10 Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

best text messaging apps for Android

One of the most popular forms of communication worldwide is text messaging.

It’s quick, simple to accomplish, and unlike phone calls, it doesn’t need you to stop what you’re doing. This article will discuss the best text messaging apps for Android.  

We acknowledge that many individuals still value the human connection provided by phone conversations, and we respect that.

Let’s face it, most individuals these days text more than call. Text messaging has proven to be an easier means of communication.  

Although with the increasing popularity of communication platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, traditional text messaging has taken a back seat. Still, it is a very effective means of communication.

Utilizing the best text messaging apps for Android will help you make texting more exciting.

These applications are made to make messaging more enjoyable for you. 

Here are the best text messaging apps for Android: 

1. Chomp SMS 

First on our list of best text messaging apps for Android is Chomp SMS. One of the first and best third-party texting apps, Chomp SMS, has been around since the good old days of Android.

Since then, it has become a feature-rich app incorporating Material Design. 

Emojis, SMS blocking, rapid answers in notifications, MMS, and group messaging are a few of them.

If necessary, you can even halt the sending of a text. Additionally, Pushbullet and Wear OS support are included. 

Link to Windows and Android Auto should both function without a problem. The SMS component is OK, but the advertising is something you’ll want to purchase out of. 

2. Google Messages 

The official SMS app from Google, Messages, has a straightforward user interface and many capabilities, like sharing high-definition videos and responding to messages with emojis. 

Additionally, it supports Google’s RCS technologies, which enable functionality similar to those seen in iMessage or WhatsApp, including read receipts and larger file transfers. The best part is that using this text messaging software is free. 

Thanks to this great application, you may send messages to anyone from anywhere you choose. It makes it simpler to stay in touch with loved ones.

You can send group texts, share emojis, GIFs, stickers, and text, video, and audio communications with communications, just like with other messaging services. 

It has a simple, user-friendly design that makes it more practical to operate. One of the standout features is the search function, which enables you to discover more conversational content you’ve posted. 

3. Textra SMS 

Next on our list of best text messaging apps for Android is Textra SMS. Textra SMS has many fantastic features that set it apart from competitors. It has over 180 design themes, applications, and bubble icon colors. 

Using this extremely configurable software, you can modify your theme and bubble colors, notifications, and signature.

The theme can also be altered to fit the debate. You may now send texts in a bubble thanks to a new function that has been added. 

Textra can be your best option if you seek visually appealing SMS software. Ads occasionally appear, but you can avoid them by buying the premium version. 

4. Pulse SMS 

Pulse SMS has many helpful features and operates quite effectively.

With Pulse, you can send texts from any platform with support for per-contact customization, blacklist support, and backup/restore capabilities. 

Smart replies, web previews, scheduled messages, delayed sending, and searches are also supported.

Additionally, you can password-protect discussions you don’t want other people to read. Pulse SMS looks simple and attractive because it employs Material Design. 

Although the software is available for free download and usage, certain in-app charges enable functionality like message forwarding across platforms. 

5. Handcent Next SMS 

This is next on our list of best text messaging apps for Android. The first two outstanding, well-liked third-party texting apps for Android were Handcent and Chomp SMS. 

Handcent is a robust and feature-rich messaging program similar to Chomp SMS because it has many capabilities.

Themes, a privacy box for storing private conversations, SMS backup, eCards, emojis, and many other features are among them. 

Handcent Anywhere, which allows you to type on your computer and tablet if you’d want, is one of the most intriguing capabilities. It’s had its ups and downs regarding bugs, but it’s reliable overall.

There is a membership option; however, you only need it if you want to use Handcent to back up your texts. 

6. Signal Private Messenger 

Signal Private Messenger is an open-source, end-to-end encrypted messaging platform.

Even though it doesn’t have as many features as some of the other SMS apps listed here, it offers unparalleled protection and privacy. 

Signal Private Messenger was initially intended to be a more secure version of regular chatting.

An upgrade later made setting this as your default SMS client possible. Signal allows for both audio and video calls in addition to end-to-end encryption. 

This program can send encrypted messages to anyone in your contacts list. It’s very simple to use and is backed by a reliable privacy protocol.

Signal also offers audio and video calling services, making it a great choice for those who want a secure, all-in-one messaging/calling app. 

7. Mood SMS 

Mood is one of the best text messaging apps for Android out there. It is also one of the top Android SMS & MMS apps.

Users may easily use it thanks to its straightforward and slick UI. You can adjust practically everything with the app. 

Not only that, but it also grants you access to incredible features like typing indication and real-time caller ID.

This app also has a ton of animated emojis and themes. It offers the dark mode option to make the UI look more pleasant. 


A straightforward open-source app is QKSMS. It is simple to use, supports MMS, group texting, scheduled messages, and search functionality, and has an intuitive interface.

Additionally, you may back up and restore your text messages using QKSMS, block particular chats, and compile a blacklist of undesired phone numbers. 

QKSMS uses the ‘Should I Answer’ service in addition to these capabilities to weed out spam messages, and it is Wear OS compatible.

The app also has a night mode and several accessibility features for increased convenience. You may download and use QKSMS without paying a dime, and there are no adverts either. 


YAATA SMS is a rising star compared to most of its rivals. It includes many features, including full MMS support, group chat support, and scheduled message delivery.

You can also get SMS blacklisting, an auto-responder, auto-forwarding, and the option to back up and restore your settings if you purchase a new handset with the premium version. 

It employs Material Design and has a nice appearance. Additionally, it contains widgets and chat heads that resemble those in Facebook Messenger. There are some bugs; however, most are not harmful. 

10. SMS Organizer 

The last on our list of best text messaging apps for Android is SMS Organizer.

From a Microsoft Garage experiment, SMS Organizer developed and has become a widely used SMS substitute.

The Android software offers alternatives for a smart assistant while automatically organizing your inbox. 

For instance, if you need to pay your friend back, one of these is to create tasks. Microsoft has now added automatic backup to Google Drive to safeguard your messages. 


The best text messaging apps for Android can help you stay in touch with your loved ones easily and securely.

Choosing the best text messaging apps for Android might be challenging because many options are available on the Google Play Store.

You don’t always need to search very hard. It comes down to your particular preference and the little things that matter since practically all of the apps featured in this selection will likely have some features in common.

We advise reviewing every choice to check whether you find a specific feature you enjoy the best. 

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