10 Best Piano Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Piano Apps for iPhone and iPad
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The piano instrument is one of the popular musical instruments that is son pleasing to the ears.

These days, it is not so difficult to learn the piano and other musical instruments. The reason is that there are many apps available that make learning easier.

If you have ever dreamt of learning to play the piano yourself, now is the time. However, if you are an Apple user, this article is for you, as we have compiled a list of the best piano apps for iPhone.

Though some of these apps work on Android, we have focused on Apple users. Read on!

1. FlowKey

Flowkey makes learning the piano easier, as it allows you to listen to the songs you love while playing.

This app has several courses and offers free lessons to help students gain piano skills. Any student who wants to improve their keyboard skills should not overlook this app.

Flowkey is an excellent tool for beginners learning to play the keyboard or those who are more advanced in their song learning.

The app’s piano lessons are fascinating and adaptable. Moreover, the program, like Playground Sessions, includes video lessons and may be used with MIDI keyboards.

All these features have Flowkey among the best piano apps for iPhone.

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2. Perfect Piano

The perfect piano app is of the best piano apps for iPhone you should know. It is among the most rated piano apps available on the app store.

This app has an in-built piano timbre that makes learning more accessible and understandable.

Also, Perfect Piano guides the user through several music sheets and lets you link with other pianists worldwide.

With Perfect Piano, you will be able to broaden your knowledge by involving yourself in weekly challenges.

These challenges enable you to compete with the other Perfect Piano users. Furthermore, the app lets you use a USB MIDI keyboard that will be useful when it’s time for an upgrade.

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3. Mussila Musical School

If you have a young child who has picked interest in Piano, Mussila Musical School is one of the suitable apps for them. It is one of the best piano apps for iPhone.

This app teaches the essential things in music and has a simple interface that is easy for children to navigate.

This makes the whole learning process fun for the children. The app got its inspiration from the musical band, Mussila. Moreover, it allows us to explore the Mussila band on a musical train.

Another fantastic feature of this app is that users can record their songs and then play the piano notes.

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4. Gismart Piano

The Gismart Piano app is one of the most accessible apps to use. That makes it one of the best piano apps for iPhone.

It has an 88-key piano keyboard that enables you to play any tune you wish. It also supports the MIDI keyboard and features a single or dual keyboard.

You can choose from anyone you want. Another beautiful feature of this app is that it doesn’t only have a piano instrument. Gismart has other musical instruments you can learn from.

Though it is suitable mainly for adults, anyone can use it.

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5. Simply Piano

Simply piano is one of the most used and best piano apps for iPhone in the past and recent times.

This apps works together with your original Piano keyboard. It can also register what you are playing and pass comments.

The way to do this is to place your smartphone on the piano while playing. Like other apps, Simply Piano starts teaching you from scratch, then upgrades you to the advanced class as time goes by.

Furthermore, this app enables you to learn chords which is essential if you want to be fully knowledgeable about the piano. 

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6. Skoove

Skoove is another beautiful piano app for iPhone you should know. This fantastic app has 400 piano lessons and 19 courses for you to learn from.

The app is suitable for all users, regardless of their skill levels. Also, Skoove detects the notes you play and provides feedback on how to improve.

There are genuine piano instructors who will answer your questions and guide you along the way. Another beautiful thing about the app is that it is not only beneficial for Apple users.

Android users can also get the app from the Google Play Store.

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7. Yokee Piano

Yokee is one of the best piano apps for iPhone. It is a beautiful app because it makes it easy for users to play their favorite songs on their piano.

Yokee has a beautiful interface that makes navigation easy. Also, Yokee allows you to challenge your friends by making them choose a song and see who plays better.

Don’t worry about going about all these because step-by-step instructions for what you need to learn on the keyboard.

Moreover, you can enjoy timeless classics, and radio hits on this app for free.

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8. Note Trainer

Note trainer lite is a simple sight-reading game that teaches you how to detect musical notes.

This program includes a practice mode and the ability to switch on or off-note labels and piano labels as you learn to read notes.

These qualities are beneficial to people who are learning to read music and those who are attempting to improve their reading speed.

This app’s incredible features make it one of the most excellent piano apps for iPhone.

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9. Yousician

The Yousician app is a fantastic piano app for iPhone that we must not overlook. This app is entertaining to use.

One of the outstanding features of this app is that it has many other musical instruments you can learn.

This means the Yousician app is suitable for those that would love to explore. There are the guitar, bass, and ukulele. Also, you will find several songs you can learn from.

There is an opportunity for you to upload songs from your device too. In addition, there are weekly challenges that will test how far you have learned.

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10. Magic Piano

Though Magic Piano is the last on our list of the best piano apps for iPhone, it is not the least good on the list.

Magic Piano is a free piano-teaching program that teaches pupils the fundamentals of piano playing.

Music professors, conductors, accompanists, and tutors can show pupils how to read notes and rhythms and teach them how to read an actual piano score.

The user can develop fine motor skills and rhythm by tapping the screen to replicate the melodies and chords of popular songs.

Students can also receive badges and achievements after finishing the levels.

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