when someone replies to your comment, and more.

2. Zinio Magazine App 

Zinio is a great app for reading magazines on your phone. You can download and then sync it to your computer to read them on the device. You can also subscribe to the latest editions (like O or Oprah’s Magazine). 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space with this app. That is because all of the content is stored in their cloud.

One drawback might be that there are not as many new releases as on other apps like iTunes and iBooks.

But there are still plenty of titles available to choose from. Another plus? You can use this app even if you don’t have internet access by downloading magazines before going offline.

3. AP Mobile 

The AP Mobile app is a great choice for those who want all their news in one place. With this app, there are no worries about missing out on any of the headlines. It’s all there in one convenient place and is also one of the best iPhone apps for news. 

Users can also select from four sections: world, U.S., entertainment, and sports. The New York Times Today app delivers content based on location and interests and alerts you to breaking news.

You can also download individual sections like business or politics if that’s what you’re interested in.

4. Pulse App For News

Pulse is a simple, intuitive app that aggregates news from all over the web, which includes major news outlets like CNN, Fox, and New York Times.

You can use Pulse to monitor any topic you’re interested in and get notified as soon as there’s something new. 

Also, it even has the option to make your custom feed with sources of your choice. Some other cool features include personalized recommendations based on what you read.

Then, seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter and an elegant design make it easy to find content. Pulse is available for free on iTunes.


5. Breaking News App

Breaking news is something that a lot of people are interested in, and they want to know what’s happening.

This can be frustrating because it’s not always easy to keep up with breaking news when you’re on your computer. That is, without refreshing your browser every few seconds. 

Besides, social media doesn’t always accurately represent what’s happening. Fortunately, some great apps help you stay up-to-date with breaking news!

6. Inkl

Inkl has been designed to be a personalized news app and one of the best iPhone apps for news. It’s not just an app that gives you a list of headlines and lets you read anyone you want.

Inkl works with your Facebook profile and Twitter account to give you content that is relevant to your interests. 

Also, with Inkl, you never have to worry about wasting time on meaningless stories again! You can use Inkl with Instapaper or Pocket as an RSS reader if you want something more customizable. 

However, Inkl combines news sources from all over the world in one place. And gets rid of the pesky click-bait we always see on social media. 

Instead, Inkl provides quality news articles tailored to your interests based on your social media activity. This sounds like a marketing scheme, but it works well!

7. Reddit

Reddit is a social news aggregation site where users can submit content and vote it up or down. It’s also home to some of the best journalism on the internet. Head over to r/worldnews or r/news. 

For example, you’ll find articles from major newspapers, magazines, and wire services like Reuters, TIME, and Newsweek.

Several subreddits cater to specific interests like history (r/AskHistorians), writing (r/WriterPension), and math (r/math). You can subscribe to any subreddit you choose, so you never miss another post.

8. News Break

News Break is a beautifully designed, well-organized, and straightforward news reader. And it’s one of the best iPhone apps for news.

It has a clean layout that’s easy on the eyes and offers national and international news stories. Its interface is intuitive and can be customized to suit your preferences.

This means you can choose to have just one or many sources at once. You can customize the order of your sources and turn off those you don’t want to see. 

Therefore, you may not find this app as in-depth as others on our list. But it’s perfect if you’re looking for a quick overview of what’s happening in the world today.

9. CNN Mobile 

CNN mobile is one of the best iPhone apps for news. And the app is available in seven languages and features all of the major sections of CNN. Such as Entertainment, Politics, the World, and more. 

In addition, users can find live streaming video from CNN TV on their mobile devices. And even download clips from recent broadcasts to watch later when bandwidth is down. Or when they don’t have an internet connection available.

10. Google News

A mobile platform is a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. Whether you want to know about current events, politics, or sports, then it’s among the best iPhone apps for news.

Google has a dedicated app that keeps you in touch with all these things. Additionally, it aggregates news from various sources and presents them in an easy-to-read format.

Google’s app also includes videos and images related to each story, giving you a full picture of what’s happening.

Whether your interests are local, national, or global, this app is worth downloading to your phone.

11. Flipboard

With its gorgeous magazine-like design, Flipboard takes a fresh approach to news. It’s easy to flip through headlines and articles. Each story is highlighted with a large headline that entices you to read more. 

However, customizing Flipboards means creating different stories feeds, such as your favorite newspapers or blogs.

You can also save stories to read later on your computer or another mobile device. That is with the help of their handy bookmarklet. 

Therefore, you might even find yourself clicking on an occasional story from Facebook or Twitter because it’s so easy to get into a reading mode with Flipboard. And it’s one of the best iPhone apps for news.

12. News360

News360 has a lot of the major media outlets in its app. But it also offers some in-depth content you can’t get anywhere else. This includes exclusive videos, photos, and articles. 

And it’s a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in your world without reading through tons of articles or watching hours of news coverage. And it’s among the best iPhone apps for news.

Also, News360 syncs with your Twitter account so that you can see tweets about any given topic right. And alongside all the relevant information from different sources. 

Therefore, it’s one of my favorite features. Because it helps me feel like I’m not just reading biased information from one source.

13. Feedly App

Feedly is a great app to save articles and news stories you come across daily. And it’s one of the best iPhone apps for news. It offers a variety of categories, such as technology, science, entertainment, health, and more. 

Plus, it’s really easy to use! You just click add on an item you want to save. Then it will be saved in your Feedly account on their website or in your Feedly app. 

Therefore, if you’re unsure how to use this app, there are tutorials on their site with pictures. And Which can help walk you through the process. With its intuitive design, you’ll save content in no time!

14. SmartNews

SmartNews aggregates over 100 top news sources, including CNN, Fox, and Reuters. Each story is read aloud to you with a human-sounding voice and highlighted as it’s being read. When you’re done with one story, just tap on Next Story.

Also, you can download any of your favorite stories to listen to them later offline while you’re out and about.

And if you want to be surprised by what SmartNews selects for you, just hit Surprise Me! And let the app do its thing. 

In addition to the best iPhone apps for news that don’t require an internet connection. It collects content from all your favorite publications in one place, so you never miss anything important again. 

Therefore, if there are no new articles, it’ll tell you that, too, so you know when to check back in! There are many other apps like these, so take time to explore them all!

15. Apple News

If you’re looking for a super simple news app, Apple’s new Apple News is it. It gives you a personalized feed of articles from your favorite publications. And you can customize it to your interests. 

Moreso, it has great features like Up Next which lets you see all the headlines that are coming soon. In order not to miss anything important. And with Breaking notifications, you’ll never miss a breaking story again! 

However, they break up your current browsing session when they come in with a summary of what you missed. Then allow you to get back to reading where you left off. 

And the only downside? You have to be an iOS user to get this app, sorry Android folks! But if Apple devices aren’t your thing, or if you need something more robust than the basic News App. This ends our list of the best iPhone apps for news.


It’s no secret that reading news on your iPhone is convenient. And allows you to keep up with the world while you’re on the go. 

However, there are many different news apps, and it can be hard to know which ones to use! Today, we’ll be looking at some of the best iPhone apps for news available right now.

Ranging from news sources such as The New York Times to specific newspapers and magazines. 

Also, we will give you some tips on how to keep up with the news. And even when you don’t have your phone with you!

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