22 Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad

IOS devices are undoubtedly the best, and their keyboards are included. The iPhone’s Keyboard surely delivers, but you should enhance your typing experience using these best keyboard apps for iPhone.  

With useful features like support for various languages and Memoji, the standard iOS keyboard is amazing.

But if you switch to a third-party keyboard, you can significantly enhance the number of alternatives accessible.

These can include apps that make typing faster and those focused on GIFs, emoticons, typefaces, and unique themes. 

Some users might find the stock keyboard on the iPhone and iPad more comfortable. However, you may always use any other keyboard application offered on the App Store.

It implies that you do not need to jailbreak your device or take any similar action. You can use these best keyboard apps for iPhone.  

1. Typewise 

This app comes first on our list of best keyboard apps for iPhone. Key shapes are viewed differently in Typewise.

The program maintains the QWERTY layout, but hexagonal keys are used instead of the customary rectangle-shaped ones. 

According to Typewise, this increases the surface area and improves typing accuracy. Although there is a little learning curve, Typewise has an integrated typing game.

For those sick of the standard iOS keyboard, this is a wonderful alternative with swipe motions, support for dark mode, and autocorrect modification. 

An undo button, text substitution for frequently used words, and automatic language detection are all features of more recent editions. 

2. GIF Keyboard 

With the help of this outstanding GIF Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, and iMessage, give your texts a fresh perspective.

GIFs are an enjoyable method to say exactly what you want to say in an increasingly audio-visual environment. 

You can generate the ideal video clippings using this program, which works like a GIF maker from your Keyboard.

With handwritten notes, sketches, or text, you can customize them. Additionally, you may convert GIFs into stickers and create shareable packs of your favorite GIFs and stickers. 

3. Swiftkey Keyboard 

Next on our list of best keyboard apps for iPhone is Microsoft’s Swiftkey Keyboard. This app isn’t brand-new.

Thousands of iOS users use it, which has been around for a while. The SwiftKey app is a good choice for a quicker and more accurate typing experience. 

The app’s autocorrect functionality, powered by artificial intelligence, is its best feature. The app might use your typing habits to improve its predictions.

Swipe texting, another function, lets you type more quickly by moving your fingertips across the keypad. 

You can change the appearance of your Keyboard using the app’s collection of themes.

More than 90 languages are supported, and it also supports GIFs. There is nothing that this app doesn’t have. 

4. Gboard 

Millions of users adore Gboard. There are several reasons why it’s one of the most popular keyboards on this list.

Over 50 languages are supported by the Google Keyboard, which is flexible and functional in many ways. It offers one of the best libraries of GIFs and lets you make and share your stickers.

This Keyboard’s built-in Google search engine, which enables you to look up virtually anything, including nearby restaurants, videos, photographs, weather predictions, sports scores, news, etc., is one of its best features. 

Additionally, it has excellent support for custom themes and a floating keyboard for simple typing.

Another fantastic option that comes in handy when your hands are occupied but you still need to send a text is voice typing. To top it off, it syncs with your Google account automatically. 

5. Grammarly Keyboard 

Next on our list of best keyboard apps for iPhone is Grammarly Keyboard. The Grammarly iOS keyboard app provides complex grammar feedback that goes above and beyond regular spell check to offer guidance on punctuation, spelling context, and misused terms. 

It is the perfect tool for students or professionals because it provides synonyms and expands your vocabulary. Additionally, Grammarly offers emoji, a clever autocorrect feature, and the option to create your dictionary. 

The most recent updates include vibration and sound effect muting focus filters, home screen widgets, and swipe typing. 

6. Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s 

With the help of the more than 119 gorgeous fonts in this app, you may give your writing a distinctive appearance directly from the Keyboard. 

It works well for emails, texts, and even social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. It is a must for those with creative spirits who wish to express themselves better. 

Be aware that there are restrictions on this keyboard app’s free edition.

In-app purchases are required to access features like Cup Cakes, Emoticons, Cute Words, etc. It is free, but In-app Purchases start from $1.99.  

7. Fleksy Keyboard 

Fleksy Keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone. Although the app’s name may be odd, it is an effective keyboard tool for iOS users.

This may be the only keyboard program that lets you apply extensions to improve convenience. 

You may use these extensions to visit such websites as Spotify, YouTube, and others. In addition, it has many other features, like support for GIFs and stickers.

You can reposition the pointer by holding down the space bar while pressing it. 

The iOS keyboard has received the addition of this new capability. The program offers numerous customization choices as well.

With the help of these choices, you can customize the appearance of your Keyboard. It can alter the fonts, themes, and keyboard size, among other things. 

8. Font App 

If you’re sick of the look of your present Keyboard and want to redesign it entirely, Font App might be the best option. It comes packed with more than 180 fonts and over 150 themes. 

Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive UI, you may personalize it with its gorgeous keyboard themes.

Additionally, you may share GIFs from their library, which has much content worth sharing. 

Add special emojis, fonts, and styles to the text-decoration feature to create custom text.

Although the free version is excellent, you can always upgrade to the premium plan for the most advantages. 

9. Phraseboard Keyboard 

Next on our list of best keyboard apps for iPhone is Phraseboard Keyboard. Phraseboard makes the arduous task of repeatedly inputting the same comments and phrases easier by allowing you to save them so you can quickly respond by choosing one of your prewritten answers. 

You have the option to design your terms and categorize them. Whatever you do with your iPhone, you can easily open the Phraseboard widget to add new phrases. 

With iCloud, all of your phrases sync. A $2 membership is required for some of the app’s premium language and functionality aspects. 

10. New Emoji & Fonts 

This app is number ten on our list of best keyboard apps for iPhone. With over 5000 emojis and stickers, this popular iPhone and iPad keyboard app enables you to convey a wide range of emotions. 

Keyboard themes, GIFs, and typefaces are available for even more customization. Additionally, you may even design your Keyboard using your images.

For increased convenience, use one-handed typing and swiping movements. 

It supports English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, and others. It is free, with in-app purchases starting at $0.99. 

11. Color Keyboard 

You can get everything you need on your Keyboard with Color Keyboard. You may change anything with this program, including vibrant themes, key press colors, typefaces, and button colors. 

For quick typing, the software also lets you modify the function buttons. This app’s ability to handle up to 40 languages allows you to produce texts in the language of your choice. You can also use a ton of brand-new emoticons to convey your feelings. 

It has the smart cursor function recently added to iOS devices. You can also access quick deletion, accurate typing, and many other features. 

12. KeyPro 

Next on our list of best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad is KeyPro. KeyPro can steal the show like a pro while texting, making it a great alternative for millennials and Generation Z.

With several themes, you can upgrade your current Keyboard in a hip but elegant way.

What this Keyboard offers are as follows: 

  • Aesthetic, rose gold, glitter, neon, and other unconventional themes 
  • A collection of gorgeous fonts that work with all messaging and social networking apps 
  • Instantaneous and lightning-fast word prediction and autocorrection 
  • Lovely sound options while you type, ideal for fans of ASMR 
  • The ability to unlock different keyboard backgrounds by viewing videos is a cool feature of KeyPro. 

13. Bitmoji 

Instead of sending a text or a regular emoji, you can send one that resembles you; Bitmoji, a well-known keyboard app, is the best option.

You can easily customize and transmit emojis from your Keyboard using Bitmoji. 

Use Bitmoji with your preferred messaging programs, including iMessage and Snapchat.

Making a dynamic avatar and customizing it with a constantly-evolving library of stickers and moods has never been simpler. 

You will require your Facebook login credentials to log onto Bitmoji and start the avatar creation process. 

 14. Avatar Keyboard 

Words alone are not sufficient all the time! So here is one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone that allows you to express your emotions with amusing Avatar emojis.

It is similar to Memoji but has more advantages, like a wider variety of facial expressions. 

Either a cartoonish appearance or a more realistic sketch design option is available.

Additionally, you may design your keyboards with a background, key shapes, fonts, colors, sounds, and 3D effects. Give your imagination free rein! Free (AVATAR VIP, $7.99). 

15. FancyKey 

FancyKey is the ideal synthesis of strength and adaptability. This program is for you if you enjoy personalizing and changing the appearance of your Keyboard.

You will find a ton of features in this program that are practical to use. 

First, it offers several features, including auto-correct, fonts, emoji, and more.

Swipe typing can enter your content quickly if you’re in a rush. Options for themes and colors are additional features. 

Pick your preferred color and theme to customize the Keyboard to suit your mood. You may design your emoticons using the app’s intriguing built-in emoji painting function. The app is generally simple to use. 

16. All Symbol Keyboard 

This app is next on our list of best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad. The All Symbol Keyboard is a fun alternative to boring alphanumerics for those who like visual communication. 

It is compatible with all iPhone apps and comes with all the custom fonts, symbols, fancy letters, unique characters, and emoticons you could ever want. It works with numerous apps, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 

Open the app and begin typing if you want to add impactful symbols to your keyboard, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter postings, or even your username.

There is a ton of free content to get you started, but premium editions offer unrestricted access to features like the All Symbol Keyboard (every symbol) and Facemoji collection. 

17. FlickType 

FlickType doubles as an Apple Watch keyboard and an iPhone and iPad keyboard. With its assistance, you can type up to three times as quickly as usual.

Even on the small watch screen, typing is enjoyable and fluid thanks to deep customization, emoticons, and text shortcuts. 

Particularly noteworthy are the accessibility features in this program that benefit people who are blind.

Large keys, vivid colors, stand-out graphics, and even VoiceOver feedback are all available. Impressive, for sure! 

18. WordBoard 

This app, one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone, has raised the typing level on iOS devices.

You will find only a few of its distinctive features in other keyboard programs. To begin with, it enables you to design a unique keyboard for phrases and responses. 

This functionality can be useful if you become tired of repeatedly using the same words.

Using the app, you may build templates, expressions, snippets, and more. You are ready to go with only a few quick taps. 

These capabilities are helpful for those who access their emails from their phones. It offers a clean, uncomplicated UI. This tool will help you type accurately and quickly. 

19. ReBoard Keyboard 

With the 27 mini-apps included with this ReBoard keyboard, you can multitask more effectively.

For instance, you can search for and transfer photographs from the web when talking using the Clipboard mini-app. 

Reboard Keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone. Calculator, Calendar, Todoist, Dropbox, Reminders, Wikipedia, Slack, OneDrive, Dictionary lookup, amusing emoji search, and more are just a few mini-apps available. 

Free with in-app purchases starting at $0.99. 

20. Blink Keyboard 

You may have experience typing with one hand if you use a smaller iPhone model like the iPhone SE or iPhone 12 mini. In this situation, Blink can help you type more quickly and accurately. 

This app is primarily made to be used with one hand. However, the app’s incredibly effective auto-correct tool is its best feature.

The app can pick up your typing style and correct errors as you type. Additionally, it offers customized shortcuts. 

You can access a vast library of themes if you download this program. Consequently, you are free to customize the kKeyboard’stheme. This iOS keyboard app is fantastic all around. 

21. Air Keyboard 

Lastly, we have Air Keyboard on our list of best keyboard apps for iPhone. This one stands out from the others.

This Keyboard converts the Keyboard on your iPhone into a wireless remote keyboard and touchpad for your computer. 

Therefore, if your desktop or laptop is connected to the same WiFi network, you can operate it using your phone. This has a lot of advantages and applications. 

For instance, switching between slides during a presentation is simple. You might also relax while playing games on your phone.

You will have to download an application from the website to your computer.

22. Smart Fonts: Font Keyboard

Smart Fonts is our number one custom font keyboard app on this list. Smart Fonts has over 50 unique fonts that can be easily used across any social media platform or messaging app (Instagram, TikTok, iMessage, WhatsApp, and more).

You can make your social media captions unique with 🅲🆄🆂🆃🅾🅼 fonts and 𝕤𝕥𝕪𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕙 𝙩𝙚𝙭𝙩 j̳u̳s̳t̳ l̾i̾k̾e̾ 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬.

What makes Smart Fonts different?

Unlike the majority of the top keyboard apps, Smart Fonts does NOT require you to give the app full access to your phone’s keyboard.

Why does this matter?

When an app asks or requires you to allow full access to your phone’s keyboard, that app then has the ability to see everything you ever type on your phone’s keyboard (passwords, bank pin codes, et cetera).

If you’re using an app that requires you to give it full access to your keyboard, immediately delete that app and remove keyboard access to that app.


You should download a third-party keyboard app if you are unsatisfied with the iOS keyboard or want a better typing experience.

The App Store offers all of the best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad mentioned in the article. You will like using the distinctive characteristics that each of them has to offer.

Apps for a third-party keyboard can improve your typing and make things more convenient.

They have advantages and disadvantages, but you should be fine picking an app that addresses the major issues. 

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