10 Best iPhone Apps for Parental Control

Best iPhone Apps for Parental Control

If you’re constantly worried that your children are using their phones in unhealthy or unsafe ways, consider downloading one of these iPhone apps to help keep track of their phone usage and ensure they stay safe online. 

And best of all, most of these apps are free! Parents must be aware that these apps can’t protect their children from the dangers they face in real life, but they can help monitor some of the risks posed by the internet and mobile devices.

These are the best iPhone apps for parental control.

1. OurPact  iOS Parental Control

Every parent wants to know that their kids are safe and have some freedom to explore the world, but also feel secure in the knowledge that they’re not going too far.

OurPact is a great way to ensure you’re in control of what your kids do on their phones while still letting them use them as they please. 

Also, when you download OurPact onto your child’s phone, you’ll be able to set up a list of rules with detailed information on how often and when they can use the different apps or features on their device.

You can specify what times of day are off-limits for any app so your child won’t be tempted at bedtime. If there are some apps you don’t want them to use, then this is among the best iPhone apps for parental control to be used too!

2. ScreenTime Parental Control

ScreenTime is one of the most popular best iPhone apps for parental control on the market. Apple released the app in 2019.

ScreenTime allows parents to create a profile and limits how much time their child can spend watching a screen per day.

Parents can also set up geofences or locations where their children are allowed to use their phones, as well as receive notifications when these boundaries are crossed. 

Screen Time is an easy-to-use tool that provides many options for parents who want to maintain control of their child’s screen time without giving them too much freedom.

3. Qustodio iOS Parental Control

Qustodio is the perfect parental control app for iOS. It offers many features that make it stand out from its competitors and provides real value to parents and their children.

Features include monitoring, web filtering, mobile device locking, and content blocking. Plus, the Qustodio team has a history of being responsive to customer feedback which is a huge bonus.

If you’re looking for the best iPhone apps for parental control that will keep your child safe online and give you peace of mind, Qustodio is the one to go with!

4. Kaspersky Safe Kid Parental Control

Kaspersky Safe Kids is among the best iPhone apps for parental control that lets parents have peace of mind by monitoring their children’s online activity.

With the Kaspersky Safe Kid app, parents can block websites, set time limits on when kids are allowed to use their devices, and receive notifications if anything inappropriate is found on the device. 

The best part about this app is that it protects against all types of online dangers, such as cyberbullying, pornography, and other explicit content.

Unlike other parental control apps that don’t protect against all forms of online threats, Kaspersky Safe Kids offers complete protection from any kind of danger that may be lurking around the corner.

5. Mobicip parental Control App

Mobicip is an app designed to provide parental control over your children’s internet activity on their iPhones.

Mobicip was created by the same team who created Kaspersky’s parental control software, so it has much to live up to. The good news is that it is good.

With this program, parents have complete control over what sites their child visits and can block both adult and inappropriate websites with just a few clicks of their mouse. 

This app also allows parents to monitor text messages and telephone calls, and the photos taken on the phone.

If you are looking for the best iPhone apps for parental control with excellent customer service, Mobicip should be at or near the top of your list.

6. NetNanny iPad Parental Control

To ensure your children are safe and secure, you need to know what they’re doing on the internet. NetNanny has provided parents with a way to monitor their kids’ activity online since 1993.

With the NetNanny iPad parental control app, you can access the child’s phone or tablet completely. 

You’ll be able to see all of their text messages and phone calls in real-time, monitor their web browsing habits, view photos from the camera and social media apps, track location information, and even read through conversations from messaging apps like WhatsApp.

This app is an excellent way for parents who want to protect their children from dangers online but don’t have a consistent presence in their lives due to work or other commitments.

7. Boomerang iPhone Parental Control

Boomerang is an app that enables parents to manage their children’s use of their smartphones. It can be used to set a timer or schedule when the phone can be used and when it cannot, such as during homework, bedtime, mealtime, or family time. 

Parents can also monitor what their child is doing on the phone while they’re not around through live monitoring and screenshots.

The app also allows parents to lock apps so that children cannot access them and block and unblock specific websites.

8. Bark Parental Control for iOS

The bark is one of the best iPhone apps for parental control that can be installed on iPhones and iPads to provide parental control, set time limits, and monitor the use of apps.

Bark lets you limit your child’s access to specific apps, keep track of how much time they spend on the phone, or send them a warning when they reach their allotted amount of screen time. 

You can also choose which apps are available to your child. For example, if your child needs to use a specific app only in school or at home, you can enable it only during those times.

9. FamiSafe iPhone Parental Control

FamiSafe is a free app that provides parents with a simple, safe, and effective way to monitor their children’s activity on their phones.

The application provides five different modes of operation: Standard, Stealth, Location-Based, Open View, and Emergency Call.

Standard mode lets parents view messages sent and received as well as the mobile web activity of the child. 

Stealth mode allows you to send real-time alerts and notifications when certain words are entered into the search engine, or messages are sent or received.

Location-based mode sends a notification when the phone moves out of range from an established geographic zone.

10. Spy-phone

Spy Phone is one of the top parental control apps that allows you to monitor texts, calls, and emails. Plus, it has a built-in keylogger to track what websites are visited.

The app is available on iPhones, Android phones and tablets, Macs, and PCs. It also includes an SOS button that alerts your emergency contacts when you’re in trouble. 

These features make this spy phone app stand out from its competitors as one of the best iPhone apps for parental control. One downside:

You must pay monthly service after the 7-day trial period ends (which is still cheaper than most services).


Parents are always looking for new and better ways to monitor their kids’ behavior and whereabouts, whether to make sure they get homework done or know if they’re in bed at night.

But with so many apps out there that claim to help you do those things, how can you tell which ones are reliable and effective? 

This list of the best iPhone apps for parental control will help you choose the right one for your family by presenting you with the top picks in each category based on price, security, and ease of use.

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