17 Best Sleep-tracking Apps for iPhone in 2023

Best Sleep-tracking Apps for iPhone

Sleep is enigmatic. However, these best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone guarantee to assist you in comprehending when you cross the line between waking and sleeping—and what occurs in between. 

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep after a hard day at work? You couldn’t get enough sleep, so you woke up exhausted and lightheaded.

That makes the majority of us, to be honest. We frequently find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep because of our busy schedules, jobs, and commitments.

The best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone offer several solutions to help you get the daily rest you desperately need.

How often do you observe your sleeping habits? Not very frequently. A good night’s sleep is crucial for productivity.

Anything less than this can lower your level of happiness. Tracking your sleeping pattern is one method to break the habit.

This enables you to determine what has to be improved to achieve equilibrium. Fortunately, you can do this by using iPhone sleep-tracking software. 

Users may get sound sleep more easily than ever by utilizing these best sleep-tracking apps for iPhones and modern features.

White noise, ambient music, natural noises, and sleep trackers are a few features that work together to reduce stress and calm the mind. 

1. Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker 

How would you feel if people knew what you did while asleep? The best features are provided by Sleep Cycle to pique your interest.

Additionally, you can utilize its sleeping aid to hypnotize yourself regardless of whether you’ve struggled with insomnia or find it difficult to stick to a sleep schedule. 

Additionally, it has an amazing soundtracking feature that records everything you say as you sleep, even ambient noise.

You may also create a sleeping window on the dashboard, making it easier to keep to a schedule rather than the unpredictable timeless sleeping pattern.

Sleep Cycle is a health data collector since it uses user data to increase accuracy. You can, however, choose to stop it from gathering your health-related data. You can connect the Sleep Cycle to your Apple watch to make it more convenient. 

The metrics feature is useful for many people in observing how their sleep quality changes over time. The majority of functions, however, require a premium plan subscription. 

2. Sleep Sounds & White Noise 

With its comprehensive sleep solutions for everyone, the Sleep Sounds & White Noise app is one of the best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone.

From guided meditation to various sleep noises, this app has it all. As a result, you can listen to a huge selection of ambient noise, sleep music, and calming music.

Additionally, you may use this excellent napping software for the iPhone to read bedtime stories to your kids to help them fall asleep. 

The iPhone app Sleep Sounds have a great feature that allows you to make your composition of sleep music.

For instance, you can create your custom soundscape for sleep by fusing several forms of ambient music and white noise. 

It’s also among the top free meditation apps for relieving stress and preparing the body and mind for restful sleep. 

3. ShutEye 

Next on our list of best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone is ShutEye. ShutEye offers you the finest, including guided meditations, bedtime stories, and more.

Also, the software includes all of the sleep-tracking functions found in sleep trackers. The noises you make as you sleep can be captured. 

You can decide which of them to record while you’re asleep. You can also specify a sleeping window. 

The unique feature of ShutEye is that it leverages patterns gleaned from your sleeping patterns to pinpoint health hazards.

And the app has brief health checklists for further information if you wish to know your symptoms. You should subscribe to the app’s core features despite being free. 

4. Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis 

The Relax and Sleep Well app includes self-hypnosis training, guided meditations, and sleep music. Hence, you can use either strategy to promote restful sleep.

Get a decent night’s sleep daily to treat insomnia and anxiety problems. With this top meditation app for the iPhone, you can monitor your sleep quality in real-time. 

5. SleepWatch 

SleepWatch is one of the best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone. The AI-powered components of SleepWatch can help you develop better sleeping habits.

If you want to go off to sleep while listening to the sound of rain on your rooftop or the sound of spinning fan blades, try SleepWatch. 

The program has a lot of functions, but it is most proud of its extensive library of hypnotic noises and its effective sleep-recording functionality, which you must set up when selecting a sleeping objective.

On its comprehensive dashboard, you may evaluate statistics like sleep interruption, snoring, sleep rhythm, sleep efficiency, and weariness. 

If you permit it, its AI algorithm accesses health data from your iPhone’s Health app. When setting up the app, all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions to grant it access to your health information.

Therefore, when using the app, you might not need to provide any new health information explicitly. 

Additionally, it lets you set a sleeping objective and monitors your success over time to provide you with relevant reports.

To obtain this statistic, you must enable the app’s notifications. The app’s disclaimer policy, which states that you shouldn’t rely on it or replace it with appropriate medical action, gets my support. 

6. Pzizz 

Pzizz assists you in concentrating on sleep by monitoring your sleep cycle and offering a wake-up schedule and reminders. Relax your mind with a custom-made combination of calming music and sound effects.

With this special sleep software for the iPhone, you can also alter the volume, 3D effects, and length. 

Its key attributes are reducing tension and quieting the mind to sleep quickly, distinct modules for focus and sleep, and listening to actual sound performances every time.  

7. Pillow: Auto Sleep Tracker 

Next on our list of best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone is Pillow. You may set up your sleep regimen and assign them appropriate titles using the comprehensive software Pillow. It is similar to the common sleep trackers I previously mentioned. 

Like SleepWatch, the Health app allows you to share your health information and capture sounds while you sleep. So it uses that to ascertain various elements relating to your sleep quality. 

It also looks for patterns in your movement and exercise activities to evaluate your sleeping patterns over time. After you wake up every day, you’ll receive alerts on your sleep reports.

Its section on sleep aids is extremely noteworthy. You can use the hypnoses in this section to fall asleep. 

Even still, most features require a paid subscription, but some are free. Additionally, it has a Snooze lab where you may obtain smart coaching advice to improve your sleep.

Once you register for the app, Pillow ultimately syncs your data and reports across additional devices like the Apple Watch and iPad. 

8. Slumber 

One of the best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone is Slumber, which helps you relax and fall asleep.

Slumber will assist you in falling asleep faster than ever, thanks to its library of incredibly calming music, bedtime stories, and meditation tutorials.

You can create your soundtrack and play it whenever you like, among hundreds of different pieces of music and natural noises. 

Key attributes 

  •  Large music collection for meditation and sleep 
  • Suggestions for hypnosis manuals 
  • Specifically created nature soundtrack 

 9. Sleepzy 

By waking you up during your lightest sleep period, Sleepzy adjusts to your normal sleeping schedule.

This one also allows you to set a sleeping schedule with soothing noises to help you fall asleep and records everything that occurs while you’re asleep. Additionally, it has the customary thorough stats as well. 

However, one of its distinctive aspects is the abundance of publications on developing sound sleeping habits.

There are also what the app refers to as sleep routines. These offer advice and suggest hypnosis sessions and pre-bedtime routines to improve sleep. 

However, the app’s glitchy ad pop-ups are one issue with the free edition. If you choose a premium plan, you can get rid of these. 

10. Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds 

Undoubtedly one of the most downloaded iPhone sleep music apps is Relax Melodies.

Relax Melodies helps you fall asleep by constructing a relaxing environment with more than 200 sound collections, including white noise, nature sounds, ambient music, and meditation music.

Get the restful sleep you deserve while using this melody app’s incredible library. 

11. SleepScore 

Next on our list of best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone is SleepScore. The greatest tool to use if you want to figure out what might be keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep is SleepScore.

It offers every tool you require to assess your sleeping patterns and improve your sleep quality. However, it doesn’t exclude any particular characteristics that set it apart from similar things. 

The bedroom check is one of SleepScore’s standout features. This enables the app to evaluate the environment in your room, including the temperature, light, and noise level.

It then makes recommendations based on what it has curated that could improve your ability to sleep. Additionally, you can record snoring noises and track your sleep progress. 

Additionally, depending on your sleep records, one of its functions, called Sleep Screener, decides whether you require professional assistance. However, the premium plan is required for all of these. 

However, accessing its sleep library and advice section’s fast recommendations for improving sleep is free.

You may record your daily lifestyle impact evaluation when you link the application with your iPhone’s Health app

12. Moshi Kids 

As the name implies, Moshi Kids is well suited to guarantee your kids a restful night’s sleep. The app offers sleep options for kids of all ages, including babies and toddlers.

Moshi Kids is a great companion for your baby’s evening ritual because it offers sleep meditation for kids, bedtime stories, and lullaby choruses. 

Key attributes 

  • Several children’s bedtime stories 
  • Children’s and toddlers’ meditative sleep music 
  • Create playlists and story tags for individualized soothing sessions. 

13. Sleep++ 

Do you need a sleep monitor to connect to your Apple Watch? The app to try is Sleep++.

This one features an easy-to-use UI that analyzes your sleeping habits using information from the Health app.

It pulls parameters like respiration rate and blood oxygen level to provide complete facts. The application is less useful than the others.

However, you can use it as a journal to track your sleeping patterns and learn how they impact your health. 

The software has two modes of operation; you can let your Apple Watch automatically keep track of your sleeping hours.

You could also take your recordings. The first choice is better because it results in less bias. 

The app is simple to use as well. You only need to put on your Apple Watch to evaluate your sleep. A premium subscription will allow you to remove the app’s advertisements.

This app uses the Health app and the Apple Watch to gather information about your sleep, unlike the other reviewed applications that collect sounds. 

14. Sleepiest Sleep Sounds 

When it comes to assisting you in falling asleep quickly, the Sleepiest Sleep Sounds app is much more awake. The collection of bedtime stories, short stories, well-known tales, etc., is outstanding.

To fall asleep gradually, you can go to bed and listen to soothing narrations. For babies, Sleepiest also includes stories and lullabies.

For instance, you can play a children’s story, monitor your children’s responses, and promote healthier sleep. 

15. SnoreLab 

SnoreLab is one of the best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone. This app monitors your sleeping patterns and uses its evaluation algorithm to provide you with constructive criticism where necessary.

This app, like others, syncs with the Health app to gain useful insights. There is also a wake-up notification based on your selected sleep cycle. 

The software lets you compile monthly metrics and record your snoring sounds while you sleep.

Unfortunately, you can only obtain a full-night recording if you pay for its premium plan. There is also an area where you can evaluate the things that affect your sleep. 

This is useful since you’ll know what behaviors to put an end to moving forward to boost your sleep. A few trials are beneficial even if you do not largely rely on its suggested treatments. 

16. Soothing Sleep Sounds 

With its high-quality collection of nature sounds, Soothing Sleep Sounds get the top spot on this list of the best sleep applications for the iPhone. It has noises from the rain, the ocean, rivers, wind chimes, birds, and anything else in nature.

As a result, soothing natural noises will help you fall asleep more quickly than your prior difficulties. You can also track your sleep with a sleep timer for greater results. 

 17. Sleep Tracker 

The last on our list of best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone is Sleep Tracker. I’m willing to bet that using Sleep Tracker and other treatments will help you feel better, whether you have a little sleeping condition or long-term insomnia. 

I particularly appreciate that this wake-up button requires a three-second push to turn off the sleep tracker.

This function is useful for people who typically awaken before the end of their preferred sleep cycle. Additionally, it guarantees that you can stay awake long enough to keep your finger on the phone. 

The software analyzes your sleeping pattern using the activities you engage in while you sleep and the time you spend sleeping. To record actions, you must allow the app access to your iPhone’s microphone. 

Additionally, you can configure notifications to receive the proper wake notifications. Its variety of natural hypnosis techniques is helpful to me for going to sleep quickly.

If you like, you can even combine mesmerizing sounds. For instance, a combination of thunder and heavy rain might be effective. 

However, this function’s distinguishing characteristic is how it ranks your sleeping habits on a percentage basis so that you can decide whether you are at a crossroads regarding your sleeping condition. The Sleep Tracker is free, but a subscription plan unlocks a few extra features. 

A sound sleep boosts your confidence and has a hint of self-fulfillment. You may believe that you are currently getting good sleep.

However, even if you believe your sleeping habits are excellent. How can you follow it? You might only know how much you’ve disrupted your sleep habits once you track them.

These best sleep-tracking apps for iPhone each have distinctive qualities. You’ll undoubtedly discover the one that works best for you. 

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