13 Best Pedometer Apps for Android

Best Pedometer Apps for Android

People who view walking as their primary form of exercise frequently have daily objectives to achieve.

So, they look forward to knowing the best pedometer apps for Android. 

This app is a fantastic approach to tracking your steps and determining whether you can maintain your target step goal with pedometer applications.

It’s interesting to note that some other pedometer applications reward you with real money, depending on how many steps you take.

Numerous step-counting apps are currently available, each claiming to be the most accurate and trustworthy.

To help you avoid any additional confusion, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pedometer apps for Android.

1. Fitbit 

Fitbit is one of the best pedometer apps for Android on the market right now.

People can use Fitbit as a stand-alone app or with a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch.

The app does a good job of tracking basic information, but when used with a smartwatch, it performs at its best.

Once synced, Fitbit can accurately record your daily activities, including exercise, sleep, eating, steps, etc.

Fitbit gives its users several incredible capabilities in measuring steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and active minutes.

These include heart rate and calorie tracking, video and audio workouts, meditative sounds, sleep scores, and bedtime reminders.

Currently, Fitbit can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS. You must choose one of Fitbit’s subscription plans to use its premium features. It runs on iOS and Android.

2. Google Fit

Being one of the best pedometer apps for Android, it automatically measures each step.

Google Fit helps users achieve their walking objectives and maintain their fitness levels.

You may use the app to get live bike rides, runs, and walks statistics.

It’s interesting to note that Google Fit has partnered with groups like WHO and AHA to launch an activity objective called “Heart Points.”

Gaining enough heart points every day or week can aid in improving sleep, protecting your mental health, and preventing various heart conditions.

Additionally, you can check your heart rate and breathing rate using the camera on your phone.

Google Fit lets you view data from your favorite gadgets and apps to obtain a complete picture of your progress.

3. Samsung Health 

With Samsung Health, you can track your steps, weight, diet, food, sleep, and other factors, which can help you lead a better lifestyle.

The app’s user interface is simple, and the home screen displays several health records.

For easy management, Samsung Health, among the best pedometer apps for Android, enables users to simply add or update items like daily steps, activity time, etc.

You may use the app to track and manage your fitness-related activities, including walking, running, biking, swimming, and more. 

Other useful elements of Samsung Health include tools for tracking menstrual cycles, tracking sleep patterns, and fitness programs.

Connecting the app to the Galaxy Watch widens the window for a more thorough study.

The best thing, though? On Android and iOS, Samsung Health provides all these beneficial features without charging you a single cent.

4. Step Counter 

A nice tool for automatically tracking your steps is Stepcounter. This pedometer app is a good option if you prioritize exercising and walking.

Among the really great features that Stepcounter offers its customers are the widget for the current day, charts and animations, Google Fit connection, active calorie tracking, distance tracking, notifications, weekly report, etc. 

In addition, it offers customers a variety of language and color options, including six different colors.

Additionally, you can show everyone how much progress you’ve made by posting your accomplishments directly to social media from the app.

On iOS and Android, Stepcounter is now a free app with in-app purchases that enable premium features.

5. Walk Tracker 

Well, Walk Tracker is a little different from the other best pedometer apps for Android.

This is because it counts your steps using an internal sensor rather than a GPS. The software uses less battery power because it lacks GPS tracking capability. 

The app can keep track of your steps, calories burnt, walking time, and distance. It includes a few more functions, including daily goals, performance reports, and drink reminders.

6. Step Up

The idea of StepUp was to turn counting steps into something truly enjoyable.

Through Facebook integration, the app allows you to initiate walking challenges with your friends.

You can compare your results with those of a certain person, check who has made the most steps and is in the lead, and encourage or mock one another.

StepUp uses motion data from Google Fit to compile statistics on steps, miles traveled, and calories burned.

The app records your walking activities and lets you set a daily step target.

You can view various information in your History section, including your greatest day, best week, or best goal streak.

StepUp is completely free and has no commercials, one of its notable characteristics.

7. Pacer

One of the best pedometer apps for Android is Pacer. It is a step-counting and activity tracker app renowned for its precision.

Your steps are tracked by Pacer using the GPS built into your phone.

It also displays additional pertinent data, such as calories burned, travel distance, active time, etc.

Although the paid version of the program offers more capabilities, the free version is adequate for carrying out your daily exercise regimen.

8. MyFitnessPal 

A calorie-counting app that aids with diet tracking is MyFitnessPal.

You can track various nutrients using this app, including macronutrients, sugar, fiber, vitamins, and more.

The app’s step-tracking feature is also included in the most recent edition. Your steps are tracked using GPS by the step tracking feature.

The ability to customize your daily steps on MyFitnessPal makes it even more helpful for staying on track and maintaining your general health.

9. Accupedo Pedometer 

To record your daily steps, Accupedo Pedometer is one of the best health and fitness applications available.

The app tracks your daily steps and calories burned, distance traveled, etc.

For more thorough reporting at the end of a week, month, or year, it automatically logs the health data, including steps, distance traveled, calories burned, walking duration, etc.

It also has extra capabilities like a music player that makes working out fun while making it simple to share every moment on social media.

Accupedo syncs with Apple’s Health app and Google Fit on Android for long-term data tracking, which is true of most of the apps on this list of the best pedometer apps for Android.

10. GPS Tracking of Walk and Run

GPS Track Walk Run is one of the best pedometer apps for Android that tracks your runs and walks using the GPS capabilities of your phone.

This program lets you plan walks or runs and keeps track of your progress.

The software automatically updates your walking journal and provides pertinent and helpful data, such as the time you walk, your speed and pace, the number of calories you burn, etc.

11. Joggo

A unique nutrition plan, a simple run tracker, and a personalized jogging program are all features of the Android fitness app Joggo.

Although the app is made to track your running habits, it does a good job of counting steps.

The app also provides GPS and distance tracking, speed monitoring, and activity history to keep track of your fitness objectives.

12. Adidas 

This is one of the best pedometer apps for Android that was once known as Runtastic; it was so successful that Adidas purchased it in 2015 and changed its name to the official Adidas running app four years later. 

Over 170 million individuals have used it, and it is accessible on both iPhone and Android.

Real-time tracking, an informative dashboard, and the usual personal goal-setting are all included, but the communal elements are where it really shines. 

When you’re running, your friends can be notified, cheer you on, and offer personalized, motivating notes.

You can participate in tournaments, events, and leaderboards using the app. 

You can track how far you’ve run in a particular pair of running shoes and be alerted when it’s time to replace them.

It functions with all the typical wearables, including, among others, the Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Garmin products.

13. Stepz

This is among the best pedometer apps for Android that don’t drain your phone’s battery Stepz.

This app monitors all the essentials, including step count, distance traveled, calories burned, flights of stairs climbed, and active time. 

It makes the most of your smartphone’s sensors to collect motion data while sparing your device’s battery life.

Integration with Google Fit and Apple’s Health app is another fantastic feature of the Stepz app. 

It can maintain a running log of your step history by syncing with the apps on both smartphone platforms.

Based on your step targets, this provides in-depth insights into your daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly performance.

Stepz can also set a goal for you if you don’t have one already.


Pedometers can help you reach your objectives, whether they be weight loss, specific steps you want to walk each day, or something else, regardless of your fitness level.

These are the best pedometer apps for Android available today.

Please share any further similar apps you may be aware of in the section below. I hope you found this essay useful.

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