17 Best iPhone Apps for Writers in 2023

Best iPhone Apps for Writers

There are a great number of best iPhone apps for writers that will assist you in the process of drafting and revising your documents.

On the other hand, picking the finest writing apps for the iPhone can be a genuine problem in and of itself.

And instead of wasting time worrying about which app to purchase or test out, your time is almost always better spent writing.

Because of this, we have gathered a list of the best iPhone apps for writers currently available for iPad and iOS.

Keep in mind that Apple Notes is a wonderful, cost-free option, and it syncs beautifully across all Apple devices.

But what if you’re looking for something more? If you use an iPhone to write your next book, blog post, or article, then you should try these apps.

Best iPhone Apps for Writers

1. ProWritingAid

The editing process of this program is somewhat more integrated than that of Grammarly, even though it is frequently contrasted with Grammarly.

As a result, the program from ProWritingAid tends to improve the flow of your writing, even though it still draws attention to severe faults.

For example, as an illustration, it lessens the use of filler words and passive voice rather than focusing on the finer points of grammatical construction.

In the analysis section of ProWritingAid, you will also find other fascinating features, such as self-generated data regarding word use, phrase structure, and plenty more.

You will be able to identify which terms you overuse, which areas of your writing are inconsistent, and how you may more readily link your ideas with the help of ProWritingAid.

In general, this is one of the best iPhone apps for writers tool that will assist you in improving the overall quality of your writing (albeit you have to pay to access the full capabilities).

2. iMindMap

The process of writing starts with the development of a strong concept. Every single thing that you write originates from a single concept, be it a word, a person, a location, or something else.

When you try to find out how to develop your idea and create it into a whole, it will become challenging at this point; however, iMindMap has a solution for this problem that you can use.

Utilizing this program, you will be able to map your brain as well as your creative processes. To illustrate the development of a thought process, you can build complex flowcharts starting from a straightforward foundation.

For example, suppose you’re a writer who has difficulties keeping all of your thoughts organized. In that case, iMindMap provides a terrific method for converting them into a cohesive structure so that they may be used together.

3. Hemingway

Hemingway is not only among the best iPhone apps for writers but also an intellectual tribute to one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century; it is an absolute necessity for any writer who appreciates writing things that are shorter and more pleasurable.

The pure prose base app critiques the length of a phrase, the usage of the word, passive voice, and adverbs, as well as some other fundamental aspects that can make or break a single portion.

The software employs different colored highlights to guide you in trimming the space in each region and determining the reading level of the text, both of which are done to ensure that the audience you are aiming for is the appropriate one.

4. Plottr

Plottr was developed with one primary goal in mind, which is to assist you with outlining and plotting your writing.

On the other hand, Scrivener and Ulysses are more general-purpose writing apps. Therefore, Plottr is the app you should use if you are someone who writes stories.

This tool assists you in rapidly building your scene, plots, and acts, and the in-built interface lets you arrange, rearrange, color-coordinate, and filter the content until your story begins to flow and makes sense to you. Writers can use it on a Mac and an iOS device, and the price is a flat $25.

5. Squibler

Squibler is a slick new tool that will assist you in writing faster while enhancing your creativity. In addition, it acknowledges that finishing and publishing drafts are significantly more involved processes than simply composing them in the first place.

So the software is developed to assist with any tasks. And this is how it affects the delicate nature of things. The purpose of Squibler is to make it less difficult for you to organize your writing in a clear and concise way.

Squibler does this by giving you access to a variety of tools that will assist you in saving, organizing, tracking, and inspiring all of your research and ideas in a location that is both secure and easily accessible.

6. Pages

While Apple’s Pages application may not be as widely used as Google Docs, it offers access to a higher quality of content.

In addition, the ability to write outstanding documents serves as the company’s calling card pages. This places it among the best iPhone apps for writers worldwide.

By providing a wide variety of pre-designed templates and control options, Pages makes it easy to build virtually any form of document and gives it a unique appearance.

7. Byword

The application can read any of your text files on any Apple device. Byword is one of the more recent apps you can download onto an iPhone.

In addition, the application can open any text files you have saved on any Apple device, including the Mac, the iPhone, and the iPad.

Using this writing tool, you can make changes to your documents even when you do not have internet access. In addition, the application can convert files into PDF and HTML formats, which facilitates editing.

Another reason people consider it one of the best iPhone apps for writers is that it allows you to multitask while using it.

Byword allows you to split your screen, enabling you to switch between documents more rapidly when necessary. In addition, your eyes will feel less strain when you switch to dark mode.

8. Notebook

You also can scan documents using this software, giving you a digital duplicate of anything you scan. Zoho, the firm that designed Notebook, may be found online.

This is one of the most powerful writing programs for the iPad, and it excels in almost every aspect. Even in 2016, it was recognized as the “Best App of the Year.”

You may use Zoho to create and edit spreadsheets, documents, and PDFs just like you would with a conventional word processor. The program even allows you to scan papers, giving you a digital duplicate of anything you scan.

You may save your work to iCloud and then access it from any device that uses the Apple operating system. One of the iPhone‘s most notable and useful free writing apps is called Notebook.

9. Simplenote

You can connect your Simplenote account to your various social media profiles and share your notes with the people in your networks.

An excellent writing program that will help you knock out your writing projects in a hurry is Simplenote.

Typing, recording your voice, and recording movies are just some of the capabilities for which users can use this program. If you prefer reading material in its purest form, it serves you well.

In addition, you may modify the size of the text and color, as well as change the font. You can also create reminders.

In addition, you may connect your Simplenote account to your other social media profiles and then share your notes with the people you know. You can access Simplenote by using a web browser on your computer.

Although this program is incompatible with Bluetooth, it can sync with iCloud, allowing you to share documents across several devices. Regrettably, it does not synchronize with Dropbox any longer.

This has been one of my go-to applications for taking notes for the past few years. But instead, I’ve been using notes on my iOS device lately. Having said that, both are good options.

10. Notability

This application is fantastic for professionals, as well as for students and teachers. The iPhone software is known as one of the best iPhone apps for writers. When it became available, this software was so popular that people gave it the “Editor’s Choice.”

Students, instructors, and working professionals can benefit from this software. It offers a user interface that is straightforward to understand.

You can use the Notability app to safeguard sensitive notes with a password so that only you can access them. This app even allows you to sign important documents digitally.

The capacity to take multiple notes at once is what makes Notability so popular. Because of this, you can view two documents side by side and work on them simultaneously.

Along with many additional personalization possibilities, there is also a tool that counts words.

11. Evernote

This application is intended to assist you in eliminating distractions so that you may concentrate on the activities that are most vital to you.

Evernote is currently one of the most popular writing applications available for the iPhone. People developed this application specifically to assist you in overcoming distractions and concentrating on the activities that are most important to you.

Evernote’s primary purpose is to facilitate the organization of your files and the dictation and transcription of your notes. In addition, Evernote has a built-in forum where you and your friends can discuss problems and share ideas.

In addition, you can annotate PDF files, synchronize Evernote across all your devices, and gain access to a substantial amount of storage space. People consider it one of the best iPhone apps for writers to organize files.

12. Goodnotes

You’ll always be able to find what you need in Goodnotes, thanks to its comprehensive search capabilities.

One of the best iPhone apps for writers that people also consider is Goodnotes. Its vector engine allows you to write fluidly and precisely on the screen.

In addition, you can immediately take up where you left off because of the fact that everything in Goodnotes is searchable.

The iCloud can be synchronized with your documents when using Goodnotes. After then, you’ll be able to access them on various devices. You may even draw directly on the app itself with the help of a form tool.

13. OneNote

This program allows you to create various things, including words, doodles, and more. OneNote, a popular program originally developed by Microsoft, is now available for use on the iPhone.

You may create various things using this software, including words, doodles, and more. This program even allows you to rapidly scribble down ideas you wish to keep in mind for the future.

OneNote’s popularity stems from its enabling users to modify their texts, make voice notes, save photographs, and even take videos.

This program is available for use by everyone, even though OneNote contains several advanced capabilities designed specifically for business users.

14. Ulysses

Another one of the best iPhone apps for writers on our list is Ulysses. At first glance, Ulysses and Scrivener appear to be comparable;

however, more research reveals that these two writing programs are not comparable due to their vastly different backgrounds, experiences, and interests.

For example, in Ulysses, you might write # to construct a header or > to establish a block quotation. This indicates that it is not manual formatting but a “Markdown,” which is an abbreviation for “text markup language.” Ulysses is a very conventional piece of software for writing.

Although it is not an erasable marker like Scrivener, it will be easy for you to keep organized because it has the potential for split views, keyword labeling, and progress tracking.

Additionally, your projects will be lined up nicely in the sidebar—one of the best iPhone apps for writers and the iPad.

15. Scrivener

A great number of individuals believe that Scrivener is among the best iPhone apps for writers in a variety of specific respects.

Scrivener stands out from other writing tools in several ways, but its versatility is the most notable of these differences.

You may write everything from screenplays to book reports with the assistance of Scrivener. No difference what you write, you will have access to its astonishing capabilities, which permit you to alter, analyze, and dictate everything you write in the notepad application, even if it will never be beneficial to you.

Scrivener allows you to keep track of your research and project notes while you are writing, and after you finish your work, you can compile all of the information that goes into your project and add it to a Word or PDF document.

16. Storyist

Storyist provides a great foundation for developing novels, and the program shines in creating screenplays and stage games.

When you first begin working on a new project, you select action, characters, and dialogue using a script template that is very easy to understand.

It guarantees that the format is applied properly and that you are aware of the items you use so that you remember to switch between scenes.

Screenwriters who need powerful visuals to finish their work will find the sidebar tabs helpful because they allow them to organize their characters, settings, and pictures.

However, the Storyist app could be more sophisticated for the following reason: it is vital and inexpensive for beginners, and it provides just the right amount of formatting expertise to make you feel like a brand-new Hollywood lover.

17. iA Writer

When you want to write without being interrupted by other things, iA Writer is precisely what you need.

This software may have a simple appearance, but it has quite a few features that make to become one of the best iPhone apps for writers in the marketplace.

Its simple text layout gives you a clean canvas on which to write anything you need, and it comes packed with tons of good text-editing capabilities that enable you to manage your work successfully.

Reviews frequently make the connection between iA and Ulysses because Markdown is also utilized to format.

The iA, on the other hand, is more accurate and integrates itself into your display more naturally. Moreover, this straightforward writing style works well with the objective of the iA, which is “to maintain your attention while you write.”


You do not need to be concerned about your ability to write; you only need an app that runs on your iPhone and is customized to operate precisely with your particular writing mode.

You are free to select any of the best iPhone apps for writers from the above choices to make the most out of your time spent writing.

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