8 of the Best Manga Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Manga Apps for iPhone

Manga is Japanese comics or graphic novels that originated in the late 1800s. They have a long and complicated history in Japanese art, and they play a significant role in Japanese culture.

Reading Manga and watching anime is famous in Japan and around the world. In today’s environment, everyone is intertwined with technology, and Manga comics began to be distributed through Apps for Manga enthusiasts.

Some fans are always looking forward to the next episode of their favorite manga series or the release of a new book by a beloved manga author.

Many of these comics are available through some of the top manga apps we identified. Most of these apps are compatible with iPhones, and I’ll talk about the best manga apps for iPhone in this article.

Let’s get going.

1. Manga Storm

Manga Storm is a free iPhone and iPad manga reading software. It’s a straightforward but effective app, and it offers all Manga fans a fantastic reading experience and allows you to download more than ten chapters.

To see all of the titles you’ve read, go to the History tab. You can listen to music while reading Manga with this software, and you can also save downloaded Manga files to your smartphone.

Download and read your favorite Manga whenever and wherever you want. You may effortlessly backup your Manga list via email.

2. MangaToon

It is a free comic reader app that works nicely on iPhones. Using these best manga apps for iPhone, you can read Manga, manhwa, and manhua on your mobile device. MangaToon offers a wide range of genres, including action, adventure, humor, and horror.

One great feature of this software that you will like is its capacity to serve comics in many languages. English, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai, and Portuguese are among these languages.

Every day, brand fresh comics are posted. The comics in this app are appealing and may be downloaded for free to read offline. Other ways to assist authors include commenting, liking, subscribing, and voting for your favorite comic.

MangaToon also allows you to create your own comic stories and share them with the world. MangaToon can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

3. Izneo

Izneo is another French-developed manga app for iPhone. Over 2000 comics and Manga are available, including well-known titles like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Rent-A-Girlfriend.

Whatever genre you prefer, whether romance, action, fantasy, or horror, you will find a Manga that you will enjoy.

Tools like altering the scroll direction, transition effect, backdrop color, and offline reading make reading more enjoyable.

Also noteworthy is the absence of advertisements; however, reading with this app will cost you money.

The Izneo Premium subscription is $7.99 per month, and this app will provide unrestricted access to a vast universe of comics and Manga. Izneo may be downloaded for free from the App Store.

4. INKR Comics

 The company behind the renowned scanlation manga aggregation software ‘Manga Rock’ has created INKR Comics.

The team, announced in April of 2020, aims to help comic authors and publishers. To do this, the app’s revenue is distributed between content creators and publishers.

You can read a wide range of comics in these best manga apps for iPhone, including action, romance, humor, horror, drama, isekai, slice of life, sci-fi, etc.

You will find content that you are likely to enjoy when combined with the personalized suggestions system.

Additionally, the software automatically syncs your data and reads progress if you have numerous devices.

5. Manga Monster

Manga Monster may not be the most feature-rich manga software on the market, but you can rely on it to deliver an enjoyable manga reading experience. With a database of over 24000 mangas, the software is up to the challenge of diversity.

Additionally, the regular update ensures that you access the latest editions. The app’s simple UI and essential tools will let you rapidly get into your groove.

Because it is lightweight, it feels snappier while running. Overall, this is good manga reader software.

6. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga is one of the best manga apps for iPhone if you want to acquire the latest manga comics or new chapters in an ongoing manga series.

This software provides you with the most recent Manga comics from Japan, and popular mangas such as Space Brothers and Attack of the Titan are available.

iOS smartphones are compatible with the Manga app. When a new Manga is released, the app updates its stock. You will receive some free books to download.

However, you can subscribe to the app’s premium edition to access unique content and additional features. Crunchyroll Manga is free to download from the Apple App Store.

7. VIZ Manga

This is yet another Manga software that you’ll enjoy. You’ll discover the best Manga and comic series right here.

Dragonball, Naruto, and other anime programs are among them. The software comes with a catalog of popular Manga comics updated regularly.

You’ll find an Amazon function in this program that you may utilize to develop your Manga comic library.

You can read books offline by downloading them, and you can also read reviews of well-known comics if you want to make informed decisions. This app is compatible with iOS devices and is available for free on the App Store.

8. Mangamo

Mangamo is a good option if you want a more legal or transparent manner of reading Manga comics. The app contains an extensive library of comics, including classics, old favorites, and new releases.

The creators themselves provide the app’s stock, giving the process an actual appearance. Mangamo will fill that gap if you want to be confident that what you’re getting is original.

The app is updated weekly with new chapters, giving you something new to read. This app’s cheapest subscription gives you access to over 30 real Manga comics.

The membership also removes ads and pop-ups that can make reading less enjoyable. Every 24 hours, the app provides you with one chapter of a comic.

This free trial might assist you in determining whether or not a paid subscription is worthwhile. This app is compatible with iOS devices and is available for free download from the App Store.


There you have it! So, there you have it: the best manga apps for iPhone. Your eyes have captured the right manga reader among the many available apps.

But, before you start flipping through the pages or exploring the vast library of Japanese comics, let us know which app has made its way onto your device. 

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