17 Best iPhone Apps for Night Photography

Best iPhone Apps for Night Photography
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The best iPhone apps for night photography are the ones that you can use to take great pictures at night, whether it’s a cityscape or just your backyard. 

These apps will help you capture those beautiful moments when the Sun goes down and everything turns into a fantastic scene of lights and shadows. 

Many have admired Night mode’s new camera feature since Apple included it in the iPhone 11 series. Finally, it has made it feasible to capture stunning low-light images in total darkness. 

But what if you currently own an older iPhone without Night mode and have no plans to upgrade anytime soon? 

Additionally, you won’t need to spend several hundred dollars to get outstanding Night mode shots; numerous helpful apps are available.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a list of the top 13 best iPhone apps for Night Photography: 

1. Dark Sky Finder

It might be challenging to locate a dark sky on the western globe due to the high levels of light pollution. When using the Dark Sky Finder software, you can overlay a conventional map with a map of light pollution. 

For the best nighttime photographs, this photo enhancement tool efficiently locates the black sky in the surrounding locations. 

View maps of the world’s light pollution and the dots that indicate good shooting locations. White color denotes intense brightness, while black color denotes intense blackness. 

Additionally, Dark Sky Finder provides user reviews, advice, directions, information on costs, parking, camping, bathrooms, sky conditions, and more. 

However, to assist other users, any user can submit a beautiful observation spot, such as a park without strong street lamps, along with a brief description. 

2. NeuralCam

Although NeuralCam is a relatively new product, it has already earned a spot on this list of best iPhone apps for night Photography because it is one of the finest solutions available. 

NeuralCam uses a combination of computational photography and machine learning to enhance your low-light images. 

However, if you keep the phone stable for a certain period, the app will take a set number of frames. 

Then it cleverly combines the frames and brightens the colors using cutting-edge image processing algorithms and machine intelligence, giving you a single high-quality photo. 

Depending on your device, the complete process takes a few seconds. It would help if you held the phone as steadily as you could throughout these brief moments. Therefore, a tripod is advised if possible. 

3. ProCam 7

“ProCam 7” is the first app that springs to mind when discussing the finest camera apps for the iPhone and iPad. 

The camera app has scored an astounding 4.5 stars out of more than 21.5K evaluations, showing how well-liked it is among users. 

Additionally, ProCam 7 does a respectable job in terms of night photography. It enhances the photographs while maintaining their natural hues (to a reasonable extent). 

ProCam is a feature-rich camera app that takes nighttime photos as well. You may acquire all the bells and whistles to take cute selfies and regular pictures. 

To produce superior results, it also uses Deep Fusion or Smart HDR. People who enjoy taking slo-mo photos would be happy to have a slow shutter setting that supports all the available lenses, such as (0.5x, 1x, and 2x). 

Furthermore, ProCam is available for $5.99 and is compatible with the iPhone and iPad (iOS 11 or later). 

Meanwhile, it’s one of the most powerful iPhone camera applications for taking nighttime photos, to put it briefly. 

4. Deluxe Moon

The amount of light that the Moon will reflect in the sky is represented visually by Deluxe Moon. 

This astronomy tool can determine, among other things, whether the chosen shooting time fits with the Moon’s phases. 

You can schedule a photo shoot more effectively and determine whether the Moon is in your favor. I suggest choosing a new or full moon time (you can check it in the app). 

Furthermore, this night sky photography program also has a helpful section on the Moon Parameters. It includes information on the Moon’s current age, the full titles of each moon phase, the exact times of moon phases, ecliptic latitude, and longitude. 

It also includes the time of moonset and moonrise for your location, the percentage of the Moon that is illuminated, and how long the Moon has been in each phase. 

5. Night Camera HD

Night Camera HD is also one of the best iPhone apps for night photography. Furthermore, night Camera HD is an attractive choice for people looking for an app that can take decent low-light night images while also having other intriguing features. 

However, with Night Camera HD, you may manually adjust the light exposure to one second and separately improve the ISO and residual light. 

Due to the prolonged exposure period, you obtain crisp images with less interference and noise. 

Night Camera HD has luminance, luminosity, and RGB histograms so you can determine whether an image might be overexposed or underexposed. It also stores images in high-resolution PNG format. 

Furthermore, a self-timer, different aspect ratios, and a full-screen mode are included. There is a 6x digital live zoom available for those who require it. 

6. NightCap Camera

I have discovered NightCap to be up to the task of taking stunning night shots on the iPhone. Long exposure allows the camera app to take brighter pictures in low light. 

The lengthy exposure is crucial in delivering enhanced motion blur effects and significantly reduced image noise. 

Additionally, the AI-powered software uses automatic focus and exposure adjustments to take great pictures, even in low light. 

The gesture-based adjustment will make it simple for you to adjust the settings if you so choose manually. You can get better pictures of fireworks and moving things using the light trails mode. 

Furthermore, the astronomical options in NightCap Camera that record stars and the Northern Lights have captured my attention. 

7. The Photographer’s Ephemeris

One of the best astrophotography apps is Deluxe Moon, which allows users to follow the Milky Way, the Moon, and the Sun and displays how the light will fall on the earth at any location during the day and at night. 

TPE is available to assist you if you want to learn the most recent information on the Milky Way, Moon, and Sun’s activities for your current position or check the exact placement of the full Moon for the shooting. 

The app provides a graphic representation of the Milky Way in a specific place. Additionally, the Milky Way, significant constellations, and pole stars may all be seen in 3D right on top of the map while using the Night mode. 

8. Cortex Camera

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for night Photography is the cortex camera. Similar to other apps, Cortex makes use of a large number of exposures to produce a single, noise- and distortion-free, high-resolution image. 

Depending on the low light levels, the exposures can last anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds, so you’ll need to keep your phone steady. 

Although unnecessary, a tripod is undoubtedly helpful and is advised if you want the most satisfactory outcomes. 

Other long exposure effects, such as motion blur and soft water, are also possible with the Cortex Camera. 

Furthermore, when RAW data is available, Cortex saves all captured photos, giving you the sharpest and most detailed photographs possible. Additionally, you can switch between full manual controls, ISO priority, and shutter priority. 


9. Go Sky Watch

This star photography program offers quick, easy Star, constellation, and planet search and identification. 

Users need to point up. Finding the stars may be pretty tricky for human vision. Thus Go Sky Watch does it for you. 

Furthermore, app users are “connected” to the sky, and the app displays precisely what you will capture. 

The objects’ names, distances, and light levels will be visible. Furthermore, touch-free identification is a feature of the Go Sky Watch. 

It implies that customers won’t need to keep touching the device to comprehend what they can see in the sky. 

Meanwhile, the network connection is not required—however, automated location identification, fetching Wikipedia information, and Star. 

10. Sol: Sun Clock

This night photography software shows the specific phases of light you travel through during the day based on your present position. 

Sol: The Sun Clock shows complete nighttime, prime time, and daylight. It identifies the beginning and finishing positions of the astronomical, civil, and nautical twilights (sunrise and sunset). 

Additionally, you can modify the app’s settings to receive notifications for certain solar events, such as sunrise or golden hour. 

Meanwhile, the alarm time is automatically adjusted with each change in the days and seasons. 

11. Scope Nights

Scope Nights is also one of the best iPhone apps for night photography. Additionally, scope Nights is one of the most widely used night photography apps, despite having been around for a while. 

The program is frequently lauded for its simplicity, even for new users to understand its features. Scope Nights provides astrophotographers with all the features they require. 

Furthermore, it examines the nighttime climate and shows the precise times and locations of the darkest and clearest sky regions. 

The app also offers stargazing alerts, adjustable stargazing ratings based on your preferences, and a detailed map of local light pollution with designated observatories and dark sky spots. 

Many users like having the option to identify which of their preferred Scope Sites offers the best shooting circumstances.  

12. PhotoPills

With its rich capabilities and ongoing updates, this night photography software for Android and iOS dazzles users. For all astrophotographers, it is a fantastic discovery. 

Additionally, the app’s features operate without any issues. If you’ve only recently begun using PhotoPills and are having some problems, the Academy’s helpful video guides will assist you in solving them. 

You won’t have any trouble using PhotoPills to find the Milky Way. Additionally, this software allows you to compose future photos. 

Additionally, if you use a manual lens for astronomy photography, you can use the calculator to get the appropriate shutter speed for the modified ISO and aperture parameters. 

The software also provides a wide variety of additional beneficial features. 

13. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is also one of the best iPhone apps for night Photography. Among weather websites on the internet, Weather Underground was a pioneer. 

The app is frequently regarded as one of the most reliable sources of comprehensive weather information for diverse locations. 

In addition, it is a weather app for astrophotography that is essential. The program gives localized weather forecasts and collects data from more than 30,000 weather sensors. 

Additionally, the user’s current location, the location of a nearby weather station, wind direction and speed, and low and high temperatures are detected. 

The current temperature, a radar map, and precipitation are all displayed on the home page. Open the app before venturing outside to get timely weather information in an accessible manner. 

14. Luminos

After the initial launch, you might find this program a little confusing. However, you will undoubtedly understand everything in due time. 

The tutorials are extensive compared to other camera apps, so open the app’s menu and check there. Verify your understanding of what to do and the nature of the objects you see by checking them out. 

Furthermore, you can use Luminous for either recreational play or for taking night photos. Let it guide you through the heavens as you take in the majestic constellations, reenact eclipses, or try monitoring meteor showers. 


15. Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam is an excellent app for those who want to capture the Moon and stars at night. It lets you set the exposure time manually. 

This feature makes it possible to shoot long exposures without worrying about the image being blurred. Moreover, Slow Shutter Cam has a built-in timer function.  

You can start the timer when you press the button and stop it when you release it. Additionally, the program offers several useful tools such as a histogram, grid overlay, and focus aid. 

16. Skywatcher Pro

Skywatcher Pro is a powerful astronomical imaging tool. This app includes a full suite of functions, including star charts, planetariums, and sky maps. 

Moreover, it supports both equatorial and polar coordinates. You can easily view the Moon, planets, and stars with the help of this app. It also includes a telescope simulator. 

17. Night Vision Thermal Camera

Last on our list of best iPhone apps for night photography is the Night vision Thermal Camera. Florian Winter created the fantastic night vision software Night Vision Thermal Camera to take high-quality photos in dim light. 

Additionally, night vision, thermal vision, and ultraviolet vision are the three types of vision it offers. Furthermore, it features 10x digital zoom and has an easy-to-use UI.  

It is handy in various scenarios, such as searching for pets that might be hidden in the dark, because it can detect up to one hundred different items. 

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