20 Play-to-earn Best NFT Games for Android in 2023

best nft games for android

Digital financing is evolving and not ceasing anytime soon. Everyone from young to old is immersed and looking forward to making money through revolutionary sources like Crypto, NFT games, and other miracles of the blockchain industry.

What makes all this more interesting is that; multiple platforms have introduced many play-to-earn NFT games. As we all know, Crypto is no longer restricted to mining, on-fungible tokens, and exchanging. 

All these games are playable on desktops, iOS, and Android. In our last discussion, we covered the best NFT Games for iOS.

However, we have done comprehensive research for all Android users this time. Let’s look at the top 20 best NFT games for Android below!

Best NFT Games for Android

When it comes to free-to-play and earn games for Android, choices are many. Still, a few games provide splendid features and stand above all. 

Additionally, you want to vary scams in the wide range of in-game frauds. Right? Why not go ahead to get a hold of the best NFT games for Android?

1. Heroverse

Now earning and investing have become easy for all cryptic and strategic game lovers. Hoeroverse is a go-to game for all gamers who love to solve puzzles.

The game features 50+ hero levels. Each pool comes with enhanced and upgraded attributes and abilities.

My favorite trait of the game is that instead of following the P2E format (like most NFT games), Heroverse follows the play-and-earn model.

The game offers as many characters as you want, such as a demon, a human, or a beast.

2. The Sandbox

Everyone has Sandbox on the tips of their tongues in 2022, wondering why? Well, let me start.

Are you ready to take over the massive virtual world with limitless opportunities? The Sandbox has multitudes of platforms that can help you invest and earn. 

The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has its cryptocurrency known as sand. Sounds interesting, right? Get ready to be a part of a metaverse in a nutshell!

3. Upland

Have you always wanted to be a part of a real estate firm? Then, Upland is here as the most optimum choice in the list of best NFT games for Android for you.

The platform lets you buy, sell, trade, and exchange virtual lands and properties associated with the actual address. You can expect to build your virtual dream house and make friends with the same interest.

4. Tamadroid

If you have ever happened to play Axie Infinity and are looking for something similar, Tamadroid is at your service. The fresh addition to the best NFT games for Android is all you need!

The game is all about breeding, training, and structuring the monsters. You get to collect 100+ unique Tamadroids for later use in player-versus-player battlefields. 

Moreover, you can always upgrade and customize your monsters and connect with more experienced players for advice.

5. Cryptokitties

Did you know? Cryptokitties was the first game built by the Ethereum blockchain. Does the thought of keeping visual pets excite and captivate you? 

You can buy a Cryptokitty or make two cats breed to get a digital kitten. The reproduction of Cryptokitties helps gamers unlock extraordinary qualities and earn exceptional rewards. The desirable traits make them attain unique ERC-721 tokens.

You can create a unique league of kittens and play disparate puzzles with their help. You may also want to participate and become part of the catfights in Kittyverse. Withal, there are many more options to explore in Cryptokitties.

6. Reward Hunters

Reward Hunters is one play-to-earn MMO RPG for all avatar fans. It is one of the free-to-play NFT games for Android that holds tremendous battlefields to showcase. 

The disparate game mode includes open-world combats, royale battles, one-to-one, and one-to-eight fighting contests. 

The game displays a medieval setting, several avatars, weekly competitions, and betting events. Don’t forget to get your RHT token if you want to make Binance coins.

7. Monsta Infinite

Within the crowd of other best NFT games for Android, Monsta Infinite is a light-hearted and easy-to-play game. 

Players need to get their hands on at least three Monstas to be able to participate in the battle. Each Monsta has add-ons such as two attack and defense cards and six skill cards. 

Netizens believe that Monsta Infinite will soon be one big hit in the NFTs world.

8. Farmers World

If you’re a person who likes personalized and customized collectibles, then Farmers World can be your cup of tea. The game is built on the WAX blockchain and requires a special NFT for active participation.

You get into the role of a farmer in the game, where you get to compete against other fellow farmers. Additionally, you can enjoy eclectic tools and resources and build and harvest crops on the land.

9. Realm

Our other suggestion for the inventory of play-to-earn NFT games for Android is the Realm. The game features a tour of many micro verses.

The game has packed the ultimate combination of gaming experience, art, and music.

Realm employs augmented reality and helps the players evolve and discover Realm tokens and rare NFTs. You may give it a try as it offers to breed and interact with 3D pets to dominate the gaming universe.

All artists should play Realm at least once as they also allow them to create in-game worlds.

10. Devikins

Were you waiting for a turn-based RPG that could instigate your inner gaming geek? Then, here it is! Devikins utilizes JRPG combat mode with a hint of Tamagotchi elements.

It is another Android NFT game that helps gamers characterize their figures and in-game and even create a new one for strength and versatility. You can easily exchange your avatars in the market by using Devicoin.

11. Forest Knight

Forest Knight is another NFT game playable on Android featuring mobile gaming and blockchain accessibilities. There are 3+ gaming modes.

You get to take part in PVP and PVE grounds. So, you should be ready to forge all the equipment and train your heroes in Forest Knight if you want to rule this RPG.

12. Sorare

We can vouch for the popularity of Sorare for both iOS and Android users. However, what’s that all hype?

All football players can now earn and rejoice in their love for the game simultaneously. It is another NFT trading card game where you strive to have the strongest football squad that always stays on top.

Now, Sorare contains 200+ squads, and each week these squads keep on brimming. Therefore, they are not going to be hampered shortly. Pull your sleeves up as you’re the next!

13. Coin Hunt World

Are you ready to invest your money and time in the top NFT games for Android? Then, why not give Coin Hunt a whirl? The game makes you get on a journey to build your kingdoms and fight for their safety.

Additionally, the game has spectacular graphics in the store for you. The game displays just the fit gameplay for those who wish to have more digital NFT items and assets.

Also, who can resist all the kingdom and royal vibes and personalized themes of this game?

14. Axie Infinity

It’s impossible to forget Axie Infinity while discussing free-to-play NFT games for Android. The game is ruling the NFT market.

Axies are in abundant amounts and outstanding based on their characteristics. All the figures are influential because of the genes; the stronger Axie becomes, the more costly it gets. So, are you all set to use your favorite NFT Axie and get on the route?

15. CropBytes

Did you think that was all about farming free-to-play NFT games for Android? You may fasten your seat belts as there is much more to come.

The game facilitates you with mint services for building your digital asset (Cryptocurrency) by participating in the in-game economy. CryptoBytes offers you a farming metaverse to build your portfolio by rearing animals and extending your lands.

It is a high-paying game that enables you to trade your NFTs in the game market.

16. Spells Of Genesis

It’s time to invest in NFTs along with experiencing thrilling and captivating battles. You should expect an engaging combat mechanism, strategic team building, and a versatile card collection from Spell of Genesis.

The game has challenging modes, seasonal leaderboards, prizes, rewards, in-app purchases, and PvP rank features. What more can one ask?

17. My Master War

Have you always wanted to play a game with your squad which requires no initial investment? Then, you are at the right place.

The game provides a platform for gamers to grow their armies and fight battles against others in real time. 

Its tempting options of inviting friends, customizing the game around, varied kinds of strategies, and NFT to Defi collectibles make your gaming experience wonderful.

18. Kingdom Karnage

This game delves you into crazy turn-based combat to keep you occupied. Kingdom Karnage takes you on a journey to collect 30 deck cards and evolves character statistics.

All that players need to do is take part in quests and uncover disparate destination and campaign modes. Explore and unleash new Dungeons to earn exciting surprises.

So, get on the bandwagon to scour a bundle of rare, epic, and legendary characters with Kingdom Karnage.

19. Gamee

Gamee is the reasonable pick for you in the list of free-to-play NFT games for Android, if you’re more interested in making money.

The game provides you with the utmost experience of multiplying your assets while entertaining you with its casual gameplay. 

The game makes you earn and gain NFTs known as GMEE. Let’s go and become a part of this vast marketplace and dig into rare gaming packs.

20. Battle Racing Stars

Are you looking for an MMO game that you can enjoy with your friends in your home’s comfort? Well, Battle Racing is here for you.

Go, fasten your seat belts and be in your best form to compete with your friends. This game is for all arcade lovers. 

You get a whole package of characters, avatars, a range of skin items, adventurous obstacles, Frenetic multiplayer races, and plenty of compelling NFT choices. 


We guess it’s a wrap from today’s index of the best NFT games for Android. We’ve pulled out all the stops and generated a compact summary of all secure free-to-play NFT games for Android. 

You need to take your cash out and start investing in the virtual items to whichever your heart says. It’s 2022. It’s probably high time to play and earn.

So, what’s stopping you? Pick your favorite and start trading.

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  1. Hello! Please note that Battle Racing Stars is not an NFT game, the game has been existed for a few years now and there’s no NFTs in it.

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