19 Best iPhone Apps for Truck Drivers

Best iPhone Apps for Truck Drivers

Download some of the best iPhone apps for truck drivers in the app store, and your next haul will be more profitable and convenient than ever.

Trucking is an extremely lucrative industry and one of the most competitive.

Unfortunately, the lives of truck drivers are growing more difficult due to the proliferation of rules and the rising expectations of their clients.

It is my personal goal to make your challenges a little bit easier.

I also recognized that most truck drivers do not have sufficient time to scroll through websites, so I offered a little assistance in the form of a list of the top applications for truck drivers.

You only need to give the following list a closer look, and you will have more than enough information on the best iPhone apps for truck drivers to make a good choice.

Best iPhone Apps for Truck Drivers

1. Trucker’s Digest

The Trucker’s Digest app is a free resource that truck drivers can utilize.

This application, which originates from the magazine Trucker’s Digest, gives all the information relevant to a truck driver’s life while on the road.

There are interviews with hundreds of truck drivers who share their experiences to keep the country moving forward.

In addition, the best iPhone apps for truck drivers provide drivers with information updates from the trucking sector, enabling drivers to remain current.

Trucker’s Digest also contains the knowledge you require if you are looking to advance your career by gaining access to recruiter connections and employment information.

This digital magazine’s straightforward layout and welcoming interface make it very simple to navigate and utilize.

This program will satisfy your urge to keep up with the newest developments in your field, whether sitting around doing nothing or simply needing to fill some time.

In addition, this resource can give you the knowledge necessary to become a professional truck driver.

2. Trucker Path ELD Pro

Keeping track of the hours you’ve worked might be challenging, especially if you’re using paper to record the information.

So, transition to digital logbooks and improve your hours of service tracking with Trucker Path ELD Pro.

Developers developed this helpful tool to streamline your job and make recording service hours easier for you.

The electronic notebook is incredibly straightforward and uncomplicated to operate.

Additionally, it is reliable in keeping you compliant with DOT and FMCSA regulations.

This software has several capabilities, such as electronic document delivery, a post-DOT inspection report, and DVIR. Thanks to all of these features!

In addition, the Trucker Path ELD Pro comes with several useful functions, including a GPS tracker, a violation warning system, a fuel tracker, and even vehicle diagnostics.

In addition, it is complete with a fleet management system, roadside inspection, and, naturally, hours of service.

3. Trucker Tools

Another app on the list that is fast-rising among the best iPhone apps for truck drivers in the marketplace is Trucker Tool.

This is an essential piece of equipment that every professional truck driver should have on the road.

This is helpful software that not only allows you to plan your trip but also enables you to locate a premium load and book it.

In addition, it enables you to identify fuel pricing that is efficient and cost-effective, as well as truck stops along the route that engineers designed with efficiency in mind.

The Loads icon, which comes with the Trucker Tools app, allows you to book loads straight from your mobile device.

Thanks to the Book-It-Now option, which provides 24/7 load booking, you won’t have to worry about other drivers preventing your truck from going.

However, before you commit to scheduling a cargo, you should always check the rate that the broker is willing to pay.

You can access other useful features through Trucker Tools, such as Truck Washes, which can provide you with information regarding nearby truck washes;

Truck Stop Guide can provide you with information regarding available truck stops along the route, Rest Areas, Medical Care, and even Walmart finder.

4. Drivewyze

How about avoiding the need to stop at the weigh stations to save time? Drivewyze is a multifunctional app developed specifically for Android and iOS smartphones.

It works effectively to detect weigh stations in the surrounding area and sends alerts to drivers when they are two miles away from the next one. You will save time and money by doing things in this manner.

The best iPhone apps for truck drivers not only alert drivers when they are approaching weigh stations but also alert drivers when there are mobile inspection sites along the route.

You will receive a notification from the app to either go around the block or pull in when your truck is one mile away.

But, not to worry—more than 35 different state law enforcement agencies have given their stamp of approval to this application.

Drivewyze offers a free trial period of thirty days. Please participate in the hassle-free registration and observe how it alters your time spent behind the wheel.

Subscribe to this service if you believe using this software will help you save both time and money. In that case, the trial will not be automatically extended.

5. Trucker Path

Trucker Path GPS & Maps is a wonderful option to consider if you are interested in downloading a trucker app with millions of users.

Due to its adaptable core features that deliver great life on the road, this application has quickly become one of the best iPhone apps for truck drivers.

The application not only includes a GPS that guides your journey, but it also includes a variety of other functions, such as weigh stations, truck breaks, and parking availability.

Additionally, you can derive certain advantages from It, which encompasses all that you require for a productive drive in a truck.

6. Truckers Delight

Rather than wasting your time doing nothing, why not play a fun game? The application Truckers Delight is fantastic for truck drivers.

The game’s protagonist is a lone truck driver who embarks on a journey across the United States. Experience the stress-relieving effects of an adrenaline rush while chasing a blonde bombshell and discover how it makes you feel.

Its retro graphics give the impression that you are taking part in a game developers created many years ago. Bonuses, in addition to that fantastic soundtrack, are yours to enjoy!

This is one of the best iPhone apps for truck drivers to have fun and laugh off to relieve stress during and after work.

7. KeepTruckin

KeepTruckin is an essential component in the logistics chain that links trucking fleets to their respective dispatchers and home offices.

This application makes it simple for truck drivers to speak with the dispatchers in charge of their routes and send their current live location to the dispatchers at any time.

Because of this, their business is safe for truck drivers and is open and honest with their consumers.

The days when you had to fill out manual logbooks, which truckers affectionately refer to as “comic books,” are long gone.

Since the introduction of electronic logs, the trucking business has progressed technologically.

In the event of an accident, KeepTracking assists in determining who is genuinely responsible for the collision.

This app is now the ELD system with the highest rating available on the app market, and it is employed by over 40,000 businesses to benefit their 500,000 drivers.

In addition, the KeepTruckin app has a variety of cutting-edge capabilities, such as document management and messaging, proactive violation notifications, vehicle inspection reports, and task recaps.

8. Fuelbook

One of the best iPhone apps for truck drivers is Fuelbook Drivewyze because it makes it easier to avoid fuel overcharging, one of the most common causes of financial loss in the logistics industry.

Through Fuelbook, truck drivers receive recommendations regarding the gas stations in their area with the most affordable fuel pricing.

When you create a route, you can view on the map all of the truck stops along the route and the costs of the fuel they sell.

Fuelbook’s most valuable capabilities include but are not limited to nationwide diesel prices, fuel discounts, available parking status, live news and alerts, fuel card, truck repair search, and much more.

In addition, the Fuel Book smartphone app claims to include information on gasoline prices from more than 7000 truck stops located throughout the country.

9. iExit

The iExit app can be similar to the enhanced version of the Fuelbook app. In the same way that Fuel Book displays the gas stations in the surrounding area, iExit Trucks does the same thing for any destination along the road that could be useful to you.

When a truck driver opens the app near any crossroads in the United States, the app provides recommendations and map pinpoints for various businesses along the highway.

These businesses include restaurants, gas stations, motels, banks, hospitals, and toll booths.

The application displays a variety of attractions like truck parking, playgrounds, WiFi hotspots, and a great deal more. iExit is essentially a trucker-specific version of Google Maps.

The software’s accessibility places it among the top contenders for the title of best trucker’s GPS app of the year.

10. Next Trucking

One of the best iPhone apps for truck drivers that can make your life easier. It assists drivers in finding loads more easily and makes good on its promise to make shipping freight a breeze.

The truck-centric app functions like a freight marketplace, enabling professional drivers to raise their profits while streamlining their work.

This software is laden with features, such as trip bundling technology, which dramatically reduces the number of kilometers driven without passengers.

You will also find an Available Loads option, which simplifies viewing the many loads, allowing you to select the one that best meets your requirements.

One of the few trucker apps available, Next has a conversation function. Navigate to the support center within the application to obtain solutions to any problems you may be having.

This program supports a total of three languages so that you can communicate with ease. You can set the app to operate in Spanish, Chinese, or English.

11. TransParking

One of the best iPhone apps for trucker drivers applications, TransParking displays the locations of truck parking facilities closest to the user.

In addition, it displays empty spaces for truck parking along the route and enables users to report when those spaces are occupied, allowing other drivers to utilize such spaces.

You will also get access to the amenities that are present at the location, such as the restrooms, showers, and wireless internet.

The database of the best trucker app is up to date with the assistance of the app’s sizable community, which contributes regularly.

More than 60 thousand active users can discuss existing parking lots, provide feedback on newly opened lots, and rank parking spots.

In addition to that, TransParking possesses additional advantages, such as the capability to locate parking spaces according to your requirements.

This software will help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a truck stop with the gas station you require or a list of your favorite restaurants.

Then, join the vast online community of truck drivers and share your knowledge with the rest of the group.

12. TruckChat

You might want to message other truck drivers without letting them know who you are.

TruckChat is one of the best iPhone apps for truck drivers that you should put on your iPhone because it has the potential to be the most useful.

It enables you to publish and view messages in the travel while maintaining your anonymity, allowing you to talk on any subject, such as the availability of parking or freight.

This app for truck drivers is really easy to use. Once you have it loaded on your phone, there is no need to sign up with emails or log in; you will automatically be with other users.

So, you are free to begin posting, reading messages, or interacting with other drivers at any time.

The best part is that there is zero cost associated with using this service.

Why should one maintain their anonymity? Because the app lets you concentrate more on the content of the conversation than the people using it.

In addition, choosing to publish under a false identity gives you more freedom when responding to the inquiries of others.

Finally, TruckChat has a user-friendly UI, making it very simple to use, which is an added plus.

13. Highway Weather

If there is one thing that has the potential to make your vacation difficult, it is the weather.

Highway Weather is one of the finest trucker apps because it provides the necessary weather forecast information before you set out on your trip.

This allows you to be more prepared. In addition, when you are familiar with the forecast, organizing a lengthy trip will be much simpler.

It will present every piece of information in a format that is easy to understand because of the streamlined user interface, which ensures convenient access.

In addition, highway Weather has many features that are completely free to use.

For example, this program allows you to organize trips of an indefinite length, which is one of its many features.

In addition, it notifies you of impending severe weather along the route, provides global weather forecasts, and allows you to add rest stops along the way.

This software can offer you weather forecasts for any location, regardless of location. And if you are having trouble deciding when to leave, it will make some suggestions.

14. GPS for Truckers

Finding a route suitable for trucks can be difficult, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the area.

But don’t worry because this program has been developed specifically for truck drivers to make truck routing straightforward.

Even when big weights are in the back of the vehicle, you may travel safely because of this feature.

Programmers developed these best iPhone apps for truck drivers with productivity and safety as their primary concerns.

This app’s built-in GPS navigation system will assist you in steering clear of low bridges and routes off limits to commercial vehicles.

Not to mention the fact that it will also calculate the distance and provide a route that will save you both time and gasoline.

Select a profile setup that corresponds to your truck before you go on your trip with this app.

For example, the length of the truck, its height, its width, and its weight should all be in check.

In addition, you need to provide detailed information on the items you are transporting.

Therefore, GPS For Truckers can give the optimal route for your truck depending on its characteristics.

15. GasBuddy

Download GasBuddy to locate nearby gas stations and check the going rate for gasoline in different parts of the country.

The app displays the rates you will be charged at gas stations close to you, allowing you to compare prices and locate the best discounts while traveling.

In addition, GasBuddy provides its users with a trip cost calculator, a station outage tracker, a gas price map, and a diary to keep track of their gasoline transactions.

As a result, the trucking community can download and utilize this app for very little cost.

16. Spotify

While you travel, put on some of your favorite albums or podcasts to listen to. You can download Spotify’s mobile application for free or for a fee.

You can create your own playlists or listen to ones that Spotify has created based on artists, musical genres, or feelings.

Spotify can also create personalized daily mixes and discovery playlists based on the music you’ve listened to previously.

It is one of the best iPhone apps for truck drivers who want to feel connected through music to calm the body after stress.

17. The Weather Channel

The weather will impact your driving abilities and may cause your projected arrival time to shift.

With the smartphone app for The Weather Channel, you can get up-to-the-minute forecasts regardless of where you are.

This tool is useful for truck drivers in making preparations for extreme weather.

You can easily view radars and forecasts with the Weather Channel app, which will allow you to get prepared. There is no charge

18. My Fitness Pal

It might be challenging to eat healthfully while traveling. However, apps such as My Fitness Pal allow truck drivers to keep track of their meals and activity levels.

You can use the app to track what you eat and then use the app’s nutritional analysis to help you plan future meals or make better decisions when dining out.

My Fitness Pal enables you to log food by scanning barcode labels or selecting products from its database, which includes various meals from restaurants and fast food businesses.

You can choose items by typing in the name of the food item.

19. Rolling Strong

Rolling Strong is a mobile application developed for the health and well-being of professional truck drivers.

It’s just like carrying around your own personal trainer in your pocket.

This mobile application for truck drivers provides on-demand wellness advice and guided training routines that truck drivers can use throughout traveling.

Additionally, rolling Strong allows you to track your entire health by logging your eating, drinking, and sleeping patterns and facilitating exercise and education.


Your experience behind the wheel of a truck should be able to be enhanced by using the best iPhone apps for truck drivers.

Installing these apps will make your life easier when you’re on the road.

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