15 Best Shopping List Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Shopping List Apps for iPhone and iPad

There are so many fantastic grocery apps that make creating shopping lists simple and quick that you no longer need paper lists, even though the good old paper shopping list still works.

Just get the best shopping list apps for iPhone, and you’re good to go.  

Nevertheless, staying properly organized can be more difficult than asking Siri or Alexa to create a list of the immediately coming to mind.

The top grocery list apps are useful in this situation. Shopping lists for groceries can save you money and time. 

Because you forgot something, they prevent you from having to return to the store.

The best thing about utilizing a grocery app is that you never have to worry about forgetting your list at home because you always have your phone. 

Also, with these best shopping list apps for iPhone, you can add to your list whenever and from any location without finding a pen and paper or worrying about forgetting something before you get home. 

These grocery shopping list apps do all the legwork for you, whether you want to check the nutrition information for whatever you’re buying, uncover quick deals, or share a virtual list with your spouse. 

Most allow many users to personalize it at once, allowing everyone in the family to add foods they want to consume whenever they want.

Others can be used and generated by devices other than just a cellphone because, for instance, some apps can work with smartwatches. 

Why not give your iPhone additional responsibility to remember your list when it can already accomplish so much?

Thus, to choose the best grocery list app for you, below is a list of the best shopping list apps for iPhone.

1. AnyList

AnyList is one of the best shopping list apps for iPhone.This app, which has a near-perfect 4.9 rating on the App Store, lives up to its name, especially in grocery shopping. 

As you shop, the app checks out your purchases to ensure you don’t buy any extras.

You may multitask and swiftly complete your list by adding items using Siri.

Still want to type? No issue. The autocomplete suggestion quickly completes your list. 

Moreover, you can add notes to indicate the brand or amount of an item.

You only need to include an item in the appropriate category because grocery item categories are established. 

This function aids in maintaining organization. Would you like something from your earlier list?

Browse the section of recently added things, then include the item(s) on your current list.

With the aid of AnyList, you will retain your favorite recipes in addition to grocery lists. 

A component from your go-to recipe has to be added to the shopping list. Before, it was more complex.

The categories in the recipe section assist you in keeping the recipes organized.

You and your partner can see the list whenever you share your recipe collection with them. 

2. Our Grocery 

Our Grocery is a shopping list app for iPhone with a 4.7-star rating on the App Store. 

The utility allows users to create lists by writing or speaking items quickly.

You can generate multiple lists for different stores or occasions with this app. With its many themes, you can customize the look of the app

The feature that sets this app apart is its ability to export lists as PDFs and print them out. You may also share your list with others by email or text message.

The in-app ads are annoying, but you can eliminate them by buying the upgraded version. 

Take your list anywhere you want since it is saved on your iPhone.

Need a grocery list app you can use with your partner? In the OurGroceries app, enter their email.

You can give this list to everyone in your household, not just your spouse. 

Adding things and browsing the previous (or current) shopping list is quite simple.

Do you not wish to view the purchased things? With just one tap, you can check off the items.

Make as many shopping lists as you like, too. Use categories to stay organized and stop missing anything ever again. 

Do you want some pictures? To find exactly what you want, add images. Your recipes, purchases, and lists will be automatically backed up online. 

3. Grocery List Ease 

Grocery List Ease is next on our list of best shopping list apps for iPhone.

This app will assist you in shopping at any store since it allows you to create lists and categorize items into different sections. 

You can also set budget limits for items or groups of products. You may use voice commands to add items quickly and easily.

This app’s ability to sort your list according to the store’s layout makes it stand out. 

This allows you to save time and move around the store quickly.

You may also add images of items for easier identification. Sharing lists with family members or friends is easy with this app.  

You will send them a link that they can open from their phones.

A feature that sets this app apart is its ability to suggest items you may need based on past purchases. 

Grocery List Ease is a comprehensive shopping list app for iPhone users. With its various features, it will make shopping more organized and enjoyable. 

4. Apple Notes 

Apple Notes is an app that comes pre-installed on all Apple devices. It’s a note-taking app and can also serve as a shopping list. 

Creating and managing lists in this app is simple. You may add items to the list with just a few taps or swipes.

You can also include images of products or recipes for easier identification. 

The simplest method to create, manage, and curate any list is to use the features provided by your phone.

You may ask Siri to make and add topic-specific lists in the Notes app on the iPhone

It’s so simple to remember something you’ve run out of by saying, “Hey Siri, add milk to my grocery list,” before you forget it.

You can also take images of handwritten grocery lists to keep them readily available.

It syncs to Apple’s iCloud to stay updated across different iOS devices. 

5. Mealime 

Next on our list of best shopping list apps for iPhone is Mealime. If organizing meals is your thing, stop searching.

Create your weekly menu using personalized recipe recommendations based on your dietary needs and food preferences.

Tap to add every ingredient at once to a well-organized shopping list. 

Mealime is a meal-planning app with a convenient grocery list feature. This app lets you plan weekly meals to save time and money while grocery shopping. 

You may choose recipes from an extensive vegan, vegetarian, and paleo options library.

You may also customize your meal plan based on dietary restrictions or allergies.

With Mealime’s grocery list, you can add items for the recipes you plan to make and create a shopping list. 

The best part about Mealime is that it helps you save time by grouping items into categories.

For example, all vegetables will be grouped, so you don’t have to search for them individually.

You may also share your grocery list with family members or friends. 

6. Grocery 

Are you looking for the quickest and most intelligent way to shop? Grocery is the only place to look.

Your shopping list is always well-organized and sorted in the Grocery. You can currently add goods to your iCloud grocery list. 

Also, this app syncs your list with Reminders, so you may share it with others like you share a calendar.

Grocery makes it very quick to check things off the list. Also, adding recipes to your list only takes a few seconds. 

Wherever you shop, you can now also add stores and associate lists.

Also, you can rapidly review your most often purchased things thanks to the Quick Add feature’s suggestion of your purchasing history. 

7. Big Oven 

Big Oven is an app designed to help you create delicious meals from the ingredients in your pantry.

You may also add items to your grocery list and ensure you have all the ingredients for the recipes you plan on making. 

This app is one of the best shopping list apps for iPhone.

It offers suggestions based on your current grocery list, so you can easily find items that will pair well with what you already have. 

You may also browse over 350,000 recipes and find one that matches the ingredients you already have.

This app also allows you to add items to your list quickly and easily, so you can get back to what you were doing in no time. 

8. Google Keep 

Google Keep is a great app to help you remember things and remind yourself of tasks. You may add items to your grocery list and update them with the latest items.  

You may also use Google Keep’s voice-to-text feature to add items to your list quickly.

It also syncs with other Android devices, so you can easily share your grocery list with friends and family. 

You can make lists by retailer or topic in Google Keep and add them with Google Assistant.

It is incredibly helpful for making quick lists before you leave the house in the morning or at night because it also syncs with Google’s cloud services and has a desktop app. 

Even better, you can operate a household grocery list in collaboration by sharing notes with specific individuals. All of the stuff is provided without charge. 

9. Bring! 

Bring! is next on our list of best shopping apps for iPhone. This app is a user-friendly grocery app that helps you save time and money when shopping. 

With Bring!, you can easily add items to your list, maintain item lists for different stores, or share them with family members or friends.

The app also allows you to quickly find items you need and sort items by store or category.  

This app might be best if you buy for a sizable group. According to user reviews, people frequently use this app to organize parties and other special events. 

As several people can share one list, Bring! is a good solution for everyone who enjoys organized planning, from potluck lovers to professional chefs. 

10. Out of Milk 

When you go home from the grocery store, do you frequently forget one or two things? If so, you’ve found the right place.

The Out Of Milk App relieves you of that tension. Its pantry list aids in maintaining a record of your necessary things, and you don’t buy more or neglect an item. 

The To-Do list, however, increases your efficiency in completing the activity.

Most people think of this app when making several shopping lists because of how simple it is to do so. 

The categories help you save time, and a quick review of your list ensures our list of best shopping list apps for iPhone is Opt Up.

This app is simple and easy to use, yet powerful. You remember everything. In addition to recording the history of your objects, you may text or email the list to others. 

11. Cozi Family Organizer 

Cozi Family Organizer is a great app for anyone looking to stay organized.

This app allows you to manage your family’s calendar, shopping list, and more in one place. 

You can easily add items to your shopping list from multiple stores or categories and set task reminders enough to make your shopping trips more efficient.

With Opt Up, you can easily add items to your shopping list and even share lists with others. 

This app has a recipe box, grocery list, and calendar that are all synchronizable across all multiple stores or categories, set reminders for tasks, and even share lists with others. 

Opt Up also has your family’s devices! You can also access your account through a web browser, and it is simple to use. 

The app also offers color-coding and other customization options to make it even easier to stay organized.

Cozi Family Organizer is a great app for anyone needing help staying on top of their family’s organization. 

12. Todoist 

Next on our list of best shopping list apps for iPhone is Todoist. 

Todoist is a great app for anyone looking to maintain their job lists and become more organized.

This app allows you to add items to your shopping list easily and set reminders so that nothing gets forgotten. 

This productivity app is a real workhorse because it can be used for grocery lists, to-do lists, and group projects.

Todoist has animated movements that give you a little lift when you cross something off and lets you change themes. 

Due dates allow you to arrange chores to repeat, which is ideal for frequent shopping trips.

A reminder will also be sent to you the day before if you need to pick up bananas.

You can also share lists with others so everyone in the family knows what they need to be buying at the store. 

Todoist also offers a wide range of features, such as natural language processing, that help you create tasks quickly and easily.

It also integrates with various handy features and other services, so you can stay on top of your lists no matter where you are. 

13. Opt Up 

In a typical grocery store, there are 40,000 different items, which may be quite overwhelming.

Because of this, Kroger created this user-friendly app that gives nutrition ratings to almost all items on the shelves, suggests wiser substitutions, and makes suggestions based on what customers typically purchase at their family of stores. 

Opt Up is one of the best shopping list apps for iPhone. With a loyalty card, purchases are automatically tracked, but you can still check your scores at any retailer.

Scan a product’s barcode or conduct a database search to learn more about choosing healthier options. 

14. Listonic Grocery Shopping List App 

Speed, efficiency, and user-friendliness! The Listonic Grocery Shopping List App is made up of these three terms.

You not only make your grocery shopping more enjoyable, but you also make it more informed. 

Add repetitive items with a single tap because they are automatically suggested.

By going to their website, you may find the list online. On the internet, revise your list, then prepare it on your smartphone. 

Other users can see the updates on the list thanks to its syncing features.

Most importantly, by adding prices to your shopping products, the app will calculate the overall cost and help you keep track of your finances. 

15. Flipp 

Last on our list of best shopping list apps for iPhone is Flipp. Flipp is the perfect app for anyone wanting to save money on grocery shopping trips. 

With Flipp, you can easily access circulars from hundreds of stores in your area and create a shopping list based on the best deals.

You can even add items to your list directly from the circulars and see which store offers the lowest prices for each item. 

The app also lets you compare prices across stores, get coupons, and access recipes.

You can also search for specific items to find the best deals. Flipp is a great way to save money on groceries while keeping organized. 

In conclusion, there are many best shopping list apps for iPhone.

From organizing lists to helping you save money, these apps are great tools to make grocery shopping trips easier and more efficient. 

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