5 Best Kitchen Design Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Kitchen Design Apps for iPhone and iPad

How do you get started designing your dream kitchen? You could hire an interior designer, but this can cost a lot of money and take forever to create your custom kitchen.

You could do it yourself, but unless you’re experienced in furniture and interior design, it can be tricky to design your kitchen exactly the way you want it.

The solution is to use an app on your iPhone to help you design your kitchen right at home!

Here are the five best kitchen design apps for iPhone and iPad that will make designing and remodeling your dream kitchen more effortless than ever!

1. Adobe Color Capture

If you’re thinking about renovating or building a new kitchen, plenty of tools can help get you started. One way is to use Adobe Color Capture, allowing users to create kitchen designs using their photos.

With Adobe Color Capture, you can snap a photo of your room and choose an overall look of what you want to achieve.

This app will help you create an eye-catching kitchen design by pulling in colors from surfaces like floors, walls, cabinets, and other materials.

For example, take some pictures of your existing kitchen’s color scheme and layout and select one of several pre-made looks based on what style fits best with what’s already there.

After creating your first kitchen design with Adobe Color Capture, it’s easy to save it as a favorite so you can come back later or share it with others—like family members who are helping out with funding or selecting materials.

You can start for free and upgrade for $19.99 per month if you want access to more features such as additional styles and custom images.

Adobe Color Capture can help turn your home into a showroom-worthy kitchen with just a few photos.

2. Pinterest

Though there are plenty of excellent kitchen design apps for iPhone and iPad, we’ve found that Pinterest offers one of the best mobile experiences for kitchen planning.

The basic concept is to search a specific Pinterest Kitchen Design with your keywords (Kitchen Island, Kitchen Sink, etc.) and find inspirational images or collections with relevant pins.

Once you have an idea in mind, start saving images and visit them later as you plan out your dream kitchen.

For example, let’s say you want to add a kitchen island to your home but aren’t sure what shape or size will work best.

If you do some research on Pinterest, you will be able to see other kitchens with islands already installed. Still, you will also get some inspiration for which materials and colors look good together. 

More than anything else, it’s essential to keep your preferences in mind when using these types of tools.

You may like bright kitchen designs and fancy appliances, while someone else may prefer more traditional or natural tones with minimal technology.

These applications can help you visualize how any style would fit into your house; use them to discover techniques that suit you best!

3. Houzz

The vast library of home design photos and inspiration on Houzz can help you visualize your kitchen dreamscape.

There are thousands of kitchens to peruse, so you can look at everything from professionally designed spaces to other DIYers’ remodels.

The ability to virtually place and move elements makes Houzz a good choice for kitchen design apps for iPhone and iPad.

You can quickly swap out different cabinetry styles and see how they fit into an overall layout or find similar color schemes for painting or tile backsplashes.

Alternatively, some people may prefer having options in real life; check out large-scale model-kit kitchens at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s stores before narrowing your choices with Houzz.

4. Planner 5D

I particularly like Planner 5D because of its kitchen and bathroom 3D floor plans. You can customize your house, picking everything from paint colors to wall decor.

It’s not just for interior design—you can also plan your backyard, deck, or patio. The app also includes many other customization options; you can toggle between a handful of floor types and lighting.

You can even get very specific with measurements if you need to, making it easier to ensure that you have enough room for all your needs and wants in a new home.

If you’re looking for ideas for remodeling projects at home, Planner 5D is an app worth checking out! This app is excellent for anyone who wants to use their phone or tablet as a kitchen planning tool.

With tools to measure anything, high-quality 3D renderings, and more than 1 million items included in the library, Planner 5D makes it easy to imagine how things will look when they’re done. You can share your designs easily via email, Facebook, or text message.

5. Kitchen Planner 3D

Last on our list is Kitchen Planner 3D, one of the best ways to lay out a floor plan and figure out your kitchen.

You begin by giving suggested square footage, and they allow you to place counters and appliances in your proposed kitchen area to get a general idea of what it will look like.

You can even color or apply texture. In the end, Kitchen Planner 3D lets you use a myriad of colors and textures, making it easy to share your idea with friends and family, and even contractors or designers.


Kitchen design apps for iPhone and iPad are a great way to experiment with different looks, layouts, and themes without breaking your budget.

If you find something you love, try taking a screenshot to save as inspiration for that future remodel. You can also print out some of your favorite looks for an at-home design session with friends and family.

For many homeowners, designing their kitchen on their smartphone is just one more way they can bring their dream kitchen into existence.

iPhone’s best kitchen design apps will help users visualize kitchens in ways that no blueprint or photo could ever hope to match.

And once you’ve settled on a final layout or theme, nothing stops you from heading straight over to IKEA or Lowe’s to get started on your new home improvement project!

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