12 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

A good keyboard can completely transform your typing experience and make it more enjoyable.

Finding the best keyboard apps for Android is one of the most vital choices you make on your phone. 

After completing all the necessary steps and configuring your new Android phone, it is simple to overlook installing a keyboard software, but it might have the biggest influence. 

The pre-installed Keyboard may not meet your demands, so change it.

While the default keyboard app on your phone usually functions well, other apps’ functionality can affect how you type. 

The best keyboard apps for Android will influence how quickly and accurately you use your phone for communication.

Since keyboards can see everything you type, including passwords and social security numbers, having one you like and trust is crucial. 

The layouts of these alternative keyboard apps can be completely customized, including many themes, additional features, and sophisticated choices. 

With these apps, you can access a wide range of aesthetic customization possibilities and functionality you never imagined was limited to your Keyboard.

Here are the best keyboard apps for Android; 

1. Gboard 

It’s no surprise that Gboard is one of the best keyboard apps for Android in the Google Play Store.

Google transformed the Android keyboard market with a small search bar, embedded translation through Google Translate, GIF search, and much more at a time when keyboard customization was limited to changing themes and fonts. 

It took the competition some time to adjust to Gboard’s new keyboard app standards when it first came out.

With its support for numerous international and regional languages, cross-language typing, rapid translation, GIF search, sticker pack compatibility, and many other features, Gboard is currently a feature-rich keyboard app. 

Nearly every feature you could desire from a keyboard app, including glide typing, a customized dictionary, a clipboard, voice typing, and more, is present here. 

Additionally, you can modify the haptic feedback’s intensity and change the theme. The latter is especially helpful if the maker of your phone does not provide haptic feedback in the default keyboard. 

2. Typewise Keyboard 

Due to its unique honeycomb layout keyboard, the Typewise Keyboard app for Android was recognized at the CES Innovation Awards 2021. Users can easily press the appropriate keys, thanks to the layout. 

According to Typewise, the hexagon technique can cut typos by as much as 80%.

One of the best Keyboard apps for Android is Typewise since you can type in different languages simultaneously without switching keyboards. 

Additionally, it includes all the features you look for in the top Android keyboard, including intelligent autocorrection, intuitive gestures, and more.

The typing software uses local processing on your device rather than sending data to the cloud. 

3. Microsoft Swiftkey 

Microsoft SwiftKey used to be the best at predictions and swipe, but both have recently lagged somewhat behind Gboard.

SwiftKey has long been a major participant in the Android keyboard market. 

After years of using SwiftKey to create a customized lexicon, it can be challenging to convert to anything else. SwiftKey still has a devoted following. 

Along with all of the capabilities you might anticipate, such as a built-in GIF search, several themes are available to select from and modify.

SwiftKey is one of the best third-party keyboards available, despite it being challenging to find one without auto-correction. 

Even better, the software will attempt to guess what you will say and then show it in the bar above the Keyboard.

Additionally, if you log in with a Microsoft account, all of your SwiftKey settings and preferences will be kept and synced across all of the devices you possess. 

SwiftKey could be a better keyboard, but it’s still excellent for productivity. Additionally, SwiftKey has been free for years despite being a premium keyboard. 

4. Grammarly 

One of the best Google Chrome extensions is Grammarly, and the keyboard app is equally useful.

Grammarly proofreads whatever writing you enter through its keyboard app, from Facebook posts to outreach emails. 

It’s useful for spotting strange spelling mistakes, and its writing recommendations can help you polish your sentences as you type.

However, the Grammarly keyboard needs more capabilities outside its writing tools. 

There is a keyboard for emojis, but that is about it. Grammarly might be the ideal Keyboard for you if you use only some of Gboard’s features and care about GIFs.

Grammarly Premium gives more writing guidance than the other applications on this list, even if you don’t have it. 

5. Chrooma Keyboard 

You’ll love Chrooma if you enjoy playing with color combinations and fine-tuning details in everything you create.

Depending on your application, you can have color-adaptive keyboard themes. 

The RGB theme, which, as its name suggests, provides your Keyboard with the perfect RGB finish, is one of our favorite Chrooma themes.

The nicest feature is that, like an RGB desktop keyboard, the RGB colors are not static but change hues in a regular rainbow pattern. 

Chrooma is one of the best keyboard apps for Android. Chrooma offers several gesture controls, allowing you to remove phrases swiftly, use a trail of recommended words, add notes, and copy words from your typing habits. 

Additionally, you are never restricted to a single language when using an Android phone because you may enter text in any language.

Chrooma’s text correction can occasionally be overbearing, but there are three ways to change the tone. 

Although the Chrooma Keyboard app is free, you may use in-app purchases to buy select premium themes.

However, the complimentary themes are sufficient to give your Keyboard a distinctive appearance. 

6. AnySoft Keyboard 

AnySoft is an open-source Android keyboard that is quite explicit about how it collects data.

Even on the welcome page, the privacy-friendly Android keyboard software encourages users to view their source code. 

But there are other benefits besides privacy. Excellent keyboard app themes, multi-touch support, a power-saving mode, motion typing, and many other features are available in the program.

AnySoft can also alter the keyboard theme depending on the software being used. 

Thankfully, the app uses a small amount of RAM, given its modest size.

Thus, if the other keyboard applications are slow on the same phone, you could utilize it.

Although it has text prediction, there are better options than this one. 

7. Fleksy  

Next on our list of best keyboard apps for Android is Fleksy. Although Fleksy has been making a resurgence, you should keep moving unless you’re a hunt-and-peck typer. 

Fleksy doesn’t allow you to swipe words, and when you use a lot of acronyms or non-standard language, the Keyboard’s corrections may go a little too far. 

This Keyboard has some cool add-ons, such as emoji suggestions and a fireworks add-on that makes your keyboard taps and sounds seem like small explosions. 

Although Fleksy has a simple learning curve, your dictionary may only sometimes follow you if you change phones or perform a factory reset. 

While we expect to see this Keyboard continue to advance and gain ground to compete more fairly with swipe-enabled keyboards like Gboard, Fleksy should be the go-to option for the average hunt-and-peck typer. 

8. GO Keyboard 

If you’ve used Android for as long as we have, you’ve probably encountered GO Keyboard at some point.

You need help finding a theme-related app with as many settings or potential uses as GO. 

It’s nearly hard for you not to find at least a few themes you’ll want to use, with more than 10,000 themes and custom emoji/fonts available. 

About those personalized emoji, GO Keyboard enables you to design a “cartoon avatar” that resembles you exactly. Then, a customized sticker library that resembles Apple’s Memoji can be made. 

The amount of actively supported languages by GO Keyboard is another fantastic advantage. Over 60 languages are available, and GO lets you switch between them. 

9. Simple Keyboard 

Simple Keyboard is next on our list of best keyboard apps for Android. GIFs, emoticons, and swipe typing are not available on Simple Keyboard.

There are a few options for customization, including theme and height, but this Keyboard is intended for minimalists. 

If you want a keyboard without many pointless features, get this.

Simple Keyboard is a Simple App family member of some of the best apps available on Android.

Try the rest if you like Simple Keyboard’s simplistic design. 

10. Bobble Keyboard 

The Bobble Keyboard app features many cool party tricks that can spice up your chats.

Bobble is the Keyboard you should try if you use emojis and stickers frequently and send many instant messages. 

The program lets you quickly turn any text you’ve typed into a sticker and add it to a chat by simply tapping it.

By holding down the long-press key while selecting an emoji, Bobble will inject a larger, animated version of that emoji into your chat. 

The search function on Bobble also enables you to navigate directly to a certain application.

Your Keyboard will open the application if you type its name into the search box

Bobble has all the advantages of a keyboard, including voice input, language support, glide typing, haptic feedback, and other standard capabilities, in addition to these unique characteristics. 

11. Fonts Keyboard 

The Android application, Fonts, lets you send messages in the typeface and style of your choice, as its name suggests.

You may send texts in various styles, including cursive, typewriter, emoji, etc. 

You won’t experience compatibility concerns when texting your friends because the fonts operate with most apps.

Despite being a unique software, Fonts lacks the typical functions in a keyboard app. 

For instance, no autocorrection or predictive text exists, and you cannot alter the Keyboard’s theme.

However, it’s undoubtedly one of the best keyboard apps for Android regarding typefaces.

You might use it to send nice tests to your friends whenever you want to, keeping it as a backup keyboard. 

12. MemeChat Keyboard 

MemeChat is one of the best keyboard apps for Android? As its name implies, it is a fantastic keyboard app that enables you to share memes in your chat rapidly. 

By tapping the meme search icon, you may look up any meme and add it to your discussion.

The meme library is not only comprised of memes produced by Memechat, which is the finest thing about these memes. 

Instead, the Memechat keyboard has a community where users can upload and create memes, which other software users can utilize in chats. You will always have access to the most popular memes in this way.  

Sadly, that is the only feature of the Memechat keyboard. The main drawback is that it only supports the English language.

Other drawbacks include the lack of text correction and swipe typing. Memechat doesn’t offer a language selection option. 

Memechat is not an ideal keyboard for use as the primary Keyboard due to these shortcomings, but it can be used as a fun add-on for entering memes. 

Using the quick keyboard switch (input methods) feature found on most Android smartphones, you can rapidly switch to Memechat, insert your meme, and switch back to your usual Keyboard. 


These are some of the best keyboard apps for Android that you may try out. Afterward, you can choose the keyboard app that best suits your needs. 

It is best to read the privacy policies of each keyboard app before using it because they all contain information about how they gather data.

You may give these keyboard apps the benefit of the doubt because Google dislikes Play Store apps that mine data. 

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