8 Best Sleep Apps for Apple Watch to Use

Best Sleep Apps for Apple Watch

Apple has decided to take its health features to another level with its new watchOS 7 update. This new update comes with sleep-tracking capacities for the Apple Watch.

However, it is a very basic app, and you’ll require a third-party sleeping app if you need more features.

So, this article discusses the best sleeping apps for apple watch.

The beauty of the Apple Watch is that a strong third-party application ecosystem extends the features beyond the conventional watchOS experience.

There are numerous sleeping applications on the Appstore, therefore we bring the finest ones for you.

1. Apple Watch Sleep App

Like I said earlier, Apple has its in-built sleeping app but it has very basic features. Notwithstanding, this app is a wonderful choice.

The alarm and hour of the next day are displayed. It also hides removals and allows for sleep mode. You can deactivate some characteristics with the Sleep mode.

It’s considerably simpler than any other application on this list, so you could feel a little bored if you are used to getting thorough data about your sleep cycle, deep sleep, or other physiological information.

You may, however, need apps from third parties because sleep only shows, only during sleep, a few cardiac ranges. It is one of the best apple watch sleep apps out there if you are not looking for anything fancy.

2. AutoSleep

AutoSleep is one of the best sleep apps for apple watch. It has many features but its main one is that it is an automatic app. It informs you of bedtime.

This app has statistics that explain your sleep duration, readiness score, and sleep rate. Not only that, it tells you about your heart rate and how deep your sleep was.

Furthermore, you may simply dismiss a night from the results if your Apple Watch dies at night or if you receive whiffy statistics, to stop it blowing up your good average.

3. Sleep++

As one of the best apple watch sleep app Sleep++ has one fantastic feature called data visualization. With this feature, you will find figuring out your sleep quality very easy.

If the Apple Watch Sleep App feels so basic for you, the Sleep++ app is a great choice for you, as it takes sleep tracking to another level.

Not only does this sleep tracking app tell you how much you sleep, it informs you how you can become better.

Again, this software provides you with precise information on how relaxed you were last night.

4. Sleep Watch

This sleep tracker is amazing. It requires monitoring your heart rate by looking for dips. This software closely tracks your sleep times and phases.

It does not forget to provide you with a score depending on your sleep quality and sleep pattern. It also provides an improving percentage.

So there’s lots of solid working information, it isn’t as well stated as Pillow.

There are also much HRV data, which is fantastic if you are looking for scientific information, however, a data-overload component is available.

Furthermore, Apple Watch Series 6 users have the opportunity to experience viewing their blood oxygen during sleep.

You can also decide to go for the premium subscription where there are advanced features.

5. Pillow

As one of the best apple watch sleep trackers Pillow has to be among our list of the best sleep apps for apple watches because of its well-designed interface.

However, it doesn’t end there. Pillow automatic sleep tracker offers great features such as a smart alarm clock.

When it finds the lightest sleeping range possible, it wakes you up. Audio can be recorded, as well, for example, sleep talking and snoring.

The program has a beautiful bottom navigation bar that includes large buttons, menus, and eye-catching graphs for data reading.

Sleep trends, sleeping notes, mood tracker, sleep modes, sleep recommendations, and more are some of the features.

Again, Pillow exactly matches Apple Health and all of the information from the usual Apple app can be viewed and managed.

6. HeartWatch

HeartWatch is one of the best sleep apps for apple watch. As the name of the application suggests, HeartWatch grabs your heart rate and notifies you of any odd activity.

The iPhone app may be a bit less troubled, but it’s a good small software if you want to know how the heart rate and sleep pattern relate.

It also records your sleep and the data of the HR are superimposed so that you may see the heartbeat awake and sleeping and compare it to your normal beats.

7. NapBot

A free version of an app that has no premium version is seldom visible. NapBot is a wonderful application that monitors surrounding noises and reports on how the overall sleep quality is affected.

However, its free version only has limited features, so you can upgrade to its paid version if you would love to explore the app.

Further, to identify and analyze your sleep, this apple watch sleep tracking app, NapBot uses Machine Learning.

It also carries out a detailed analysis of the sleep stage by calculating deep and light phases based on the data obtained.

8. Sleep Pulse 3

The programmers of this app have upgraded this app to function better with the newer Apple Watch models, allowing you to monitor recent sleeping patterns from your watch face.

So, it is for bigger displays and it combines with Infogram and Infograph Modular watches.

Sleep Pulse 3 is an independent application for your Apple Watch that records the heart and movement, and when you should get up in the middle of the night, you may see your sleep view.

This shows both how long you slept and your restful heart rate.

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