10 Best Magazine Apps for iPad

Best Magazine Apps for iPad

Are you a magazine lover? How much do you love to read magazines? All the time? That’s not a problem.

The world has evolved so that you don’t have to hold a book everywhere you go because you don’t want to miss out on exciting updates.

There are several magazine apps you can download on your iOS device. However, we have compiled the best magazine apps for iPad.

These apps will work perfectly on your iPhone, also.

Let’s go!

1. Zinio

Zinio is an all-in-one app. It handles all your magazines and gives you the freedom to read cover-story articles with a choice of featured magazines every month.

You can read what you have downloaded in this iPad app, like a library at iTunes. You can also find other magazines in the Zinio Shop and buy them. 


2. Bloomberg for iPad

This app is a great tool for financial experts with personal stock quotes and the most up-to-date market information.

Bloomberg is one of the best magazine apps for iPad, and Bloomberg for iPad is much more than a news and article reading app.

Additionally, the app’s free price and features make it suitable for an iPad user. 


3. Readly Magazines

This iOS app contains many international magazines that you can access for a small subscription fee.

However, magazines have all been optimized for mobile to ensure a better reading experience. From within the app, users can bookmark and share the magazines they want at any time.

Also, the family sharing feature allows the magazine reader to share the subscription with five people.

Download Here

4. Flipboard

One of the best magazine apps for iPad is Flipboard. The user interface is easy to navigate and brings your favorite content to life as a professionally typeset magazine.

This reader app lets you make a personalized magazine out of RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, and Facebook posts.

Download Here

5. Google Currents

Google Currents is a new app but one of the best magazines for iPad. The user interface is straightforward and appealing.

When reading articles, you get a nice reading experience that feels like you’re reading a magazine.

Users can, however, add their blogs and news sources or choose from the list of options provided by Google.

Once you’ve chosen your sources, Google Currents will appear and feel like a magazine that you’ve completely customized!

Also, you can select what you want to see and read and block out the rest.

Download Here

6. Issuu

Issuu is another app among the best magazine apps for iPad. This app allows you to have access to over 20,000 magazines and other content in over 30 languages.

However, the publications are available to read online or to download. You can also select a section of a publication and share it on social media.

Download Here

7. Engadget Distro

Technology lovers will find this app appealing. It is one of the best magazine apps for iPad. Engadget Distro is a beautiful magazine-style way to read Engadget’s best articles.

In a beautiful and elegant magazine interface, you can get the best week articles from the site.

However, if you’re a fan of Engadget and only want the best, make sure Distro is installed on your iPad.

Download Here

8. Nook

Nook gives you access to over 4 million eBooks and magazines. You can personalize your library creation experience, add notes and bookmarks.

It also gives recommendations that you want to learn more about content. 


9. WIRED Magazine

Wired Magazine is a great app for users who are obsessed with interface designs. The app’s design and good user experience make it unique because most other apps use PDFs.

However, this magazine app is not different from the others when it comes to expenses.


10. Magzter

Magzter newsstand is the last on our list of the best magazine apps for iPad. Its library contains tens of thousands of magazines and newspapers, and this app will change the way you read.

Magzter has magazines and newspapers in 40+ exciting categories, including entertainment, travel, news, sports, and technology.


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