14 Best Kingdom-building Games for Android

Best Kingdom-building Games for Android

Are you looking for the best kingdom-building games for android? Like in Clash of Clans, The idea behind the game is straightforward.

You can create a kingdom; then you have to protect it from other players online and attack other players online to gather loot.

The game is challenging enough to get into truly, yet simple enough that even casual players can enjoy it, and it strikes a good mix between the two.

It never gets old to shape an entire land to your vision, whether a city full of skyscrapers or a kingdom full of castles; there’s something so addicting about it. Whether it’s a city full of skyscrapers or a kingdom full of castles.

Because it is such a popular subgenre, the market is flooded with infinite construction games. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to determine which of these titles are worthwhile investments of your time and effort.

You’ve found the appropriate website if you were searching for a list that contains the best kingdom-building games for android, and you’ll find that list here. So let’s save time and get started right now.

Best Kingdom-building Games for Android

1. Castle Clash

Although Castle Clash is comparable to Clash of Clans, it stands apart due to the distinctive elements that are exclusive to it.

You will, as is customary, construct a village and be required to defend it, battle other villages, and engage in a guild versus guild battles with many other players.

Alternatively, you can form a cooperative party with other players to explore a variety of dungeons together in search of loot and treasure.

In addition to the common components found in an RPG, such as the ability to customize your characters and level up your protagonists, you also have the option to acquire pets that will assist you in combat.

The graphics are less advanced than those of Clash of Clans or other games like it, but the artwork is unique to the game, so playing it does not seem like playing a soulless copy of another game.

2. Boom Beach

The concept of “medieval kingdoms” has been done to death, yet Boom Beach stands out from the crowd as one of the best kingdom-building games for android in this category.

The game allows you to establish your base on a beach, and your primary mission will be to invade other beaches, plunder their resources, and protect your own while doing so. The game features a lengthy campaign mode, which is not the focus of this particular offering.

You and your friends can participate in cooperative missions, engage in player vs. player combat on warships, complete weekly tasks, and even participate in global events that are analogous to raid monsters in MMORPGs.

The game contains a plethora of other multiplayer elements as well. If you’re a fan of the action-adventure genre, you won’t be able to leave this game down for hundreds of hours because it’s jam-packed with exciting moments and has ample kingdom-building content.

3. Clash Of Lords

One of the best kingdom-building games for android that you can play right now that combines elements of strategy and kingdom-building is Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle.

As of the last update, it had received 1,709,263 ratings on the Google Play store, earning an average of 4.3 stars across all of those ratings.

In order to create your kingdom and protect it from invaders, you must first select your heroes and construct your troops, then engage in epic PVE and PVP battles up to 10x and win epic prizes.

In addition to being a free game to play, Clash of Lords also rewards players for logging in every day with valuable gems and heroes that you can use to advance in the game.

4. SimCity BuildIt

Before games like Clash of Clans became popular, the Age of Empires and SimCity existed. Gamers who enjoy games with a historical setting could play Age of Empires, and gamers who are more interested in modern cities could play SimCity.

You can create and design a city in SimCity BuildIt according to your vision. You can also interact and collaborate with other builders, engage in commerce with them, and even actively compete with their towns.

The options are practically limitless, given that you can construct skyscrapers, parks, bridges, buildings, police stations, housing societies, and virtually anything else you may find in a real-world nation. Additionally, it is one of the best real-life simulation games you can find on the market today.

The fact that monsters or other players in Club Wars will randomly attack your city and force you to think your way to success to defend your idyllic little kingdom is an aspect of the game that contributes significantly to the overall entertainment level.

If you are looking for something a little more competitive instead of simply constructing the city of your dreams, then all those components are available to you.

It’s one of the best kingdom-building games for android that was developed by a team of developers who are familiar with the genre, and it’ll keep you interested for a bit longer than most other games.

5. Emporea

While retaining the standard gameplay of kingdom-building games, Emporea features more RPG components than most of the other titles on this list.

For example, you can select from one of four distinct racial classes, and you can construct a whole city according to your individual preferences and the tactics you employ.

When it comes to building the ideal army, this game requires more strategic planning than the vast majority of others do.

Additionally, you will need to put in a lot of grinding time to get your heroes’ levels up and discover the greatest gear for them.

After sinking dozens or even hundreds of hours into this engaging game, you won’t even be able to blink before leading your friends on raids on other players’ cities and camps and assuming control of the fictitious kingdom of Emporea.

6. Siegefall

You have found the proper place to be if you enjoy games in which you build kingdoms or collect cards to complete objectives, as both of these types of games feature prominently here.

You’ll have to acquire spells in the form of cards, level up your heroes, establish bases, and train troops in Siegefall, an unusual but effective mix of the two genres of games.

The game gives you an experience where you can train troops, level up your heroes, and build bases.

Using the cards, you can improve your troops, summon dragons and other monsters, heal your army if it suffers a loss, and perform various other actions.

As is customary, some is grinding to get done, as well as acquiring a large number of rare cards that are far simpler to acquire by paying for them rather than spending time repeatedly vanquishing the same camps.

However, due to the shockingly above-average kind of 3D visuals and the considerable amount of customization available, it will not get boring for you at any time shortly.

Furthermore, compared to some of the other more peaceful 2D games of this ilk, the battles are more enjoyable to watch as they play out from start to finish.

7. Minecraft – Pocket Edition

The mobile version of Minecraft is as fun to play as it has ever been, and the unlimited variety of ways to play and construct things in the game makes it one of the best kingdom-building games for android available today in the market.

The game allows you to let your creativity run wild, and you can construct whatever you can think of. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a little town, a full kingdom, a contemporary city, or even a space colony complete with ships; anything is conceivable, and the only things that will limit you are your imagination and the amount of time you have.

The gods that resided atop Olympus Because it follows a certain theme, which is that of Greek mythology, the Gods of Olympus is a fun take on the kingdom-building genre. This is because it follows a specific theme.

A significant number of the characters you are likely to recognize right away are featured, including Zeus, Athena, the Spartans, and many others.

In addition, you can construct bases, wage war against other bases, and command your army, all aspects one would anticipate from a game in which one builds a kingdom.

Because there are no build times in the game and everything you create immediately appears, the game is extremely rewarding for players who play it constantly.

Therefore, it stands itself from other games of its kind, which exert a lot of pressure on players to buy energy or watch advertisements in exchange for it.

8. Lords Mobile

You are familiar with Lords Mobile since it is one of the best kingdom-building games for android that has had the most promotion throughout its history.

But you might need to realize that, even though it constantly interrupts your game with obnoxious advertisements, it’s a pretty good video game focused on constructing kingdoms.

In the PvP mode, you can engage in combat with the armies of other kingdoms after receiving a set of heroes to employ in your army training.

You can advance through the map and pick up treasure and the in-game currency as you go through the game, in addition to the standard RPG components of leveling up and customizing your character.

After a while, if you’re playing for free, it will become too grindy to continue, but other than that, there is nothing about this game that can be considered a deal breaker. This is the only game aspect that could pose a problem for you.

9. Clash of Clans

This list would only be complete by including at least a passing reference to Clash of Clans. People recognize it as one of the most successful mobile strategy games and the best kingdom-building games for android of all time.

In addition, it is frequently given credit for rekindling a new audience’s interest in the subgenre. For example, in Clash of Clans, you can join an existing clan or create one. After that, you can engage in clan warfare with other clans and conquer their resources.

Because of this, it is essential to have a strong kingdom prepared before you begin, as you will need to spend as much time protecting your village as you do demolishing the ones built by the other players.

However, you won’t get far in this very difficult kingdom-building game through raw force alone; you’ll also need a real strategy.

10. Total Conquest

Total Conquest has earned its spot among the most played games in the field of kingdom-building games for mobile, as evidenced by the fact that the game has received thousands upon thousands of evaluations.

Gameloft, a well-known gaming company, is responsible for developing a video game called Total Conquest.

The Roman Empire and all of its illustrious conquests serve as the theme for this game. In this role-playing game, you take on the role of a dominating ruler, directing the kingdom’s growth while also commanding your army into battle for obscene riches that you can utilize to grow your empire.

Generally, this game’s narrative, graphics, and gameplay are all very high caliber, and we can’t speak highly enough about it. If you own an iOS device, you can also play this game.


11. Dawn of Titans

When compared to other games in the same genre, such as Clash of Clans, in which there is more room for the player to use their imagination than there is to see on the screen of their mobile device.

Dawn of Titans has become one of the most popular and best kingdom-building games for android due to its stunning 3D graphics that breathe new life into the genre.

You can establish kingdoms, lead thousands of men into battle, and pit them against armies of comparable size. The game also features an excellent campaign mode which developers update with new content like events and online PvP battles.

In addition to the conventional armies, some enormous titans fight on both sides and can kill dozens of troops with a single blow.

This is the finest game to play right now if you are eager to push things to the next level rather than playing the games in this genre that are more relaxing.

12. The Transformers

Earth Wars video game features a base-building mode that is above average. You will create a stronghold, call upon heroes, and engage in combat against various foes.

The good and the bad characters from the Transformers series are used, for the most part, as inspiration for the heroes.

Each one contributes uniquely to shifting the balance of power on the battlefield. There are many different events to participate in, which help to keep things interesting, and you may get fairly far without spending any real money.

The fact that it is not quite as competitive as Clash of Clans may be one of the reasons that many like this one.

13. Stick War: Legacy

Stick War Legacy offers something a little different in the game category involving kingdom construction.

It’s a strategy game in which you try to restore order by assembling an army, then leading it into battle against other armies.

Depending on your preference, the game allows you to handle entire armies or individual troops, and it features significant action.

Even while it is not as in-depth as the majority of these other titles, it still includes the fundamentals, such as mining for minerals.

If you want to be successful, you are going to need to have some strategy. Stick figure games, in general, tend to be rather silly, but this one is no exception, and it’s still a lot of fun to play.


This brings me to the end of the countdown of the best kingdom-building games for android available in the marketplace. You can pick one of them to play with and have unlimited fun. Do we remember any fun games you are familiar with on our list?

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