9 Best Sideload Apps for Android TV

Best Sideload Apps for Android TV

In today’s digital world, Android devices provide a great way to diversify your entertainment options at home.

So, you’ve bought an Android TV device? Now you can do what to maximize and get the most out of it? The best way to gauge the capabilities of your device is to download the best sideload apps for Android TV.

However, some apps are pre-installed, such as Google Play and YouTube.

But if you want to cherish more in terms of music, videos, podcasts, movies, and even systems app, it is up to you to enhance your experience.

Let’s get into this.

Best Sideload Apps for Android TV

If you are looking for the best sideload apps for Android TV that offer you a great range of amusement, don’t worry; this article provides you with a fascinating list from where you can install helpful apps on your Smart TV.

1. MX Player

MX Player is one of the best sideload apps for Android TV because it can play almost all types of content and showcase it alluringly on the big smart screen.

In addition, it has a smooth and user-friendly interface that’s facile for anyone to navigate.

Another plus is that MX Player can read locally saved content files and media from external hard drives.

Thus, it allows you to watch high-quality content on your USB-enabled Android. You can easily download MX Player free app from Google Play, already available on your Android TV.

2. Plex

If you have a vast collection of digital movies and TV shows, Plex is the best sideload app that enables you to store your media collection in one desired location.

It has a simple and user-friendly interface. This app casts everything smoothly on your Smart TV screen.

In addition to its catchy gallery, Plex can automatically give access to subtitle files, metadata, movie artwork, content viewer ratings, and many more.

The excellent part is that Plex is free to use if you watch your media content from one Android TV.

To use Plex on your Smart TV, you need a Plex server that your Android TV can access through WIFI. After that, you can playback any media directly on your Android TV without the aid of any wires.

3. Sideload Launcher

You want to install the best sideload apps for Android TV, right? Not all the apps listed on the Google Play Store are compatible with Android TV.

The default Google play on your Android TV has fewer app options than its smartphone version. But, you can definitely sideload apps for your smart device.

The best choice in this situation is to download a third-party sideloading app like Sideload Launcher.

This app will allow you to acquire all of your sideloaded apps from one location. You’ll see a listicle of all your sideloaded apps when you open it.

It is where Sideload Launcher comes into play. It displays all of the best sideload apps for your Android TV and is the only way to launch sideloaded apps on your Smart screen.

4. Google Drive

If you want to access your laptop or computer files on your Android TV device, Google Drive is the best possible option to do that. You can directly stream the content from the cloud on your Smart TV screen.

But unfortunately, Google Drive is unavailable on the Google Play Store for Android TV. How can you use this app?

For this purpose, you need to sideload the app. Ensure that Xplore File Manager is installed before downloading the app’s APK file.

5. Kodi

If you have a bunch of offline data and are looking for a way to optimize the content into proper categories quickly, Kodi is ideal.

The app offers a wide variety of add-ons that can provide access to on-demand videos, productivity tools, live TV, weather updates, the news, and more.

It provides a versatile solution for consuming many audio and video formats on your Android TV. You can use this user-friendly app to build up various content stores.

Kodi is one of the most efficient media server applications allowing you to manage all your media in one remote location.

6. Air Screen

Android TV devices support Google Cast, which means you can access content from any Android mobile phone to your Smart TV screens through relevant Google products such as the Chrome browser, Chromebooks, etc.

If you are an IOS user, Apple’s Airplay is not supported. But you can install Airplay, which enables you to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen on your Android TV box.

It is also worth noting that Air Screen is compatible with Miracast, DLNA, and Google Cast protocols.

7. Wake on Lan

What if you want to watch TV or stream content through Kodi or plex, and your computer goes to sleep? With the Wake on LAN, you can let your computer awake from your Android TV device. It allows you to cherish endless content remotely without any interruption.

How does this app work? You can easily automate this exciting app to send a signal over the internet to wake your PC or computer.

It is the only Android TV app to make your computer wake up remotely. So, if the computer on which you run the Plex or Kodi server goes to sleep, this useful app can make your computer device remain awake so you can continue streaming content.

8. Stream Link

Steam Link is one of the best-sideloaded apps for your Smart TV that is specially designed for gamers. It enables you to stream your favorite games to your Smart device.

Thus, Steam Link is the most suitable app to try out if you want to play desktop-quality games on your Android TV without the hassle of an HDMI cord or wire.

Steam Link works by copying the display from your computer to the Android TV, so you need faster connectivity for better performance.

This enables you to play desktop-level games on a much larger TV screen. So, if you are looking for a way to play high-resolution games on Android TV, this app is ideal.

9. Spotify

Do you want to enjoy unlimited music streaming on your Android TV? Spotify is one of the few online apps where you can cherish quality music for your Smart TV.

This app has an attractive and user-friendly interface. On the bright side, you can play your favorite music free of cost and in streaming quality.

Using Spotify, you can easily shift audio playback from your smartphone to Android TV or vice versa. You can choose any song from its versatile list.

You can run music directly through your Android TV when it comes to streaming music. Cable ads between the music are sometimes frustrating.

Spotify’s premium version allows you to cherish non-stop music without having ads. Spotify is pre-installed on your Android TV screen, and you just need to sign in to your Spotify account to start.


In short, if you have the yen to enjoy digital media, including movies, TV shows, podcasts, unlimited music, on-demand videos, media files, and many more on your Smart TV screens, you can install the best sideload apps for Android TV.

You can use any useful app according to your preference from the above-discussed top sideloading applications.

Whether you want to mirror your media files from mobile to Android TV, these apps are helpful to display the files on a larger screen with committed quality.

Thus, what makes you overthink? If you have bought a new Smart TV, don’t hesitate to cherish these best-sideloaded apps.

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