10 Best Medical Calculators for Android

Best Medical Calculators for Android

If you’re a medical student, you know how difficult it can be to take your classes and learn the information on top of being available if there’s an emergency or someone gets sick at the hospital you work at.

The stress can build up quickly as you wonder if you’ll be able to accomplish everything and still keep up with your classwork while also having time to study. If only some resources could help take some of that stress away.

These best medical calculators for android are among the most frequently downloaded health & fitness applications on android.

Thousands of users worldwide have downloaded these apps and use them daily to calculate their body mass index, basal metabolic rate, caloric intake, and calories burned. 

Finding the best medical calculator app on the Android platform is challenging in the highly competitive tech industry.

Many options are available, but not all are great or user-friendly. We’ll review some of the top medical calculator apps on android to help you find what you need and discover new features.

Here are the 10 best medical calculators for Android available on android today.

1. UpToDate

UpToDate is a drug reference and clinical decision support resource. These best medical calculators for android provide help with diagnoses, treatment options, and patient education for thousands of conditions.

UpToDate is based on systematic reviews of current evidence, including randomized controlled trials and observational studies.

These best medical calculator for android allows you to easily search topics and find related content in UpToDate’s online version from your mobile device or another computer. You can also email suggestions to colleagues directly from the App.

Once you register, you can create folders to organize information by topic or patient population and bookmark topics or devices, making it easier to return to your actual content later. It costs $39 per year after a trial, and there are no ads or push notifications.

2. Pediatric Oncall

This App is handy for doctors and nurses working in pediatric wards, and it has various formulas doctors use when dealing with children of all ages.

The application is also equipped with calculators for all forms of medication, including such obscure ones as insulin and Botox.

While other best medical calculators for android can be found online, what’s unique about Pediatric Oncall is that it makes all this data easily accessible with a few touches on your mobile device.

The App uses a clean, user-friendly interface, making it easy to use even while you’re on a call or in the middle of a procedure.

Despite having so many features, there aren’t any advertisements inside, just a hidden banner at the bottom of your screen.

3. MediCalc

Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, MediCalc is free of the best medical calculators for android that help you quickly figure out what medication to take by providing easy-to-understand dosage instructions.

A sophisticated design and effective step-by-step system mean that users can quickly learn to use it without reading a manual.

It’s perfect for figuring out how much of your child’s medicine to give them. The App supports several languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Besides being extremely useful in real-life situations, MediCalc helps you prepare for nursing or pharmacist school exams.

4. Medscape

An app developed by Medscape, a leading healthcare website, is one of my best medical calculators for Android. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides drug information and dosing tips.

Some calculators calculate dosages based on your weight and height (in feet or centimeters) and an AED (automated external defibrillator) timer.

Medscape makes your life as a doctor easier by putting professional-grade tools, news, and peer support in your pocket.

With Medscape, you can consult with doctors via live video chat or send secure messages to colleagues; consult extensive clinical databases for information about more than 5,000 diseases and conditions.

You can also track the development of your clinical skills through online learning modules and organize patients into groups to manage care and communication; access a 24/7 personal physician assistant who can provide point-of-care guidance.

And access your record from home or on vacation. Free up time to do what matters most: treating patients.

The only real downside is that it’s not free you have to pay $2.99 to unlock all of its features; however, many consider it worth every penny. If you’re in school or plan on taking the boards, I recommend getting Medscape.

5. Ped(z) – Pediatric Calculator

Ped(z) is one of the best medical calculators for android worth a download if you work with infants and children.

It contains pediatric dosage charts, drug and disease statistics, and unit conversions to help you stay on top of your patients’ needs.

Its clean design makes it easy to browse through features while being able to add your entries saves time if you use a lot of formulas that aren’t already built-in.

The simple layout is appealing and intuitive; however, those looking for something with more advanced functions may want to look elsewhere.

While it’s useful for those who work with kids often enough that they would benefit from its information organized in one place, other options have a more comprehensive range of uses. Still, they lack some of Ped(z) ‘s helpful organizational tools.

6. Nursing Calculator

If you’re a nursing student, staying on top of your complex math calculations and formulas is crucial.

Nurses are often asked to interpret lab results or quickly compute dosages using measurements in milliliters and micrograms. 

To make sure you can get those numbers right—and perform all your other tasks at work—it helps to have one of these seven free nursing calculators available on your smartphone.

Today, download one of the best medical calculators for android, memorize some fundamental equations, and get back to bedside patient care!

7. Calculate by QxMD

These apps make it easy to calculate a patient’s weight, height, BMI, or blood pressure based on their personal information.

QxMD does a great job of presenting relevant data in an easy-to-understand format. The App is free to download and provides quick access to everything from their Treatment Times guide to information about common prescriptions.

This category includes a description of what they are used for and tips and cautions. It also allows you to make basic edits to create your calculators, like drug interaction checks.

A great feature of these apps is sharing your results via social media sites or emailing them directly to your patients if they have concerns or questions regarding medication or treatment plans.

8. Medical Formulas

Medical Formulas is a handy of the best medical calculators for android apps that provides quick, easy, and accurate access to a wide range of formulas and calculators commonly used in medicine.

This App contains the most popular formulas, such as BSA, BMI, Cholesterol, etc., and SI unit conversions (e.g., between Celsius and Fahrenheit).

Medical Formulas is easy to use thanks to its simple layout with clear, understandable icons. With Medical Formulas & Calculators, you can quickly perform any calculations needed in your daily practice, at home, or in the hospital!

The following features make our application unique: – Clear user interface with intuitive navigation; – Offline availability; You don’t need an internet connection to calculate anything!

9. Easy Drug Dose Calculator App

Easy Drug Dose Calculator App was developed by pharmacists and is an invaluable resource. It helps you solve drug dosage problems in a flash.

Determining medication dosages can be complicated because each drug comes with different dosing recommendations based on patient-specific needs.

10. RheumaHelper App

RheumaHelper – The #1 Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) app. This App is perfect for you if you have or think you may have RA.

A doctor has developed it with over 20 years of experience in rheumatology and healthcare software development.

Whether you have your first episode of joint pain and want to know your condition better, or if you’ve had symptoms for years and want to track them, RheumaHelper will help.

Its simple interface makes it easy to record and share your progress with friends and family, who can also provide helpful feedback.

Receive daily alerts so that painful joints never catch you off guard again! Available in four languages: English, Spanish, French & German.


Doctors, students, and patients may use Android Medical to find the best medical calculators for android for their medical requirements.

Apps for disease information, conditions, therapy, pharmacological information, homeopathy medicines, and first aid manuals are available to any healthcare professional.

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