9 Best Magisk Alternatives

Best Magisk Alternatives

Ever since it was first revealed by XDA developer topjohnwu, Magisk has reigned supreme in the Android world of rooting and modding.

The systemless root “Magiskcian” became even more popular as it bypassed Google SafetyNet and allows users to have a rooted device that still retains GooglePay functions.

Magisk has also gained much popularity in the mods world as the app has lots of modules you can install and tweak to make your device much cooler. Coupled with the constant updates the Magisk app gets, it is easy to see why many users rely on this app.

As cool as it is, some people may not really know the technical workaround required to install this app, hence the need for an alternative solution.

Here is a list of all the possible Magisk alternatives to help root and manage your device.

PS/DISCLAIMER: Only proceed if you know what rooting means and you are comfortable with rooting your device. Rooting is mainly for advanced users. While we try our best to provide you with the best information available, we do not control these apps’ behavior, and we are by no means liable for any damages your device may incur should any of the apps fail. Only proceed if you have a clear idea of what you are doing and can fix any issues that may likely occur.

Before we begin, some prerequisites are needed to deal with any issues that may occur;

  • Make sure you have a well-charged device as rooting may take a while, and your smartphone can be bricked if the phone goes off while rooting. Keep the USB cable nearby, too, in case you need to connect the phone to a laptop.
  • Install necessary phone drivers on the computer and enable USB debugging on your phone. Doing this will help you should things go sideways when performing the root access procedure.
  • Allow Installation from unknown sources. This can be done in settings. Root apps are not on the Google play store and will have to be sideloaded, hence the need for this. You can turn it off after performing the rooting operation.

Best Magisk Alternatives

Here is the list of the best alternatives to the Magisk app that are still actively maintained and can receive updates.

1. Kingo Root App

King Root has earned a reputation for being one the best root app out there. This has made it one of the top alternatives to Magisk. With different versions available for both PC and Android phones, KingRoot offers one of the easiest root methods for Android devices.

This app rooting procedure is mostly via one click, and it handles the rest process. Kingo Root installs the Kingo SuperUser app that grants root access and allows you to perform advanced options.

Kingo Root offers root method tutorials on its website and supports devices up to Android 10. When rooting, the KingoApp will calculate the chance of rooting the device then download the files off the cloud.

If the Android app fails, you can always download the PC version from their main website.

2. King-Root App

King Root is another great Magisk rooting app alternative that has been tested. Using one-click root procedures similar to that of the KingoRoot, King Root boasts a large number of downloads and device model support.

Like KingoRoot, King root is also available on PC for those who may want to try the PC version should the Android app fail.

KingRoot comes with a Purify engine that helps remove bloatware, but you may have to pay for its premium version if you want more.

3. OneClick Root App

While the first two apps allow you to click a button and everything else is sorted out, One Click Root relies on Technicians.

While Magisk relies heavily on you doing everything yourself and maybe messing things up, a technician installs everything for you with One Click Root.

They act as an excellent alternative to Magisk, and to make everything sweet, they support a vast number of brands, right from the very popular to the relatively unknown.

The service costs $39 for one phone, and they have a tool that allows you to check their database to know if your device can gain root access.

For most users, a laptop is mainly required to speed things up. To get started, visit the OneClickRoot website and download the app.

4. SRSRoot

Another fantastic app from the stables of XDA Developers is the SRSRoot. This Magisk alternative is also one of the older apps on the list, with a single-click root solution for Android and PC.

SRSRoot comes with quite a handful number of exploit options to obtain root access on a device. It is powered by the SRSServer, making it relatively safe to use.

This app also has a Pro version that has Smart Root Feature. This feature helps determine the best method to root your device since all devices have different builds and models.

5. CF Auto Root

CF Auto Root is developed by ChainFire, the owner of the Popular SuperSU root management app is kept mainly for Samsung devices.

This app seeks to keep devices as close to stock as possible. CF Auto Root repository has been expanded to include smartphone brands like Nokia, LG, Blu, Oukitel, etc., and there are currently over 20500 rooted firmware for over 2000 devices.

It is highly updated and has stock ROMs available for devices up to Android 10. Over 30000 users are working to keep the images and ROMs updated, and this makes it a perfect alternative to the Magisk app.

6. iRoot

iRoot has been around for a while, and it is one of the few root apps with a well-maintained database of phones. iRoot, like most Magisk Alternatives on this list, also has a PC version that you can easily download off their website

iRoot still ranks high in the Android rooting world though it may be difficult to root the latest versions of Android devices.

7. BusyBox Pro

Besides being an app that grants root access, Magisk has also been known to allow different customizations via modules and offer in-depth management resources. If for some reason, you can’t get Magisk and need to perform some Linux operations, then the BusyBox Pro app is what you need.

With this app and some commands, you can quickly get rid of annoying system apps and services you feel you don’t need. BusyBox Pro is available on the Google Play Store

8. SuperSU

This list will not be complete without the SuperSu making the list. Another app by ChainFire, the SuperUser management app for rooted devices, has been in existence for a very long time.

While the last stable version was released in 2017, the app is still top-rated and, in terms of functionality, can only be rivaled by Magisk. You can get the SuperSU V2.82 version here

9. SuperUser X

If you are worried about the SuperSU app’s source and need a version from Google Play Store, you can download the SuperUser X app.

As usual, it offers excellent root management service and helps monitor your device. You can grant and deny root access to apps using the SuperUser X app as it has a very simple user interface.


That concludes the list of the best apps that can serve as an alternative to the Magisk app. We will update this list once other rooting apps and Superuser management apps update their app versions and repositories.

If there are any alternatives that we have failed to mention, please feel free to let us know. Till then, enjoy your device.

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