5 Best Read-it-later Apps for Android

Best Read-it-later Apps for Android

Many people find reading online interesting, but there’s little or no time to do as much reading as they want.

As a reader, you might find several books you might want to preserve for later due to your busy schedule.

How can you do that? The invention of read-it-later apps has made it easier to queue your book interests for later.

Here’s a list of the best read-it-later apps for Android.

1. Pocket

Pocket is the best read-it-later app available. Due to its strong API, several apps can work with the Pocket app. Reading articles on this app is easy because it doesn’t have much clutter.

You can also use different themes for your articles. The free version has a dark, paper, and light color scheme and a few fonts to select.

Pocket doesn’t only allow you to read articles; you can also use its text-to-speech engine.

If you press the audio button on the mobile app, your phone will read the articles to you so that you can listen to them.

To turn an article into a podcast with no voice actors, you need to write the text and record the audio. 

Download Pocket

2. Instapaper

Instapaper is another great app among the best read-it-later apps for Android. The app is straightforward, and saving articles is so easy.

The user interface is devoid of color or images, emphasizing text solely. Also, it offers offline reading or on the website if you use a PC.

The speed reading button is a one-of-a-kind function that flashes one word at a time. You can change the speed if you like, but the concept is that it forces you to keep reading. Therefore, it leads to you finishing articles faster.

Also, many tools are available to help you organize your content. For instance, the Home screen is for articles you haven’t read yet, and you can archive them once you’ve finished reading them.

All these have made the reading experience on this app very straightforward.

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3. PaperSpan

PaperSpan allows you to download articles to your phone automatically. It also removes clutters from web pages for a better reading experience.

You don’t have to bother so much about your time being wasted while using this app. A book can be read to you while you’re busy doing other things.

Another feature allows you to review and share important notes from the book. Further, some folders help you organize information; you can even share them between devices.

Download PaperSpan

4. Google Keep

Google Keep is also among the best read-it-later apps. It comes as part of Google’s free, web-based Google Docs Editors package.

Google Keep is available for Android and iOS as a web application and a mobile app. Text, lists, photos, and audio are among the note-taking methods available in the app.

Also, a single-column or multi-column view is available in the interface. Later upgrades included pinning notes and collaborating on them with other Keep users in real-time.

Users can create various notes in Google Keep, including text, lists, photos, and audio. Users can establish reminders for time or place connected with Google Now.

Optical character recognition technology can extract text from photographs. Moreover, Google Keep automatically transcribes any voice recordings you make.

Users can copy all text into a new Google Docs document by pressing the “Copy to Google Doc” button. They can also use their voices to make notes and lists.

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5. Wallabag

Wallabag is the last on our list of the best read-it-later apps for Android. It is a self-hosted application that saves web pages. With Wallabag, missing important content is a no.

The app is suitable for all devices, and it comes with many tools. Some of them include extensions, a bookmarklet, etc.

Also, wallabag is a multi-user app, so you don’t have to bother about how many users are on it. There are several templates on the app, and there’s enough storage for your articles.

Sometimes, you don’t get to finish an article before closing the article. Not to worry, wallabag saves your scroll position, so you don’t have to bother about where you stopped. Furthermore, Wallabag is open source, making data retrievable.

Download Wallabag

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