13 Best Podcast Apps for Android

Best Podcast Apps for Android

Since podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, more people than ever are interested in finding the best podcast apps for Android.

They’re the ideal tiny silence breakers when you’re winding down, on a long journey, or attempting to fall asleep. 

Podcasts offer limitless information for your enjoyment at any time via a platform that requires no active listening on the part of the listener, making them perfect for listening to documentaries, news stories, audiobooks, entertainment broadcasts, and discussion podcasts of all kinds of genres and styles. 

If you want to put in the best headphones and spend your time with the most recent news, comedic programs, in-depth storytelling, and so much more, podcasts are wonderful if you’re doing laundry, commuting home from work, or sweating at the gym. 

In the Internet era, podcasts are resurfacing as one of the main news and information sources for entertainment.

It’s a terrific way to hear professionals discuss the subjects you care about, and finding excellent podcasts is not difficult. 

Additionally, many entertainment podcasts are available where people share jokes, anecdotes, and documentaries that go in-depth on particular subjects. For practically any topic you can imagine, there is a podcast available. 

There are several methods to listen to the countless podcasts on a wide range of topics.

We have selected the best podcast apps for Android, including on-demand radio, audiobooks, expert curation, and tons of podcasts you can access online or offline. 

1. Pocket Casts 

This is the first on our list of best podcast apps for Android. Pocket casts have a ton of functionality yet are still simple to use and intuitive, and most importantly, it’s free.

Thanks to an intuitive layout that enables you to browse through recommendations, subscribe, or listen, locating the podcasts you’re looking for is simple. 

Seasons can be used to categorize episodes, which can then be manually or automatically downloaded and played offline.

It also has all the necessary listening-related features, including speed controls, quiet cutting, a volume booster, and even a sleep timer. 

For roughly $1 per month, you can upgrade to the Plus subscription, which adds 10GB of cloud storage, more themes, access to a web player, and desktop programs.  

2. Podbean 

Due to its distinctive features, PodBean is one of the most widely used podcast programs. Along with providing options comparable to its competitors, two of its qualities stand out.

The first is intelligent playback speed, which can be changed automatically depending on the content you’re listening to rather than manually modifying it for every episode. 

This is especially useful if you consume podcasts from multiple hosts who speak at diverse rates.

The second is the option to participate in live podcast conversations rather than listening to them after they have been recorded and edited. 

You can also browse through recommendations, buy premium material, and create your podcast using PodBean in addition to these capabilities. 

Its lack of adequate season support is its lone flaw, making it challenging to keep up with some subscriptions. The interface can sometimes be challenging to use. 

It might need to be more straightforward, with icons at the top and bottom of the screen.

It is challenging to know where to go, especially when moving from one subscription to another. 

3. Podcast Addict 

Next on our list of best podcast apps for Android is Podcast Addict. Podcast Addict is a powerful podcast app that allows users to listen to podcasts worldwide.

It’s one of the best podcast apps for Android due to its comprehensive library and easy-to-use interface. 

The app allows users to browse an extensive list of podcasts, create playlists, and even subscribe to their favorite shows.

It also has a sleep timer and a speed control feature that allows users to listen at their preferred pace. 

With Podcast Addict, you can access your favorite shows in one place, listen offline, read transcripts, and search audio transcripts for keywords.

It’s the perfect app for Android users who want to enjoy a wide array of podcasts on the go. 

4. Castbox 

One of the few free podcast apps is Castbox. It offers a library of over a million podcasts removed from websites like iTunes.

Additionally, the app supports podcasts for language learning, Chromecast, Amazon Echo, and 70 different languages. 

Additionally, it features cloud synchronization for the support of numerous devices. Thanks to a few additional power-user settings, it is a good overall podcast software. 

The number of downloads for the free version is limited to podcasts you may subscribe to and displays a lot of pop-up adverts, which we don’t like. Fortunately, the monthly subscription fee of $0.99 is reasonable. 

5. Spotify 

Next on our list of best podcast apps for Android is Spotify. One of the greatest options for streaming music is Spotify, which also functions as a podcast player and offers a huge selection of podcasts in addition to others that are just available through Spotify. 

You don’t need to worry about the controls because the music player’s and podcast player’s user interfaces are completely different. 

You can find podcasts by searching for their titles or episodes or by visiting the Podcasts area of the Search tab. It offers a powerful podcast player with many features. 

You can download episodes and cast them on your preferred device, modify the speed, set a sleep timer, advance or rewind by 15 seconds, and more.

However, you can purchase the Premium version of Spotify if you choose. 

6. Google Podcasts 

Google Podcasts is a solid choice if you’re too busy to consider which app to use. It makes it simple to download and listen to podcasts without first downloading them.

Additionally, it makes intelligent recommendations based on the content you follow and might find interesting. 

Unfortunately, there are better tools for browsing different possibilities because it can’t categorize episodes by seasons and because, ironically, its built-in search is unreliable for a Google app. 

There is no opportunity to search for episodes inside a podcast series, and it frequently produces erratic results.

You can need help locating the perfect podcast if you primarily listen to ones divided by seasons. 

But it’s simple and easy to use once you’ve structured your queue. It has useful features like playing speed adjustment, modest reduction, a sleep schedule, and automatically downloading episodes from your subscriptions. 

The app syncs with the cloud, making it simple to resume utilizing the no-cost web player where you left off.

In conclusion, Google Podcasts is a straightforward software that might suit many users despite lacking sophisticated capabilities. 

7. Player FM  

This app is next on the best podcast apps for Android. Player FM is a great podcast app for Android users who want access to a wide range of podcasts. It’s easy to use and offers extensive audio and video content. 

Users can subscribe to any of Player FM’s many carefully selected and thematic lists of podcasts to receive information pertinent to their interests. Playlists, favorites, and a play later feature are additional features. 

When you connect to Wi-Fi, the play later feature begins downloading a certain number of episodes.

Additionally, Player FM has innovative sorting capabilities that make it easy to find the right podcast. 

The app also has intuitive scheduling and syncing features so that users can stay up-to-date with their favorite podcasts.

Overall, Player FM is a great podcast app for Android users who want quick audio and video content access. 

8. Podcast Go 

One of the newest podcast apps is called Podcast Go. It has standard functions like sleep timers, variable speed playback, and downloading podcast episodes. Additionally, it features a lovely Material Design design. 

There are almost 300,000 podcasts available on the app. You can subscribe and search whenever you want.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty straightforward experience. With advertisements, the app is free. The cost to eliminate the advertising is $2.99. 

If you use a Google Play Pass subscription, you can use this one for free. The only problem we encountered was the sporadic designation of some episodes as finished and a playback issue. 

9. Stitcher 

Next on our list of best podcast apps for Android is Stitcher. The Stitcher app, one of many free podcast-listening apps, first gained popularity as an on-demand internet radio service, but it has since expanded to offer much more.  

Once added, you may stitch all your favorite podcasts into a lengthy radio marathon. You can mix them with real radio content from your favorite shows and breaking news on the app. 

Thanks to its podcast discovery engine, which proposes new content based on your listening preferences and favorite themes, it’s also terrific at exposing you to new shows. 

10. AntennaPod 

Seasoned businesses create most of the best podcast apps for Android or those that are subsidiaries of bigger parent organizations.

By offering an open-source alternative for your podcast player requirements, AntennaPod defies the trend. 

The app’s user-friendly layout makes locating, classifying, and listening to your podcasts simple.

You may also mark particular episodes as favorites, making it simple to revisit and listen to an episode that spoke to you. 

Depending on the podcast you’re listening to, Smart Speed adjusts the audio playing speeds accordingly, or it speeds up the process so you may finish lengthy podcasts more quickly than you normally would.

Additional automation controls have been integrated to improve the experience and conserve battery power. 

11. TuneIn Radio 

TuneIn Radio is more than a podcast app. It’s a complete radio experience, with access to AM/FM stations from around the world, as well as streaming podcasts. 

The app does, however, also include podcasts, audiobooks, AM and FM radio stations, and even live sporting events.

For this one, podcast publishers must make their shows accessible. It doesn’t search iTunes for podcast content, for example. 

It’s a useful podcast app overall. You may watch live NFL, MLB, and other sporting events with premium membership and services.

This might be something other than a standalone podcast app that we suggest. 

However, this software can be preferable to a standard podcast app for folks who enjoy listening to radio programs from other platforms. 

The app has an easy-to-use interface and lets you save your favorite stations or listen to live broadcasts from anywhere in the world.  

12. Podcast Republic 

The Play Store’s Podcast Republic podcast app for Android advertises itself as being the most customizable.

The software combines live radio and podcasts into a single user experience. 

Additionally, you can use it to manage your RSS feeds, SoundCloud subscriptions, YouTube channels, and audiobooks.

Other significant features include a volume booster, a silent skipper, and adjustable playing rates. 

You may even program a podcast to begin playing at a specific time each day, waking you up to your preferred content.

Although one of the greatest free Android podcast apps is Podcast Republic, an ad-free version is also available for $2. 

13. Snipd 

The last on our list of best podcast apps for Android is Snipd. Since Snipd uses AI for many functions, it stands out from other podcast player apps.

You may find new podcasts and their highlights in a stream akin to TikTok, thanks to its superb and simple user experience. 

Additionally, you may bookmark any podcasting moments with a single click, and AI makes it simple to access the episode’s transcript and synopsis.

Also, it interfaces well with programs like Notion, Obsidian, and others. You may add your notes and group them into collections. 

You may search for precise points in transcripts and podcasts using Snipd’s AI. Any highlights can be found, shared, and used to make videos.

The fact that this app is free to use and ad-free is its best feature. 

In conclusion, these are some of the best podcast apps for Android that can help you access, organize and listen to podcasts conveniently.

Each app has unique features that can help you find the content you’re looking for. With these apps, you can easily create your own podcast listening experience.

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