12 Best Podcast Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Podcast Apps for iPhone and iPad

Are you a great listener? Do you own an iPhone or iPad? This article on the best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad is for you.  

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, and with the rise of on-demand audio content, it’s no surprise that many people are turning to their iPhones and iPads for their podcasting needs. 

The podcast apps for iPhone allow you to download and listen to digital audio files from the internet on your phone.

The podcast app for the iPhone allows you to stream audio based on series, programs, and various other categories. These can be listened to on an iPhone using a podcast app. 

With the advent of streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music making a wide range of podcasts available, it can be challenging to know which apps are best for downloading and listening to your favorite shows. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad, so you can easily find, download, and enjoy your favorite audio content. 

Podcasts offer a wide range of themes that can stimulate anyone’s curiosity and fascination, whether listening to them during your morning commute when you run for a long distance or to guide you as you prepare in the kitchen. 

Some of the top Apple podcast apps for iOS may help you sort and organize your playlists and play your podcasts.

Some allow you to manage your subscriptions and improve the playback process so that you won’t miss a word. 

Here are some of the best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad: 

1. Apple Podcast 

First on our list of best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad is Apple Podcast. Comparatively speaking, this free Apple Podcast app for iPhone uses extremely little memory.

With this iOS podcast software, you may choose from 30+ worldwide languages. 

You can continue using your mobile data after installing it. You can choose from the news, sports, comedies, and entertainment categories you enjoy the most. 

Browse 5,50,000 shows and 18+ million episodes, download them, sign up for notifications, get recommendations, and start listening.

Siri will respond to the command “play podcast,” but only in specific locales and languages. 

For your convenience, functions like Car radio and Airdrop have been introduced in addition to Siri.

Keep up with the newest, trendiest shows that are useful and upbeat. It is a simple app for first-time users. 

2. Overcast 

The Overcast podcast player from Overcast Radio, LLC is made for the enquiring listener who wants to learn more about podcasts.

Overcast will assist you in finding new podcasts and managing playlists for the ones you already enjoy. 

Voice Boost provides a consistent sound quality so you can hear softer conversations, and Overcast also has Smart Speed to cut through dead air. 

You may also record brief podcast snippets with Overcast and publish them wherever you wish, including on social media.

You can share a sample with a friend; she won’t have to scrub through an entire episode to hear it. 

Further features of Overcast include notifications for new episodes of podcasts, CarPlay integration, and a podcast recommendation engine. 

The free download of Overcast is made possible by podcast advertising. For $9.99 a year, you can remove all in-app advertisements. 

3. Pocket Podcast 

Next on our list of best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad is Pocket Podcast.

Unlike the other apps on our list, Pocket Casts is cross-platform, meaning it functions on both iOS and Android. 

Pocket Casts is ideal for switching between devices or having an iPad and an Android phone.

All the features that a top-notch podcast app should have are also included in Pocket Casts. 

There is an Apple Watch app that allows for on-the-go listening.

Also, it supports AirPlay 2, which is a significant upgrade if you use compatible speakers (like the HomePod or Sonos) because it lessens lag while using the playback controls. 

A really impressive search feature is also available. You can search for the names of episodes and even the show notes. 

4. Castro 

Castro is the only option if you want something that deserves the podcast manager’s label.

The app’s user-friendly episode “triage” feature enables you to browse through new episodes of a series in an inbox, select the ones you want to queue up and archive the remaining ones to clear up your feeds. 

You can automatically add your favorite podcasts to a queue and archive those you don’t want to listen to.

Castro provides you the choice to choose whether or not to listen to every episode of a podcast. 

You can flag your favorite episodes if you wish to listen to them again or share them with a friend.

Additional features include a sleep mode that halts playback after a predetermined time and audio speed adjustments. 

All of these capabilities are available for free. Still, Castro also offers a Plus tier that includes download limitations, Night Mode, audio upgrades, shortening silence in episodes, and other helpful minor nuances. 

Although the price of £17.99/$8.99 per year is a bit of a rip-off for UK consumers, the free tier offers plenty to satisfy the British. 

5. Castbox 

Castbox is next on our list of best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad. The iPhone podcast player Castbox provides FM radio and audiobooks for your amusement.

A robust search engine is provided by this iOS podcast app, allowing us to browse across 17 genres. 

There are more than 50 million podcasts in these categories combined. You can even improve your language abilities with podcasts in more than 10 languages worldwide. 

The Castbox podcast app has also added a new feature called In-Audio Search in addition to these.

When we do a keyword or phrase search, an in-audio search presents the results by listening to the audio files. 

This lets you choose your favorite genre, discover new podcasts, subscribe, download, or stream content online, get alerts, and learn more about Castbox.

Castbox includes a sleep timer, CarPlay, Amazon Echo, and cross-device syncing once you use it fully. 

Follow Castbox on Twitter and Facebook to receive regular updates. Even though the podcast player is free, you can subscribe for a fee to gain access to more recordings. 

6. Stitcher 

Stitcher has a great design, with a modern user interface and an extensive library of podcasts.

The app allows you to make playlists, follow your favorite shows, and get personalized recommendations. 

Stitcher also allows streaming shows on your Apple Watch or CarPlay-enabled vehicle. You may assemble your favorite podcasts into a personalized playlist using Stitcher. 

Stitcher’s customized front page notifies you when new podcasts are released. Stitcher makes recommendations for other shows based on your listening history. 

7. Downcast 

Downcast is another one of the best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad. With Downcast, you have a good deal of control over your podcasts. 

You can export them to cloud storage services like Dropbox or sync them with other Apple devices via iCloud.

Also, it is home to many fascinating features that let you customize your listening experience. 

Downcast allows you to start and stop podcasts early for individuals who want to skip the advertisements frequently played at the beginning of a podcast. 

Also, it supports gestures, so you can skip ahead by scrubbing, mark a video as played or unplayed, or start playing without looking at your phone while using the app. 

With the new inclusion of CarPlay, you may listen while driving if your car is compatible.

Podcasts can be password-protected, allowing you to keep those with a more mature vocabulary away from children. 

Also supported is the Apple Watch. The app, which costs £2.99/$2.99, is worth it. 

8. Spreaker Podcast  

Spreaker Podcast Radio offers a huge selection of podcasts, live programs, and broadcasts, just like any other podcasting software.

You can browse the Spreaker team’s list and search for your friends. 

Also, you may build your profile with this podcast app for the iPhone by performing a keyword search.

You can put down your favorite shows and add them to your favorite parts, either opting for auto download or downloading when you wish to. 

Please subscribe, and keep informed with this iOS podcast app. Rewind and fast-forward buttons can be useful if you wish to skip a few seconds in an audio file. 

Spreaker stands out from similar services because it allows you to like, comment, and share episodes with friends.

Even live podcasters are available for discussion. Furthermore, this podcast is for iPhone, is easy to use, and is available for no download. 

9. Breaker 

Breaker is a comparatively new podcast app for the iPhone. It has an elegant, user-friendly interface, allowing you to explore and subscribe to your favorite podcasts. 

When you open the app, you will be presented with a list of featured shows, episodes, and suggestions based on your listening habits. 

The app’s social component allows you to converse with other listeners, exchange notes about the podcast, and even follow others. Breaker is one of the best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad.

You may also share episodes on social media from within the app. It’s a great way to discover new podcasts and connect with friends. 

If you depend on social media, try the Breaker podcast player app because it allows you to follow your friends and see what they’re listening to. 

Breaker enables you to share your listening history, leave comments on episodes, send messages, and submit suggestions to your Breaker social network. 

Breaker is free to download and use, but you can purchase a premium subscription to access advanced features like unlimited episode skipping and ad-free listening. 

10. Spotify 

Next on our list of best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad is Spotify.

Although you would believe that the streaming service Spotify is solely focused on music, it recently added podcasts to its library, which is fantastic news if you’re already a subscriber. 

The player is nice, with controls for sleep modes, playing rates, skipping through audio, and choosing speakers to play the material.

Many shows are available, with the most popular titles present and correct. 

You can watch shows without purchasing a Premium subscription, but you’ll have to put up with the commercials and streaming-only limitations of the free tier. 

Joining up to Premium costs £9.99/$9.99 p/m, provides a stoppage of advertisements, and opens up a wide universe of music that can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.

The Spotify path is good if you want to retain all your audio in one location. 

11. RSS Radio 

Since 2010, the RSS app, which is free, has established itself on the market.

With a huge selection of podcasts, you can browse by category, organize your collection, search by keywords, subscribe, and listen to podcasts. 

Once you make a start, employ silence remover, sleep timer, theme changer, and volume booster and equalization. This app is one of the best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad.

You won’t need to do much browsing because suggestions and notifications are based on what you listen to. You have a better chance of getting more alternatives if you buy. 

12. Acast 

Last on our list of best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad is Acast. Acast offers many of the standard functionality you would anticipate from a contemporary podcast manager. 

There are numerous ways to discover new series, automatic downloads of the most recent episodes, playback options for speed and sleep, as well as the ability to fast-forward and rewind audio. 

Certain shows have joined with Acast to offer premium material (often more shows) for a nominal subscription, which is the only thing that sets it apart. 

These best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad can be a great way to stay up-to-date with your favorite shows, discover new ones, and even share them with friends.

Most of the shows, whether the podcast covers podcasts or live shows above apps for iPhone

Explore and learn as many new languages as you can. Make sure you choose the best iOS podcast for you and make the most of it. 

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