14 Best Kingdom Building Games

Best Kingdom Building Games

These days, you may play many of the well-known best kingdom building games.

However, while some video game subgenres provide a rapid fix, Others are time wasters to consume hours of your life.

Games that require you to construct bases and kingdoms fall under the latter category, and you can lose entire nights playing them.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find games involving establishing bases and kingdoms.

Best Kingdom Building Games

1. Rimworld: Base and City Builder

Rimworld Base and City Builder

Since it is “a sci-fi colony sim led by an intelligent AI storyteller,” Rimworld is both a base and a city builder. It does not disappoint.

There are only three survivors when your Rimworld game starts. You need to establish a new society with these three survivors.

With no reservations about the non-competitive sandbox mode, Rimworld is a compelling game. An AI narrator tells the story of your survivors.

The narrator makes up other events, such as pirate raids, trader attacks, storms, and random flocks of chickens.

Additionally, the AI storyteller is more than a random number generator.

It is based on the AI Director, so encounters and circumstances build a story rather than just a string of unfortunate incidents.

In October 2018, Rimworld exited Steam Early Access but was often updated. Additionally, it has a thriving Steam Workshop with many mods, add-ons, and fresh AI authors.

2. Stardew Valley: City Building and Farming Simulation

One of the best kingdom building games downloaded on Steam is Stardew Valley.

It is a very well-liked “open-ended country-life RPG” that heavily borrows from Harvest Moon.

Stardew Valley crosses several genres. It’s not just about creating a city or a base; it’s also about using a farming simulation to promote the healthy growth of your city.

This initially seems a little boring. However, there is a good reason why Stardew Valley gamers invest tens of thousands of hours in this independently developed game.

3. Banished: City Builder

Banished City Builder

You are in charge of a band of exiled wanderers looking for the ideal location to find a new settlement. Unfortunately, being banished makes it difficult to start over.

Depending on the difficulty level, all you have at first is the pack cart and the clothing on your back. Winters are transient.

You always worry about how many people will go hungry because your summer crop yields are poor.

Your hunter contracted a disease and passed away, leaving you to wonder if the kids will make it.

If a commerce vessel shows up, you ponder. And if it does, will it bring anything useful with it?

An example of an independent success story is Stardew Valley. In February 2016, Stardew Valley shipped about 425,000 units throughout its first week of sales. Over 3.5 million copies were sold in less than two years.

The game’s lone creator, Eric Barone, was surprised by its broad appeal and stated, “I had no idea it would be that popular. I’m ecstatic and amazed by the response but also taken aback.”

4. The Universim: City Building God Game

The Universim

You are the creator and the supreme being in The Universim. Therefore, your activities have an impact on how the world develops.

Help your world develop into a powerful kingdom with your unbounded intelligence. Punish the unbelievers and reward the loyal.

There is an ecosystem within the Universim. Every element is interconnected, and changing one thing could have unanticipated consequences for other parts of the world.

Nature fluctuates, is unpredictable, occasionally hazardous, and destructive. As a result, the Universim is still in the early download, and upgrades and bug fixes are frequently made.

5. They Are Billions: Base Builder

They Are Billions

In the base-building strategy game, They Are Billions, you must defeat the infected hordes on a post-apocalyptic planet.

You take over one of the last settlements of humans. Your job is to fortify your defenses and fend off waves of infected assailants numbering in the billions.

A bespoke game engine controls the decision-making of the infected in They Are Billions. Up to 20,000 units can attack your colony in real-time, one after another.

Additionally, the They Are Billions infection is very virulent. The first employees it comes into contact with will catch the virus if just one infected person manages to get past your protections.

6. Planetbase: City and Base Building


Another Kingdom game that is also making its mark as one of the best kingdom building games in the marketplace is Planetbase: city and base building.

The recently established space colony trope offers writers and creators a simple starting point.

However, setting your space colony city builder apart from the competition is more challenging.

As you lead a group of settlers toward the birth of a new civilization, Planetside stands out.

You can alternate between the colony manager and the base architect in Planetside.

By switching between and combining the two jobs, you may continue progress while ensuring the colonists’ happiness and, most crucially, their survival.

You must manage your environment in Planetside, which is a crucial point to remember.

For example, your interlocking chamber doors will start to close on you if you run out of oxygen, water, or food.

7. Dwarf Fortress: Base Building and Kingdom Management

Dwarf Fortress

Without Dwarf Fortress, what kind of base, city, and kingdom construction list would there be?

The fantastic city-building and kingdom-management game are one of the best kingdom building games and a true indie gem.

The Dwarf Fortress is intricate. Your screen feels crowded because you are viewing the world in ASCII.

The restrictions are numerous, and you must closely supervise your dwarves lest they commit any number of gruesome or humorous suicides.

Dwarf Fortress has no primary objectives and is entirely open-ended.

8. Subnautica: Base Builder and Undersea Exploration


Enter a strange undersea world that is deeply submerged, home to a wide variety of beautiful and hideous marine creatures, astonishingly colorful coral reefs, and oppressively gloomy deep ocean depths.

Subnautica, a video game developed independently by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, has garnered praise for its open-water survival gameplay and dynamically growing ocean environment.

After spending four years in Early Access, Subnautica was officially published in the first quarter of 2018.

Millions of copies have been sold since then, and Steam has an excellent 93% favorable rating.

One of the best kingdom building games that may make you moan. You shouldn’t, though.

From your first splash into the sea to the terrifying, face-eating monster depths, Subnautica will keep your attention.

9. Islanders: City Builder


The colorful city-building game Islanders is on a small island. Your task is to construct and nurture your island utopia as it grows from a small town to a sizable, thriving city.

Islanders don’t engage in resource harvesting. Instead, your high score allows you to unlock new structures, which you may arrange like a jigsaw to maximize your real estate.

Buildings connect to one another in a modular way, and you gain points for each placement. Since each island uses a different algorithm, no two islands are alike.

Therefore, every time you play Islanders, a new difficulty arises, keeping the game interesting and one of many best kingdom building games.

10. Dawn of Titans

One of the most recent kingdom-building games, similar to Clash of Clans, is Dawn of Titans.

However, it offers significantly more technologically enhanced graphics and gameplay.

To simulate a genuine conflict, you go to war with thousands of soldiers rather than a handful.

A campaign mode, numerous special events, and, of course, online PvP are all included in the game.

This is undoubtedly one of the best kingdom building games out there. However, we also appreciate the gameplay’s slight variation.

Although it is a freemium game, it still works well in our tests and is a good game.

11. Factorio: Base Building and Automation

The fact that this piece was completely on autopilot, utilizing a system of conveyor belts and mechanical grabbers, will please Factorio players.

If you are yet to explore a kingdom game like Factorio, get ready to schedule two weeks off of work while constructing a sizable factory to produce a brilliant rocket.

A true base builder, Factorio. You gather resources to supply a factory that is always growing.

Aliens’ technology rewards players, as additional structures, gadgets, and conveyor belts are accessible through research. Playing ferociously.

It sounds easy. In use, your first base will resemble a spaghetti-like network of mechanical arms, pipes, and sorters that have multiple energy sources and are fortified with enormous weapons.

Factorio is complex and can be busy. You will undoubtedly wonder how to make your logistics robots more efficient as you sleep.

Factorio has amassed nearly 2 million sales and a remarkable 98% positive review rating on Steam since its February 2016 release.

12. Gods of Olympus

Gods of Olympus

Gods of Olympus is one of the best kingdom building games on the market today. Since it takes place in Greek mythology, many names are likely familiar to you.

Players strengthen their bases, assault rival bases, and collaborate to accomplish many tasks.

Because there are no build times, Players who play aggressively will receive a reward.

Everything you construct appears immediately. The game is becoming increasingly well-liked, and it’s rather impressive for a free-to-play title in this genre.

13. Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile

One of the best kingdom-building games, Lords Mobile, plays more like Boom Beach than Clash of Clans. But the fundamental idea is still there.

You acquire heroes, assemble an army, and then engage in PvP combat. A few RPG features are open as you level up your characters in this game.

Additionally, killing bad guys on the globe map will net you more gold. You can even create guilds to enlist the aid of other players, just like most of these.

The free-to-play components of the game eventually get in the way, and the game has a history of connectivity problems. Although it’s not a deal-breaker, you should be aware of it.

14. Castle Clash

Castle Clash

One of the best kingdom building games similar to Clash of Clans is Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire.

Over 50 million people have installed it. You will construct a hamlet in this game, defend it, and engage in combat.

But you can also play co-op Team Dungeons, level up your characters, have them fight other heroes, and do a few other things.

So again, this one does better at sticking out from the crowd than most of its rivals.

However, it’s a freemium game like the others, and if you enjoyed Clash of Clans but desired something more comprehensive, this is a terrific game for you.

Castle Clash: Age of Legends and Castle Clash: Brave Squads were two previous names for it.


There is no definite answer to the best kingdom games because there are so many kingdom games accessible and so many options that didn’t make the list.

The secret is to choose several kingdom games. You will not be bored again if you play every game you like on this list.

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