8 Best Quote Making Apps for Android Phones

Best Quote Making Apps for Android Phones

Quotes are common in the world we find ourselves in today, and it’s rare to find photos without inspirational statements.

You’ll find a relevant quote to help you through the day on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or the internet.

However, It’s never been easy to create quotes because it requires a high level of skills and time.

With the best Quote making apps for Android phones, You can freely express your opinions with high-quality photographs and quotes from well-known authors.

These apps will allow you to add your phrases, famous statements, or poems to pictures and make it simple to generate beautiful quotes in any font, size, color, or topic.

Each quote creator has features that will save you time and effort while creating or customizing quotes.

Here are the Best Quote making apps for Android phones: check out these five interesting ones that captivate you.

1. Quotes Creator

There are numerous Android apps that allow you to create and use quotes on your smartphone.

Quotes Creator is one of the best Quote making apps for Android phones that allows you to generate and apply gorgeous Quotes to any images of your choice.

The software offers a simple interface that allows you to select from various attractive watermark designs for any image in your device’s gallery.

The built-in photo editor makes the Quotes Creator app even more accessible by supporting crop, resize, and other basic edits.

This app makes it simple to post quotes created on prominent social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Font mania

The Font mania app is an excellent place to start when making custom quotes for your photos.

These best Quote making apps for Android phones have many great features that make it easy to customize quotes in no time at all.

It has so many different background colors available that you can choose from, so it is the right choice if you are looking for something bright and colorful.

You can choose any background color and text font/color combination from a vast list of options you create.

You can even use multiple fonts within a single quote by dragging and dropping them onto your work area.

What’s more, you can upload photos directly from your camera roll to start working on creating a new masterpiece. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

3. Picture Quotes

It’s pretty easy to use Picture Quotes to make a quote for your post: Click on +, then choose an image from your gallery.

Type in some text, and you can even change font styles, size, color, and background color. You can also add emojis and stickers! To see what it will look like on your post before saving it, tap on Preview at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Once you’re done making a quote picture for Instagram or Pinterest, click Share to add it to Instagram or Facebook directly or save it as a draft so you can upload them later if needed.

4. Quotes Creator

There are millions of quotes and sayings all over the internet, but not many people know how to create quotes easily.

However, this app is one of the best Quote making apps for Android phones that allows you to create beautiful quote images for your social media accounts.

Quotes Creator by ThinkPeak Studio makes it easy to use common quotes from artists and authors like Leonardo da Vinci, Neil Gaiman, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc.

The application allows its users to customize anything they want as they can change font styles and colors while putting their quotes inside them.

Users can even save these images as wallpaper or share them on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, etc.!

5. arusaQuotes app

This quote writing tool may be useful if you want to write quotes every day. The arusaQuotes app helps collect, modify, and develop quotes and ideas.

You can save notes and quotes from anywhere on the internet and access them later (internet).

You may copy, share, and modify quotes at any time after storing them, even if you are offline. You can easily and rapidly edit and customize your saved quotes.

Making quotes with the photo or putting quotes on the picture is simple with the Design Mode tool.

These best Quote making apps for Android phones allow you to style and color text, change backgrounds, add brand logos, and make beautiful quotes

You can store graphics on your device or post them immediately on Instagram or other social networking apps after developing.

6. Writco

Writco is one of the best Quote making apps for Android phones that has multilingual social writing and reading platform that brings readers and writers from all over the world together!

Where you can share your writing skills with the world without fear of rejection. You can read, write, share, and publish your writings.

Writco may serve as a narrative app, poetry app, quotation app, thoughts app, publication app, book reading app, and the most outstanding writing software for ambitious and emerging writers.

Many beautiful wallpapers and themes are available to give your words more visual impact, resulting in breathtaking Quotes.

You can enter daily contests and challenges for a chance to win cash prizes, certificates, and accolades, as well as grow and learn alongside a large community of writers and poets.

7. Story Maker – Picture Quotes Creator

Story Maker app is one of the best quotes making apps for Android phones with many templates and features for you to create beautiful stories – great captions to share in the Instagram story, Snapchat story, Whatsapp status, Social Networks story, and so on. Each graphic template for a tale is ready to use.

You can alter the font, size, color, and location of the text and select new background photos from your collection to show in your chosen image.

The User-Friendly Interface and the Search and Filter tool are two characteristics that set us apart from the competition.

8. Video Quotes Apps

Thousands of quotes from various genres and languages are available in the video quotes app.

You can use your photos as backgrounds for your animations or choose from various categories.

Video Quotes allows you to write your quotes or choose from many pre-made quotes, then customize the background, ratio, animation style, color combinations, and fonts.

You can make a lovely inspirational quotes video and post it on social media with your friends. Simply animating your Words will increase engagement on your social posts.

Why Quotes are Important

Quotes are incredible, neat, inspiring, and fun to share, talk about and laugh about with friends. They brighten our day, motivate us to do more, and help us make sense of our crazy lives.

That last bit is significant in today’s high-speed world, where everything happens so fast that we sometimes need a reminder of why we’re living life at all or if we need a little encouragement to push ourselves further than before.

Quotes allow us to slow down enough to see things from a different perspective or remember that there are people out there who have been through worse situations than what we’re facing right now.

All thanks to these best Quote making apps for Android phones that have made quote creation easier and more accessible.


Regardless of your niche and area of interest, having the right quotes on the face of your customer, clients, mentees, or fans can help you build more trust.

The first step of the process is finding the best Quote making app for Android phones.

These apps will give you the ability to post eye-catching images on social media and share quotes that are sure to inspire others, bringing in more traffic and improving your brand image overall.

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