15 Best Podcast Platforms to Use in 2023

Best Podcast Platforms

Numerous platforms host podcasts, and it may take work to decide which one to use, which is why this article on the best podcast platforms is for you. 

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular for sharing stories, discussing ideas, and connecting with listeners.

With so many available, knowing which platform is best for you and your podcast can take time and effort. 

This article will examine the best podcast platforms to help you decide which is right.

From hosting solutions to publication options, we’ll cover everything you need to know about podcast platforms. 

To start a podcast, you must register with a podcast hosting service to store your MP3 files and build your podcast feed.

A media host is required when starting a podcast like a website or a blog. 

The finest podcast hosting websites make it quite simple to move into their system if you’re seeking a better location to host your podcast. 

One of the most crucial things to consider while choosing a podcast hosting platform is its ease of use.

Some platforms require more technical knowledge, so select one that fits your capabilities. 

Additionally, check to see if the platform has features like analytics and other tools that could help you track your podcast’s progress. 

For those wanting to get started quickly, many podcast hosting services offer simple, one-click registration and setup.

We’ve written a brief introduction, highlighted major functions, and discussed pricing schemes for the best podcast platforms to aid your study. 

1. Buzzsprout


One of the best podcast platforms is Buzzsprout. You can host a podcast on Buzzsprout, and it will automatically go live in the directories of your choice. Need to decide the future direction of your podcast? 

Over time, you can leverage their insights, which tell you what apps or devices listeners frequently use depending on their demographic profile [you’ll need about 90 days].

However, the episode listing process makes the application incredibly simple: upload your audio file, and you’re done. 

You can even use Buzzsprout to build your website to host the podcast and insert audio players inside blog entries.

The custom transcription integration makes creating a full user experience easier regardless of the platform customers select. 

Pricing starts at $12/month for a maximum of 3 hours/month. Unlimited storage included. 

2. Podbean


One of the least expensive podcast hosting services is Podbean which manages to cover all the necessary features a podcaster would require.

One of the service’s first selling points is its podcast hosting plans have unlimited bandwidth.

This implies that you can utilize all of their paid plans to upload and keep an endless number of shows of any length and that you don’t need to be concerned if the episodes become widely popular. 

The platform gives the ability to host video podcasts in addition to the standard podcasting functionality of uploading, listing, and streaming your podcast. 

Listing your podcast in its advertising marketplace is one of Podbean’s monetization options, enabling you to connect with potential advertisers.

Additionally, offering paid programs and even signing up for Podbean’s patron program to ask listeners for donations is possible. 

Along with various other advantages, the plans differ in terms of the monetization choices they provide.

The $9/month cheapest plan should be plenty for most beginning podcasters. 

3. RSS.com


Next on our list of best podcast platforms is RSS.com. The user interface of RSS.com is renowned for being simple to use.

Users can access tools including in-depth analytics, episode schedule, an embeddable episode player, social media sharing, and a built-in podcasting website on this platform. 

RSS.com distinguishes itself from other podcast hosting services by providing a donation option you can enable or disable. This enables you to obtain funding in addition to the usual sponsorship and advertising channels. 

However, they also have sponsors and advertisements if that’s more to your taste. The Podcorn marketplace at RSS.com helps podcasters find sponsors. 

Although RSS.com appears to have three options, most customers can only use the All in One Podcasting plan, which costs $12.99 monthly. A package designed specifically for students and non-profit organizations costs $4.99 monthly. 

4. Captivate


The team behind Captivate is the same one that has been running Podcast Websites for years, so you can tell they have a lot of experience in the podcast business. Captivate is a fantastic podcast hosting platform. 

Batch uploading, shrewd UI elements like the default schedule time, WordPress integration with their unique plugin, and many more useful tools are available. 

One nice feature they included was a PDF sponsorship kit for podcasts that was attractive and simple to create, allowing you to promote recent episodes and provide important download statistics. 

Of course, you receive a beautiful, mobile-friendly website that uses your colors by default – or you can select your own. 

The fact that they recently modified one aspect of the new podcast workflow, which I didn’t like, indicates they are listening to criticism and making changes as soon as possible. 

Starting at $19 a month for 12K downloads, which is more than enough for 97% of podcasters, you can host an infinite number of podcasts. Additionally, unlike others, they don’t restrict fundamental functions based on your plan. 

5. Podigee


Next on our list of best podcast platforms is Podigee. Customizable processes, data reporting, APIs, team accounts, and high data privacy are all offered by Podigee

Because of this, it is the perfect option for small firms and enterprises wishing to track and share their podcasts in a group setting. Web player and monetization are also included. 

Although the application has an audio enhancement feature, it only optimizes your episodes for podcast sites. Use an app like Krisp while recording to eliminate background noises and echoes and retain HD voice quality that resembles that of a professional production. 

Plans start at $13 per month; however, these are only appropriate for individuals or amateurs. A plan with at least two collaborators will cost you $29 monthly—no overall storage restrictions. 

6. Libsyn


One of the first podcast hosting sites, the Libsyn platform, has been operational since 2004, long before podcasting became popular. 

For those just starting in podcasting, Libsyn is a fantastic alternative because it has amassed a sizable community of podcasters over the years. 

The fact that Libsyn provides limitless bandwidth is one of its best advantages. This ensures you won’t be caught off guard even if your podcast becomes popular and tops the charts in podcast directories. 

The user-friendly interface provided by Libsyn has all the standard tools you would anticipate from a podcast hosting service, including uploading, publishing, listing, and scheduling choices. 

But unlike some other providers, Libsyn’s plans only include the fundamental features for podcasting. You must purchase all additional features separately. 

For example, you’ll need to spend more for such capabilities on top of your Libsyn membership if you need to use its monetization tools. Even the most affordable Libsyn membership plan has extra fees for basic stats. 

The $5/mo plan, which gives 50MB of uploads per month, is the entry-level Libsyn package. Following that is the $15/month plan, which allows for 250MB of uploads, then the $400MB plan costs $20/month, and the 800MB plan costs $40/month. 

7. Transistor


Transistor is next on the best podcast platforms. Big-name podcasts like Cards Against Humanity are hosted on the top-notch podcasting platform Transistor. 

They provide thorough analytics, exclusive podcasts, and one-click submission to the most well-known directories. Additionally, they offer to Listen to Notes and The Podcast Index, two well-known podcast-specific search engines, with a 1-click distribution. 

If you listen to several podcasts, the transistor is a great option. On all levels, the site offers unlimited shows. Additionally, they set monthly download limits rather than storage or bandwidth restrictions, making understanding them much simpler. 

Three purchasing tiers are available from Transistor: Starter ($19), Professional ($49), and Business ($99). Only three aspects vary from one plan to the next. 

There is a monthly download cap and a cap on the number of team members and private podcast listeners you can have. Fortunately, the Starter subscription permits up to 10,000 downloads each month, which is more than adequate for most new podcasters. 

8. Castos


Castos Podcast Hosting integrates easily with WordPress and offers several great features. They own the Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin, which allows you to control your feed and publish brand-new episodes directly from WordPress. 

For $19 per month, you can receive an amazing, fully customizable player with unlimited upload and download bandwidth. 

Castos offers a 14-day risk-free trial, but with the promo code PI2018, you can receive an extra month for free! Additionally, if you pay for the entire year upfront, you receive 2 months free. 

9. Blubrry


Blubrry is next on the best podcast platforms. Want to make money off of your podcast? Blubrry has an IAB certification, making it simpler to hunt for sponsorships because you abide by all podcast measuring laws. 

This indicates that you may use their statistics for expert podcasts, as they offer some of the best data among the platforms on this list. 

Every package includes a free WordPress website. You may immediately connect your WordPress website with their PowerPress Plugin so that you can embed podcast episodes, start collecting audience statistics, and more. 

Depending on the app you need, different prices apply. Hosting costs $12 per month for 100MB of storage. The basic statistics feature is free, but the more in-depth ones come with an additional $5 fee. 

10. Audioboom


With distribution to well-known directories, infinite episodes, and a high 15,000 download cap per month on their entry-level subscription, Audioboom is a very standard platform for most users. 

This platform differs from the others because it takes a different approach to revenue. Once they exceed 10,000 monthly downloads, podcasters are eligible to access the monetization marketplace. 

This will only significantly impact your podcast if the person has a sizable following. However, if your show is smaller, you can only lose the chance to make money once you reach that important turning point. 

Pricing for Audioboom is straightforward! The Standard Plan ($9.99) and the Plus Plan ($19.99) are their two monthly options. The Standard package offers a mind-blowing 15,000 downloads monthly. 

The Plus Plan allows up to 50,000 if you require more. You’ll need to contact them for a unique Podcast Pros Account if you need more than that. 

11. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is a better-known platform among podcast listeners. It has the advantage of being free and open to audio files, making it perfect for music and podcasts. 

The service offers advanced analytics, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other big directories. 

However, there are several downsides to using SoundCloud. The most important negative element is its low download limit. Whereas other platforms allow 10,000 or more downloads per month, SoundCloud caps you off at 120 hours of audio files each month. 

Soundcloud is one of the best podcast platforms. Although Soundcloud is free for up to 3 hours, single sound file sizes are all restricted to 4GB. 

12. Resonate


Resonate is a great option for individuals seeking a one-stop shop to host their podcasts. While some common features are included in their hosting plans, their less expensive options need a customizable website, private/premium podcasting, and customer support. 

However, Resonate might compensate for its need for standard hosting features with supplemental services. Producer, launch, production, video production, podcast marketing, and enterprise services are just a few of Resonate’s many podcast services. 

With the help of these extra services, podcasters may make a well-rounded program on the same platform. Resonate offers Basic ($25) and Premium ($49) as ready-to-use monthly plans. Both of them offer free downloads, episodes, and show users. 

13. Simplecast


Next on our list of best podcast platforms is Simplecast. Simplecast is an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a simple, user-friendly podcast hosting platform. 

With many features and options, this program will make your podcasting experience as uncomplicated as possible. 

You may easily create professional-looking pages for each episode and embed them in websites or social media. Their analytics tools are as powerful, allowing you to track plays and downloads easily. 

Simplecast has two tiers, Standard and Pro. The Standard tier is $15 monthly for 5 hours of audio storage, while the Pro plan is $35 for unlimited audio storage. 

14. Zencast


Zencast is an excellent option for budding podcasters learning the ropes. They have a free podcast hosting plan that offers up to 5 hours of audio storage and 250 monthly downloads, which is great if you are starting. 

Their Pro plan ($19/month) offers unlimited audio storage and 10,000 downloads per month, advanced analytics, and other features. 

Zencast also offers various integrations and plugins to enhance your podcast’s reach, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. 

15. PodOmatic


Last on our list of best podcast platforms is PodOmatic. PodOmatic is popular for podcasters who want to host their show and build a website. It offers several different plans, with the basic plan allowing you to upload up to 5 hours of audio per month for free.

You can also use the platform’s integrated tools to customize your site. The Pro Plan offers unlimited audio storage, priority support, and access to advanced analytics.

It also allows you to monetize your podcast, meaning you can accept donations or run ads on your show. The Pro Plan is currently priced at $9.99 per month. 

PodOmatic is a great choice for podcasters looking for more than just hosting and would like to create a website for their show too. 

There you have it, then! Fifteen of the best podcast platforms. The first of many choices you’ll have to make as a podcaster is choosing a platform. Consider your particular podcasting needs as you continue investigating the ideal platform. 

Consider your minimum requirements: uploading, bandwidth, downloads, and funding. Once you’ve whittled down your top options, consider your monetization plan and social media connectedness. 

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