21 Best iPhone Apps for Babies

Best iPhone Apps for Babies

Looking for the best iPhone apps for babies? We have given full details on different types of the best iPhone apps to make your baby happy.

Children growing up in today’s technological world have a predisposed interest in modern electronics.

As parents, you should make the most of this opportunity to assist your child in acquiring foundational skills while having fun learning new things.

Although it is essential to restrict the amount of time your child spends in front of a screen and the amount of time they have access to technology, providing your child with the appropriate tools can positively influence their growth.

We have put together a list most useful applications for toddlers that are available for iPhone.

Best iPhone Apps for Babies

1. Math Kids

Your child will be able to swiftly pick up skills like counting and number recognition with the help of this stunningly designed arithmetic software.

It is an excellent activity for children in preschool and kindergarten to begin learning addition and subtraction.

It includes a ton of entertaining minigames that will pique children’s interest and help them develop their mathematical skills. These make it one of the best iPhone apps for your babies.

In addition, there are several features that parents can use to monitor and keep track of their child’s development.

Price: Free

2. Farm Animals and Animal Sounds

One of the best iPhone apps for babies is farm animals and sounds. This program can engage your child with its wide selection of jigsaw puzzles, animal sounds, and memory activities.

On-screen, the puzzle pieces are huge and simple to manipulate in any direction. In addition, animal pictures are cute and intended to put a smile on a child’s face.

In addition, a parental gate prevents youngsters from leaving the app or unintentionally completing purchases. You won’t have to pay anything to try it, but additional puzzle packs will cost you.


Free to download, with in-app purchases beginning at $1.99.

3. Baby Flash Cards

The following is an engaging activity for toddlers that teaches them the names of various things, including animals, cuisines, objects, letters, and numbers. In addition, it is an engaging software that features audio and video sounds of different animals.

You can free download the best iPhone apps for babies in thirteen languages. You have the option to purchase an upgraded version of the program that comes with nine additional languages. In addition,

it contains big words, buttons, icons, and letters to make it easier to read. Therefore, even young children will have no trouble using it.


Free (Baby Flash Cards Ad-Free are available for $4.99).

4. Animals for Toddlers

This entertaining game takes place in six different settings, each containing animals and other surprises.

Playing it is a highly exciting experience because the graphics are very appealing. In addition, children can interact with the animals by tapping them to hear the noises they make.

Young children can express their creativity while also having fun with it. In addition to that, it teaches students about many types of animals.

Therefore, it is especially helpful for children who are in preschool and kindergarten. Furthermore, the app’s developer always works to enhance its quality by incorporating new features.


Free with a $2.99 purchase requirement to unlock the full edition.

5. Fun Animal Games for Kids

People can find the puzzles and activities on Kids Animal Puzzles number in the hundreds. Over 40 challenging animal puzzles are included in this book, divided into four distinct categories: agricultural animals, forest animals, insects, and tropical fish.

In addition, the user interface looks like a picturesque playground, complete with a bouncy castle and a swing set.

In addition, there is a game in which youngsters can break Easter eggs while simultaneously providing food for a colorful phoenix bird.

Your infant is guaranteed to be interested in the activity because of the cute sounds and graphics with this app which is among the best iPhone apps for babies.


Free with a $2.99 purchase option to unlock all content.

6. Tozzle Lite

Children’s motor skills and ability to recognize shapes can benefit from using this app. In addition, there are over 40 photographs to pick from when putting together the puzzle.

In addition, the app was evaluated by preschoolers based on their feedback. As a result, enhancements were developed to make it interesting and easy to use for children just beginning their education.

To begin, all your youngster needs to do is hit the Play button, and then they can move the puzzle pieces around using the mouse.

If the children are having difficulty solving the puzzle, an arrow will appear to guide them through the process. It is extremely captivating for youngsters older than two years of age.

Price is free, and it is offered by the free edition of this boating program, which has a huge database of ports worldwide.

7. Toddler Learning Game

Your children may learn all sorts of things from EduKitty, a charming virtual cat that can teach them everything from shapes and colors to alphabets, numbers, and the sounds that alphabet letters make.

In addition, there are 13 engaging educational games, each of which is narrated by an experienced instructor.

In addition, there are three distinct difficulty settings, high-definition (HD) graphics, groovy music, voice-over, and sound effects.

Generally, it is one of the best iPhone apps for babies. It offers children a great deal of entertainment and is available in 12 different languages, including English, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, and French.


Free ($4.99 to eliminate all advertisements and unlock all games)

8. Kids Academy

One of the best iPhone apps for babies that are just starting is called Kids Academy. It enables you to better prepare your child for success in preschool, which you can then pass on to them.

There are more than 1300 different educational games, movies, and worksheets included in it. Games involving reading, writing, phonics, and mathematics are included in the application.

The game is made significantly more entertaining by including animated mazes and flashcards. In addition, playing games involving matching, categorizing, and sorting will benefit your child’s education.


Free to download, with in-app purchases beginning at $2.99.

9. Baby Shark Best Kids Songs

Using this charming software, you can teach your child to sing and dance entertainingly and educationally.

It includes all the most recent and popular dance videos and nursery songs, many of which star the adorable Pinkfong Baby Shark. The lively graphics and fun noises are sure to win children’s hearts.

You may also use songs to learn ABC Phonics, Numbers, Shapes, Animals, and more by playing them offline.

Every week, preschoolers, toddlers, and kids get access to new, exclusive information that will help them continue improving their knowledge.


Free to download, with in-app purchases beginning at $3.99.

10. Papumba First Words for Baby and Toddlers

This educational software helps teach your child the language they will use in their everyday lives. In addition, young students learn about a world full of interesting and vibrant characters.

There are more than a hundred words to learn, including colors, animals, body sections, numbers, and other topics.

Additionally, there are a ton of games that enhance the overall experience of learning enjoyable. This software is designed for children between the ages of 1 and 5, and it contains eye-catching graphics in addition to functions that are simple to use.

The best part is that Children can read it in more than 15 different languages. It is among the best iPhone apps for babies and is available for download.


Free, with in-app purchases beginning at $0.99.

11. The Arcade of Fireworks

If your kid enjoys spectacular lights and fireworks, this simple software is for you. Using this software, your youngster may create amazing light and sound displays.


12. Friendly Shapes

This is an instructional multimedia software that’s designed to assist parents in educating their kids on how to read.

In addition, little Reader Touch can assist extend your little one’s vocabulary and enhance their communication skills. Best iPhone apps for babies if you’re willing to take your children’s brain power to another level.

13. Little Reader Touch

A child can learn the correct Spelling of the names of six different animals with the help of this educational software. In addition, sounds and Spelling teach children to recognize letters and words.

14. Baby Finger HD

This software helps youngsters and toddlers make shapes by touching various figures and sounds. Baby Finger HD is one of the best iPhone apps for babies that may assist you in teaching your child about the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and objects in an adorable and vibrant style.

15. Build-it-up

Everyone is aware that children enjoy playing with balloons. With this app, your child can play with balloons by touching the screen to make the balloons appear and grow larger.

16. Colorful Balloons

Drawing for the Little Ones! Let your younger children make animals such as birds, frogs, turtles, and more by tracing the lines. Upgrading their potential with the use of the best iPhone apps for babies.

Children’s creations can be brought to life through drawing with the colored pencils of their choice, and the names of each color are read aloud to them.


17. Drawing for Kids

Kids & Toddlers Learning Game is an excellent option for those looking for a selection of well-suited preschool activities.

The games are beneficial to the process of counting and recognizing numbers. In addition, the application provides bright visuals, upbeat music, and entertaining sound effects.

18. Kids Toddlers Learning Game

Your child will find learning the alphabet through Starfall ABCs to be an entertaining experience using one of the best iPhone apps for babies to skyrocket their grammatical skills.

The application has a selection of games and exercises that focus on the process of recognizing and pronouncing individual letters. In addition, there are some cool tunes that you may sing along with.

19. Elmo Loves ABCs Lite

Elmo Loves ABCs is a fun educational book that will appeal to fans of Sesame Street. This is one of the best iPhone apps for babies that describes the alphabet, encourages children to write them, and displays words that contain the letters as their starting point.

In addition, the application provides youngsters with many different colors, videos, and music to keep them entertained while they are learning.

20. Preschool Toddler Kids Learning

Check out the Preschool! & Toddler Kids Learning app if you’re looking for the best iPhone apps for babies that foster learning in various domains.

For example, with Abby the Monkey, children may learn various things in one place, including shapes, patterns, letters, numbers, and more.

21. KidloLand Nursery Rhymes for Children

KidloLand Kids Nursery Rhymes has various features, such as merry sing-alongs, cool activities, and more. As they move and dance to the music, kids can learn about things like the alphabet, numbers, and shapes.


I genuinely wish that at least one of these fun, adorable, and vibrant apps for babies will be just what you have been searching for.

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