15 Best PDF Readers for Windows 11

Best PDF Readers for Windows 11

A PDF is one of the most crucial documents, so we have curated the best PDF readers for Windows 11. 

Given that Windows 11 is the most recent operating system, you could need some PDF reader solutions that are feature-rich and affordable. 

You may edit, highlight, annotate, and even draw directly on PDF files with one of the readers from our carefully curated selection.

Some PDF readers also include sophisticated features like OCR and bookmark choices. 

PDFs have been among the most secure ways to share information online for a long time.

You may know the PDF format’s benefits if you work with office files or operate an internet business. 

It takes a specialized PDF reader to open a PDF file because it is a highly secure file type. People cannot view, edit, or modify files without a technical PDF reading application.

There are currently hundreds of PDF reader programs on the market, but most are adware-filled and overrun with advertisements. 

Numerous applications that worked with earlier Windows versions can also be utilized with Windows 11. There are certain exceptions, though.

For the most incredible experience, it is preferable to install a specific PDF reader for Windows 11.  

Fortunately, the top free PDF readers available are equally as powerful as their commercial counterparts.

They won’t set you back any money or require you to sign up for a monthly subscription.

You’ll need a specialized PDF reader to open PDF files. Only a specialist reader may be used to view, edit, and modify PDF files by users. 

If you’re seeking the best solutions, you’ve come to the correct place. The top PDF readers for Windows 11 are listed below. 

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader 

The oldest and most popular PDF viewer for Windows is Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can edit PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader if necessary, in addition to opening them. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, users can also convert Word documents into PDFs. 

The PDF reader’s preview feature lets you view your altered PDF files in various resolutions.

Additionally, an active developer base for the software ensures that you receive regular updates for problem fixes. 

Users may view and edit PDF files in the free version, but the premium version offers more functionality, including complex editing tools, conversion options, security settings, and other features. 

2. Soda PDF Reader 

A well-designed PDF viewer that offers various features for free is The Soda PDF Reader. You can use 3D page-flipping technology to view PDFs and EPUBs. 

It enables you to convert any file format into this one or create PDFs from scratch. The tool also has a merge multiple files option.

A portable document file can also be made by combining several files in various formats. It is one of the best PDF readers for Windows 11.

The tool has a PDF splitter option as well. You can use it to split PDF files into one or more pages.

You can edit, compress, rotate, reorganize, remove pages, or convert PDFs from office files, photos, and more if you choose Soda PDF Reader’s standard or higher plans. With Soda PDF, you can modify PDF text using OCR and digitally sign documents. 

3. Xodo PDF 

It is a complete PDF reader and editor compatible with Windows 11. The free Xodo PDF can view PDF files and includes premium options. 

The business claims that Xodo PDF has the quickest PDF viewing engine and easy navigation, which is somewhat accurate.

You may edit your PDF files using Xodo PDF in addition to viewing them. It provides a wide range of PDF editing features, including writing on PDFs, highlighting text, annotating PDFs, filling out PDF forms, and more. 

4. Perfect PDF Ultimate 

Next on our list of best PDF readers for Windows 11 is the Perfect PDF Ultimate. It is a simple PDF reader that comes with all the necessary features.

The Perfect PDF Ultimate includes tools for editing, signing, and even starting fresh with PDFs. It also has extra functionality like commenting, dividing, and copying pages. 

Perfect PDF Ultimate has a simple and intuitive user interface. On the application’s homepage, you can access all of the features. This makes navigating the PDF reader simple.  

5. Foxit PDF Reader 

One of the most effective PDF readers is Foxit PDF Reader, which is accessible on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and the web.

This PDF reader allows you to view, annotate, complete PDF forms, and sign PDF files on various devices. 

Combining cloud storage and CMS systems with Foxit PDF Reader enables you to share document feedback using various annotation tools.

In addition, the free edition of Foxit PDF Reader has several privacy and security features and allows you to sign documents in your handwriting. 

6. Nitro Pro PDF Suite 

Nitro Pro PDF Suite is a comprehensive collection of tools for working with PDF documents, as the name implies. The real benefit of PDF readers is their simple user interface.

For convenience, the Nitro Pro PDF Suite interface was created by copying the Microsoft Office interface. It is one of the best PDF readers for Windows 11. 

Nitro Pro PDF Suite includes capabilities including a PDF reader, PDF editor, alignment insertion, etc. Additionally, you can convert documents in various formats into PDFs. The subscription fees for Nitro Pro PDF Suite are a little on the pricey side. 

7. Slim PDF 

Slim PDF Reader is a free, lightweight PDF reader program for Windows, as you may have inferred from the name.

If you need to open and annotate a PDF file, Slim PDF Reader makes it straightforward, and it is one of the best PDF readers for Windows 11. 

With a file size of only 15MB, it is safe to conclude that Slim PDF Reader is the smallest PDF viewer on this list. The PDF reader’s user interface loads quickly and uses minimal system resources. 

8. Sumatra PDF 

Sumatra PDF will be a decent choice if you want to save money on something other than a high-end PDF viewer.

This open-source PDF reader has all the features available in premium PDF readers. Users can access files in EPUB, FP2, MOBI, and other similar formats in addition to PDFs using Sumatra PDF. 

Sumatra PDF is distinctive in that it includes shortcut keys, making it simple for users to carry out various tasks. The PDF editing options are straightforward to utilize. However, occasionally little glitches can ruin your pleasure. 

9. Power PDF 

A PDF reader program for all sizes of people and companies is called Power PDF. The PDF tool’s robust features and office-style user interface make it easy to create, convert, and compile PDF documents. 

Power PDF, a paid tool, provides you with a ton of power and flexible options for producing, editing, and converting PDF documents.

Despite being a paid program, you have a limited time to download the free trial. The Power PDF premium version’s additional features include options for collaboration, e-signatures, and more. 

10. PDFelement 

Next on our list of best PDF readers for Windows 11 is PDFelement. From the same company as the well-known video editing program, Wondershare Filmora, comes the effective PDF reader PDFelement. 

With PDFelement, you can easily edit, generate, sign, annotate, and share files while on the road. Cloud support allows you to communicate with your coworkers on a document. 

The OCR tool in this program allows you to take text from a PDF file and alter it. Using a robust conversion feature, you may convert scanned or image-based PDFs to the most common formats. 

Among the more than 20 languages it supports are English, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, and many others.

Other choices include the ability to extract data from PDFs in CSV format, rotate or resize any graphics on a PDF, digitally sign documents, and more. 

11. LibreOffice 

The PC office suite program LibreOffice recently added PDF capability. You don’t require additional software to read PDF files if you use LibreOffice to handle your Office suite files. 

LibreOffice may be used to edit PDF files in addition to just viewing them. Additionally, in Windows 11, LibreOffice allows for the password protection of PDF files.

So, LibreOffice is a good option if you want a simple and lightweight PDF reader for Windows 11. 

12. Kofax PDF Software 

Another reliable PDF reader program with a feature-rich interface is this one. With the aid of the Kofax PDF Software reader, documents may be opened, edited, converted, and stored all under one roof. More than 2 million people have used Kofax PDF Software. 

There are two versions of Kofax PDF Software: free and paid versions. In the free version, users will have access to all the standard functions, including the ability to open and convert documents to PDF.

In contrast, the program’s commercial version has sophisticated capabilities, including digital signing. 

13. Expert PDF Reader 

Expert PDF Reader is another reputable and cost-free PDF reader for Windows 11. You may successfully change PDF files on your desktop using this user-friendly software.

The free software offers all the capabilities that paid software might provide you with. It is one of the best PDF readers for Windows 11. 

Expert PDF Reader allows you to create interactive forms, annotate an existing PDF, and perform other tasks.

Using the software, you may also generate a text document and convert it to a PDF. If you like the free software, you can also give to help the project grow. 

14. PDF Annotate & Fill 

PDF Annotate & Fill is one of the simple tools you can use to alter or read a document. The Microsoft Store offers it for free, but you may choose to make in-app purchases to access some features that are exclusive to paying customers. 

Draw anything directly on the PDF—a straight line, a rectangle, an oval. It provides the ability to underline, strike out, and highlight text.

Use tools like comments, arrows, circles, lines, and more to draw attention to key passages in a PDF if you and your coworker are working on it together. 

You may print a PDF directly from the app using PDF Annotate & Fill, fill out PDF forms and digitally sign PDFs. 

15. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 

Last on our list of best PDF readers for Windows 11 is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is among the most popular programs for reading and editing PDF files. This powerful tool has been around since 2013 and is still relevant today. 

You may view, modify, and even sign PDF files using this application. With its robust functionality, you can easily add annotations, shapes, and text boxes to a PDF file. 


You can save your documents in a wide variety of document formats. Nevertheless, PDF is frequently employed and advised as the default file format for publications containing essential data and graphics. 

In addition, the document has a layer on top of it that stops anyone from altering it. The capacity to distribute the document’s content in its set layout is crucial. 

You may have noticed that depending on the different document viewers installed on the recipient’s PC, when you share a Word document file, the content can end up being dispersed all over the place. 

The option to combine scanned documents, MS Word pages, screenshots, CAD images, etc., to generate a PDF document is available in this format. 

For the reasons listed above, PDF is currently the most popular electronic file format used online and will continue to be so. 

In conclusion, these are the best PDF reader for Windows 11. You must decide which name best meets your established requirements because each has a unique mix of advantages and disadvantages. 

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