12 Best iPhone Apps for Wallet to Keep Your Money Safe

Best iPhone Apps for Wallet

There are many ways to keep your hard-earned money safe when you’re out and about, whether in cash or on a debit or credit card.

But what if you’re using your phone? That’s why we created this list of the best iPhone apps for wallet, just for you!

Meanwhile, using your phone may be cool, but it can also be risky. Especially now that it doesn’t seem like there are any particular safety apps out there (at least not that we could find).

But not to worry; as long as you are right here, reading this blog, we’ve got you covered!

This list of the best iPhone apps for the wallet to help keep your money safe and secure while you’re on the go is enough for you. 

1. Amazon Store Card

The best way to keep your money safe is by taking it with you. And the best way to do that is with a mobile wallet app.

These apps allow you to store all of your credit, debit, and bank cards in one place so that you can have them with you at all times.

Though the word mobile implies that these are only good for on-the-go purchases, regardless, they’re useful for much more than just buying things at the store.

For example, some of these apps allow you to make payments through their service or even order delivery without having access to cash or a card. 

Going further, if you have an Alexa device, purchases can be made hands-free. You don’t even need to open the Amazon Pay app.

Instead, you have to say, Alexa, buy this, and she’ll purchase anything from books to clothes for you with your linked account. 

In short, the Amazon Store card is one of the best iPhone apps for wallet because it is easy to use, has good security features, and doesn’t need an account.

It is also easy for merchants to get set up with Amazon store cards. 

2. Facebook Pay/ Meta Pay

The Facebook Pay app now called meta pay is the second on our list of the best iPhone apps for wallet, is a great way to make and receive payments on the go.

It’s available for iOS, Android and desktop, so you can use it on whichever device you’re using at the moment.

Also, you can connect your debit card or credit card to your account. So when you want to send or receive money, you don’t need to enter any information manually. 

Just find the person in your contacts list, click their name, and then choose what they owe you. You’ll also be able to see all of your transactions in one place with a beautiful chart.

This shows how much money has been sent or received over time. So it’s easier than ever before to monitor where your money is going!

3. Walmart Money Card

Walmart Pay is a wallet app that you can use at Walmart. You can just scan the code when you check out, and it will automatically pull up your card information, charge your purchase and send a receipt. The best part? It’s free! 

And if you happen to lose your phone or need to get a new one, Walmart money card has an extra feature for that too.

All you have to do is download their mobile app on any device, and you’ll be able to recover any of your cards.

Plus, this app also supports Apple Pay so that you won’t miss out on the most popular and best iPhone apps for your wallet!

4. Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the best iPhone apps for wallet for those who want to keep their money safe. It’s easy and convenient, just like Apple Pay, but with a few key differences that might make it your new favorite mobile payment app. 

Besides, Google Pay can be downloaded on your iPhone from the App Store and does not require a credit card or bank account.

This makes it super user-friendly for people who would rather keep their financial information private. It also allows you to store multiple credit cards in case of emergency, so you won’t be caught without cash when you need it most.

5. Apple Pay 

Apple Pay has taken off significantly over the last few years, with many people using it as their only payment method.

In fact, there are now more than five million Apple Pay transactions each day. If you’re not using this app yet, consider it as it is one of the best iPhone apps for wallet today.

Plus, it’s much safer than carrying cash or credit cards, and it’s also a lot more convenient because you don’t have to carry anything other than your phone.

The best thing about Apple Pay is that once you set up your account with this app, you can use it just about anywhere.—Even at your favorite coffee shop.

So if you want to start paying for things with your phone instead of cash or credit cards, consider downloading Apple Pay today!

6. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular and best iPhone apps for wallet. Specifically, it is made for anyone who wants to store their money safely and securely. Paypal is best used as a way to send and receive money from friends, family, or co-workers.

To use it as your wallet app, you’ll need to link a debit card or bank account with your PayPal account. Once this is done, you’ll be able to send money via text message or email easily.

7. Dashlane

If you are looking for the best iPhone apps for wallets with many security features, then Dashlane should be on your list of apps to try out.

With Dashlane, you can store all of your passwords and other important information inside the app. In fact, you may never have it stored on the phone where anyone can access it.

8. Venmo 

If you’re not using Venmo, you’re missing out on one of the best iPhone apps for wallet; basically, the best way to send and receive money.

Another great app for storing your money is Venmo; Venmo stores your money in a virtual wallet. So you can send money or pay with it anytime without needing your card or cash. 

A popular money-transferring app that links directly with your bank account, Venmo allows you to quickly and easily send cash from your phone.

Though this might sound like a bad idea for those who are already dealing with debt or credit card bills, it’s actually an affordable way to pay for goods.

Also, it’s incredibly secure since all transactions are done through a third party that doesn’t store any of your personal information.

Plus, if you get a new phone or lose yours, all of your information can be found in another Venmo user’s account. –So long as they have permitted to sync their account with Facebook Connect.

9. Chase Mobile

Chase Mobile is the perfect app for managing your finances on the go. You can get account balances, transfer money, and make payments with just a few taps of your finger.

Chase Mobile also helps you track how much you spend in different categories and how much cash you have on hand. 

Plus, it’s easy to set up: download the Chase Mobile app and enter your username and password. Then select which accounts you want to be synced with the app.

Get instant access to your credit card transactions, banking history, and spending trends without having to log into a computer first! Undoubtedly, this is one of the best iPhone apps for wallet that is equally stress-free!

10. Capital One Wallet

Available on both iOS and Android, Capital One’s wallet app is available for free. The app lets you take a picture of your credit card or use your camera or scanner to upload a card. You can also scan in your driver’s license or ID with the app’s built-in scanner. 

When you first open the app, it’ll ask what type of card you want to use – MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, Diners Club Card – then ask for your name and expiration date.

With this information entered into the application, all future transactions will be made automatically so there won’t be any need to type in numbers manually.

Without mincing words, Capital One Wallet is one of the best iPhone apps for wallet; a safe way to store your money. It’s free and easy to use and lets you deposit checks from your phone.

You can also pay on the go with a debit card or PayPal account – anytime, anywhere. And it’s backed by Capital One, so you know it’s secure.

11. Wallethub

It’s important that you find a wallet app that suits your needs, so we’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone apps for wallet.

One of them is Wallethub; it has an easy-to-use interface and many features that can come in handy. If you’re looking for something more basic, try the WalletHub iPhone.

This does not have many bells and whistles, but it gets the job done. Additionally, the app lets you take a  picture of your card, then offers up all the pertinent information.

Especially about what type of card it is and how much money you have left on it. If necessary, you can add extra cards to the app (think rewards cards or gift cards). 

Plus, you get real-time notifications when charges or withdrawals on any card are added to the app. So no matter where you are or what device you’re using, you’ll always know how much money you have.

12. Cash App

It’s no secret that cash is still king. But if you’re like most people, cash is also a liability. It can be stolen or lost and is not always accepted for payment. That’s where cash apps come in. 

Cash apps are mobile money transfer services that let you deposit cash from your bank account into an app on your phone.

This lets you send and receive money with just a few taps. The best iPhone wallet app is the one you have on hand when you purchase. 

Cash apps are good for everyday purchases such as coffee and lunch, but there are many other great ones out there too. To end, the Cash app is the last but not least of the best iPhone apps for wallets on our list!


You can’t leave the house without your phone, which means you can’t leave the house without your cash and credit cards.

The best iPhone apps for wallet will keep that money safe as you go about your day. So you never have to worry about misplacing your physical wallet again. 

Use these best iPhone apps for wallet to avoid being pick-pocketed or otherwise scammed out of your hard-earned cash and credit cards.

You don’t have to feel like your valuables are at risk all the time with these apps on your phone!

With so many different options out there, it can be difficult to decide which app to use when it comes to your wallet. The key is finding the perfect balance between security and convenience that works best for you.

Today, we took a look at some of the best iPhone apps for wallet on the market so you can find yours. We are sure you made the best choice already from our list above.

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